Benton Park West Community Garden by cbh36348


									                                                                                 Summer 2005
                                                                                             Since 1886

                     Benton Park West Community Garden
                                            A Community Grows Together
            Benton Park West neighbors gathered on May         The garden received more than 50 plants and
            21, 2005 for the kick-off of the community         shrubs from Gateway Greening’s annual Great
            garden which is located on SSDN’s campus at        Perennial Divide earlier in May. Master
            the corners of Crittenden and Ohio. After a        gardeners and nurseries from across the metro
            morning of robust gardening, neighbors and         region donated thousands of plant to more than
            friends celebrated with a barbeque.                100 community gardens. Also, Benton Park
                                                               West’s very own Joe Waeltermann, owner of the
            In addition to the 11 raised gardening beds, the   Southside Garden Shop, donated plants for the
            garden will contain a fenced area for the          beds. The first Saturday of each month has
            Nursery Center children to use as a learning       been designated as Garden Work Day and
            area. Members of the Benton Park West              neighbors are welcome to gather, meet each
            Neighborhood Association graciously                other and work in the garden.
            volunteered to build the fence for the Nursery.

                     (keft to right) BPW neighbors plant together; SSDN’s Zully Kuster and friends plant
                     vegetables; BPW Neighbhorhood Association President Chad Johnson and Marlene
                       Levine relaxing on the garden bench; Nursery Center children will have an area
                                             reserved to learn about gardening.

                           “A Place Where People Grow”
                                                                  From Our President & CEO
                                                            “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all
                 SSDN Board of Directors                 directions, and the roots spring up to make new trees.”
                                                                  Lawrence Lovasik, minister & writer
               Peggy Brockmann, President
                 Bob Grace, Vice President                Creating “Places Where People Grow” is the result of
                   Mary Heger, Treasurer                  SSDN’s strong roots and years of nurturing, new
         Jeanne Morrel-Franklin, Recording Secretary      seeding, pruning, planting, and fertilizing ideas and
                        David Brown                       initiatives that have sprung up in response to
                   Vicki Carlson, Ph.D.                   community needs. Our roots have always been a
                        Steve Colvis                      strong belief in people’s ability to grow and prosper
                       Carolyn Cotta                      when provided access to the tools needed to pursue
                     Elizabeth George                     their dreams.
                       Jim Gidcumb
                       Gina Hoagland                      We invite you to come and visit to see first-hand all
                     Diane Kalishman                      that is happening at SSDN. We also ask you to share
                      Richey Madison                      your resources, gifts and talents with one of the many
                       Cathy Matthes                      “Places Where People are Growing” on SSDN’s
                        Derek Mays                        campus, on Cherokee Street, in Benton Park West
                       Mark McLaren                       and in family child care homes throughout the city.
                  George Montgomery, Jr.
                        Juan Moore                        We hope to hear from you or see you soon.
                       Richard Priest
                     Claire Robertson                     Sincerely,
                     Blaine Sayre, MD
                      Carl Trautmann
                     Rose Weckherlin
                      Michael Whittle                     Peggy Brockmann          Marlene Levine, Ed.D.
                                                          Board President          Chief Executive Officer
                Marlene Hauser Levine, Ed.D.
                   Chief Executive Officer

 The mission of SSDN - A Family & Community
 Organization is to promote community well-being by:
 •      Providing and supporting good care for young
 •      Assisting families to earn a sufficient living
 •      Developing productive, healthy citizens who
        contribute to neighborhood economic stability
        and cultural richness.

This issue of SSDN News was produced by Carolyn Cotta,
Sheila Davis, Gennie Gilmore, Claire Robertson, Treena
Bell Thompson and the staff and faculty of SSDN.

SSDN News is published by the Board of Directors of
SSDN - A Family & Community Organization, 2930
Iowa Ave., St. Louis, MO 63118. (314) 865-0322.

     2                                                     SSDN - A Family & Community Organization
                                    SSDN Fun-Raisers
                                   SSDN’s Kids First Fund Auction
                                           Under the Big Top
                                               The 2005 Kids First Fund Dinner/Auction, which was held on March 5th,
                                               was one of the most fun and festive yet! Over 215 guests had an exciting
                                               time bidding on wonderful items, donating over 90 scholarships and
                                               dancing to the Scott Laytham & Karl Holmes Duo. More than $31,000
                                               was realized for the Kids First Fund this year. There were animal puppets
                                               (given to the kids after the auction), popcorn and animal balloons to carry
                                               out the “Under the Big Top” theme. Thanks to all our guests, to the
                                               Kappa Deltas for helping with the set-up and attending, WB 11’s Kathryn
                                               Jamboretz who served as the Honorary Chair and the incomparable
                                               Harry Van Dyke, our auctioneer extraordinaire. SSDN offers a special
                                               thanks to the auction committee for all their hard work to make this
                                               another successful year: Rosemary Boustany, Lucia Byrns, Steve
     Carolyn Cotta, Karen Pfitzinger, Gina     Colvis, Tabby and Mike Mailhes, Danna Schott, Kay Tabscott,
 Hoagland, Harry Van Dyke, Kathryn Jamboretz
              & Mark McLaren
                                               Treena Thompson and Michael Weisbrod. Hats off to our wonderful
                                               co-chairs: Carolyn Cotta, Molly McGrath and Karen Pfitzinger.

