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									      UFO’S IN RUSSIA


                                Copyright 2008
                               By Mason Emerson

Many Russians have reported UFOs. For example there are reports
tied to Joseph Stalin, Yuri Gagarin the first human to go into space, the
Chernobyl tragedy, the space station MIR, the Soviet navy and airforce
etc. If any of the accounts give here are other than myth, then it is
important to note that some of the encounters have resulted in the loss
of human life.

In 1947 anti-aircraft guns of the Trans-caucasian Military District fired
at a cigar-shaped UFO that flew in from over Turkey at below 4,000
meters. The guns could reach up to 12,000 meters, but their shells did
no harm to the UFO which increased its speed to some 2000 kilometers
per hour speeding over the mountains. This and other incidents set off
alarm bells.

The USSR doubtlessly was aware that in 1942 the U.S. military had
fired at a UFO over Los Angeles with similar lack of success. During
World War II Allied plane observed “foo fighters” or UFOs, and at Los
Alamos where nuclear weaponry was being tested, there were “Green

                                    Joseph Stalin

In 1952 Soviet intelligence directed agents to see if UFOs were secret
craft from the U.S. or other planets. The Soviet dictator Stalin (1878-
1953) was naturally concerned about UFOs, so he called in various
experts from whom he heard that UFOs existed, were not from the U.S.
but other planets, that however at least as of then the UFOs had not
demonstrated any malicious intentions although they certainly had the
ability to do so.

By 1957 the USSR’s military knew from satellites that this was correct,
and they knew the U.S. believed the same. However, Soviet or Russian
military leaders apparently figured from the outset that although UFOs
had shown no attempt to do major harm, that might not always be the
case or it could occur by accident.

Earnest research into UFOs for the sake of back-engineering began in
the 1960s, and at least by 1978 the Soviet Ministry of Defense had a
special military unit in the town of Mytishi for not only collecting data
but using newly established "space troops" for fighting possible threats
from space.

As with similar U.S. operations the research has yielded results. For
example Russia is said to have a beam weapon for attacking in-coming
missiles as a reflection of the U.S. military technology usually called the
Star Wars missile defense system.

A study of UFOs called Thread-3 is said to contain many valuable UFO-
focused documents. Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968) became the first human
into space on April 12, 1961. In the Thread-3 documents he has stated
that UFOs are real and fly at incredible speeds. Many other
cosmonauts have also confirmed the existence of UFOs, including at the
MIR space station, as related farther below here.

Reportedly in the summer of 1961 a large UFO mother ship appeared
along with smaller UFOs above the construction of a new rocket
emplacement in Moscow's defense network. Missiles were fired against
it but exploded short of target. The entire missile base was crippled by
an electrical blackout.

Russian jet fighters have engaged UFOs. At least two jets have been lost
in this way. In the 1966 in the Ukraine a Soviet pilot followed a UFO
over Odessa with tracking from ground radar until it disappeared. In
1967 the engines of a Soviet commercial airliner failed when a UFO was
seen right overhead. It went into a controlled glide until the pilot(s)
brought it to life only about 2000 feet from the ground.

The incident with the Soviet commercial jet is remindful of when in
1954 a U.S. F-54 jet scrambled to investigate a UFO disk motionless
over New York State. The jet’s instruments malfunctioned and the
cockpit began to heat up, the two pilots baled out and watched
helplessly as their plane crashed killing two children and two adults.

There are allegations that there have been other instances in which U.S.
military jets and civilian craft are said to have been destroyed by UFOs;
and U.S. military jets have also sometimes shot down UFOs including
before the Roswell event. For example fighter planes supposedly shot
down one in the wilderness mountains outside Washington, D.C., that is
in the West Virginia or Western Maryland mountains.

