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					     FRC                 Parent                                                         Consultant/ext
                                                    Research topic                                                                     Methodology                                         Contact details
 name/location        organisation                                                      ernal partners?

     Nowra                            Project 1: (a) Ways to create an effective
                                                                                      ANGLICARE                                                                                     John Bellamy, Senior Research
Includes outreach     ANGLICARE      working space in the front administration area                 Action research implemented as apart of best practice at opening of
                                                                                       Diocese of                                                                                         Officer, Policy Unit.
     to Bega,         Dioceses of    (b) Ways to ensure confidentiality when a client               centre in 2007 involving a series of research cycles of observation,
                                                                                      Sydney Policy                                                                                         (02) 9895 8116
Eurobodalla Shire,      Sydney       is known to staff.                                             planning, action and reflection.
     Ulladulla                       (c) ways to manage (or avoid) a waiting list.

                                                                                                          All parents entering FDR over a 3 month period will be offered an
                                     Project 2: Aim: to determine whether parents
                                                                                                          entry and an exit survey. Analysis will then be conducted on a case-
                                     involved in CIP FDR became more child-               as above                                                                                            as above
                                                                                                          by-case basis to detect any changes in attitude or behaviour in
                                                                                                          relation to consideration of their children and their needs.

                                                                                                          Analysis of client feedback forms from July-December 2007. FDR
                                     Project 3: Aim: Evaluation of client experience
                                                                                                          clients posted feedback form on completion of FDR. Clients
                                     of FDR services and analysis of feedback re          as above                                                                                            as above
                                                                                                          completed either Form A (for clients who agreed to a parenting
                                     parenting plans
                                                                                                          plan) or Form B (for those that didn't)

                                                                                                          Proposed workshop with FRC staff in 2009 to identify issues
                                     Project 4: Aim: to work out better ways that the
                                                                                                          surrounding grandparents' involvement at the centre. A literature
                                     FRC could support grandparents and work with
                                                                                          as above        review on the impact of divorce and separation on grandparents                      as above
                                     them. Approximately 5% of clients at Nowra
                                                                                                          and the impact on their relationship with their grandchildren will also
                                     are grandparents.
                                                                                                          be undertaken.

                                                                                                     Analysis of feedback forms from KiF participants July 2007 to Dec
                                     Project 5: Kids in Focus (KiF) Seminar
                                                                                        CatholicCare 2007. N=164. It is anticipated that results from the feedback forms                      as above
                                                                                                     will be reported on a regular basis.

                                                                                                      The study will have five key parts:
                                     Project 1: Aim: To promote, facilitate and                       a) Analysis of the Federal Government‟s FRC policies and
                                     assess children and young people‟s active                        procedures regarding children.
                                     inclusion in FRC‟s by:                                           b) Analysis of Interrelate‟s FRC policies and procedures surrounding
                                     i. Exploring children‟s views and experiences of                 child-responsive and child-inclusive practice.
                                     inclusion in decision making processes in           Centre for   c) Interviews and surveys with children, parents, FRC staff and
    Lismore                          Interrelate FRC‟s.                                 Children and Interrelate executive (100 interviews in total). Interviews will be
Includes outreach                    ii. Examining how child-inclusive and child-      Young People - semi-structured, individual, and face-to-face. Focus groups with              Jonathan Toussaint, Executive
to Casino, Ballina,                  focused practice with children in post              Southern     children (aged 4-16) will take place twelve months after the                  Manager, FRCs. (02) 40160506
    Byron Bay                        separation decision making is understood,             Cross      interview.
                                     facilitated and evaluated in Interrelate FRC‟s,     University   d) Analysis of data.
                                     both at an organizational level and at an                        e) Dissemination of findings.
                                     individual level, including by children, parents,                In addition to providing a report to Interrelate at the conclusion of
                                     staff and management.                                            the study, a special report for the children who participated in the
                                                                                                      study will also be sent to those who indicate an interest. .
     FRC                   Parent                                                           Consultant/ext
                                                         Research topic                                                                   Methodology                                          Contact details
 name/location          organisation                                                        ernal partners?