                                                                     Sunday Morning Rugby Club’s 2005 Golf
                                                                        Tournament is around the corner!
                                                                   Tee off and join the Sunday Morning Rugby Club for the
                                                                   15th annual Pete O’Donnell Memorial Golf Tournament
                                                                   on Saturday, July 16, 2005 at Prairies of Cahokia. The
                                                                   proceeds will benefit the Nursery Center. For ten years
                                                                   now, SSDN has been the recipent of the proceeds,
                                                                   totalling more than $54,000. Sponsorship packages are
                  KAPPA DELTA                                      available. For more information contact Dennis Connelly,
                 SHAMROCK 2005                                     Tournament Director at (314) 342-3488.

 Thanks to our friends in the Kappa Delta sorority for
 donating $2045.20 to SSDN. Proceeds came from the
 sorority’s first 5k run/walk held on March 19, 2005.
 Members of Kappa Delta collegiate chapters and
 alumnae associations across the country hold an event
 in March each year to raise funds because they truly
 believe, “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.” SSDN has
 been the St. Louis Kappa Deltas’ charity for nearly 40
 years. Thank you, KDs, for your continued support.

                                                                             SSDN children at Pete’s Place in the Nursery
                                                                        playground. This equipment purchased with proceeds
                                                                                    from 2003 golf tournament

SSDN - A Family & Community Organization                                                                                     3
                                                                  Week of the Young Child
           An SSDN Family
Cheryl Bell and her family have been a part of SSDN’s family
for 15 years. Cheryl’s eldest son, Joshua, now 17, attended
the Nursery Center. Now a strapping young man, Joshua
graduated from Seckman Senior High School in June 2005.
Josh’s picture was on the cover of one of the brochures used
                                            by SSDN for
                                            several years. Her
                                            second child, Roy,
                                            also attended the
                                            Nursery and now      SSDN, along with hundreds of local organizations around
                                            the 11 year old is   the country, celebrated the Week of the Young Child,
                                            enrolled in the      April 3-9, 2005. Week of the Young Child honors the
                                            summer program       more than 35 million children from birth through age eight
                                            for school aged      in America, and the families, teachers and other adults
                                            children. Her        who help children make the most of the opportunities of
                                            youngest child,      their early years. The Week of the Young Child is
                                            Phoebe, 5, will      sponsored by the National Association for the Education
                                            graduate from the    of Young Children (NAEYC), the world’s largest early
       Cheryl, Josh, Roy & Phoebe           Nursery in August.   childhood education association, with over 100,000
Like her cover-model older brother, Phoebe’s photo was           members and a network of nearly 450 local, state, and
featured in the agency’s Early Head Start brochure.              regional affiliates.

Cheryl started working for SSDN as the secretary when Roy        SSDN’s activities included the annual spring breakfast
was 2 years old. She decided to return to school. After          for children, parents and teachers; a petting zoo visit
graduating she worked as a dental assistant for a few years      (with careful hand-washing afterwards); and the
and worked for SSDN part-time as an accounting clerk. She        children’s parade. These local celebrations of the Week
came back to SSDN full-time in 2001 as the secretary and         of the Young Child are designed to build broader support
was later promoted to Home Child Care Business                   for early childhood programs that nurture young
Coordinator. SSDN is honored to be part of the lives of Cheryl   children’s early learning and growth.
and her family all these years.

         Grassroots and Corporate: Where the Twain Meet
                                     SSDN’s 119th Annual Meeting

SSDN’s Board of Directors held the 119th Annual Meeting on March
16, 2005. The theme was “Grassroots and Corporate: Where the
Twain Meet.” Keynote speaker Galen Gondolfi discussed the
challenges and opportunites of the collaboration between grassroots
and corporate initiatives. Galen is the Senior Loan Counselor for
Justine Petersen Housing and Reinvestment Corp. and the proprietor
of Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts located on Cherokee Street.

