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					Master of Information
Technology program
Faculty of Information Technology

The Master of Information Technology (MIT) is a broad, flexible program for
students who have a first qualification in a technical IT field.

The flexible structure allows you to choose a
specific area of study or select a range of units
                                                     The MIT program                                          Master of Information Technology
from different areas to give you a competitive       The MIT program, offered at Monash’s Caulfield
edge in the employment marketplace.                                                                           Course code: 3348. CRICOS code: 063364F
                                                     campus, provides the conceptual and
Specialisations are Data Management, Digital         theoretical framework within which students              Length: 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time
communications, Distributed and mobile               can appreciate and integrate new software and
systems, Intelligent systems, Internet and web       hardware technologies. Graduates of the MIT              Master of Information Technology
application development, Multimedia systems,         program will have the knowledge and skills to            (Honours)
Network computing, Security and Software             solve complex social, economic and technical             Course code: 3349. CRICOS code: 063362G
engineering.                                         problems within the context of information
                                                     technology. Students will develop deep                   Length: 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time

Monash – Australia’s                                 theoretical and practical knowledge in specific
                                                     areas so that they will have the intellectual and
                                                                                                              Postgraduate Diploma in Information
premier IT faculty                                   conceptual foundation to play leading roles in
                                                     the IT industry.                                         Course code: 2411. CRICOS code: 032374E
Monash is one of Australia’s most prestigious
                                                                                                              Length: 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time
universities. Our global reputation for              Master of Information Technology
outstanding research and teaching is founded         (MIT)                                                    Postgraduate Certificate in
on a tradition of academic excellence. Monash                                                                 Information Technology
                                                     Course code: 2402. CRICOS code: 030611B
was the first Australian university to formally
recognise the importance of IT as distinct           Length: 1.5 years full-time or 3 years part-time         Course code: 2423. CRICOS code: 063356F
research and teaching disciplines and is now                                                                  Length: 6 months full-time or 1 year part-time
home to Australia’s premier IT faculty. Monash
is also the only one of Australia’s Group of
Eight universities to have a dedicated IT faculty.        6+ years
                                                       relevant work                       Degree in an IT area
The flexibility of a postgraduate IT degree from        experience
Monash allows students to tailor a course to
suit their academic, personal and career
aspirations in the rapidly changing IT
environment.                                                                                                                                 PG Certificate
                                                                                                   4 MIT units
                                                                                                                                                 in IT

Entry requirements                                       Executive
                                                       Certificate in IT
                                                                                                   4 MIT units
                                                                                                                                              PG Diploma
                                                                                                                                                 in IT
Entry into the MIT program requires a
                                                                                                                                                Master of
completed qualification equivalent to an
                                                                                                   4 MIT units                                 Information
Australian bachelors degree in computing,
computer science or a technical IT field. Entry
to the MIT (Honours) degree requires a                       MIT                                                 24-point
distinction average in third-year level IT units.       (Professional)                                   or      Research
                                                                                         4 MIT units

Professional recognition
Graduates of the Master of Information
Technology program will meet the knowledge                                                                     MIT (Honours)
requirements for admission to the professional
level of membership of the Australian
Computer Society (ACS).                                                                                           Further PhD study

