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Our Project Management Services

BPX Consulting Limited delivers a range of project management professional services from consultancy advice on the
corporate governance of your project management activities through to the provision of a project manager for your next
important project.

Why would you engage BPX Consulting? Our consultancy delivers eXcellence in Project Management through:
   Professionally qualified (post graduate level) Project Managers.
   Access to the latest research, developments, methodologies and toolkits in the project management field.
   Experienced project managers who all have proven their capability to deliver project management in large and complex
   corporate environments.

When you engage project management consultancy services from BPX you can be assured that the advice and guidance
you are given is delivered by professionally qualified Project Management consultants informed by the most up to date
research and developments in the project management field.

BPX is committed to the on-going professional development of its consultants. All of BPX’s consultants are active members
of professional Project Management associations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Association for Project
Management (APM) and have either completed or are undertaking post graduate study in the project management field.
We encourage our consultants to continue to actively contribute to the Project Management body of knowledge through
research, publication and attending regular meetings and conferences for project management professionals.

Implementation Project Management
Our professional project managers are here to assist you in managing your project implementation from new technology to
organisational change programmes ensuring that the outcomes sought are realised within the project constraints of
delivering on time, within budget, and ensuring stakeholder quality and business benefits are achieved. Our project
managers have delivered on highly complex and challenging projects using proven implementation methodologies.

Project Methodology Development
We are seeing an ever increasing push for organisations to invest in sound project management practices, as numerous
studies have indicated a greater project success rate is associated with the level of the organisations project management
maturity. While we see a trend now towards ‘projectisation’ in companies, just how well does your organisation do in terms
of planning, executing, and successfully completing projects?

For project management to work it must be adaptive, flexible, and able to be tailored to suit organisations specific needs.
Flexibility means that project managers must be able to tailor project management to the type of project being performed.
Balancing formality and flexibility will allow for creativity, adaptation to undefined situations and continuous improvement
while having a clearly-stated set of standards, procedures and guidelines that promote best practices.

We specifically tailor project management methodologies and toolkits ensuring a ‘best fit’ with your organisation which
integrates seamlessly within your business culture, processes, systems, and way of working to ensure consistency, quality,
and organisational project management competency.

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Our Project Management Services

Project Portfolio and Programme Management
Our professional project managers are able to assist you in ensuring your business projects are coordinated and integrated
to achieve the business benefits that are of strategic importance to you. Key outcomes we provide through our programme
and portfolio management methodology implementation are providing you with the ability to:
   Scrutinise and monitor programmes/projects, ensuring ongoing alignment with strategic objectives and business
   Optimise the allocation of skilled programmes/project resources.
   Evaluate current commitments against new and emerging needs.
   Manage and coordinate the programme/project demands on your operational business at a corporate level.

Project Governance and Strategy
The governance of project management concerns those areas of corporate governance that are specifically related to
project activities. Effective governance of project management ensures that an organisation’s project portfolio is aligned to
the organisation’s objectives, is delivered efficiently and is sustainable. Our senior project management consultants will work
with you to ensure you achieve:
   A clear link with strategic priorities.
   Clear senior management ownership and leadership.
   Effective engagement with stakeholders.
   Necessary skills and competency for managing projects and risk.
   Effective evaluation of new project proposals driven by long term value rather than price.
   Attention to breaking down project implementation and business change into manageable steps.

Tender Project Management
We provide independent consulting assistance to manage the full tender cycle from business need identification through to
the successful tender selection, business case, and contact negotiation. Our consultants will lead you through the following
key tender process steps ensuring your business makes the right selection choice:
   Tender strategy.
   Requirements analysis and definition.
   Tender documentation.
   Evaluation methodology.
   Tender management.
   Tender selection.
   Business case approval.
   Contract negotiation.

Project Audit and Reviews
“According to the Standish Group's CHAOS Report (2004) that reviewed more than 40,000 projects in the last 10 years, when there is
not a consistent process for doing project management in a company, companies waste up to 20% of all project dollars”

Continuous improvement will only be achieved if lessons are learnt and applied. Our consultants provide a review service to
independently assess project performance. We don’t come in to ‘catch people out’, but focus our efforts on what can be
improved to ensure best practice project management is applied.

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