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									 World AIDS Day 2008
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                                Join us to take action on AIDS and to commemorate the 20th anniversary
                                                  of World AIDS Day on 1 December 2008
                                World AIDS Day gives us the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to take action
                                on HIV/AIDS. It also provides an opportunity to share our knowledge: to help women,
                                men and young people to know how to prevent HIV transmission; know where to
                                access treatment, care and support; and know their rights, including how to protect
                                themselves against discrimination.
                                The UN family, diplomatic missions, associations of people living with HIV, humanitarian
                                organizations, faith communities, and other NGOs, as well as staff members and their
                                families, welcome you to take part in the following events on World AIDS Day:

                        08:30 Ecumenical Worship Service
                              Chapel of the Ecumenical Centre, WCC, 150 route de Ferney
                        10:00 Commemoration event with speeches, songs and refreshments
                              WHO, main lobby, 20 Avenue Appia
                        11:30– Solidarity lunch at UNAIDS cafeteria with all partners. Profits to Geneva African
                        14:00 Women Solidarity Association (ASFAG)
                               UNAIDS cafeteria, 20 Avenue Appia
                        12:00– Screening of the film “Until There’s A Cure” introduced by Craig McClure, Executive
                        14:00 Director, IAS. Followed by brown bag lunch discussion on living with HIV
                               International AIDS Society, 71 Avenue Louis Casaï
                        12:30 World AIDS Day ceremony, including launch of exhibition of Shona sculptures from
                              Zimbabwe and the annual ‘Human red ribbon’ – join us for the photo!
                              ILO, 4 Route des Morillons
                        13:00– Opening of the World AIDS Week Film Festival: screening of “UN Cares Launch” by the
                        14:00 UN Secretary-General and testimonials by colleagues from the field
                               UNAIDS foyer, 20 Avenue Appia
                        13:30– Wild Fire session for adolescents (HIV/AIDS awareness-raising role play in French)
                        15:30 International Lycée in Ferney-Voltaire (email to register and bring an ID)
                        18:30 Inter-religious service
                              Temple de la Fusterie, Place de la Fusterie
                        19:45 Candlelight march from the Temple de la Fusterie to the Maison de quartier des Pâquis
                              The Jet d’Eau turns red (weather permitting)
Remember the
360° Fever Party !!!    20:30   Welcome drink with the international community
                                Maison de quartier des Pâquis, 50 Rue de Berne
Saturday 29 November –
from 10 pm,             21:00   Dinner prepared by ASFAG
                                Maison de quartier des Pâquis, 50 Rue de Berne
Salle du Faubourg,
                                Other events:
6-8 Rue des Terreaux-du-        WHO, UNAIDS and Global Fund staff are encouraged to go for free voluntary counselling
Temple                          and testing at the WHO medical services from 08.30 to 11.00
Profits to the Fonds de         Pick up a red ribbon on a Geneva tram during the day
solidarité genevois for
                                All through the week (Monday 1 to Friday 5 December):
people living with
                        8:30–   Exhibition of Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe
HIV/AIDS                17:00   ILO, 4 Route des Morillons
(more information       12:00– World AIDS Week Film Festival
on    14:00 UNAIDS, foyer, 20 Avenue Appia

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For more information events in Geneva, please contact Anita Hertereau at
Anyone working outside of the UN-system will need to show an ID card to enter the UNAIDS building,
and UN-system staff will be required to display their security badge

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