Master of Information
Technology program
Course structure                                     •	 	 IT5045## Knowledge discovery and data
The MIT requires the successful completion of        •	 	 IT5167	Natural	computation	for	intelligent	
                                                        F                                               Application forms are available from the
48 points (8 units) from the MIT program units,         systems                                         inquiry centre on telephone +61 3 9902 6011
and up to four elective units (24 points)                                                               or from the Faculty Admissions website:
                                                     Internet and Web Application Development
approved by the course coordinator.                                                           
                                                     •	 	 IT5030	Web	services	and	service	oriented	
The MIT (Prof) requires the successful
                                                        computing                                       Domestic students
completion of 72 points (12 units) from the
MIT program units, and up to four elective           •	 	 IT5042 Enterprise application
                                                        F       ##
                                                                                                        Applications from domestic students for all
units (24 points) approved by the course                development for the web                         on-campus postgraduate courses should be
coordinator.                                         •	 FIT5032	Internet	applications	development       made directly to the Faculty of Information
                                                                                                        Technology Admissions office at the Caulfield
The MIT (Hons) requires the successful                  F
                                                     •	 	 IT5041	Component	technology	for	
completion of 48 points (8 units) from the MIT          internet applications
program units, FIT4005 IT Research methods           Multimedia Systems#                                International students
(6 points), a 24-point minor thesis, and up to
three elective units (18 points) approved by            F
                                                     •	 	 IT5165 Human-computer interaction for
                                                                #                                       International students wishing to apply for
the course coordinator. Graduates of the                multimedia applications                         full-fee-paying places should apply through
MIT(Hons) with an H1 or H2A result may                                                                  the University’s International Admissions
                                                     •	 	 IT5084# Multimedia authoring and
progress to PhD study.                                                                                  department or via a registered Monash agent:
Students can choose units from all                      F
                                                     •	 	 IT5015# Advanced programming for              International Recruitment Services
specialisations listed below to meet the                multimedia entertainment                        Monash University
course requirements. Nine specialisations are                                                           Phone: +61 3 9627 4852 Fax: +61 3 9903 4778
                                                     •	 FIT5012# Data compression techniques
offered within the degrees, although not all                                                            Email:
specialisations may be offered in any one year.      Network Computing
Specialisations are optional and students’ MIT          F
                                                     •	 	 IT5034	Network	administration	and	
transcripts will indicate the specialisation(s) if      management
they have completed the relevant units. All                                                             International students must meet English
                                                     •	 	 IT5010	Advanced	internet	protocols	and	
units are 6 points.                                                                                     proficiency requirements outlined on the
                                                                                                        International website above.
Data Management                                         F
                                                     •	 	 IT5011	Advanced	network	design	and	
•	 FIT5043	Distributed	database	                        performance
•	 	 IT5168# Object and semi-structured
   F                                                 •	 FIT5083##	Wireless	networks                     Further information
   database                                          Security                                           Caulfield School of Information Technology
•	 FIT5166 Information retrieval systems
            #                                                                                           Monash University, Caulfield campus
                                                     •	 FIT5163	Information	and	computer	security	
                                                                                                        PO	Box	197,	Caulfield	East,	Victoria	3145
•	 	 IT5059## Advanced programming for
   F                                                 •	 FIT5044	Network	security
   database applications                                                                                Phone: +61 3 9903 2535 Fax: +61 3 9903 1077
                                                     (and any two from the following)
Digital Communication#                                                                                  Email:
                                                     •	 FIT5003	Software	security	                      IT Admissions:
•	 FIT5162 Digital communications software
                                                     •	 FIT5037	Advanced	network	security     
•	 FIT5012# Data compression techniques
                                                     •	 FIT5027	Virtual	private	network
•	 	 IT5173# Digital communications
   F                                                                                                    #     Not available in 2009.
                                                     •	 FIT5172	Computer	forensics
   technology and protocols                                                                             ## Units offered on-campus and by off-campus
                                                     •	 FIT5110	Information	system	security                learning (OCL) mode.
•	 ECE5012# Applied digital signal processing
                                                     Software Engineering
Distributed and Mobile Systems
                                                     •	 	 IT5171	System	validation	and	verification,	
•	 	 IT5046	Mobile	and	distributed	computing	                                                               Disclaimer: The information in this brochure was
                                                        quality and standards
   systems                                                                                                  correct at the time of publication, Monash University
                                                     •	 	 IT5030	Web	services	and	service	oriented	         reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and
•	 	 IT5170	Programming	for	distributed,	
                                                        computing                                           regulations should the need arise. Students should
   parallel and mobile systems                                                                              carefully read all official correspondence, and other
                                                     •	 FIT5174	Parallel	and	distributed	systems	
•	 FIT5164	GRID	computing                                                                                   sources of information for students (such as
                                                     •	 FIT5164	GRID	computing                              websites) to be aware of changes to the information
•	 FIT5031	Mobile	software	agents	
                                                                                                            contained in this document. This information was
                                                     Please visit
Intelligent Systems                                                                                         published correct as at August 2008. D&P 7-08.
                                                     courses/postgraduate for current unit
•	 FIT5047	Intelligent	systems	                                                                             CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C
                                                     information and approved course variations.
•	 FIT5169	Probabilistic	expert	systems