Possibly Russian military jets have also shot down some UFOs. Coming
from different planets with different degrees of technology, some such
craft would be totally impervious to all weapons on Earth, others more
easily destroyed. In the pre-Roswell incident noted above “fighter plane
bullets made holes in the craft which was shaped as two saucers
together but each hole slowly closed back up until there were so many
hits the saucer wasn't able to recover. Parachute devices ejected,”
however, no ET bodies were recovered,” and the craft itself exploded
into pieces on hitting the top of a mountain.

In September 20, 1977, there were UFO sightings over the northwestern
city of Petrozavodsk and elsewhere. These caused much interest by the
Soviet public as well as officials. However, such interest in UFOs or
unusual phenonema go much farther back in time.

For example, Robozero is a village about 700 miles from St Petersburg.
On August 15, 1663 a strange huge flaming ball which shone with
beams of light came down to the village from out of a blue sky. The
beams of light went here then there in the village, disappeared into a
lagke, return after about an hour.

                         Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasyev

In April 1979 when cosmonaut Viktor Afanasyev flew up to dock with
Soviet Solyut 6 space station, he saw a UFO following him. He said “It
was an engineering structure, made from some type of metal,
approximately 40 meters long with inner hulls. The object was narrow
here and wider here, and inside there were openings. Some places had
projections like small wings. The object stayed very close to us. We
photographed it, and our photos showed it to be 23 to 28 meters away."
Afanasyev’s film was confiscated and he was told not to tell of the craft.

As reported on ABC Prime Time Live which aired October 1994 with
Diane Sawyer and David Ensor, a nuclear war was almost started in the
USSR due to UFOs. This occurred on October 5, 1982, at a missile base
near Khmelitskiy at Byelokoroviche in the Ukraine.

Former Russian military personnel have said a 900-foot-wide UFO
hovered over their missile base and their command consoles were
switched to "prepare to launch" for 15 seconds before returning to
normal. However, others have said this is untrue.

They say that instead there were bright balloon-shaped flashing objects
on the horizon that were just part of parachute flares and night-
bombing exercises. An indicator light malfunctioned the missiles were
never affected, and the base commander simply blamed everything on
ETs rather than his own men.


From the MIR space station, cosmonaut Gennadij Strekhalov on
September 28, 1990, reported a large silver-colored perfectly round
UFO above Newfoundland. He elaborated that it had been present for
only about ten seconds, was glittering and pretty like a Christmas tree.
At the start of 1991, MIR cosmonaut Musa Manarov was filming an
incoming cargo flight, when he suddenly spotted and for two minutes
filmed a cigar-shaped UFO surrounded by a rotating light.

In August 1991 cosmonauts Volkov and Krialiov filmed a luminous
sphere that came from deep space, passed MIR and entered the Earth’s
atmosphere - filmed by the Cosmonauts Volkov and Krikaliov. The
footage was officially released by the Russian Space administration.

                Khan Tengri, one of the Tien-Shan mountains

On August 28, 1991 two military jets came within 800 meters of a
dirigible-shaped UFO with two portholes. Their weapons shut down
and engine problems began. The UFO went from 960 kilometers per
hour to 6800 kilometers per hour and zig-zagged. A month later
reports that a large UFO had crashed into the rugged Tien-Shan
Mountains of what is now the nation of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.
Soviet investigators could not get there because of winter and a
helicopter trying to do so crashed killing all aboard.

In the spring investigators finally arrived and found the UFO which had
hit a mountain and split apart. Radiation destroyed their efforts at
filming, and when they tried to come closer than 800 meters they felt
extreme anxiety and exhaustion. Compasses and magnetometers
malfunctioned. At 600 meters watches and clocks malfunctioned. Those
getting within 500 meters received radiation burns.
On November 18, 1995 MIR cosmonauts filmed another UFO. On May
17, 1997: before docking MIR, NASA astronauts of Space Shuttle
mission STS-84 filmed several UFOs including a triangular formation
passing the Russian Space Station. A Florida radio received the images
as they were radioed to Earth. Two years later, the Russian Space
Administration released images of the same phenomenon.