During the meeting SSDN said farewell to retiring board members
Lucia Byrns, Michael Burns and Molly McGrath and elected David
Brown, Steve Colvis, Elizabeth George, Gina Hoagland and
Cathy Matthes to the board. Marlene Levine presented service
                                                                             Dawn Schneider with Gennie Gilmore,
awards to Amanda Clark and Tina Trueblood for 5 and 10 years of
                                                                                2005 Staff Person of the Year
service respectively. Dawn Schneider announced that Gennie
Gilmore was selected by the staff as the 2005 Staff Person of the

     4                                                           SSDN - A Family & Community Organization
 Volunteer           “Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself.

                                       It’s what you do for others.” - Danny Thomas, actor

                   Individuals with groups generously volunteered their time at SSDN this winter and spring. We
                   appreciate the efforts of everyone who shared his or her time with us. If you are interested in
                   volunteering, contact Sheila Davis, Community Relations Director, (314) 865-0322 ext. 4008 or

 Affton High School – Students volunteered as classroom              St. Gabriel Academy – The 8th grade class, led by
 assistants in May.                                                  SSDN friend Joan McGinn, volunteered as classroom
                                                                     assistants October-January.
 Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club – Martin Crumer has
 brought a group of their after-school participants to volunteer     St. John the Baptist High School – 4 students
 with our preschool students each Friday afternoon.                  volunteered 10 days in May as classroom assistants
                                                                     for the school’s annual community service project.
 Nerinx Hall- 12 juniors volunteered as classroom assistants
 in April as part of the school’s Urban Plunge project.              St. Louis College of Pharmacy – A group from the
                                                                     college cleaned and organized the Elizabeth Howe
 John Burroughs School - Three 8th grade students                    Center, SSDN’s school-age classrooms. Their service
 volunteered as classrooms assistants for their community            was part of the school’s Community Outreach Day. A
 service week in April.                                              few weeks later, the volunteers generously purchased
                                                                     supplies for the EHC.
 MICDS – 11 students volunteered in March as classroom
 assistants for the 7th Grade Service Day.                           United Hebrew Congregation - Youth made
                                                                     blankets, pillows and cubby boxes for their Mitzvah
 Rossman School - The 1st grade class visited the Nursery in         service project.
 April, shared an activity with the preschoolers and delivered
 classroom supplies they purchased for the Nursery.

                                Happy Retirement, Steve!!!!
          Our good friend, Steve Ippolito retired from               children, especially with an organization like SSDN that
Anheuser-Busch on April 29, 2005 after 38 years of                   serves children near Anheuser- Busch’s headquarters.
employment. For the last five                                                          The program continues since Steve’s
years he has coordinated a                                                             retirement. John and Amanda
birthday sponsor program in                                                            Basler, siblings and fellow Anheuser-
which Anheuser-Busch                                                                   Busch employees, are the new
employees purchase birthday                                                            coordinators. SSDN’s staff and board
gifts for each child enrolled in                                                       honored Steve at its annual volunteer
the Nursery. The Birthday                                                              appreciation luncheon on Thursday,
Sponsor program began in 1999                                                          April 21, 2005. Steve plans on
as a one-year volunteer                                                                continuing his relationship with SSDN.
opportunity through the United                                                         Congratulations on your retirement,
Way’s Days of Caring program.                                                          Steve, and thank you for all you do for
Anheuser-Busch chose four                                                              the children and families at SSDN.
United Way agencies to become                  Steve Ippolito & Amanda Basler
involved with. They were very excited about working with