                                          Project 2: What would it take to ensure the         Centre for
                                          safety of clients and staff?                       Children and
                                                                                                           An action research committee has been established and is currently
                                          Aim:To improve referrals of clients from the      Young People -
                          Interrelate                                                                      consulting with team members to look at strategies to provide                           as above
                                          FRC to other services when family violence is       Southern
                                                                                                           appropriate referrals.
                                          identified.                                           Cross

                                          Aims:                                                           i. De-identified data on fathers and mothers registration and
                                          i. Conduct a study to identify the progress of                  progress through key points in the dispute resolution process will be
                                          fathers and mothers through the mediation                       analysed.
                                          processes at an FRC                                             ii. Fathers who have registered with a FRC will be approached to be
  Newcastle                               ii. Conduct a study to identify the sources and                 interviewed to determine the individuals, agencies and services that
Includes outreach                         nature of information and support obtained by     University of provided emotional, material or information support in the period
   to Cessnock,                           fathers prior to their arrival at the Family       Newcastle, before they contacted the FRC.
                          Interrelate                                                                                                                                                              as above
     Maitland,                            Relationship Centre                               Family Action iii. Development of a tool to measure the alliance between parents
  Muswellbrook,                           iii. Develop an instrument to evaluate the          Centre      via the constructs of: each parent‟s investment in the child; the
 Scone, Singleton                         effectiveness of family dispute resolution                      value each parent places on the others‟ involvement; respect shown
                                          processes for families with children under 5                    for each others judgement and each parents desire to communicate
                                          years old, with particular emphasis on changes                  with the other. A series of questionnaire items will be developed and
                                          to the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the                 tested to produce a validated measure of parents ability to co-
                                          fathers.                                                        operate in the interests of their children.

                                           What is father engagement in a professional
                                                                                                          i. Focus groups with professional practitioners from a range of
                                          setting? Questions:
                                                                                                          Family Relationship Centres will allow the identification of father-
                                          i. How do FRC practitioners think about father
                                                                                                          inclusive practices from the perspective of service providers.
                                          engagement?                                       University of
                                                                                                          ii. Using the evidence from the focus group study and existing
                                          ii. How can we assess professional capacity to     Newcastle,
  Sutherland              Interrelate
                                          engage fathers?                                   Family Action
                                                                                                          literature a set of screening questions will be developed to enable                      as above
                                                                                                          more effective selection of practitioners able to engage with fathers.
                                          iii. How can we teach father-engagement?            Centre
                                                                                                          iii. Publications and presentations on Father Engagement in
                                                                                                          Professional Practice.

                                                                                                              This thesis will further knowledge about children‟s perspectives
                                                                                                              about their lived experience in shared care arrangements. In-depth
                                                                                             PhD student      qualitative interviews will be conducted with approximately 40
Ballarat Includes    Centacare,
                                     In their best interest? Experiences of Australian
                                                                                              Christina       children between the ages of 8-14 who have been living in shared
  outreach to    Catholic Diocese of                                                          Sadowski,       care arrangements for at least twelve months. The findings will
                                     children living in shared care arrangements                                                                                                       
Horsham, Stawell      Ballarat                                                               University of    provide valuable information and insights for parents, legal and
                                                                                               Ballarat.      welfare practitioners and policy makers developing or refining post-
                                                                                                              separation care arrangements and related practice and policy

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lilia Chalfin

 Berwick (with                            What would it take for Berwick Family
                                                                                                                                                                                          Family Relationships (VIC)
 satellite office at    Relationships                                                                         One of the practitioners is to interview a set of grandparents (known       Centre Manager at Family
                                          Relationship Centre to provide a more effective
    Wonthaggi)         Australia Victoria                                                         no          to friends) about their experiences in determining the care                Relationship Centre - Berwick
                                          and meaningful service for Grandparents in
Outreach to Phillip    and Windemere                                                                          arrangements for their grandchildren.                                          1-2 / 38 Clyde Road
                                          using the Centre?
Island/Bass Coast                                                                                                                                                                              Berwick VIC 3806

