Since 1994 the following sewage treatment plants, based on Kickuth`s concept
 have been completed in Poland:
                                                                                                                    EKOLOGICZNE SYSTEMY

                            The plant for the primary school in Lesznowola,

                            The plant for Bolimów municipality,                                    ESOS             OCZYSZCZANIA CIEKÓW
                            The plant for the “Fructodor” company in Bolimów ,                                      Ecological systems of sewage
                            The plant for slaughter house of the “Ozdan” company in Marianów,
                            The plant for Carmelite Convent in Osiny Nowe,                                                   treatment
                            The plant for a distillery in Rylsk
                            The plant for poultry slaughter house in Turzany,
                            The plant for poultry slaughter house in Borowniki,
                            The plant for Agricultural and Industrial Collective Farm in Czaplin
                            The development of plant for the “Fructor” company in Bolimów,
                            The plant for a Home for the Aged in Sadowa
                            The plant for the forestry management in Maków
                            The plant for meat processing factory in Biała Rawska,

 Currently, the following plants are under construction:
    The plant for a pension in Pasł k in Elbl g district



    The plant for a tannery in Włodawa
    The plant for a poultry slaughter house in Przytkowice,
    The plant for Maciejowice municipality,

 The following projects are ready to be implemented:
    The plant for the commune (gmina) of Lipce Reymontowskie,

    The plant for the forestry management in Miłomłyn,
    The plant for the municipality of Piotrowice,

 Range of advisory services:
£ £

    help in submitting tenders,
    establishing contacs between municipal sewage treatment plants and private firms

    of the environmental protection branch,                                                          „Ekologiczne Systemy Oczyszczania cieków” ESOS sp. z o.o.
£ £ £ £

    advisory service at the every stage of project implementation,                                              03-195 War szawa ul. Dor odna 16
    preparation of documentation,                                                                                  tel./fax. 0-22 811 – 09 – 15
    advisory service in securing the necessary permits,                                                                e-mail: esos@qdnet.pl
    establishing business contacts and liaison with foreign partners and investors
    ( firms connected with environmental protection and construction companies ),

    help in finding financial resources/funding.
                                                                                        REED BED WASTE WATER SYSTEM
                                                                                municipal waste
                                                                                —from a parish
                          ESOS sp. z o.o.                                       —from a single house
                                                                                rain water
                                                                                — water infiltrating wastes areas
                                                                                — from airstrips
            Engineering & Consulting Services                                   — from surfaced roads and
                                                                                industrial waste
                                                                                — meat processing industry
ESOS – the firm was founded in 1994 and has been dealing with sewage            — tanneries
management in Poland, using ecological systems of sewage treatment, for the     — chemical industry
                                                                                — distilleries
last nine years. The basic strategy of our firm is as follows:                  — food industry
                                                                                — slaughter houses
    water engineering,                                                                                    There are following advantages of implementing the ecological

                                                                                                          system of sewage treatment:
    providing systems for cleaning and retention of rain water,

                                                                                                               it is a simple solution for low density housing areas, small
                                                                                                              farms, communes (gmina), small resorts (pensions, hotels) etc;
    providing waste water and rain water drainage systems,

                                                                                                               it is a simple technology highly effective for a considerable
    providing reed bed waste water systems of municipal and industrial sewage                                 variability of quality and quantity of wastes;

                                                                                                               cleaned waste water can be used anew for filling ponds and
    (system of prof. Kickuth),                                                                                water basins, irrigation and watering the gardens etc;

                                                                                                               every sewage treatment plant is designed individually for a
                                                                                                              given client to meet his specific requirements, and the
                                                                                                              dimensions of the soil filter are evalueted on the basis of the
    providing integrated systems of municipal solid waste management,

                                                                                                              analysis of the crude sewage;

                                                                                                               the filter is selected in such a manner that the sewage treatment
                                                                                                              plant could function properly at least 50 years, or more.
    landscape architecture,

    environmental studies,

                                                                                              Przekrój przez poletko trzcinowe/ Cross section of reed bed
    preparation of documentation,

                                                                                                                                            Natural filter bed with reed

    advisory service at the every stage of project implementation,

    advisory service in securing the necessary permits,

    ecological expertise and research,

                                                                                  Splitting                    HDPE         collecting            collecting
                                                                                  drainage            Reed                  drainage              sink basin

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