SSDN - A Family & Community Organization                                                                                5
                                                                               Do You Have the Time?
                                             Meet Our Board
Diane Kalishman came to SSDN’s board via her                     Carl Trautmann was introduced to SSDN and its
husband John, who met SSDN CEO Marlene Levine in                 Business Incubator by SSDN board member Dick
their Leadership St. Louis class, and well knew his wife’s       Priest, a fellow member of the SCORE Association that
skills and talents. She joined the board in March 2004.          advises small businesses. Joining the SSDN board in
                                                                 November 2004, Carl brought with him a wealth of
A native of Chicago where she still has family, Diane            business and life experience along with enthusiasm and
went off to the Boston area to earn her undergraduate            a sense of humor. Born in Baltimore and raised in
degree in social psychology from Tufts University. After         Philadelphia, this city boy was graduated from Penn
three years with Anderson Consulting, Diane obtained an          State with a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, thanks to
M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of          interest generated by his summer jobs of farm and
Business and spent several more Chicago years in                 ranch work in Vermont and Montana. There followed
marketing. In ’95 a business opportunity for John                several Milwaukee years in the Allis Chalmers tractor
brought the couple to St. Louis, where Diane worked for          testing labs while earning a graduate degree in me-
the next seven years with Nestlé Purina in marketing and         chanical engineering from Marquette – as well as the
new business development. Then came a major family               dawning of his interest in aviation: He and ten friends
change: the arrival of three children within 18 months,          chipped in $50 each, bought and maintained a plane,
including a set of twins!                                        and Carl learned to fly! The Navy took him from OCS
                                                                 through ground testing of planes in New Mexico and
 A dedicated community volunteer, Diane is on the                Nevada (the Korean War was on), followed by civilian
executive committee (Vice President of Leadership) of            employment as a design engineer with McDonnell-
the Business and Professional Women’s Division for the           Douglas, now Boeing. With an M.B.A. earned in the
Jewish Federation of St. Louis; serves on COCA’s                 evenings from St. Louis University, Carl became busi-
planning committee for its big fundraiser “Cocacabana”           ness manager for the Gemini spacecraft, the Space
as well as its Early Childhood Parent Advisory                   Shuttle and the Tomahawk missile projects. Altogether,
Committee; volunteers at her children’s schools – Ladue          Carl has spent 48 years in St. Louis, where he loves
Early Childhood, and the Shirlee Green Preschool’s               “the Midwest ethic, weather and moral culture.” His four
Parent Association at Temple Shaare Emeth; and for               children, now grown, were raised here.
Shaare Emeth’s “Taste of the Town” fundraiser. At SSDN
she works with the President’s Advisory Council and with         Retired for 18 years, Carl has spent the last eight of
Special Events such as the Social Entrepreneurship               those years giving his time, knowledge and resources
Award.                                                           to help others. As a volunteer for SCORE, Carl chaired
                                                                 its board of directors for two years, and currently
                                                                 devotes around 100 hours a month to counseling small
                                                                 business owners, including those in SSDN’s Business
                                                                 Incubator. In 1997 he felt greatly honored to receive the
                                                                 “Small Business Advocate of the Year” award. He has
                                                                 authored a dictionary of small business terms, available
  Cherokee Place Celebrates                                      free on a website which has had three million hits
    Small Business Week                                          worldwide.
 In honor of Small Business Week this past May, SSDN
 hosted an open house and networking opportunity at
 Cherokee Place, its business incubator center. Guests were
 invited to visit the historical Cherokee Street and visit the
 many diverse small businesses both in the incubator and on
 the street. Small Business Week St. Louis is sponsored by
 the Small Business Administration. Its purpose is to honor
 local entrepreneurs, to learn, and to network in various
 events throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan region. For
 more information about Small Business Week, visit

     6                                                           SSDN - A Family & Community Organization
Send in the Clowns! – There’s no          reconnected with “CeeCee” at the 2003        Chicago. Shanti joined SSDN last
clowning around with the fact that        convention in Kansas City. Then the          summer after graduating from
“CeeCee” and “Ukee” plan to get           relationship really took off – or as one     Washington University. She taught
married. It’s                             might say, it went from “hobby” to           the infants and toddlers.
doubtful they’ll be in                    “hubby.” Or as Cathy’s father said to
clown attire on that                      her, “You’ve dated so many clowns – and      Organize This - SSDN also said
special Saturday                          now you’re going to marry one!”              goodbye to Dawn Schneider, our
after Thanksgiving                                                                     Early Head Start Partnership
when wedding bells                        The couple feels they share a hobby that     Manager, in June. Dawn, has
chime. But if they                        allows them to give something back in        decided use her renowned
were, you’d find                          return for the many blessings they’ve        organizational skills to start her own
past board member,                        received in their lives. They have           business - Organize It. She will
past nursery parent and bride-to-be       performed with their club for the Ronald     help small businesses to organize
Cathy Carr (“CeeCee”) dressed as a        McDonald House, the Delmar Gardens           their offices and help them
whiteface clown with blue hair, a         homes, for companies’ Christmas              implement effective systems. Dawn
multi-colored straw hat, red pants, a     parties, parish functions, union picnics,    has been with SSDN since 2001
plaid vest of many hues, and a sequin     Special Olympics, fundraising walks for      and has been instrumental in the
necktie. Her fiancé and groom Rich        NAMI, Lupus and MS – and certainly for       Early Head Start program. She was
Horst (“Ukee”) would be dressed as a      the South Side Day Nursery annual            also a driving force with the SSDN’s
hobo and carrying his ukulele. So         picnics, complete with clowns’ balloon       employee relations committee
where did these clowns meet? At a         creations, puppets and face-painting.        which coordinated the annual
clowns’ convention, of course! Cathy      May Cathy and Rich continue bringing         holiday staff party.
has been clowning since ’96 for the       laughter to the world, and keep it ever
Gateway Knights Clown Club through        present in their relationship.               Congratulations, Shanti and Dawn,
the Knights of Columbus. She                                                           on your new adventures. We will
attended the annual Knights Clown         Paging Dr. Shanti - SSDN bade a              miss you.
Clubs’ state convention in St. Louis in   farewell to teacher Shanti Mitchell in
2002 and first met Rich, who was          May. She will start medical school in
checking out clowning as a potential      the fall at the University of Illinois -
hobby. Rich became “Ukee” and

