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									                                                                 Fine Art & Antiques
                                                                 Saturday 25th January 2003
                                                                 10-30 am.
                                                                 Hagley Community Hall,
                                                                 Worcester Road
                                                                 West Hagley,

                                                                 Friday 24th January 2003
                                                                 3-00pm to 8-00pm
                                                                 and morning of sale from 8.30am

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GLASSWARE                  LOT NUMBERS 296 TO 394 PAGE 24


JEWELLERY                  LOT NUMBERS 444 TO 481 PAGE 34

COLLECTABLES               LOT NUMBERS 482 TO 663 PAGE 36


FURNITURE                  LOT NUMBERS 735 TO 808 PAGE 53

POTTERY & PORCELAIN                                           9
                                                              A quantity of Meakin “Jesmonde” chinoiserie pattern
1                                                             blue and white dinnerwares, comprising tureens,
A small brown bulbous vase decorated with a hare              covers, plates and platters, S/D. (30).
and weasel in a woodland setting rising to crimped            Est. £200-£300
border. Signed R Joyce . Height 3".
Est. £70-£90                                                  10
                                                              A small Beswick figure study of a Goldfinch seated
2                                                             upon a thistle and painted in mixed colours, stands
A boxed Staffordshire Queen Elizabeth II coronation           3" tall.
mug, together with a George VI example .                      Est. £10-£15
Est. £15-£20
3                                                             A Royal Doulton figure “Silks and Ribbons” HN2017,
A 19th Century Doulton Lambeth type two tone                  5.5" high.
stoneware loving cup, the body sprigged with                  Est. £40-£50
hunting scenes,plain loop handles, 6" diameter, 6.25"
high, S/D.                                                    12
Est. £60-£80                                                  A Royal Doulton figure “Balloon Girl” HN2818,
                                                              6.25" high.
4                                                             Est. £30-£40
A pair of Continental majolica pedestal ewers, the
ovoid body moulded in high relief with lions and              13
satyrs heads within foliate panels rising to ever ted         A Royal Doulton figure “Tuppence a Bag”, HN2320,
petal shaped lip, serpent handles,raised on spreading         5.25" high.
circular base, washed in tortoiseshell, blue and green
mottled glazes, 17.5" high, damage .                          Est. £40-£60
Est. £650-£700
5                                                             A Royal Doulton figure “The Balloon Man” HN1954,
A Victorian seaside souvenir in hard paste porcelain          7" high.
depicting an old man leaning on a wall, to the reverse        Est. £50-£60
written “Its not a patch on Dover”.
Est. £10-£15                                                  15
                                                              A Royal Doulton figure “Balloon Boy” HN2934,
6                                                             7.75" high.
A large 19th Century Continental hard paste figure            Est. £30-£40
of a young girl in blue dress stood to a grassy ground,
height 10" tall.                                              16
Est. £10-£15                                                  A Royal Doulton figure “Balloon Lady” HN2935,
                                                              8.25" high.
7                                                             Est. £30-£50
A mid 19th Century Minton type part dessert
service , painted with fruit sprays within turquoise          17
borders, enamelled 1578, comprising eight plates              A Royal Doulton f igure “Biddy P enny-farthing”
and a comport, S/D.                                           HN1843, 8.5" high.
Est. £15-£20                                                  Est. £50-£60
8                                                             18
A Torquay ware style tapering cylindrical vase                A Royal Doulton f igure “The Old Balloon Seller”
moulded and painted with a bird amongst branches              HN1315, 7" high.
beneath everted rim, 6" high.                                 Est. £60-£70
Est. £5-£8

A selection of Staffordshire f igures included in the sale.

19                                                         28
A Royal Doulton Character jug “The Sleuth” D6631,          A large pair of late 19th Century Satsuma ware
7.25" high.                                                vases of pillared form with swept narrow neck.The
Est. £40-£50                                               pair having applied rope swags to each side and
                                                           decorated to the body with figurative chinoiserie
                                                           scenes. Each stand 14.5" tall with S/D and together
20                                                         with a similar smaller pair.
Four Artone Sherlock Holmes miniature character
jugs, boxed.                                               Est. £20-£30
Est. £20-£30
                                                           A Palissy style plate with applied and moulded
21                                                         decoration of a crab and mussel shells washed in
A Royal Doulton r elief moulded plate “Silks and           coloured glazes, 9" diameter,A/F.
Ribbons” D6663, 10" diameter.
                                                           Est. £10-£20
Est. £20-£30
22                                                         A blue jasperware dip cylinder jug, 6" high S/D; a
A Royal Doulton r elief plate “The Balloon Man”            Wedgwood Fer rara pattern blue printed bowl, 8.5"
D6655, 10" diameter.                                       diameter; a Copeland Mandarin pattern egg cup S/
Est. £20-£30                                               D (3).
                                                           Est. £5-£10
A Royal Doulton relief plate “Biddy Penny Far thing”       31
D6666, 10" diameter.                                       A Staffordshire figure of a young man seated upon
Est. £20-£30                                               a grassy mound with an organ box and monkey, the
                                                           whole decorated in mixed palette. Stands 7" tall
24                                                         with S/D.
A pair of 19th Century porcelain plates decorated          Est. £10-£15
with partridge to the branch of a tree in landscape
setting.                                                   32
Est. £5-£8                                                 A Beswick pottery Art Deco style jug, the body
                                                           painted with desert cactus scenes rising to stepped
25                                                         and fluted lip, angular loop handle , 10.5" high,
A 19th Century Wedgwood waterlilly Majolica plate          damage.
with trellis border. S/D                                   Est. £10-£20
Est. £5-£8
26                                                         A pair of early 20th Century Japanese expor t ware
A Royal Doulton Toby jug George Washington, the            vases decorated in the “Deity” pattern with brightly
handle modelled as a scrolled parchment. Height            coloured figures to the brown coloured ground,
7.5", factory second; a similar example “Bacchus”          each 9" tall with S/D.
7.5" high (2).                                             Est. £10-£15
Est. £20-£30
27                                                         A T G Green and Co. Cornish Kitchenware blue
A pair ofVictorian parian ware candlesticks of Neo-        banded salt sifter, titled in black 4.25" high.
Classical column form with acanthus scroll top and         Est. £15-£25
square set base , S/D; a 19th Centur y ironstone
chinoiserie comport and plate , S/D. (4).                  35
Est. £20-£30                                               Three T G Green and Co. Cornish Kitchenware
                                                           blue banded mixing bowls, 6.75" and 5.5" diameter,
                                                           damage; two similar egg cups. (5).
                                                           Est. £20-£30