                                                                                                                                                                                                (03) 8768 4111

                                                                                                               100 clients out of 280 who participated in FDR from Dec 2006- Aug
                                          Was the model of FDR adopted at Frankston                           2008 were surveyed via a mailout and subsequent telephone
                                          FRC effective in the Frankston/Peninsula                            interview. FDR practitioners interviewed re presenting issues. A
                                                                                              Prof Thea                                                                                Jill Armstrong, Program Manager
                                          locality and were there any signs of a culture                      “theory of change ” was proposed that knowledge and
  Frankston              Family Life
                                          change in parents‟ thinking to enable them to
                                                                                                              communication skills would be required before parents could
                                                                                                                                                                                                 (03) 9770 0341
                                                                                             Monash Uni                                                                        
                                          better focus on the best interest of their                          interact differently and participate successfully in a mediation /
                                          children.?                                                          agreement developing process.
     FRC                 Parent                                                             Consultant/ext
                                                        Research topic                                                                    Methodology                                          Contact details
 name/location        organisation                                                          ernal partners?

                                        Project 1: „What would it take to provide a
                      Eastern Access
                                        more welcoming and child focused
                    Community Health
                                        environment for our clients?‟                                                                                                                   Rachel Hamilton – Projects and
                    (EACH) is the lead                                                                        The work we have completed has been captured in an action
                                        Project 2: „What would it take to improve our                                                                                                   Community Liaison Coordinator
                        agency, in                                                                            research format. Input from all practitioners has been sought over
  Ringwood                              service delivery to CaLD clients?‟                        no                                                                          
                     partnership with                                                                         various points in time and with various pieces of action research,
                                        Project 3: „What would it take to change the                                                                                                          Phone: 9871 6300
                       Relationships                                                                          which have been completed or are still underway.
                                        target audience of the RFRC newsletter?‟
                     Australia Victoria

                                        Project 4: To review the „Child in Focus‟ parent
                                        information sessions.
                                        Project 5: What would it take to develop a
                                        more creative way to ensure all parents receive
                        as above        the When Parents Separate (WPS) seminar                   no          As above                                                                            as above
                                        Project 6: What would it take to improve our
                                        current Intake screening and assessment

                                       Project 1: What Would it take to help parents                          Project 1:Staff identified the barriers to parents remaining
                                       focus on the best interests of their children?                         responsive to their children's needs and identified strategies to help
                                       Project 2: During the action stage of Project 1,                       parents overcome these barriers.                                                     Julie Harris
                     Relationships     a new local question was formed. What would                            Project 2: Staff identified the low attendance at sessions, and                    (03) 9313 0444
  Sunshine          Australia Victoria it take to increase participants of clients in the
                                                                                                              brainstormed possible measures to remedy this.                                    Centre Manager
                                       'Journey‟s of Separation' sessions?                                    Project 3: Staff identified strategies to maintain high standards of
                                       Project 3: What would it take to ensure the                            safety and security procedures and training.
                                       safety of clients and staff?

                                                                                                              Project 4: Initially the Community Liason Officer (CLO) compiled a
                                        Project 4: What Would it take to
                                                                                                              demographic profile of the area so staff were aware of the different
                                        improve/enhance CALD community to access
                                                                                                              cultural groups. A planning/strategy document was developed to
                                        our service?
                                                                                                              determine how best to engage these CALD communities (the
                        as above        Project 5: What would it take to decrease                 no                                                                                              as above
                                                                                                              African and Vietnamese communities in particular).
                                        client waiting time for clients‟ intake
                                                                                                              Project 5: Establishment of a working group; discussion with
                                        appointment, and to decrease the total time
                                                                                                              workers from Geelong FRC re strategies to cut the waiting list.
                                        taken to go through to FDR?