The Chernobyl explosion occurred April 26, 1986. Fortunately it was
thermal instead of nuclear. Hundreds of eyewitnesses have said that
they saw a UFO of about seven meters diameter hovering about some
meters above the fourth generating unit there for six hours.

Also, for about three minutes two rays of crimson light stretched down
towards the fourth unit, decreasing the radiation level to about one-
fourth what it had been, probably averting a nuclear blast.

The interaction from the UFO was not reported until two years later
because the eyewitnesses hesitated to be ridiculed. When such reports
were published they first appeared in Russian publications about UFOs.

On September 16, 1989, the fourth power-generating unit again emitted
radiation into the atmosphere, and several hours later a doctor spotted
an amber-like object in the sky above it. She said it had both a top and
a bottom.

In October 1990, a reporter from the newspaper the Echo of Chernobyl,
V. Navran, photographed the machine shop of the Chernobyl plant.
Only later, after developing the film did he see a UFO above it.

There were about 180 tons of enriched uranium in the reactor at
Chernobyl. Therefore, if a nuclear rather than a thermal blast had
happened, possibly half the nations of Europe would have ceased to

It is believed that the incident may indicated that Extra-Terrestrials are
very interested in preserving the planet Earth although not necessarily
as interested in preserving human life. This could be for various
reasons. For example, ETS might want the Earth’s environment to be
saved because of valuable resources upon it. It may serve for at least as
a common meeting ground. Or some may feel that at some future time
it may be necessary to move some of their own species from planets
orbiting about stars that are dying or going to explode. Too, it could be
for multiple reasons.

If a human has ants in a garden, he may not pay much attention to the
ants, which are of another quite different species. However, if the ants
start doing things that may destroy or ruin the value of the garden, then
the human must take some form of preventive actions. This analogy
may be how it is with ETs as they have observed Earth and the doings
of its peoples.

UFOs have been spotted ascending from inside some of Russia huge
lakes and seas as well as other bodies around the world where Russian
vessels have traveled, e.g. the Black Sea, the Red Sea, near the Strait Of
Gibraltar, lakes around Leningrad. Also Russian divers have
sometimes reported what may be ETs including some whose body
structures (e.g. fish-like tails) seem to indicate origin from planets that
are mostly water.

It is claimed (no date given) that a UFO landed near a Russian
children's camp in the Sverdlovsk region, two ETs conducted some
manner of tests, and there were contacts between the two ETs and
villagers. The region has other alleged UFO encounters, including one
dated 1969 that many think may be a hoax. It included a film of
soldiers guarding a crashed UFO and doctors examining a small ET’s

Soviet soldiers in June, 1971, observed a cigar-shaped black UFO flying
800 meters above clouds near Kapustin Yar which is a rocket research
area in the oblast or state of Astrakhan. The UFO was 25 meters long,
about 3 meters in diameter, had no stabilizers, wings, or engines. Its
speed was some 150 kilometers an hour, and it moved silently.

Many UFO sightings over Russia and the Commonwealth of
Independent States and such sightings back when the USSR existed
probably have nothing to do with ETs. Instead, they can be explained
by Russian military craft maneuverings. Also U.S. spy craft have flown
over the USSR, Russia and the CIS leading to erroneous reports of

In 1985 near the town of Krasnovodsk the radar station under the
command of Captain Valuev observed a huge 1,000 meter disc-shaped
UFO. It hovered motionless and later a smaller UFO of about 5 meters
flew out then landed on Krasnovodskaya spit. Patrol boats rushed to it
but when about 100 meters from it, the UFO flew a kilometer away and
it repeated this action five times. Then it flew quickly to the bigger disc
or mother ship which in turn flew up into space.

At the start of August 1987 five soldiers of Leningrad Military District
went to the North of Karelia region to guard a UFO that had been
found on the territory of another military unit near the town of Vyborg.
It was 14 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. It had no
doors and attempts to open its hull were unsuccessful. The military
could only break off some rods from its stern. The next month it
vanished somehow from a storage hangar.