36                                                          43
A pair of Oriental stoneware bottle vases, painted          A 1930’s Foley par t tea service comprising four cups,
with chrysanthemum sprays and birds on an orange            six saucers and plates, bread and butter and a milk
red ground, 9.5" high.                                      and sugar. The set decorated with a floral chintz
Est. £10-£15                                                design to a pale green ground.
                                                            Est. £70-£80
A Secessionist style pottery two handle jardinière,         44
the tapering oval section body moulded in relief            A 1930’s Crown Devon Fieldings coffee service
with winged scarab medallions within geometric              comprising coffee pot, milk and sugar and six cups
borders, angular loop handles, the whole washed             and saucers. The set decorated with an Art Deco
on green and red glazes, possibly Eichwald, 9" long.        floral spray within linear green panels highlighted
Est. £20-£25                                                with gilt detail.
                                                            Est. £70-£100
A pair of Quimper pottery wall pockets, the conical         45
pockets painted with a scene of a gentleman playing         A Wade ceramic shop display figure of a of a waving
a flute and the companion a woman carrying a staff,         teddy bear “Wade Collectables” . Marked to base
both surrounded by birds and flowers,the interior           Wade England, Ripley 1998. Height 8".
with simple flower motif, yellow line bor der, signed       Est. £20-£30
HR Quimper 10.5" high, hairlined.
Est. £60-£100                                               46
                                                            A boxed Wade ceramic figure of a koala bear next
39                                                          to a tree stump. Marks to base. Height 4.5".
A Doulton stoneware pedestal ewer, the ovoid body           Est. £15-£20
painted with simple flowers in white and blue on a
cream ground, blue glazed borders,high loop handle,
impressed marks, 10.25" high.                               47
Est. £20-£40                                                A boxed Wade Ceramic figure of a seated mouse
                                                            on a green base. Marks to base. Length 3.5".
                                                            Est. £15-£20
A Doulton stoneware two tone twin handled pot,
the body with sprigged decoration beneath silver            48
collar marked for London 1888, 3.75" high, S/D.             A Sitzendorf porcelain study of two dancers on a
Est. £10-£15                                                hexagonal base, white ground with gilt highlights.
                                                            Height 8". S/D.
                                                            Est. £50-£80
A 19th Century Etruscan style terracotta pedestal
vase, the body printed in black with a frieze of            49
Classical figur es within anthemion and gadroon             A Royal Worcester figure “The Donkey” 2894, the
borders, possibly Pratt, 4.5" high.                         blond haired boy wears a blue jacket seated upon a
                                                            donkey eating carrots, 5.75" high, restoration and
Est. £20-£40                                                damage.
                                                            Est. £200-£250
A Shelley china Queen Anne shape par t tea service
circa 1935, printed in black with stylised trees and        50
highlighted with spots of coloured enamel,                  A large Continental porcelain baluster vase transfer
numbered 11575, comprising cream jug, five cups,            printed with panels of ribbon tied floral swags on a
twelve saucers, eleven side plates, two bread plates,       white ground. Height 15".
some fading.                                                Est. £50-£80
Est. £200-£240
                                                            A pair of Royal Doulton Slaters patent “chine”
                                                            stonewar e vases, the elongated ovoid lacework
                                                            bodies decorated in turquoise, white, gilt and bronze ,
                                                            gilt line borders, impressed marks, 16" high.
                                                            Est. £240-£260
52                                                            60
A pair of 19th Century Continental porcelain figural          A Doulton Lambeth two tone stoneware tea kettle
candlesticks, the four foliate cast sconces above             and lid, the body sprigged with hunting and drinking
three florally encrusted branches raised on figural           scenes, ribbed loop handle , 6" high, restored.
column moulded a young male musicians one playing             Est. £10-£20
a lute the other a music box raised on circular scrolls
bases, decorated in turquoise enamel and outlined
in gilt, underglaze blue crossed swords mark, 14"             61
high,restored.                                                A Royal Doulton stoneware tea pot and cover, milk
                                                              jug and sugar beaker, decorated with applied straps
Est. £200-£300                                                of stylised leaves below beaded borders washed in
                                                              blue and brown glazes, ribbed loop handles, (3),
53                                                            restoration.
A German porcelain dressing table set circa 1890,             Est. £30-£60
painted with birds nest and eggs surrounded by
flower sprays, comprising three covered pots, a ring
tre e, two e wers and stoppers and a sha ped                  62
rectangular tray, S/D.                                        A Ro yal Doulton stoneware Aesthetic style
                                                              cauldron, the body impressed with gilt decorated
Est. £10-£15                                                  multiple spiral motif below moulded stiff leaf and
                                                              flower borders, three angular loop handles and three
54                                                            spur feet, 5.75" high
A Goebel figure of a boxer dog in tan glazes with             Est. £40-£60
black muzzle, printed and impressed marks CH617,
dated 1968, 7" high; a Beswick figure of a seated
long haired terrier, 6" high, S/D.(2).                        63
Est. £30-£40                                                  A Wedgwood type dark blue jasper pomander jar
                                                              and cover, decorated with frieze of Classical figures
                                                              above stiff leaf border, 6.5" high, S/D.
55                                                            Est. £20-£40
A Wedgwood blue jasper type syrup jug, the o void
body applied with Classical figures, pewter moulded
lid, 8.5" high.                                               64
Est. £20-£30                                                  A late 19th Century Wedgwood blue jasper dip
                                                              sucrier and cover, applied with a frieze of Classical
                                                              figures, two scroll handles, domed cover, 3.75" high,
56                                                            S/D.
A Charles Barlow recherché decorated two handled              Est. £10-£15
vase circa 1880, the ovoid body with gilt sprays of
ferns and dog roses on an olive green ground,
angular loop handles, 14" high.                               65
                                                              A Shelley pottery jug circa 1940, painted with bands
Est. £20-£40                                                  of yellow, brown and green glazes, plain loop handle ,
                                                              10" high, hairlined.
57                                                            Est. £20-£25
A Goebel pottery monk jug, 5.25" high.
Est. £10-£15                                                  66
                                                              A Falconware woodpecker jug, the cylindrical body
58                                                            moulded and painted as a tree trunk with colourfully
A late 19th Century tinted bisque figure of a                 enamelled bird handle, 8" high, restored.
shepherdess, 7.5" high; another similar example, S/           Est. £30-£40
Est. £5-£10                                                   67
                                                              A Royal Copenhagen porcelain part tea service
59                                                            painted with sepia rose sprays within plain gilt
A Royal Doulton character jug “Henry IV” from                 borders, comprising cream jug, sugar bowl, seven
the Shakespearean Collection, D6671, the handle               each of cups, saucers and side plates, numbered 688/
with his standard modelled in relief, 7.25" high.             10522.
Est. £100-£150                                                Est. £40-£80

68                                                         76
A Wedgwood limited edition Thomas Hart Benton              A Mintons stoneware tavern jug, decorated in high
bowl dated 1985, the exterior printed black with           relief with carousing f igures within geometric
four named reproduction lithographs by the artist,         borders, scroll mounted handle, the whole washed
a further four on the interior centred by a portrait       in a dark brown glaze, impressed marks and date
of the artist, 12" diameter, 5.5" high.                    cipher for 1876, 10" high, A/F.
Est. £40-£80                                               Est. £20-£40

69                                                         77
A Wedgwood limited edition Thomas Hart Benson              A Doulton Slaters patent vase, the elongated ovoid
bowl dated 1985, the exterior printed in black with        body impressed with blue and brown glazed flowers
four named reproduction lithographs by the artist,         on a lacework ground, beneath everted rim im
a further four on the interior centred by a portrait       merging ochre glazes, impressed marks, 16" high,A/
of the artist, 12" diameter, 5.5" high.                    F.
Est. £40-£80                                               Est. £50-£60