                                                                                                        − FRC worker narratives raise issues about screening tools and
                                                                                                        − Appointment of small working group to review literature, develop
                                                                                                        guidelines and identify suitable training opportunities.
                                                                                                        − FRC workers attended related training by DVIRC and Women‟s
                                                                                          Upper Hume Legal Service and reported back to the Working Group
  Wodonga                                                                                 Community − All closed cases were reviewed to ascertain percentages reporting                Karina Kerr (FDRP) Wodonga FRC
Includes outreach                       What would it take to improve workers‟ skills in
                      Upper Murray                                                       Health Service family violence, with a breakdown of perpetrators                                        (02) 6022 8644
  to Myrtleford,                        conducting effective and comprehensive
                      Family Care                                                          – Family     − A workshop for FRC staff held to present draft materials and seek                Email:
   Wangaratta,                          screening for people attending the FRC?
                                                                                           Violence     feedback
     Corowa                                                                                 Worker      − Working party reviewed screening materials
                                                                                                        − Screening materials presented to workers and included in FRC
                                                                                                        Case Practice manual
                                                                                                        − Trial of materials by FRC workers
                                                                                                        − Regular reviews
     FRC                Parent                                                           Consultant/ext
                                                     Research topic                                                                     Methodology                                     Contact details
 name/location       organisation                                                        ernal partners?

                                                                                                       Use of data collection tools to look at a range of variables which
                                                                                                       impact on client readiness for FDR and on potential outcomes of
                                                                                                       FDR sessions. This tool is a reflective document which assesses
                                                                                                       information gained through the intake/assessment phase and
                                                                                                       compares three main variables (acrimony, alliance and child focus)
                                                                                                       for both parties. Other factors considered are both domestic
                                      What would it take to provide an effective                       violence and child welfare concerns. The tool asks the mediator to
                                                                                            Gabrielle                                                                         manager: Kerry Pearmain GC FRC
                                      preparation for FDR process for our clients?                     consider appropriate strategies to use in the FDR session.
 Gold Coast            Centacare                                                             Tidey –                                                                                   (07 56561700)
                                                                                                       Post FDR session, the FDRP completes the second part of the data
                                                                                         Passlow, GTP                                                              
                                                                                                       collection tool which looks at the outcome achieved, the shift if any
                                                                                          Training and
                                                                                                       of parents in the key variables, interventions by the
                                                                                                       intake/assessment practitioner (i.e. referrals made, take up of CIP),
                                                                                             Pty Ltd
                                                                                                       and strategies planned compared with those used in the FDR
                                                                                                       session itself. The tool then asks the FDRP to reflect on the
                                                                                                       difficulty of the FDR session and their own skills, knowledge and
                                                                                                       values in assisting the parents to achieve their outcome.

                                      To establish benchmarks against which the
                                      Rockhampton FRC can asses:
                                      • General community awareness of and access          Institute for
                                      to family relationship services and family           Sustainable
Rockhampton                           relationship information                               Regional
    (regional)                                                                                               Data collection using eight questions specifically designed to              DR Ricki Jeffrey
                                      • Community attitudes towards family                Development,
Includes outreach                                                                                            benchmark community attitudes to family relationship services and
                       Centacare      relationship centres                                CQUniversity
   to Emerald,                                                                                               the FRC:                                                                      0749313699
                                      • Attitude of the community to government          (http://isrd.cqu.
   Longreach,                                                                                                                                                                      Dr Sue Rice, FRC Manager
                                      family law and policy reform             
    Gladstone                                                                                                 Random phone survey of Central Queensland community, n=1200
                                      • Knowledge of and effectiveness of family law     ewer/
                                      reforms on child participation, shared parenting       site=29)
                                      and compulsory mediation

                                  What might it take to ensure that everyone who                             Initial planning meetings to discuss methodology. Observation of
Coast Includes Lifeline Community initially calls in receives the service they need             no           processes involved in intake and assessment. Review of existing
                                                                                                                                                                                 FRC Manager: James Morrissey
   outreach to      Care Queensland                                                                                                                                     
                                      in a timely manner?                                                    intake practices to ensure timeliness of service delivery.