                                                  SSDN Wish List
 For the Playground                       Big toddler/baby blocks                        Baby shampoo, body wash,
 Cozy Cars - Large Outside Cars (2)       Playground balls (all sizes)                       soap, oil and lotion
 Children’s helmets                                                                      Safety gate
                                          Steps for changing tables
                                          Digital Cameras (4-6)
 For the Classroom
 Pottychairs/step stools (4)                                                             For the Office
                                          Children’s Clothes/Accessories
 Computer software for ages 2-5 years                                                    Large shredder
                                          Socks (all sizes) & baby booties
     old                                                                                 Scanner
                                          Underwear (both boys and girls, sizes 2-4)
 Die Cutters & Die sets                                                                  3.5 disks
 Children’s musical instruments                                                          Recordable CDs
                                          Infant/Toddler Supplies
 Deodorized diaper pails with lid                                                        Printer photo paper 4x6, glossy
                                          Diapers (all sizes needed)
 Children scissors                                                                           or matte
                                          Pull-Ups potty training pants
 Dump trucks                                                                             Interior and exterior paint
                                          Baby Wipes
 Pretend play tool sets                                                                  Dry erase markers
                                          Dreft laundry detergent
 Washable paint (primary colors)                                                         Adult scissors
                                          Bottles (8 oz.) & Sippy cups
     There’s an extensive wish list on our website: If you are interested in donating any of these items
       or donating money for their purchase, please contact Sheila Davis, Community Relations Director, (314) 865-
                                            0322 ext. 4008 or

SSDN - A Family & Community Organization                                                                               7
           Meet the Nursery Center Administrative Team
Gennie Gilmore – Child & Family Development                            Uruguay and Spanish is her first language, which she is
Director: Gennie joined SSDN in July 2004. As the                      looking forward to sharing with the children at the Nursery.
Child & Family Development Director, she oversees all
of SSDN’s child and family development programs and                     Doris Tonka – Administrative Assistant: Doris has been
services. Prior to joining SSDN, Gennie served as the                   with SSDN for three years. Prior to joining SSDN, Doris
Assistant Head Start Collaboration Director for the State               worked for the International Institute. In addition, she is an
of Illinois and Program Operations Coordinator with the                 entrepreneur. Doris has operated an import/export
SIUE Early/Head Start                                                                        company. She and her fiancé Jose
Program. In addition she                                                                     Coral currently operate SIMCOR, a
has over 15 years of                                                                         multifaceted computer related service
experience in providing                                                                      company. SIMCOR produced the
quality early care and                                                                       video honoring Jim Jacobsen for the
education in center-based                                                                    2005 Social Entrepreneur Award and
and family child care homes.                                                                 the video for the 2005 Kids First Fund
She was instrumental in                                                                      dinner/auction. A native of the
developing one of the largestf                                                               Philippines, Doris became a
family child care home                                                                       naturalized citizen in 2004. Doris
networks and child care                                                                      says she joined SSDN because she
resource and referral                                                                        has always had an interest in
agencies in the State of                                                                     contributing to the community. She
Illinois.                                                                                    loves being around the children and
                                   Seated: Doris, Tracy, Zully.   Standing: Donna & Gennie   their families and helping to create a
                                                                        trusting environment with them.
Tracy Jones – Social Service Coordinator: Tracy
joined SSDN in February 2005. Prior to SSDN, Tracy                     Donna Vessell – Children’s Services Coordinator:
worked with St. Louis Connect Care, Southern Illinois                  Donna, the team veteran, has been with SSDN for more
University-Edwardsville’s Head Start program and at                    than 17 years. For the majority of that time she served as
Comprehensive Mental Health. She enjoys working                        beloved teacher. For the past two years, Donna has
directly with the families served by SSDN and feeling as               served in an administrative capacity. As Children’s
if she has a positive effect on the lives of children.                 Services Coordinator, she assists Zully in the day-to-day
                                                                       operation of the Center and coordinates the Parents As
Zully Kuster – Nursery Center Manager: Zully is the                    Teachers program. Versatility is the key in her position on
newest addition to the team, having joined SSDN in                     any given day you may find her working in a classroom,
March 2005. Prior to SSDN, Zully worked at the                         serving in the kitchen when our cook,Troy, is on vacation or
Hispanic Center, New City School and for Affton-                       staffing the reception desk.
Lindbergh Early Childhood Education. She said she
joined SSDN because she admired the work and
dedication of the staff and board to the children and the
families in the neighborhood. Zully is a native of