70                                                         78
A Royal Doulton figur e “Eliza” fr om the Haute            A Coalport figure “Diana,The Jewel in the Crown”,
Ensemble series, HN2543, 11.75" high.                      limited edition number 2668/9500, 9.5" high,
Est. £60-£100                                              certificate.
                                                           Est. £140-£180
A Royal Doulton figure “A La Mode” from the Haute          79
Ensemble series, HN2544, 12.25" high.                      A Royal Worcester figure “Queen Elizabeth, the
Est. £60-£100                                              Queen Mother” limited edition number 4675/7500,
                                                           9" high, certificate.
72                                                         Est. £80-£120
A Royal Doulton figure “Boudoir” from the Haute
Ensemble series, HN2542, 12.25" high.                      80
Est. £60-£100                                              A Royal Doulton figure “Morris Dancer Bunnykins”,
                                                           DB204, 4.25" high.
73                                                         Est. £25-£35
A Royal Doulton character jug “The Sleuth”, D6635,
with black hat and brown jacket, 4.25" high.               81
Est. £10-£15                                               A Royal Alber t Beatrix Potter figure “No More
                                                           Twist”, 3.5" high.
74                                                         Est. £20-£25
A pair of Royal Doulton bookends, Sherlock Holmes
D7038 and Dr Watson D7039, 7.5" high, both first           82
issue.                                                     A Royal Albert Beatrix potter figure “Mrs Rabbit
Est. £150-£200                                             Cooking”, 4" high.
                                                           Est. £20-£25
A Continental stoneware bottle vase decorated in           83
merging purple and claret glazes, overlaid with            A RoyalAlbert Beatrix Potter figure “Jemima Puddle-
engraved silver flower spray and collar stamped            Duck Made a Feather Nest”, 2.5" high.
sterling silver, 4.5" high, A/F; a German pink             Est. £20-£25
lustreware cup printed with a view of the Falcon
Inn, 3.5" high, S/D.(2).
Est. £10-£15                                               A early Worcester porcelain globe tea pot and cover,
                                                           printed with the pomegranate pattern, S/D.
                                                           Est. £250-£300

85                                                            94
A late 18th Century Dutch delft baluster jar,painted          Three Leighton china Worcester style vases painted
in blue with foliate motifs to dot and dash ground,           with fruit and flowers, gilt line borders, 6" high.
9" high.                                                      Est. £30-£40
Est. £300-£350
86                                                            A Royal Worcester f igure “Le Panier” by Azori,
A Royal Doulton character jug “Sam Johnson”, 6.25"            modelled as an Oriental gentleman seated on a
high.                                                         cushion and plinth base selling flowers from a basket,
Est. £50-£60                                                  decorated in coloured enamels, black backstamp,
                                                              dated 1957, number 3585, 12" high.
87                                                            Est. £200-£240
A Royal Worcester blush ivor y claret jug, the
tapering cylindrical body painted with flower sprays          96
within gilt borders beneath a collar of relief moulded        A Chameleon ware gourd shaped bottle vase in a
gilt blossom, simulated woven cane handle, date               blue and brown ground. Height 9".
code for1904, shape number 1047, puce marks,                  Est. £30-£40
10" high,A/F.
Est. £30-£40                                                  97
                                                              A 1930’s Clarice Cliff Bizarre Stamford sauce boat
88                                                            of circular section raised on block feet and plate
A Royal Worcester small jardinière, the leaf moulded          base, with banded orange and brown decoration,
body with three scrolling handles in a washed green           6" diameter.
and tan ground. Date Code 1897, sha pe number                 Est. £50-£70
1947. Height 3.25".
Est. £80-£90                                                  98
                                                              A quantity of Susie Cooper dinnerwares of plain
89                                                            form, painted with terracotta, brown and grey bands,
A Japanese Meiji period satsuma baluster vase                 comprising soup and dinner plates, serving bowls
painted on a stylised floral ground in gilt reds and          and platter.(36).S/D.
greens, impr essed mark to base. Height 11.5".                Est. £100-£120
Est. £80-£100                                                 99
                                                              A large flow blue water jug in the form of a nautilus
90                                                            shell upon a footed base, the whole decorated with
A Royal Worcester figure “Charity”, wearing peach             a blue and white transfer scene of a waterside palace
dress, 7.5" high.                                             with mountains to the distance. Marked to the
Est. £20-£30                                                  underside “Venetian, flow Blue , Staffordshire”, height
91                                                            Est. £50-£80
A Royal Worcester figure “Fragrance” wearing pink
dress, 8" high.                                               100
Est. £20-£30                                                  A late 19th Century Mintons blue and white bellied
                                                              jug.The body decorated with a village scene against
                                                              mountainous landscape below a floral bor der The
92                                                            base marked “Mintons-Genevese”, height9",
A Royal Worcester figure “Masquerade”8" high.                 together with a similar Mintons cover ed soap dish.
Est. £20-£40                                                  Est. £50-£80
93                                                            101
A Royal Doulton f igure “Charlotte” HN2421,                   A set of six Continental porcelain cabinet plates,
wearing purple dr ess, 6.75" high.                            printed with exotic birds amongst trees within
Est. £25-£35                                                  cobalt and gilt borders, 9" diameter.
                                                              Est. £20-£25

102                                                           110
A 1930’s Goebel figure of a seated scottie dog with           Four Maling pottery lustre glazed sundae dishes with
collar and painted features, lacking a bee from the           leaf moulded bowls and gilt rims, 3.5" high, S/D.
end of his nose, height 3.5" tall.                            Est. £20-£25
Est. £10-£15
103                                                           A modern Chinese famille verte baluster jar and
A Ruskin crystalline lamp base of footed bottle form          cover, 12" high S/D; two similar blue and white
with slender flared neck, the body decorated with             crackle glaze examples 6" high, S/D; a Chinese rice
a pale blue streaked crystalline glaze falling to a           bowl painted in blue with stylised floral band, 5"
deeper blue ground. The base marked Ruskin                    diameter (4).
England-1927 and retains paper label, height 11".             Est. £10-£15
Est. £100-£120
104                                                           A Clarice Cliff “Celtic Har vest” pattern bowl
A 1920’ Ruskin cr ystalline glaze vase of cylindrical         moulded in relief with fruit bouquet handles beneath
form rising to a shouldered top and smaller aper ture         chrome plated collar raised on three bun feet, 10.5"
neck. The whole decorated with a streaked and                 across handles.
crystalline green with blue fleck above a pale orange         Est. £30-£50
ground, height 10".
Est. £200-£250                                                113
                                                              A Clarice Cliff “Celtic Harvest” pattern baluster
105                                                           pedestal jug, the high loop handle modelled as a
A large early 20th Centur y Japanese baluster famille         fruit garland, 10.5" high.
vert vase decorated with figurative panels and foliate        Est. £40-£60
detail on a white ground. Height 18".A/F.
Est. £40-£60                                                  114
                                                              A Davenpor t ironstone china Imari pattern
106                                                           octagonal bodied jug with lamprey handle, 3.5" high,
A pair of early 20th Century Ja panese incense                S/D.
burners in the form on seated boys each in yello w,           Est. £10-£20
brown and turquoise tones. Heights 8.5". S/D.
Est. £80-£100                                                 115
                                                              A 20th Century Royal Dux figure group elaborately
107                                                           modelled as a late 18th Century lady seated in a
An Edwardian pottery spirit keg decorated with                sedan chair with two male attendants, washed in
applied floral spra ys, painted butterflies and               coloured enamels oval base raised on four brack et
landscape cartouches, the whole raised upon ball              feet, printed mark, 15" high, S/D.
and claw foot.                                                Est. £50-£80
Est. £15-£20
108                                                           A Sadler racing car tea pot and cover washed in
A late 19th Century hand thrown Barnstaple vase               green glaze, 9" long, S/D.
of tapering cylindrical form decorated with a deep            Est. £20-£30
blue glaze, height9".
Est. £10-£20                                                  117
                                                              A 19th Century majolica serving dish moulded in
109                                                           relief with plantain leaves on woven ground, rope
A Crown Ducal vase of ribbed o void form                      twist border, naturalistic moulded handles, 13.5"
decorated with a double band of tubelined leaves              long, S/D.
within a trellis border and decorated in hand                 Est. £30-£40
enamelled green and red to a white ground, height
Est. £20-£30