                                                                                                     Project 1:• Team meeting to decide areas of investigation
                                                                                                     • Development and approval of survey tool
                                                                                                     • Collection of data from clients after intake, pre-mediation group
                                                                                                     and mediation sessions
                                                                                                     • Collation, analysis and writing up of findings
                                      Project 1: What would it take to ensure that                   • Using findings to define program priorities and intervention                  Project !: Troy Hakala
                                      our community education workshops meet the                     development                                                                 Community Educator – Upper Mt
                                      needs of our clients? This survey aimed to                     Project 2: • Internal discussion about barriers which cause Party Bs                 Gravatt FRC
                                      assess registered FDR Client interests and       Completed in- to decline invitation to attend FDR.                                               07 3423 6967 or
                                      preferences about: workshop topics, workshop       house with • Identified a possible solution                                     
                                      times and workshop formats.                      feedback from • Made changes to our invitation letters which emphasized the                Project 2 and 3: Traci Manca
  Upper Mt           Relationships
                                      Project 2:What would it take to engage the          our FRC    services we provide and decreased the emphasis on potential legal               Acting Centre Manager
   Gravatt           Australia Qld
                                      second parent into the family dispute resolution Community consequences.                                                           or
                                      process?                                           Reference • Reviewed service statistics to assess whether it made an impact                      Troy Hakala
                                      Project 3: What are the outcomes once a              Group                                                                                 Community Educator – Upper Mt
                                      Certificate A (the other parent has refused or                 Project 3:• Reviewed and identified cases which had been issued a                    Gravatt FRC
                                      not attended FDR) has been issued?                             Certificate A and had given consent to be contacted for consumer                   07 3423 6967 or
                                                                                                     • Developed a standardized interview question schedule and briefed
                                                                                                     • Phoned appropriate cases by phone and conducted short
                                                                                                     • Collated and wrote up the feedback
     FRC                Parent                                                           Consultant/ext
                                                     Research topic                                                                    Methodology                                       Contact details
 name/location       organisation                                                        ernal partners?

                                                                                                           Project 1: Discussion at staff meetings, analysis of client feedback
                                                                                                           forms and group discussions to prioritise tasks and to identify
                                     Project 1: What would it take for the process
                                                                                                           appropriate changes.
  Geraldton                          of Regional FDR to be easier to understand for
                                                                                                           Project 2: Discussion at staff meetings,group discussions to                   Sister Mary Ryan
Includes outreach                    staff and clients?
                    Centacare Family                                                                       prioritise tasks and to identify appropriate changes.        
  to Carnarvon,                      Project 2: How can we make our Action                     no
                        Services                                                                           Project 3: Discussion at staff meetings, analysis of client feedback             0899211433
    Exmouth,                         Research meetings more efficient?
                                                                                                           forms and group discussions to prioritise tasks and to identify         Deearne de Gruchy, Manager
   Meekathara                        Project 3: What would it take to make the
                                                                                                           appropriate changes.
                                     information sessions run more smoothly?

