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					          Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                                        Hola Kia Ora

        Term 1, Week 6                                                                              12th March 2008

                    FROM THE PRINCIPAL
WHAT’S              Teacher Only Day:
                    The Minister of Education has allocated a Teacher Only Day for schools to focus on the
ON ...              new Curriculum document.
                    C.S.N.S. has opted for Friday 18th April (the last day of Term One). This in affect means
                    that on Friday 18th April the school will be closed for instruction.

                    Peter Spiers:
                    Sadly Karaka Street resident Peter Spiers passed away in January. Many of you will recall
                    Peter as the elderly gentleman often seen walking his little pug dog (Judy) on a lead
MARCH               through the school grounds.
                    Peter recently emigrated from England to be closer to his family. He often used to share
12th – 14th         with me how much he enjoyed New Zealand’s clean atmosphere and the easy access to
Camp                the shops in Palmerston North. We were also very grateful for the quiet watch he used to
Rooms 4 & 9         keep of our school buildings. The school has lost a true friend.

                    Hall Steering Group:
                    A reminder that the initial Hall Steering committee meeting is to be held in the Staffroom
Hall Steering
                    tomorrow evening, commencing at 7.00pm. The agenda is as follows:
Committee Meeting                             Apologies
                                              Hall Committee Chair
17th – 19th                                   Committee Purpose and Structure
Camp                                          Update on Progress So Far
Rooms 3 & 6                                   Timeline
                                              Other Business
                                              Next Meeting
Good Friday         Look forward to seeing you there!

Easter Monday
                    Healthy Wholly Bagels Lunch Orders – each Thursday:
25th                The Wholly Bagel orders are going well – we doubled our order last week so well done
Easter Tuesday      everyone. Aren’t they delicious!

                    Order forms are attached in the Wednesday News or available at the office. Orders must
26th                be in before 9am on Thursday morning. Lunches will be delivered to classrooms.
                    Orders can be placed any time during the week up until 9am Thursday morning. The menu
                    is up on the office window or you can refer to the menu that has been in the Wednesday
Weetbix Triathlon   News over the last two weeks. Orders must be in a named envelope along with correct
                    money. Please note - No late orders can be taken as Wholly Bagels will collect orders by
                    9.10am each Thursday.
                    Please write your name, room number and indicate meals required in the boxes below.
BOT Meeting

                            PUT YOUR MONEY & ORDER IN A NAMED
Term One Ends
Thursday 17th

18th                          Name:_________________________________ Room:____________
Teacher Only Day              Name:_________________________________ Room:____________

                              Name:_________________________________ Room:____________
 Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                        Hola Kia Ora
      School Banker:
      This week’s lucky banker is Kiari Parsons. Please collect your prize from
      the school bankers next Wednesday. Congratulations.

         It is that time of year for the AGM. It will be held in the staffroom at College
         St School at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th of March 2008. This is a great way to meet other
         parents and have an input into what the PTA does. The meeting is over by 8pm then it is a social
         time to mingle. Could existing members please bring a plate of nibbles. We are always looking
         for new members so please keep this night free. See you there!

       Cricket: Draw for Saturday 15th March

        College Street A             St Peters Yr 7A                  Hokowhitu                1
        College Street Kiwi          BYE
        College Street Tuis          Milson                          Ongley Park              J16
        College Street Green         Central Green                   Manawaroa                 J9
        College Street Red 1         Riverdale Red Barons            Manawaroa                 J1
        College Street Red 2         Cloverlea All Stars             Manawaroa                 J2
        College Street Blue          OLOL/St James Blue               Papaioea                 J5
        College Street Gold          BYE

       C.S.N.S. A: No practice this Thursday but will meet at 8.15am sharp on Saturday. Don’t be late!

                      *Important Weetbix Tryathalon Notice*
 We are aware that children have entered the Weetbix Tryathalon independently of the school.
 Unless otherwise informed we will assume these children are the responsibility of their parents /
      caregivers. This includes transport to and from the Tryathalon and all gear involved.
                 If your child is to be the responsibility of the school please see
                          Mrs Tremain, Room 24, by Tuesday 18th March.

                           Parent Helpers for Weetbix Tryathalon:
Parents are required to help supervise and walk with children to and from the Tryathalon at
Ongley Park on Wednesday, 26th March. We will leave school at approx. 10.00am and return 2:30
to 3:00pm. Please complete form below and return asap to Mrs Tremain, Room 24, if you are
willing to help.

                               Weetbix Tryathalon Parent Help

I am willing to help supervise athletes on Wednesday, 26 th March.
Name: __________________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________
Contact Phone Number: ___________________________
   Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                 Hola Kia Ora

    This is an excerpt of a free choice piece of writing by Caitlyn Cunningham-Tisdall in
                                           Room 2

  Adena glanced at the clock and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Everyone’s heads were
  bent over their desks. Adena looked down at the blank page in front of her and knew she
  had just reached her wall of creativity. Just then a shadow fell across her page. She gulped.
  “Adennnnaaaa” roared Miss Trebill. Adena looked up at the monstrous bulge of her maths
  teacher. Miss Trebill’s round podgy face was as red as a beetroot and steam was practically
  coming out of her nose. She knew she was in for it now.

                   Room 6 have been working on some landscape poetry.
             Have a read and see what image these writers create in your mind!

             River to Heaven                                              River
         By Madeleine Macmaster                                      By Zara Lawton

       The river, twisting, snakelike,                  The breeze silently flows over the trees.
     Dodging dense thickets so green.                    Pure white sand glistens in the sunlight.
             Calm, pink water,                         As the children splash around in the water,
    Overshadowed by restless darkness.                     dragonflies continue buzzing about.
               Running away,                           The sun’s gleaming over the peaceful river,
      to the safety of heaven above.                   while the giant cliff remains dark and scary,
                                                                covering the land beyond.

              The Garden Pond
               By James Meek
   Water gushes onto the cold, wet stones,                            The Avalanche
  while bumble bees and dragonflies go about                        By Sloane Merritt
             their silent activity.                     Lush snow crumbled down the cramped hill,
                                                        crushing the souls of the childish snowmen.
      Flowers glitter in the morning light,                  The snow ghosts, moan in horror,
   and the cicada sings its song to the sound         as the smoky stream takes over their eyesight.
                of the fountain.                                  The deserted mountain,
                 Blue denim sky,                                      ceaceful again.
    lights up as the sun rises slowly up into
                  the heavens.

                                        A Memorable Moment
                                       By Jheet Koo (Room 3)

After climbing all those stairs, I stood in front of the dark sewage pipe entrance. Water gushed
down the slide. I was nervous and excited at the same time. “Weee!” I threw myself into the icy
cold waters of the Skytunnel.

Zooming down the slide like a Lamborghini, I sloshed and slid in the tunnel as the path turned and
twisted. It was exhilarating! The Skytunnel was awesome fun compared to the Lido’s hydroslide.

My eyes were blinded when I fell off the cliff side and… SPLASH! I plunged into the pool water.
Shivering, I climbed out of the pool to meet Dad and Jhi. “That was fun!” I said happily. “Let’s try it

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