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					                                           SLOPE 2005 Event Schedule
                            RED INK: Housemaster sponsored events, published in REX Guide.
                                 GREEN INK: Notes and suggestions for HM and/or GRTs.
                   BLUE INK: Student sponsored in-dorm programs. Check with your REX Chair for details.

Date   Day/Time          Event                 Sponsor(s)              Location and Notes
8/25   Thursday         Intra and Inter-Dorm   DormCon, REX Chairs, Location: at each residence hall. Students show case dormitories: for
       Evening          Events                 Students.            interested FPOP and other early arriving Frosh (athletes,
                                                                    international, etc.). Housemasters: check Frosh early arrival list for
                                                                    your dorm (Robin Smedick e-mail, dated 8/4).

8/26   Friday           See above              See above.              see above

8/27   Saturday         Dorm hospitality       DormCon, REX Chairs, Location: at each residence hall. Note: Majority of Freshman
       All day          lounges.               Students.            expected to arrive this day. Lounges will provide a place to welcome
                                                                    arriving Frosh, and provide information and assistance as needed.
                                                                    Opportunity for HM/GRT participation.

8/27   Afternoon &      Events at dorms.       DormCon, REX Chairs, Location: at each residence hall. Students show case dormitories: for
       Evening                                 Students.            interested Frosh.

8/28   Sunday           Greek Brunch for       Greek Communities       Location: BBQ Pits @ Kresge
       10:30 AM         Frosh Parents

8/28   11 AM - 1 PM     Housemasters           Housemasters.           Location: at each residence hall.
                        welcome and brunch
                        (Freshmen only)

8/28   2 - 2:30 PM      REX 2005 Launch        DormCon, Danny          Location: Kresge. DormCon welcomes Frosh and explains
                        Event                  Trujillo                importance/structure of REX; Danny Trujillo's office talk about being
                                                                       safe during orientation; food provided.

8/28   2:30 - 5 PM      Dorm tours and         DormCon, REX Chairs, Location: at each residence hall.
                        activities             Students.

8/28   4 - 5:30 PM      Housemaster            Housemasters.           Location: at each residence hall.
                        Reception for Frosh

8/28   5:00 PM          Water balloon          DormCon.                Location: Kresge Oval.
                        extravaganza                                   Upperclassmen and freshmen.

8/28   6:30 PM          Dinner at dorms        DormCon.                Location: selected residence halls (TBD). Ticketed event with Bon
                        (parents and                                   Appetite pasta bar (pasta, sauces, meatballs, pasta salad, green
                        students).                                     salad, bread, cookies). HM/GRT participation opportunity.

8/28   9 PM - 1 AM      East Side large event, Senior House, E.C.,     Location: East Campus Residence Halls. Party in E.C. courtyard and
                        and individual dorm    Random                  Dot (DJ, dance floor, rides, games and refreshments).
                        events.                                        Concurrent individual dorm events at Random, Senior House and
                                                                       E.C. Vans provided for Random visits.
                                                                       Opportunity for HM/GRT participation (bring older kids!).

8/29   Monday           Dorm tours and         DormCon, REX Chairs, Location: at each residence hall.
       12 - 4 PM        activities             Students.            Opportunity for HM/GRT participation.

8/29   8 PM - 1 AM      West Side large event DormCon, REX Chairs, Tropical theme block party on Amherst Alley & Briggs Field. Includes
                        and individual dorm   Students.            live band music, food, jello pit, pirates, sports. Opportunity for
                        events.                                    HM/GRT participation (bring older kids!).

8/30   Tuesday          Residence-based        Danny Trujillo and    Begin at Kresge with Danny Trujillo and student performances of
       3 - 6 PM         alcohol, drug abuse,   trained Upperclassmen "student life at MIT" scenarios. Breakout discussion sections,
                        and other student      facilitators.         facilitated by trained upperclassmen, follow in individual dormitories.
                        safety issues.                               HM/GRT participation opportunity.