118                                                          127
A 19th Century Staff ordshire figure group showing           A salt glazed money box in cr eam and tan with
a couple in period dress both reading either side of         twin twist handles and pinched neck. Initialled R.I.Y.
a large tulip spill vase, height 10" with S/D.               Est. £40-£50
Est. £20-£30
119                                                          A set of four mid Victorian salt glazed furniture
A Wade figure modelled by Mable Lucie Attwell                blocks, the scroll and swag bases rising to square
depicting a young girl running with a spotted dog            sectioned tops.
on a lead to a grassy base, measures 4" long.                Est. £50-£60
Est. £30-£40
120                                                          A Royal Doulton small oval twin handled vase with
A pair of 19th Century Continental spill vases               bright painted highlights, together with a slipware
modelled as chickens in a yard setting and painted           plate decorated “..Stourbridge 1973...”.
in mixed palette , one A/F.                                  Est. £25-£35
Est. £15-£20
121                                                          A 19th Century blue and white transfer printed
A Beswick comic model of a seated pig with painted           plate, the centre decorated with oxen within a
features together with a pair of piglets.                    countr y park with a large residence in the
Est. £30-£40                                                 background within passion flower and bead borders,
                                                             9.25" diameter, S/D.
122                                                          Est. £80-£120
A small parcel of late 19th Centur y dinner ware to
comprise two graduated meats, one small tureen,              131
ladle and stand, one spare stand and a matched               A 19th Century blue and white transfer printed
sauce. The parcel decorated in the Delft pattern             comb back meat plate of canted rectangular form,
depicting Dutch landscape scenes with boats and              printed with a Continental landscape with travellers
windmills.                                                   on a rural track with a city in the distance, within
Est. £40-£50                                                 passion flower, honeysuckle and rose spray borders,
                                                             19.5" long, S/D.
123                                                          Est. £150-£200
A Bourne Denby war e single handled jug decorated
with a handpainted oxide glaze panel of scrolled             132
shapes within bands to a speckled grey ground,               A Branksome China part tea service of plain form
height 7.5".                                                 with angular loop handles, decorated in black and
Est. £40-£50                                                 celadon glazes comprising six cups, saucers, side
                                                             plates, two sugar bowls, creamer and a bread
A 1930’s Grays celadon green vase of baluster form           Est. £20-£30
with a three ring base , height 9.5".
Est. £10-£15                                                 133
                                                             A Poole pottery traditional style flared neck cylinder
                                                             vase painted with stylised birds and flo wers,
125                                                          inscribed and enamelled 111/PB, 5" high, damage; a
A selection of 20th Century small studio pieces to           Poole potter y canted rectangular planter of plain
include a scrafito bowl by Bullers, a small Prinknash        form, matt pink glazed raised on four bracket f eet,
black glazed vase and a Rye pottery vase with liner          stamped “Connaught Rooms”, 10.25" long.(2).
design, six in total.
                                                             Est. £40-£50
Est. £20-£25
126                                                          A late 19th Century Wedgwood jasperware
A small parcel of late 19th Century child’s tea ware         jardinière decorated with f igures of the muses
in white porcelain with gilt banded detail.                  beneath fruiting swags, 6.25" high.
Est. £15-£20                                                 Est. £30-£40

                                                   Lot 145

135                                                          138
A 20th Century Wedgwood blue jasperware                      A Pilkington’s Royal Lancastrian elongated waisted
compressed ovoid teapot and co ver decorated with            ovoid vase decorated in crystalline orange and tan
a frieze of Classical figures, 3.5" high; a stoneware        glazes, impressed 327 6 and 21592 in blue enamel,
teapot and cover printed in blue with bands of               7" high.
flowers, 5" high; (2).S/D.                                   Est. £30-£40
Est. £20-£25
136                                                          A Staffordshire pottery tea pot and circa 1900,
A Beswick potter y “Timpsons Shoes” 1965                     printed and painted in “The Geisha” pattern.
centenary commemorative dish modelled and                    Est. £15-£20
painted as a seated cobbler at work, 4.25" high, S/
Est. £70-£90                                                 A Colin Melbourne for Beswick pottery vase , the
                                                             waisted cylinder body with large central bladed knop
137                                                          printed with snowflake motifs within bands of gilt
A graduated set of three Beswick mallar ds standing          on a terracotta ground, impressed CM9, 7" high.
on canted square bases,756 series, 7",5.5" and 4.25"         Est. £20-£30
Est. £60-£80                                                 141
                                                             A Beswick pottery ovoid lamp base moulded in relief
                                                             and painted with stylised fruit and flowers, 5" high.
                                                             Est. £20-£30

142                                                           151
A large Staffordshire unfinished sample proof jug,            A Royal Doulton figure “Sandra” HN2275, 8" high.
relief moulded with Queen Elizabeth II on horseback           Est. £50-£60
in tonal blues and browns with lustr e detail to base.
Impressed E.T.Bailey 1976 to base. Height 11". S/D.
Est. £80-£90                                                  A Royal Doulton figure “Prue” HN1996, 7" high.
                                                              Est. £150-£180
A Royal Doulton character jug “Lobster Man”,
D6617, 7.5" high.                                             153
Est. £40-£50                                                  A Royal Doulton figure “Monica” HN1467,4" high.
                                                              Est. £30-£40
A Chameleon ware sugar sifter painted in a palette            154
of green and brown with overlapping leaves, beneath           A Royal Doulton figure “The Bridesmaid” HN2196,
chrome and bakelite type fittings, numbered in black          5.25" high.
enamel 11/105, 5.5" high.                                     Est. £50-£60
Est. £40-£60
145                                                           A Royal Doulton figure “Ivy” HN1768, 5" high.
A Ruskin high fired Oriental form bowl with footed            Est. £50-£60
base rising to swollen body blo w shouldered flar ed
rim, the whole decorated in a fissured deep r ed              156
glaze over a white ground with lavender and green             A Royal Doulton f igure “Silks and Ribbons” HN2017,
clouding. Impressed marks to the base“Ruskin” and             6" high.
par t date mark. Height 3.5", diameter 8".
ILLUSTRATED.                                                  Est. £50-£60
Est. £600-£800
146                                                           A Royal Doulton figure “Teatime” HN2255, 7" high.
A Royal Doulton figure “Forty Winks” HN1974, 6"               Est. £40-£50
Est. £60-£70                                                  158
                                                              A Royal Doulton f igur e “The Orange Lady”
147                                                           HN1953, 8" high.
A Royal Doulton figure “Kirsty” HN2381, 7.75" high.           Est. £60-£70
Est. £50-£60
148                                                           A Royal Doulton figure “The Pied Piper” HN2102,
                                                              9" high.
A Royal Doulton figure “My Love” HN2339, 6.5"
high.                                                         Est. £100-£120
Est. £40-£60
149                                                           A Susie Cooper bone china part coffee service, circa
                                                              1960, comprising six loop handle cups printed with
A Royal Doulton figure “A Stitch in Time” HN2352,             an all over star motif in green with six banded
6" high.                                                      saucers (12).
Est. £60-£80                                                  Est. £40-£60
150                                                           161
A Royal Doulton figure “Alexandra” HN2398, 7.75"              A 19th Century twin handled loving cup decorated
high.                                                         with a lily of the valley transfer with over painted
Est. £60-£80                                                  detail.
                                                              Est. £10-£15