                                                                                                           Project 1: Through case meeting discussions and feedback from
                                                                                                           stakeholders it was noted that the Joondalup FRC (JFRC) was
                                                                                                           seeing a number of parents who had not seen their child for a
                                                                                                           period of time and were keen to rebuild this relationship. Concern
                                      Project 1: What would it take to ensure the                          that the process at the JFRC may further delay the time this parent
                                      Joondalup Family Relationship Centre is not                          spent apart from their children. Use of team meeting to discuss
                                      contributing to parents delaying contact with                        JFRC processes and the delay tactics of some parents to determine
                                      their child(ren) and the other parent, and how                       the best way to deal with such cases.
                                      can we best defuse this situation?                                   Project 2: Through discussion at a Case Meetings the importance                 Jennie Hannan
                                      Project 2: What would it take to ensure                              of having an effective follow up process for clients for the purposes Executive General Manager Services
                     Anglicare WA                                                              no
                                      effective follow up of clients who have exited                       of collecting data on the take-up of referrals and to obtain client            ANGLICARE WA
                                      the Joondalup Family Relationship Centre?                            feedback was raised. It was decided to trial a period of completing
                                      Project 3: What would it take to develop                             the Client feedback form via phone calls to the client. This would
                                      effective group sessions to assist parents to                        be conducted by a different Family Advisor to the one who worked
                                      build their capacity for a shared focus on the                       with the client to ensure independent and non-biased results.
                                      children?                                                            Project 3: Through discussion with Family Advisors at the JFRC, it
                                                                                                           was observed that some clients had limited capacity to focus on the
                                                                                                           children. It was decided to commence group sessions for parents to
                                                                                                           build their capacity for a shared focus on their children.
                                                                                                      Project 4: Decision made at a planning meeting prior to the
                                                                                                      imlementation of compulsory FDR, to develop a template for
                                                                                                      “genuine effort”. Further input received via:
                                                                                                      • workshopping case studies with staff of Mandurah FRC (MFRC)
                                                                                                      • Brainstorming at JFRC and MFRC Operations Day
                                                                                                      • Feedback from meetings with the Family Court of WA, Legal Aid
                                      Project 4: What would it take to develop                        WA and other Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP).
                                      effective practices to ensure clients understand                Project 5: Lack of a consistent referral process between key
                                      the concept of “genuine effort”?                                agencies and the JFRC raised as an issue at team meetings and
                                      Project 5: What would it take to develop                        weekly case meetings. Action included:
                                      effective referral practices between agencies                   • planning meeting to review the referral procedure.
 Joondalup              as above
                                      and the JFRC?
                                                                                               no                                                                                           as above
                                                                                                      • Reference Group meeting to gain ideas and strategies to ensure
                                      Project 6; What would it take to provide a child                effective referrals between participating agencies.
                                      focused service from the first point of contact?                Project 6: Topic of child focused practice is a standing item on
                                      Project 7: What would it take to make the                       Operations Day meetings. Strategies developed to further improve
                                      JFRC a more Father Inclusive service?                           the service including:
                                                                                                      • Development of invite letters for children
                                                                                                      • Development of a client feedback process for children who have
                                                                                                      seen the Children‟s Counsellor
                                                                                                      • Review of the client pathways flow chart for Family Dispute
                                                                                                      Project 7: Assessment of the environment of the FRC to suport
                                                                                                      Use of psychometric instruments and evaluation approaches that
                                                                                                      will address and measure key performance indicators.
                                      Evaluation of the efficacy of FRC services and                  Development of research tools such as: intake booklet, post survey
Mandurah and                                                                              Edith Cowan
                     Anglicare WA     the model of service delivery.                                  follow up booklets, pre and post test surveys.Also conducted semi-                    as above
 Joondalup                                                                                 University
                                                                                                      structured interviews with stakeholders and parents. Pre and post
                                                                                                      testing surveys for children.
     FRC                  Parent                                                           Consultant/ext
                                                        Research topic                                                                   Methodology                                           Contact details
 name/location         organisation                                                        ernal partners?

                                                                                                          Project 1. A sample of 30 (minimum) separating mothers and 30
                                                                                                          separating fathers, randomly generated from MFRC‟s client listings,
                                                                                                          will be interviewed to determine the experience of separating
                                                                                            Edith Cowan parents who attend the MFRC from the point of initial contact to the
                                        Project 1. What is the experience of
                                                                                             University   end of service provision and/or referral.                                            Stephen Clarke
                                        separating parents who attend the MFRC?
   Midland                              Project 2: What is the experience of children
                                                                                             (Sellenger Project 2: Analysis of data from initial clinical interview with                         Midland FRC
Includes outreach                                                                          Centre for Law children's interview, collected as part of the MFRC process.This will              17/ 53 The Crescent
                      Centrecare Inc.   whose parents attend the MFRC?
to Kalgoorlie, and                                                                          Justice and provide basic insight into outcomes for children, facilitating the                    Midland .WA 6056
                                        Project 3: What is the experience of Family
     Northam                                                                                  Policing)   development of research that addresses specific areas relevant to                     08 9436 0600
                                        Dispute Resolution Practitioners working with
                                                                                              Western     children. This approach is the least intrusive for children.
                                        separating families who attend the MFRC?
                                                                                              Australia.  Project 3: Twelve Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners will be
                                                                                                          interviewed to determine their experience working with separating

