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									                                 Innovative Ideas

Products for direct marketing,
packaging and sales promotion
that whet the appetite
Direct marketing
Temptation made easy, Part 1:
A tasty wrapper for your mailing
Harness the power of exceptional envelopes: to help your       Envelope printing – behold the brilliance of colour
mailings achieve even greater success. For one simple          Why not capitalise on colour? Print almost every single one
reason: distinctive envelopes play a major role in grabbing    of our standard products in up to 4 colours with offset
the attention of the recipient. Imaginative extras such as     printing. And whichever option you choose, you can count on
tickets, labels and reply envelopes raise response rates and   rapid delivery.
steer dialogue in the right direction.
                                                                Full coverage printed envelopes are even better for creating
Choosing the right envelope depends on a number of things – an exeptional look. With up to 2 colours we do not have to
target group, print run, layout specifications, budget,         leave a gripper margin. If you want more colours the gripper
subsequent processing and dispatch – to name but a few. But margin is no more than 6mm.
one thing never changes: if you need your mailshots to
deliver, you’ve come to the right place: BlessOF.               Special designs – with your idea as the blueprint
                                                                Manufacturing complex custom-made products is where our
Armed with a near-limitless treasure trove of hands-on          talent really comes to the fore. When you use mailing envelo-
experience in developing and manufacturing out-of-the-          pes tailored to your needs alone, it is like making a down
ordinary paper products, we have a real eye for turning a       payment on the success of your mailshot. So draw on our
striking idea into a product that strikes the right note, each  expertise – and boost the creativity of your mailings – for
and every time. And that’s just for starters. To make setting   maximum return on investment.
up your dialogue marketing campaign even easier, we also
offer world-class advisory support and extremely useful         1. Format
services such as digital print preparation or sending samples. From 40 x 40mm to 450 x 500mm (depth can also be included
                                                                to accommodate mailings with several pieces)
Whatever you need, you’ll find just the product or production 2. Form
technique you’re looking for:                                   Contour punches for added creativity (see also our ComeCre-
                                                                ate® brochure)
Our stock articles – anything but average                       3. Materials
We stock plenty of interesting and unique envelopes – most Eco-friendly recycling and FSC papers, photo paper, fine and
available at short notice. These products are perfect for small exclusive papers, materials weighing up to 300g/m²,
runs.                                                           transparent papers, cost-efficient offset papers
                                                                4. Finishing
For example:                                                    Stunning colours with offset printing, economical flexo print
• Exclusive transparent envelopes                               solutions, outstanding surface feel with silkscreen printing,
• ‘Wide screen’ window envelopes                                embossing, laminating, customised interior prints and more
• Non-standard formats such as square envelopes or              5. Further processing
   narrow DIN ½ C4 envelopes                                    Windows: various shapes and sizes, shop-windows,
• Envelopes for high-speed insertion machine processing         printed window foil
• Pockets                                                       Fascinate with fragrance: attach aromatised labels and
• Reply envelopes                                               scented prints
                                                                Let the game begin: affix scratch-offs and peel-away labels
                                                                Added value: insert flyers
                                                                Picking and packing: response raisers such as keys, coins,
                                                                tickets or CDs
                                                                Perforation: perfect for opening or detaching forms and
                                                                other response elements
                                                                Closure techniques: gummed flaps for machine insertion,
                                                                peal and seal adhesion for hand insertion, special formats
                                                                such as string & button, label or clasp closures.

                                                               To see examples, turn the page.
What’s in it for you: response envelope   Square up for success: square envelope,        Mega-space: CD mailer for data carriers
with scratch-offs and an inserted flyer   overprinted                                    and covering letter, windowed

Why be so square?                         Packaging fit for a king: square transparent   Insightful: shop-window envelope
A 3-sided envelope lightens things up     envelope (also available printed)

Say cheese! Photobag with consecutive     Small but spirited: mini window envelope       A real door-opener: envelope with key
numbering                                 with inserted flyer and peel-away label        inside to boost response

What a pushover: envelope with a          High profile: super-narrow DIN ½ C4            The scent of success: mailing envelope
perforated ‘shutter’ component            envelope, overprinted                          with enticing scented print

Straight to the heart: contour-punched    Address to impress: standard envelope,         The shape of things to come: creative
fancy window                              overprinted                                    envelope with contour punching on 3 sides
It’s a rip-off! Perforated mailing envelope   Get caught up: envelope with               Little and large: full coverage printed
with a unique zig-zag tear opening            contour-punched edges                      envelopes (various formats)

Almost a shame to close: envelope             PDQ: mailing envelope for express          Outstanding! ComeCreate® fancy
with asymmetrical flap                        dispatch, labels included                  envelope with 2-sided contour punching

Captivating: creative envelope with           Shining example: exclusive metallic        Take a good look: 200° panorama window
contour punching and second window            mailing envelope                           stamped ‘Confidential’

Room runneth over:                            Open up new perspectives:                  Room to unfold: fold-out reply envelope
3D brochure mailer (spine width)              fold-out mailing envelope

Strike gold: transparent envelope with        RSVP: reply envelope with inserted flyer   It’s a long story: response envelope with
exclusive gold embossing                      and peel-away label                        extended and perforated bottom flap
Packaging and
sales promotion
Temptation made easy, Part 2:
Crack customers with the right tool

Put your products centre-stage with folders,          Solutions to step up sales:
pockets and packaging to promote sales and            • Premium envelopes and pockets for branded products
showcase goods. Our packaging experts will            • Sales packaging for retail
support and advise you throughout the entire          • Engaging yet practical shipping packaging/sales packaging
production process.                                   • DVD and CD packaging
As a full service provider, we can design the right   • Solutions for the pharmaceuticals and hygiene-related industries
packaging for you, handle picking and packing –       • Advertising materials such as coupon envelopes,
and even manage your deliveries. And if you need        registration cards and flyers
samples, small runs or require special pilot          • Packaging for product samples
production we would be delighted to help.             • Customised presentation folders
Packet of seeds with rack punch        Sales packaging with plastic           Paperboard packaging with side
                                       slipcase                               gusset and window

Presentation slipcase, with contents

CD case with an exclusive              Sample pouch with products inside      Presentation folder with premium
string & button closure                                                       string & button closure

Coupon pocket with perforated flyer

Cardboard CD case                      3D presentation folder (spine width)   Promotion envelope with a suction
                                                                              pad for windows

3D mailing envelope (spine width)
                                                                                           Innovative Ideas

Because service matters:
• Our experts will help you match the right product to your needs.
• By request we send stock samples to help you shape your ideas.
• Request customised samples and CAD support to see and feel your product before
  it goes into production.                                                                         BlessOF GmbH
• Our DTP department will check your data and modify it according to your wishes.
• Just say the word, and we’ll handle the print process for you, coordinate                        Postal address
  picking and packing, fill the envelopes, personalise your products, and send them out…           Postfach 1251
                                                                                                   73220 Kirchheim unter Teck

                                                                                                   Business address
                                                                                                   Otto-Ficker-Strasse 2+9
                                                                                                   73230 Kirchheim unter Teck

                                                                                                   Tel: +49 (0) 7021 999 0
                                                                                                   Fax: +49 (0) 7021 999 148


                                                                                                   Member of:

                                                                                                   Deutscher Direktmarketing
                                                                                                   Verband e.V.

                                                                                                   Verband der Briefumschlag-
                                                                                                   und Papierausstattungs-
                                                                                                                                D03-0702 DM engl 300.01.08

                                                                                                   Certified under
                                                                                                   DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

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