                                                  Lot 171

162                                                          167
A 19th Century Fiance ware vase of ovoid form                A set of four 19th Century majolica green glazed
decorated with enamelled flowers to the cream                leaf plates, 8" diameter, S/D; tw o similar examples;
ground, height 7" with damages.                              another two handled example, S/D.(7).
Est. £10-£15                                                 Est. £40-£50

163                                                          168
A smallAdams spill vase made f or the British Empire         A Shelley “Mayflower” pattern salad drainer and
exhibition and decorated with the motif of a lion in         plate, painted with pink blossom flowers within
white relief to the blue ground, measures 2" tall.           green line borders, numbered 8787.
Est. £10-£15                                                 Est. £30-£40

164                                                          169
A Royal Crown Derb y “Old Imari” pattern o val pin           A Por tmeirion Susan Williams Ellis “Magic City”
dish, date code 1992, factor y second, 5.5" long,            pattern part dinner and coffee service , comprising
boxed.                                                       tureens and covers, dinner and side plates, bowls,
Est. £10-£15                                                 cups, saucers, pot etc.(Approximately 47 pieces). S/
165                                                          Est. £140-£160
Three T G Green and Co Cornish Kitchenware
blue and white banded storage jars and covers,               170
lentils,rice and barley, 5.5" high, S/D. (3).                A 19th Century Italian faience monteith, probably
Est. £50-£70                                                 Nove, the deep fluted oval section body painted to
                                                             the exterior with birds and spring flowers, the
                                                             interior with a central study of a bird upon a rose
166                                                          within simple flower garland border, raised on
A T G Green and Co. Cornish Kitchenwar e blue                pedestal foot with floral garland and puce dot and
banded flour jar and cover, 7" high, S/D; two similar        dash border, yellow enamel nova with tail mark,bowl
smaller plain examples 4.7 5" high. (3).                     17.5" x 15.5" and 10.25" high, damage .
Est. £40-£60                                                 Est. £400-£450

171                                                            179
A pair of 19th Century Staffordshir e figures of               A late 19th Century Chinese porcelain ovoid bodied
zebras, each raised on a naturalistic colour washed            vase and cover, painted with a scene of a figure and
base and yellow glazed o val shallow plinth, 5" high,          child riding a beast with attendants within a walled
damage and restoration. ILLUSTRATED.                           landscape , the cover with flowers and bud finial, 9.5"
Est. £400-£600                                                 high, S/D.
                                                               Est. £15-£25
A Clarice Cliff Bizarre 10" “Blue Chintz” dish plate,          180
painted with typical decoration within graduated               A pair of Cantonese export bottle vases painted
blue and green borders, the foot rim moulded with              with birds, insects and flo wers, floral borders, 8"
hanging apertures, star crack to base.                         high, S/D.
Est. £250-£300                                                 Est. £30-£40

173                                                            181
A 19th Century Sunderland lustre Mariners                      A pair of Chinese famille rose moonflasks, painted
Compass jug circa 1840, printed in black with                  to the fore with a panel of battling warriors, to the
shipping scenes and verses within pink lustr e                 reverse a ho-ho bird, reserved against a pink and
borders, 8.75" high, damage.                                   green foliate ground and stiff leaf borders,9.25" high,
Est. £150-£200                                                 A/F.
                                                               Est. £60-£80
A 19th Century Lockhart and Arthur willow pattern              182
meat plate of canted rectangular form 16" long,                A Chinese celadon ground gourd vase , the body
S/D; another similar example, S/D. (2).                        carved with pumpkins and leaves rising to domed
Est. £20-£30                                                   cover with leaf finial, 11.5" high, damaged.
                                                               Est. £80-£90
A later 19th Century Staffordshire wash jug and                183
slop bowl (lacking cover), decorated in gilt with a            A Japanese Imari tapering ovoid bodied vase, painted
band of stylised leaves and anthemion beneath a                with panels of ho-ho birds and flowers, with high
mustard collar, S/D.                                           domed cover and bud finial, 8.25"; another similar
Est. £20-£30                                                   example 9" high.(2).
                                                               Est. £100-£120
A Chinese porcelain ginger jar and cover reserved              184
with panels of dragons on a powder blue ground,                A Royal Doulton f igure group from the Winnie the
plain cover painted with plantain leaf, 4.5" high, S/D.        Pooh series “Eeyore looses a tail”, limited edition
Est. £15-£20                                                   number 651/5000, wooden plinth mount, boxed.
                                                               Est. £80-£100
A 19th Century Chinese export porcelain bowl,                  185
painted with reserves of figures and birds on a                A Royal Doulton figure “The Snowman and James
terracotta scale ground, the interior with cell border         Dancing in the Snow” limited edition number 1062/
and central floral spray, 6.75" diameter.                      2500, 5.5" high.
Est. £60-£70                                                   Est. £50-£60

178                                                            186
A Japanese porcelain baluster vase painted with ho-            A Royal Doulton character jug “The Cardinal”, 3.5"
ho birds amongst blossom and peonies above a stiff             high;“Mr Micawber” 3.25" high; a Burlington potter y
leaf border, 7" high.                                          jug “Spud” S/D.(3).
Est. £40-£50                                                   Est. £20-£25

187                                                        196
A Royal Doulton character jug “‘Arry”, 3.25" high;         A Beswick figure “Mrs Rabbit” from the Beatrix
and another “‘Arriet”, 3.25" high.(2).                     Potter series, highlighted with gold accents, limited
Est. £20-£25                                               edition number 1396/1947, 6" high, boxed.
                                                           Est. £20-£25
A 19th Century Staffordshire Toby jug “The Snuff           197
Taker”, naturalistic handle, 5.5" high; a Wedgwood         A Beswick figure “Podgy Pig” from the Rupert Bear
and Co jug“The Town Clerk” 5.5" high; a Burlington         characters, limited edition number 111/1920,1998
pottery jug “The Cavalier” 7" high.(3).                    series, 6" high, boxed.
Est. £20-£25                                               Est. £20-£25

189                                                        198
A Royal Doulton figure “Cymbal player Snowman”             A Beswick figure “Ruper t Bear”, limited edition
from the Snowman series, 5" high, bo xed.                  number 111/1920, 1998 series, 5.5" high,boxed, with
Est. £60-£80                                               certificate.
                                                           Est. £20-£25
A Royal Doulton f igure “Stylish Snowman” from             199
the Snowman series, 5" high.                                                   om
                                                           A Beswick figure “T Kitten” from the Beatrix
Est. £30-£40                                               Potter series, decorated with gold accents, limited
                                                           edition number 151/1947,1998 issue, 5" high,bo xed,
191                                                        with cer tificate .
A Royal Doulton f igure “The Sno wman and James            Est. £20-£25
Dancing in the Snow” limited edition number 479/
2500, 5.25" high.                                          200
Est. £50-£60                                               A Royal Doulton figure “Pianist Snowman” from
                                                           the Snowman gift collection, 4.5" high, bo xed.
192                                                        Est. £30-£40
A Royal Doulton figure “Christopher Robin” from
the Winnie the Pooh series, 5.25" high, boxed.             201
Est. £25-£30                                               A Beswick figure “The Tailor of Gloucester” from
                                                           the Beatrix Potter series, decorated with gold
193                                                        highlights, limited edition number 186/1947, 5.5"
                                                           high, boxed.
A set of Beswick figures “The Pig Band” comprising
nine assorted pigs with various instruments and            Est. £20-£25
painted features, designed from 1994 onwards,
boxed.                                                     202
Est. £200-£220                                             A Beswick figure “Benjamin Bunny” from the Beatrix
                                                           Potter series, decorated with gold accents, limited
194                                                        edition number 1541/1947, 1997 series, 6" high,
A Beswick figure “Peter Rabbit” from the Beatrix           boxed.
Potter series, decorated with gold accents, limited        Est. £20-£25
edition number, 1541/1947, 7" high, boxed.
Est. £20-£25                                               203
                                                           A Beswick figure “Peter and the Red Handkerchief ”
195                                                        from the Beatrix Potter series, decorated in gold
A Beswick figure“Foxy Whiskered Gentleman” from            accents, limited edition number 186/1947, 7" high.
                                                           Boxed, with certificate .
the Beatrix Potter series, decorated with gold
accents, limited edition number 1396/1947,7" high,         Est. £20-£25
Est. £20-£25