                                               Kindergarten, Here We Come!
                               South Side Day Nursery students who will start kindergarten in the fall received
                               hands-on training regarding school bus safety on May 25, 2005. After learning the
                               proper way to get on, off and ride safely on a bus, the children visited Shenandoah
                               Elementary to learn about “big kids” school. This event was one of several scheduled
                               annually by South Side Day Nursery to help the students make a successful and safe
                               transition into kindergarten, culminating with the annual graduation ceremony in

   8                                                                    SSDN - A Family & Community Organization
                                             SSDN Contributors
  These contributions were received between January 1, 2005 and April 30, 2005. Cumulative donations will be listed in
    SSDN’s 2005 Annual Report. If you have any questions regarding donations, please contact Treena Thompson,
                                       Development Director at (314) 333-7130.

Individuals                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Goldberg               Molly McGrath and Gene
Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Ackley                Paul and Susan Goldberg                     Rauscher
Mariann K. Andersen                        Mary Cox and Bob Grace                      Mark P. McLaren
Dave and Lorraine Andrysek                 James and Lorene Greer                      John and Virginia Mickeletto
Dave and Nancy Arnold                      Lance and Erin Greer                        David Milligan and
Harold and Julia Bamburg                   James and Karen Halla                            Kathleen Buescher Milligan
Robert and Myky Barnard                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haller                  Mary and Terry Monachella
Wayne and Cindy Bartell                    Thomas and Sandra Halley                    George Montgomery, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Becker                     Timothy and Sally Hanson                    Juan C. Moore
Ed and Dana Beffa                          Robert and Mary Heger                       Jeanne Morrel-Franklin and
Dr. and Mrs. Erech O. Bell                 James and Ginny Herrick                       Robert Franklin
Cheryl Bell                                Perle F. and Thomas P. Hillemeyer           Mark and Sherry Moschner
Robert and Willeyne Berger                 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hinds                     Patricia Moulton
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Berlinger                Craig and Jessie Hoagland                   Ray and Sara Myers
Saramina Berman                            Gina and Lee Hoagland                       Margaret O’Neall
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Beuerlein             Gail and Ted Hoef                           Mary Ann Ohms
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Boewer             Gregory Honig                               Sam and Debbie Oldham
Kamel and Rosemary Boustany                Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hopmeier                Janet Papageorge
Stephen and Beth Brand                     Paul B. Howe Jr.                            Phyllis Parsons
Peggy Brockmann and Mike Salevouris        Dan and Jan Hughes                          David Paulsmeyer
Marguerite A. and David D. Brown           James and Michelle Hunt                     Mr. and Mrs. Fred Perabo
Mr. and Mrs. John Bruenger                 Jerry M. Hunter                             Pat Pfitzinger
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Bunce                Hughey and Sharon Hyde                      Karen Pfitzinger and John Kehoe III
Michael P. Burke                           Carol Insalaco                              Lyn Pickel
Michael and Marilyn Burns                  James and Dorothy Jacobsen                  Richard and Karen Priest
David and Lucia Byrns                      Kathryn Jamboretz and                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Probasco
Donald and Marion Cairns                     Mark Keersmaker                           Rachel C. Petty
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Campbell             Monica and Jeffrey Jestes                   Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rau
Andrea Reese Capra                         Mr. and Mrs. David Jones                    William and Jan Reichter
Vicki Carlson and John Bowen               John and Diane Kalishman                    Scott Reichter
S. William and Karen Chionio               Rose Marie Karius                           Thomas Rhodenbaugh
Scott and Jennifer Clark                   Scott and Sharon Kaufman                    Mr. and Mrs. James O. Rice
Connie and Steve Colvis                    Edie P. Kirk                                Paul and Rosemary Rivard
Tammy Krebel and Jenny Hoelzer             Luke and Kathryn Kissam                     Judy Roach
Glen and Carolyn Cotta                     John and Marian Knauf                       Susan Robertson
Phil Cotta                                 Martin and Bridget Koenig                   Claire and Ron Robertson
Jan Cutter                                 Allen and Debra Larson                      Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rosenbloom
Diane J. Davis                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lee                  Ted and Sharon Salveter
Dave and Jackee Detering                   Bruce and Marlene Levine                    Blaine Sayre, MD
Nancy Dietrich                             Hillard and Mary Lewis                      Chris and Dawn Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Donelon                 Richey Madison                              Weldon and Danna Schott
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Embree                 Mr. and Mrs. Knox Mailhes                   Martin and Jennifer Sewell
Fern Feldmann                              Michael and Tabby Mailhes                   Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Sexton
James and Marsha T. Foster                 William and Patricia Malkemus               Laurel J. Sgan-Kibel
Mark and Abbie Frank                       Gary R. Matthes                             Carolyn Shannon
Michael and Sally Gaan                     Ruth May                                    Sheila Shantz
Mr. and Mrs. James Gabbert                 Jim and Sylvia Mays                         Lynette Sledge Watson
Delia Garcia and Jim Hubb                  Mr. and Mrs. Derek Mays                     David Smith
Judy Geary                                 Sue Ann and Joe McAvoy                      Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sommer
Richard Baugh and Elizabeth George         William McClaskey                           Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sommer, Jr.
Thaddeus and Gennie Gilmore                John and Anne McDonnell                     James H. Spellmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glass, Jr.              Leigh McGee                                 Dale and Patricia Spence