8/30   6:30 PM          Lottery closes         Housing Office, Robin

8/30   9 or 10 PM to    Technopoly.            DormCon, IFC, Panhel, Location: student center. Includes student resource fair,
       1 AM                                    Save TFP, UA, AWS     entertainment and food.

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Date   Day/Time           Event                  Sponsor(s)              Location and Notes
8/31   Wednesday          In-house rush and      DormCon; REX Chairs, Location: at individual residence halls. Note: schedule/process varies
       7 - 10 PM          room assignments.      Room Assignment      by residence hall.

9/1    Thursday           Dormitory acclimation House Teams              Location: Individual residence halls. Contact your REX chair for
       All evening        events                                         specifics on program plans for your hall..
       event starting                                                    Opportunity for HM/GRT participation, Suggestions: house team
       at 5:30 PM                                                        welcome; review of expectations; GRT/Frosh section meetings;
                                                                         community building events and activities; dinners; etc.

9/2    Friday           8 Bay State Cruise       DormCon, IFC, Panhel, Boston Harbor cruise with refreshments and dancing. Bus transport
       - 10 PM                                   Save TFP, UA, AWS     circuits start at 6:30 PM; return circuits start at 10 PM. Orientation
                                                                       leaders to chaparone. Some tickets available for Upperclassmen.

9/2    10 - 2 PM          Carnival               DormCon, IFC, Panhel, Location: Rides on Kresge turf, food in parking lot.
                                                 Save TFP, UA, AWS     Opportunity for HM/GRT participation (bring older kids!).

9/3    Saturday           Leadership breakfast   DormCon, IFC, Panhel, Location: Kresge. Pancake breakfast and closing event for
       10 - 11:45 AM      and closing event.     UA                    orientation leaders. Includes conclusion of week-long competition
                                                                       and "Day in the Life" Video.

9/3    12:30 PM           Class photo.                                   Location: Killian Court.

9/3    1 - 2 PM           Greek Griller          IFC, Panhel, LGC        Location: Killian Court. Launches fraternity rush. Includes
                                                                         information on events and procedures and time to eat and mingle
                                                                         with house representatives. Vans available to take Frosh to Frat

9/3    7:00 PM            Sex and the City Spa   Panhel                  Location: Student Center. Alternative event for women not interested
                          Nite for women.                                in attending Frat Rush parties. Includes: "Sex and the City" episode
                                                                         marathon (in educational programming context), manicures,
                                                                         refreshments, etc.

9/4    Sunday             Vendor fair.           Panhel                  Location: La Sala, Student Center. Local clothing stores/vendors to
       1 - 5 PM                                                          attend; possibility of discounts to students.

9/5    Monday             Shuttle bus service to DSL                     MIT/Mall bus circuit. Stores include Target, Home Depot, Old Navy,
       Time TBA           Gateway Center,                                Bed & Bath, Pier One, restaurants, etc.

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                             NH Housemasters-GRT Start of the Year Activities
     Date                 Time                           Activity
     19,22-Aug      9:00am - 5:00 pm  New GRT Training
        23-Aug      9:00am - 5:00 pm  Returning GRT Training
        23-Aug      6:00pm - 8:00pm   Housemaster-GRT Dinner Meeting
        27-Aug      9:00am - 4:00 pm  NH Hospitality Lounge
        28-Aug      11:00am-1:00pm    Housemaster Brunch for Freshmen*
                    4:00pm - 5:30pm   Housemaster Reception for Parents*
          1-Sep     6:00pm - 8:00pm   Housemaster-GRT Meeting with New Student*
          6-Sep     7:00pm - 9:00pm   Welcome Back to the 50's Party

Please note: GRT attendance is required at all activities. Schedule for Hospitality Lounge will be
discussed at August 23 meeting
* NH Officiers requested to attend events with comments by NH President
               Student Center
               Student Center
            Housemaster Courtyard
              Housemaster Apt
              Individual Houses

pitality Lounge will be