204                                                        214
A Beswick f igure “Mr Jeremy Fisher” from the              A Royal Doulton figure “Violinist Snowman”, 5.25"
Beatrix Potter series, decorated with gold accents,        high, boxed.
limited edition number 151/1947, 1998 series, 4.75"        Est. £25-£30
high, boxed.
Est. £20-£25
                                                           A modern Japanese set of Disney Snow White and
205                                                        the seven dwar ves figures, S/D; and a set of three
A Beswick figure “Winnie the Pooh” seated, gold            similar 101 Dalmatian figures.(10).
mark to base, 2.5" high, boxed.                            Est. £30-£35
Est. £30-£40
206                                                        A Crown Devon Fieldings musical jug “On Ilkla
A Beswick for Walt Disney Winnie the Pooh figure           moor baht’at”, fitted with musical movement, 5.5"
of a seated Tigger, brown printed mark to base, 3"         high.
high.                                                      Est. £50-£60
Est. £50-£60
207                                                        A Royal Doulton figure “Chloe” n umbered M9,
A Royal Doulton figure“Cowboy Snowman”, 5" high,           wearing pink dress, 2.5" high.
boxed.                                                     Est. £130-£140
Est. £80-£90
208                                                        A Beswick figure of a dachshund, gloss finish, 4.25"
A Royal Albert figure “Sally Henny Penny” from the         long.
Beatrix Potter series, 4" high.                            Est. £15-£20
Est. £20-£25
209                                                        A Paragon figure “Lady Patricia” numbered AW120,
A Beswick for Walt Disney figure “Owl” from the            7.25" high.
Winnie the Pooh series, brown printed mark, 3"             Est. £30-£50
Est. £25-£30                                               220
                                                           A Wedgwood and Co figure of a lady in evening
210                                                        dress carrying an ostrich feather fan, 8.5" high.
A Royal Doulton figure “Flautist Snowman”, 5.5"            Est. £20-£30
Est. £60-£70
                                                           A late 18th Centur y Worcester porcelain fluted tea
211                                                        bowl and saucer underglaze blue decorated with
A Royal Doulton figure “Cellist Sno wman” 5" high,         carnation type flower sprays, blue line border,
boxed.                                                     crescent mark.
Est. £25-£30                                               Est. £70-£90

212                                                        222
A Royal Doulton figure “Bass Drummer Snowman”              An Oriental tea bowl,decorated in under glaze blue
5.25", boxed.                                              with a Willow pattern within cell borders.
Est. £60-£70                                               Est. £10-£20
213                                                        223
A Royal Albert f igure “Mother Ladybird” from the          A Belleek china cream jug and sugar bowl moulded
Beatrix Potter series, 2.5" high, boxed.                   in shallow relief with overlapping leaves or petals,
Est. £20-£25                                               green printed mark.
                                                           Est. £30-£40

                                      Lot 235 showing both sides

224                                                          228
A Lawleys china commemorative tankard for the                A Ro yal Doulton miniatur e character jug
1937 coronation designed by Dame Laura Knight;               “Beefeater” D6251, 2.5" high; a similar spirit flask
a bone china mug for the coronation of Edward VII            “Rip Van Winkle” D6463, 3.5" high.(2).
1902 with printed and enamelled decoration on a              Est. £10-£15
white ground and lithophane base.(2).
Est. £10-£20                                                 229
                                                             A Willow Art baluster vase printed and enamelled
225                                                          with a spray of heather and titled “Kinver” 2" high;
An Aynsley pottery commemorative mug for the                 a Doulton Lambeth two tone stone ware miniature
coronation of Edward VIII, printed, enamelled and            tankard with silver collar marked for Chester 1.5"
gilded on a cobalt blue ground, double scroll handle.        high,A/F. (2).
Est. £10-£20                                                 Est. £5-£10

226                                                          230
A late 19th Century ivorine and bone tape measure,           Eight assorted RoyalWinton Chintz limited edition
the barrel body painted with a shipping scene, 1.5"          cabinet plates comprising “Summer time”,“Bedale”,
high.                                                        “Julia”,“Welbeck”,“Richmond”,“Marion”,“Sunshine”
Est. £15-£20                                                 and “Florence”.
                                                             Est. £30-£50
A 1940’s Murano glass bulbous scent bottle of fluted         231
form with a mesh of internal air bubbles and gilt            A Carltonware novelty tea pot modelled as a biplane
flecked ground, 4.7 5" high.                                 with pilot, entitled “Lucy May” impressed 3548, 6"
Est. £20-£30                                                 high.
                                                             Est. £50-£80

232                                                          239
A Royal Doulton De wars whisky jug, the                      A 19th Century f our fold decoupage dressing screen
compressed ovoid body printed and painted with a             decorated with chromolithographic scraps mounted
depiction of Britannia and Neptune at the prow of            on a plain rectangular panels each 66.5" x 19.75",
a ship on a dark green ground, entitled “Dewar” to           damage.
the reverse, moulded ring handle, shape number               Est. £100-£150
181, crazed, 7.5" high.
Est. £400-£500                                               240
                                                             A 1950’s Szeiler study of a tan seated donkey. Marks
233                                                          to base. Height 5.5".
A Studio pottery two handle tapering ovoid vase,             Est. £15-£25
the compressed body decorated with a depiction
of a Norman axe bearer on a mottled purple and
green ground, 7" high.                                       241
Est. £10-£20                                                 A set of five 19th Century dessert plates decorated
                                                             with peony flowers in red and green picked out in
                                                             gilt to the flow blue ground, each marked to the
234                                                          reverse “Opaque Porcelain” and measure 9" across.
A Doulton stoneware two tone jug, the ovoid body             Est. £45-£50
sprigged with hunting and drinking motifs beneath
green washed collar, ribbed loop handle, impressed
marks, 6.25" high.                                           242
                                                             A 19th Century Staffordshire foxes head stirrup
Est. £80-£120                                                cup naturalistically moulded in relief with a grape
                                                             vine collar, the whole painted in a mixed palette
235                                                          with sponged and painted details to the whole ,
A Royal Doulton “The Three Musketeers” loving                measures 5" long.
cup, modelled by Noke ,limited edition number 594/           Est. £50-£60
600, 10" high, with Doulton and Co Limited
certificate of authenticity. ILLUSTRATED.
Est. £500-£600                                               A late 19th Centur y Maling Hollyhock pattern
                                                             cheese dish, printed and painted with flower sprays
236                                                          on a blush ground within moulded gilt borders,loop
A Doulton Silicon ware tapering ovoid vase, the              handle, printed triangular mark, S/D.
body applied with a band of stylised and naturalistic        Est. £40-£50
leaves and flowers between stiff leaf borders in
white, green and buff clays on a dark tan ground, 9"
high, base restored.                                         244
Est. £80-£120                                                A 19th Century Wedgwood majolica gr een glazed
                                                             oval dish moulded with cabbage leaves on a basket
                                                             work ground, 10.5" long, damage .
237                                                          Est. £15-£20
A Doulton Slaters Patent stoneware vase , the
tapering ovoid body decorated with blossom sprays
on a mesh ground within “c” scroll borders, rising           245
to slender neck and everted rim, 12" high, restored.         A pair of late 19th Centur y Continental
                                                             ear thenware vases, the flattened ovoid bodies
Est. £80-£120                                                enamelled with a full length portrait study of a lady
                                                             and a gentleman in late16th Century dress on a gilt
238                                                          oval panel impressed with fleur de lys, within
A Ruskin pottery tapering ovoid bodied vase                  Baroque style enamelled strapwork multiple
decorated in running crystalline blue and turquoise          borders on a cobalt blue ground, conforming enamel
glaze on a mottled orange ground, impressed                  and gilt panel to the reverse, plain gilt borders,
RUSKIN, ENGLAND, 6" high, hairlined.                         15.25", damage.
Est. £140-£160                                               Est. £80-£90