                                                                                                             Participants at a forum for practitioners on CIP organised by HFRC
                                                                                                             were invited to complete a pre forum questionnaire. The
                                                                                                             questionnaire aimed to elicit information from FRCs about their
                                                                                                                                                                                             Michael Voumard
                                                                                                             current practice of CIP and about issues, learnings and challenges
                       Relationships                                                                         for them.The findings from the questionnaire were then used to
    Hobart           Australia Tasmania
                                        How is CIP being practiced within FRCs?                  no
                                                                                                             design the two day forum.
                                                                                                                                                                                              (03) 6211 2100
                                                                                                             The forum itself was also aimed at finding more information about
                                                                                                             CIP and about what needed to happen next for FRCs to feel more
                                                                                                             confident in their practice.

                                        Project 1: What would it take to provide a
                                        visiting outreach service to the Derwent
                                        Valley?         Project 2: What would it take to
                                                                                                             Action research involving a series of research cycles of
                         as above       develop a systematic approach to case                    no                                                                                               as above
                                                                                                             observation, planning, action and reflection.
                                        closures and client feedback?
                                        Project 3: What would it take to effectively
                                        prepare clients for referral?

                                        Project 4: What would it take to ensure the
                                        HFRC newsletter continues to receive
                                        contributions from all staff members?
                                        Project 5: What would it take to ensure the                          Action research involving a series of research cycles of
                         as above                                                                no                                                                                               as above
                                        reference group continues to have high levels                        observation, planning, action and reflection.
                                        of attendance at meetings?
                                        Project 6: What would it take to improve the
                                        effectiveness and efficiency of the duty roster?

                                                                                                                                                                                             Andrew Drummond
                                                                                                                                                                                               Team Manager
                       UnitingCare      What would it take to develop an effective                           Undertaken using an action research methodolgy over a three                       Noarlunga FRC
  Noarlunga           Wesley Adelaide   waiting list system at our centre?
                                                                                                             month period                                                             38 Beach Road, Christies Beach SA
                                                                                                                                                                                             Ph: (08) 8202 5200

                                        Project 1: What will it take to support our                          All questions have been worked on within a participatory action-
                                                                                                             research methodology, working through cycles to firstly
                                        present Indigenous advisors to become FDR
                                                                                                             collaboratively select a topic from a number of potential topics
                                        practitioners?                                                                                                                                       Michelle Menzies
                                                                                                             previously identified by staff discussions. The selected
                                        Project 2: What would it take for the intake    Cooperative                                                                                      Ground floor, Winlow House
                                                                                                             topic/question is then pursued to a jointly agreed satisfactory point.
Darwin Includes                         process to be more client friendly?               Research
                                                                                                             Each of the research questions listed constituted an AR cycle.
                                                                                                                                                                                      75 Woods Street, Darwin 0800 NT
  outreach to                           Project 3: What would it take for consistency    Centre for                                                                                           Postal Address:
                       Relationships                                                                         The AR consultant notes all meetings, and collects other types of
  Katherine,                            in intake practices to ensure meeting of legal   Aboriginal                                                                                   GPO Box 1577, DARWIN NT 0801
                       Australia NT                                                                          documentation from discussions. Staff are encouraged to see the
Nhulunbuy, Alice                        requirements?                                      Health,                                                                                                 Phone:
                                                                                                             activity as a „quality assurance‟ process.
    Springs                             Project 4: What would it take to engage more    consultant Dr                                                                                          08 8923 1400
                                                                                                             Our organisation has an AR session each week of 40-50 mins.
                                        effectively with non-Darwin Indigenous people? Jeannie Devitt                                                                                               Fax:
                                                                                                             Sessions follow a regular format, stick to a relatively tight time
                                        Project 5: What will it take to improve our                                                                                                            08 8941 7941
                                                                                                             frame and tend to deal with concrete issues.
                                        present data management?
                                                                                                             While new potential topics constantly emerge in discussions, we
                                        Project 6: What would it take to improve client                      recently completed a review of all our accumulated topics to ensure
                                        understanding of the FDR process?                                    earlier matters of interest were re-considered as research topics.
    FRC            Parent                       Consultant/ext
                               Research topic                     Methodology   Contact details
name/location   organisation                    ernal partners?