SSDN - A Family & Community Organization                                                                         9
Art and Debbie Stengel               GenAmerica Financial Corporation      Provident Counseling, Inc.
John Sterling and Monica Moore       Contributions Programs                St. Louis Alumnae Assoc. Of
Carol and Thomas Stolwyk             Golden Sun Gifts                           Kappa Delta Sorority
Gayle Stone                          Hacienda                              St. Louis Christmas Carols
Strauss Payton                       HealthLink                                 Association
Jack and Betty Swanson               Helen Fitzgerald’s Grill              St. Louis Classical Guitar Society
Kay C. Tabscott                      The Inn St. Gemme Beauvais            St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Roy Taylor and Lori Calcaterra       Insurance Advisors                    United Way of Greater St. Louis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Taylor          Iron Barley                           Washington University School of
Brenda Tehandon                      J.M. Interiors                            Business
Duane and Treena Thompson            JWR Consultants, Inc.
Deane and Fancy Thompson             James Pearson Salon and Day Spa       In-kind Donations
Willie P. and Addie Tompkins         M2, LLC                               Rosalia Anania
Linda Tossing                        Mitchell JAMS Salon                   Dave and Lorraine Andrysek
David and Barbara Touchette          Mutual of America                     Anheuser Busch - Human
Geoffrey and Kathleen Turner         NKredable Kreations, Inc.             Resource Service Center
Nicklyn Wakefield                    National City                         Robert and Myky Barnard
Mary Walker                          Ozzie Smiths Sports                   Ed and Dana Beffa
John and Carole Watson               Patti Gabriel Photography             Bonhomme Presbyterian Church
Gary and Laura Watson                Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP             Circle 6
Marian and Steven Webb               Professional Women of Southwestern    Boos Bar and Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weisbrod            Bell, Inc.                        Kamel and Rosemary Boustany
Anne Bryan Wessling                  Red Latina Communications Inc.        Mary Brown
Michael and Kimberly Whittle         The Repertory Theatre Of St. Louis    Charlotte Brown
Wendy Wieland Martin                 Salon Bellisimo                       Vicki Carlson and John Bowen
Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Williamson, Jr.   Schnuck Markets, Inc.                 Glen and Carolyn Cotta
Rosemary Witte                       Simcor, Inc.                          Leonard and Sheila Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Zerega              Sport Clips                           Stephanie Dechambeau
Carole Zimbrolt                      St. Louis Rams                        Angie and Ryun Deckert
                                     Steak N Shake                         Amy Carol Downes
Corporations                         TRG Group                             Dream for A Day
After Four Photographics             US Bank                               Verene and Amy Duvall
Ameren UE                            Union Pacific Corporation             Freedom School
Anheuser Busch - Human Resource      Unique Physique of St. Louis          Barbara Gaston
Service Center                       Verve                                 Paul and Susan Goldberg
Annie Gunn’s                         WCP Laboratories, Inc.                Timothy and Sally Hanson
Banc of America Securities           Wild Bird Center                      Penny Hillemeyer
Byron Cade, Inc.                     Willert Home Products                 John and Diane Kalishman
The Canine Center                    Xpress Lubes                          Scott and Sharon Kaufman
Cardwells Restaurant                                                       Aaron Kaufman
The Cheesecake Factory               Foundations                           Donald Kaufman
Christner, Inc.                      Deaconess Foundation                  David and Sue Klose
C.J. Muggs                           Fox Family Foundation                 Ms. Elizabeth Kochin
Code Consultants, Inc.               St. Louis Community Foundation        Ms. Amber Lew
Collaborative Strategies, Inc.       Old Newsboys Day                      Mr. and Mrs. Gene Murphy
DDI                                  St. Louis Unitarian Foundation for    Ms. LaShonda Portis
The DESCO Group                          Children                          Pete and Laura Putnam
Dierbergs Markets, Inc.                                                    Quorum
Dierdorf and Hart’s                                                        Sumati Rao
The Dinner Duo                       Organizations
                                                                           Seven Holy Founders
Doubletree Hotel and                 ARCHS
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Sexton
    Conference Center                First Unitarian Church Women’s
                                                                           Simcor, Inc.
eleven eleven mississippi                Alliance
                                                                           St. Louis Alumnae Assoc. Of
Emerson                              Jewish Federation of St. Louis
                                                                                Kappa Delta Sorority
Flooring Source-Joe Gordon           Ladue Chapel Women’s Association
                                                                           St. Louis Empowerment Center
                                     Maryville University