246                                                        254
A pair of 19th Century French tapering ovoid               A 19th Century German porcelain figure of a bird
pedestal vases, painted with wild flower sprays and        on naturalistic base, 3.75" high.
butterflies on a cream ground, broad gilt borders,         Est. £15-£20
10" high, damage .
Est. £10-£20                                               255
                                                           A pair of Continental “Chelsea” style pastoral figures
247                                                        of a seated gentleman carrying a basket of flowers
A quantity of later 19th Century tea wares painted         and his female companion, washed in coloured
and gilded with blossom sprays within gilt toothed         enamels and gilt highlighted, moulded scroll bases,
borders, numbered 3111, (25).S/D.                          spurious gold anchor mark, 5.5" high; a Continental
Est. £10-£20                                               figure group of a dandy and his beau, 3.5" high.
                                                           Est. £20-£30
AnAdams style blue smear glaze stoneware hunting           256
jug, modelled with hanging game and gr eyhound             A 19th Century Staffordshire figure group modelled
handle, 6.75" high.                                        as a young organ grinder, seated beside him his
Est. £10-£15                                               monkey atop the music box, washed in coloured
                                                           glazes, on naturalistic base, 7.5" high, damage and
A Moorcroft for Liberty and Co Flamminian ware             Est. £50-£60
tankard circa 1910, the tapering cylindrical body
tubelined with two foliate roundels on a mottled           257
green ground, plain loop handle, impressed mark            A 19th Century Staff ordshire flatback f igural spill
and printed Made for Liber ty, 3.5" high.                  vase modelled with a young boy and girl with a long
Est. £40-£50                                               haired goat, 7.5" high, damage.
                                                           Est. £40-£60
A Newhall type silver shape creamer circa 1800,            258
enamelled with floral sprays and puce sprigs within        A near pair of 19th Century Staffordshire flatback
puce borders, high loop handle, 4.25" high, damage.        figures modelled as huntsmen in highland dress and
Est. £10-£15                                               plumed hats accompanied by a dog and a deer, gilt
                                                           line base, 9.75" high, damage.
251                                                        Est. £60-£70
A 19th Century Chinese tapering ovoid bodied tea
pot, painted with puce and gilt floral panels on a         259
blue foliate carpet ground, loop handle, associated        A 19th Century Staffordshire figure modelled as a
cover, 7.25" high, damage .                                gentleman in a blue jacket petting a dog, resting
Est. £30-£40                                               against a tree trunk, naturalistic washed base, 9.25"
                                                           high, S/D.
252                                                        Est. £40-£50
A 19th Century blue and white transfer printed
pen box and co ver decorated with Classical                260
landscapes, 7.5" long, S/D.                                A 19th Centur y Staffordshire flatback figure of a
Est. £20-£30                                               gentleman wearing a green jacket and holding a dog
                                                           in his arms, naturalistic coloured washed and gilt
                                                           line base, 8.5" high.
A Chinese porcelain shallow bowl painted in                Est. £30-£40
underglaze blue with a fence and peony flo wer
pattern within reserved cloud and trellis borders,         261
10" diameter.                                              A 19th Century Staffordshire inkwell modelled as
Est. £20-£30                                               a seated Turkish gentleman, gilt line base, 4.75" high,
                                                           Est. £10-£20

262                                                          270
A late 18th Century Wood type pearlware figure               A 1930’s Susie Cooper scrafito bowl of shallow
of a cherub carrying basket raised on square plinth          footed form, the interior decorated with a stylised
iron red outlined base, 3.5" high, restored.                 foliate spray with flowers buds and leaves to the
Est. £15-£20                                                 mustard coloured ground. The underside hand
                                                             signed Susie Cooper England, measures 8" across.
263                                                          Est. £100-£120
Fiv e Wedgw ood majolica green glazed plates
moulded in relief with fruiting vines on a basketwork        271
ground, impressed marks, 8.25" diameter, S/D.                A Ruskin tradesman’s miniature bowl decorated
Est. £50-£60                                                 with a high fired glaze of a mottled purple tone to a
                                                             rust coloured ground, the underside marked below
                                                             the footed rim “Ruskin England 1927”, measures
264                                                          2.25" across.
A set of three late 19th Century flow blue jugs,             Est. £300-£350
decorated and gilded with ivy leaves within moulded
bor ders, 9", 8", 7.5" high, S/D.
Est. £20-£30                                                 272
                                                             A Carlton ware vase of fluted quatrefoil form raised
                                                             upon a three ring base. The whole decorated with
265                                                          a gilded and hand enamelled transfer of a Turk and
A Doulton Lambeth stoneware miniature bottle                 servant with a palace to the rear all to a black
vase, the body moulded with flower sprays beneath            ground, height 5.5".
a foliate collar, washed in blue and green glazes,           Est. £150-£160
3.25" high.
Est. £30-£40
                                                             A Susie Cooper Cornflow er coffee pot f o r
266                                                          Wedgwood decorated with an applied floral transfer
A 19th Century bronze lustre decorated pedestal              to a porcelain ground. Height 8" with S/D.
jug with scroll handle , 6.5" high; a similar smaller        Est. £15-£20
example, 4" high, S/D; a smear glazed stoneware
jug applied with fruiting vines and twisted branch
handle , 3.5" high, S/D.(3).                                 274
Est. £10-£15                                                 A Maling green lustre jug of hexagonal form
                                                             decorated with a floral band to the shoulder, height
A small quantity of early 19th Century English tea           Est. £20-£30
wares printed and painted with Oriental figures in
a rickshaw, (8) S/D.                                         275
Est. £5-£10                                                  A late 19th Centur y Adams style jug of baluster
                                                             form decorated with applied Neo-Classical motifs
                                                             of putti figures within foliate cartouches, height 8".
A late 19th Centur y majolica jardinière moulded             Est. £15-£20
with primrose flowers and leaves 5.5" high; two
other smaller jardinieres 5" and 3.5" high, damaged.         276
(3).                                                         A Coalport figure “The Boy”, limited edition number
Est. £20-£30                                                 4769/9500, 7" high.
                                                             Est. £30-£40
A George Jones Abbey pattern dinner plate; two               277
Wedgwood blue and white transfer printed plates;             A Royal Worcester figure “The Milkmaid” from the
a Midwinter “Rural England” example; a small                 Old Countr y Ways series, limited edition
Copeland Spodes Italian plate.(5), S/D.                      number6541/9500, 8.5" high.
Est. £10-£20                                                 Est. £30-£40