In 1989 there were sightings of ETs reported around Voronzeh, a city
about 300 miles south of Moscow. Children were at a park when a ball
of fire encircled their play area then landed upon a nearby tree. An ET
almost ten feet tall emerged, climbed down and walked about. The ET
had a tiny head, three eyes, skin wrinkled and the color of “a grilled
beef burger.”

The tall ET had silvery arms reaching its knees emerged. A child
named Vasya Surin claimed the ET fired a pistol-like weapon at a
passer-by walking to a bus-stop. The person completely disappeared
but seconds later reappeared with no memory of what had happened

Witnesses insist the first craft took off but was followed by a second
from which several tall beings were seen to emerge. The craft examined
a line of nearby electricity pylons. The incident was reported by the
serious Tass news agency.

Dr Silanov of the Voronezh Geophysical laboratory commented: 'In the
period between 21st September and 28th October 1989, in Western
Park Voronezh, six landings and one sighting were registered with the
appearance of walking beings. We have collected a wealth of video
materials with eye witness accounts particularly from pupils of the
nearest school. We have no doubt they are telling the truth in their

In August 1991 jet fighter Maxim Chubakov made his first solo flight.
At over 12,000 feet he saw a blindingly bright orange ball directly in
front of him. He felt unexplained fear, that someone was watching, the
back of his head warmed up greatly, and he felt his movements of the
plane being controlled by someone else. He ejected safely, was tried and
under danger of execution from the KGB for sabotaging the plane, but
after thorough investigations his story was believed. He was released
although never allowed to fly another plane.

Near Moscow there have been many UFO sightings. Dr. Ron Varlamov
of the Moscow Technology Institute has noted that in six attempts to
make pre-arranged contact with UFOs some of the attempts were
successful – something also reported by U.S. researchers.

There have also been numerous reports of encounters of the first kind.
Often these related that a person was abducted by an ET or a robot
controlled by ETs, taken aboard a craft, medically examined, later
returned to the original site or one at a distance.
Just as there have been reports of UFOs over Washington D.C. and the
White House, there have been similar reports for Moscow and the
Kremlin. In 1958 a UFO was seen on the ground in Moscow but it
suddenly spiralled up into the sky. That same year Soviet planes
scrambled, but could not find the targets. Police on the ground have
described UFOs over the famous Sparski Tower, and in 1978 a bright
yellow ball was seem over the bell tower of the Kremlin’s cathedral. It
allegedly entered an open door before vanishing with a loud sound.

Russian Colonel Marina Popovich, a former test pilot, says cosmonauts
are now routinely taught how to deal with UFOs and ETs. She has seen
aerial photographs taken by Russian pilots of UFOs firing on military
aircraft. U.S. pilots have also learned to be careful. For example in
1948, USAF Captain Thomas Mantell, was flying an F-51. While
chasing and closing in on a large metallic UFO close to Louisville
Kentucky, he crashed and died. Soon afterwards Project Sign, the
forerunner of Project Blue Book, was begun.

About 600 miles east of Moscow is the M-Triangle area where UFOs are
commonly, routinely reported. Witnesses there have reported strange
lights and flashing red balls in the sky, UFOs, encounters with
translucent beings emerging from the forest, signs and letters written in
the sky, strange feelings and feelings of enhanced ability. Some parts of
Russia have at times reported unusual cloud formations in which the
clouds were unusually dark and lasting for days or of the color green.

Some people have speculated that the unusual number of cases reported
for the M-Triangle area may indicate something not having to do with
UFOs. Instead, it may actually be the location for a secret weapon that
is being developed that can during wartime cause assorted mental
hallucinations over a wide-spread area.

Of course UFOs have appeared beyond Russia and the U.S., alarming
the militaries of other nations as well. For example they have appeared
over Vietnam including during the U.S. war there, over Nazi Germany
during World War II, Sweden back in 1933, in the Korean War, and
over Tehran in 1976.

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