     10                                                      SSDN - A Family & Community Organization
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard             In Memory of Frank Lawton                   In Honor of Ola Williamson
Katherine Tynan                       Bruce and Marlene Levine                    Bruce and Marlene Levine
Anita Walker
                                      In Memory of Mr. Maasberg
Memorials                             St. Louis Alumnae Association of Kappa      Volunteers
In Memory of Fran Babcock                  Delta Sorority                         Myky Barnard
Cindy Bartell                                                                     Rossman School
Rosemary and Kamel Boustany           In Memory of Ernestine Magner               Rosemary Boustany
Glen and Carolyn Cotta                Robert and Myky Barnard                     Denise Childress
St. Louis Alumnae Association of                                                  Barbara Clubbs
     Kappa Delta Sorority             In Memory of Alberta Passanante             Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club
                                      Francis and Kathy Sommer                    Leonard V. Davis
In Memory of John Baker               Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bamburg                 Queenola Harden
Glen and Carolyn Cotta                                                            Nerinx Hall High School
St. Louis Alumnae Association of      In Memory of Jeremy Tan                     Robert Heard, Sr.
     Kappa Delta Sorority             Rosemary and Kamel Boustany                 Joseph Hejlek
                                                                                  Joan Hoven
In Memory of Margaret “Dixie”         In Memory of Chastity Wentz                 John Burroughs School
   Baker                              Hughey and Sharon Hyde                      Merlene Kincaid
Sam and Debbie Oldham                                                             Chung Sun Kyung
                                      Tributes                                    Trista Menzer
In Memory of Ethel Berns              In Honor of Jack Gannan Bauer               Beatrice Ray
Wayne and Cindy Bartell               Bruce and Marlene Levine                    MICDS
                                                                                  St. Louis College of Pharmacy
In Memory of Rebecca Joy Berns        In Honor of Lucia Byrns                     Nick Stout
Wayne and Cindy Bartell               Bruce and Marlene Levine                    Emily Willner

In Memory of Dr. William Brandhorst   In Honor of Carolyn Cotta
Bruce and Marlene Levine              Theodore and Sharon Salveter
                                      Rosemary Witte
In Memory of Mrs. Coffyn
St. Louis Alumnae Association of      In Honor of Linda Henmann
     Kappa Delta Sorority             Cindy Bartell
                                      St. Louis Alumnae Association of Kappa
In Memory of Loretta Cotta              Delta Sorority
Mr. and Mrs. William Boewer
Fern Feldman                          In Honor of John Kehoe - Master Gardener
Hughey and Sharon Hyde                Duane and Treena Thompson
Lorene Green
Jeffrey and Monica Jestes             In Honor of Dr. Marlene Levine
Bruce and Marlene Levine              Luke and Kathryn Kissam
Mr. and Mrs. John Mickeletto          Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rau
Jeanne Morrell-Franklin and Robert
     Franklin                         In Honor of Karen Pfitzinger
Claire and Ron Robertson              Bruce and Marlene Levine
St. Louis Alumnae Association of
     Kappa Delta Sorority             In Honor of Debby Stengel
Duane and Treena Thompson             Bruce and Marlene Levine

In Memory of John Donovan
Glen and Carolyn Cotta

In Memory of John Knox Baker
                                                                             Your generous donation provides a quality,
Bruce and Marlene Levine
                                                                         affordable early childhood education for children
                                                                                     such as Trinity and Angel

SSDN - A Family & Community Organization                                                                          11
                                                                                       NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                         ST. LOUIS, MO
                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 535

          2930 Iowa Avenue                                       ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
         St. Louis, MO 63118

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