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					Learning Management System (LMS) – Student Glossary

Version 1.1

LMS – Version 1.2                               Page No. 1
LMS: Learning Management System that is used to manage the web based e-
Learning details.

Registration: The process for enrolling students to LMS application for the purpose
of e-learning.

Portal Home Page: The top-level (main) page of a LMS site. The default page
displayed when you visit a LMS site.

Login: Identification supplied by users to access a LMS server.

Logout: The formally exit from LMS environment or ending up session with LMS

User: A Person (Student) who is utilizing the services provided by LMS.

Password: Is a protected word or string of characters that identifies or
authenticates a student for access to a LMS Application.

Shopping Cart: The virtual shopping cart that keeps the track record of courses,
student have ordered and shall also allow student to add / remove the course(s)
from virtual shopping cart.

Wish List: Student interested course collection list.

Check out: Facility to quit from shopping cart.

Credit Card: The card enables the holder to make purchases and/or cash advances
up to a pre-arranged limit.

My Campus: Student’s campus or residential address details.

Profile: Facility emerged with application to facilitate the student to manage his /
her personal details.

Assignment: Work produced by students and used by instructors for purposes of
interaction and also evaluation.

My Agenda: Schedule set of courses.

Links: Library of hyperlinks for web-based courses.

SCORM: Sharable Content Object Reference Module and these are the standards and
specification for web-based e-Learning.

Image Zone: It is type of test that allows student to select the one or more
hotspots in form of image.

Hotspot: An area of an image which acts as a hyperlink to another location.

Learning Path: Sequence of structured instructions further divided into chapters
and steps.

LMS – Version 1.2                                                           Page No. 2
My Progress: Progress report of logged (currently working on application) in

Progress Bar: The bar that displays the student progress based on the test (those
are attempt by students) performance.

Announcement: A Formal public statement regarding some course for students.

Course Coach: Person who is in charge of particular course.

Down Load: To transfer (course completion certificate) from a server or host
computer to student's own computer or device.

Upload: The process of sending a course file (Assignment) from a student’s local
computer to a remote computer via a communications line.

LMS – Version 1.2                                                        Page No. 3