278                                                          285
A Coalport figure “Beatrice at the Garden Party”             A 20th Centur y Dresden figure of a cherub holding
from the Golden Age series,limited edition n umber           a rose garland above a Neo-Classical plinth, raised
7636/12500, 8.5" high.                                       on triangular titled base, decorated in enamels and
Est. £30-£40                                                 highlighted in gilt, printed and incised marks, 5.5"
279                                                          Est. £50-£70
A pair of 20th Century Dresden porcelain figures
modelled as a gentleman and his female companion             286
in18th Century dress gathering roses, on naturalistic        A pair of 20th Century Sitzendorf figures of children,
rocky bases, 8.75" high.                                     a boy playing a flute and a girl with a tambourine,
Est. £100-£140                                               decorated in brightly coloured enamels, raised on
                                                             gilt scroll bases, printed marks, 4.75" high.
280                                                          Est. £50-£70
A pair of 20th Century Meissen figures modelled
as a young girl in 18th Centur y costume carrying            287
flowers in her apron, her male companion with a              A pair of 20th Century Sitzendorf figures of a
spade, highlighted in gilt and in coloured enamels,          dancing couple in 18th country dr ess, decorated in
raised on “c” scroll base , blue crossed swords mark         brightly coloured enamels,raised on gilt highlighted
to vase, 5.5" high.                                          scroll moulded bases, printed marks, 5.25" high. S/
Est. £250-£350                                               D.
                                                             Est. £80-£100
A Dresden porcelain figure group modelled as a               288
young boy and girl playing on a see saw, decorated           A 20th Century Dresden figure group modelled as
in coloured enamels and highlighted in gilt, raised          a young boy playing a flute accompanied by a young
on oval gilt base, impressed and enamelled numbers,          girl holding a fruiting vine and seated on a goat,
6" high.                                                     decorated in brightly coloured enamels and raised
Est. £250-£350                                               on a gilt highlighted oval base, printed marks, 4.75"
282                                                          Est. £80-£100
A pair 20th Century Sitzendorf harvest figur es
modelled as young boy and girl each brightly                 289
coloured in enamels and bearing harvest fruits;              A 20th Century Sitzendorf figure modelled as a
another figure gathering flo wers and a poacher              seated 18th Century y oung man with a basket of
figure; all 5.5" high.(4).                                   flowers at his feet, decorated in brightly coloured
Est. £200-£250                                               enamels, raised on gilt highlighted scroll moulded
                                                             base, printed mark, 5" high.
283                                                          Est. £30-£40
A 20th Century Sitzendorf figure modelled as young
dandy and his beau, at their side stands a dog,              290
decorated in brightly coloured enamels, raised on            A 19th Century German por celain figure possibly
gilt scroll base, printed mark to base, 7" high.             Helena Wolfson,modelled as a young boy gathering
Est. £150-£200                                               grapes, decorated in coloured enamels and raised
                                                             on a square plinth base highlighted in gilt, underglaze
                                                             blue AR, 4.5" high.
A near pair of 20th Century Dresden f igures                 Est. £30-£40
modelled and a young boy holding a lute
accompanied by his female companion, decorated               291
in brightly coloured enamels, raised on gilt edged           A 20th Century Sitzendorf figure modelled as a
circular plinth bases, printed and impressed marks,          young boy holding a basket of grapes, decorated in
6.25" high.                                                  coloured enamels, raised on gilt highlighted scroll
Est. £80-£100                                                moulded base, 4" high.
                                                             Est. £30-£40

A 20th Century German porcelain figure of a young
boy in a tricorn hat carrying a basket of grapes on           296
his back, decorated in brightly coloured enamels,             A 19th Century Venetian glass small vase with frilled
raised on gilt highlighted scroll moulded base , minor        lip, decorated with a ruby and gold internal spiral,
damage, 5.25" high.                                           3.5" diameter.
Est. £30-£40                                                  Est. £10-£20
293                                                           297
A 19th Century Satsuma ware shaped bowl the                   Two later 19th Century green opaline glass ewers
well decorated with figur es in a garden setting,             painted with flower sprays beneath collapsed trefoil
together with a Japanese jade box and two Oriental            rim, loop handle, 6.75" high.
jadeite floral posies.                                        Est. £5-£10
Est. £50-£60
294                                                           A 19th Century Stourbridge glass spirit decanter
An early 19th Century English china puce transfer             of squat form decorated with applied crimp work
printed pedestal jug, 5" high; a similar tankard, 3"          and stud design to the clear ground.
high; an English china baluster vases printed and             Est. £20-£30
painted with irises, 8.25" A/F.(3).
Est. £10-£15
                                                              A marigold carnival glass fluted rim bowl and two
295                                                           similar examples.(3).
A part earl y 20th Centur y transfer printed                  Est. £5-£10
Chinoiserie tea service a pproximately 23 pieces.
Est. £10-£20
                                                              Three early 20th Century etched glass lamp shades,
                                                              one terminating in a frill border.
                                                              Est. £10-£15

                                                              A small Monart style posy bowl with fold over rim
                                                              in mottled pink tones and similar small waisted green
                                                              Est. £10-£15

                                                              A large ruby flash cut vase of footed baluster form
                                                              with flared neck.The body decorated with a flame
                                                              shaped cut through the ruby to the clear ground,
                                                              stands 11" tall.
                                                              Est. £60-£70

                                                              A small parcel of Edwardian and later cut glass
                                                              shallow dishes and fruit bowls, five in total.
                                                              Est. £5-£10

                                                              A pair of 19th Century small blue glass Bohemian
                                                              baluster vases each with highlighted gilt decoration.
                                                              Est. £80-£90

305                                                            313
Nine 20th Century port glasses with clear stems                A 19th Century mouth blown clear glass spirit
and cranberry bo wls together with two similar                 bottle in the form of a dog, the barrel body having
brandy examples.                                               applied f eatures to include a loop carrying handle
Est. £20-£40                                                   terminating in a rosette finial to the back. Measures
                                                               10" long by 7" tall.
306                                                            Est. £80-£120
A pair of Victorian Stourbridge blue flash cut picture
frame panels.The pair both cut through a deep royal            314
blue to a clear ground in a foliate design with central        A late 19th Century Stourbridge glass air padded
aperture for photograph. Both remounted to a                   satin glass vase of gourd form with a graduated pale
modern backing, each measures 12" by 10".                      blue tint over a lattice from ground, height 6".
Est. £180-£200                                                 Est. £20-£30

307                                                            315
A heavy 19th Century Webbs footed cut glass bowl               A 19th Century onion gourd decanter with green
with narrow stem rising to a gourd sha ped top.The             flash cut body decorated with printies to the lower
whole cut with a banded and star design, stands                par t below a facet and chip cut neck with
10" tall.                                                      conforming stopper, height 12".
Est. £25-£35                                                   Est. £75-£80

308                                                            316
A Victorian opaline glass vase and co ver of footed            A 19th Centur y clear glass tankard of waisted form
and waisted form decorated with a hand enamelled               with applied loop handle and clear ribbon trail to
scene of birds in foliate setting.                             the rim.The whole cut with a fern design and “J.W”
Est. £10-£20                                                   monogram, height 7".
                                                               Est. £20-£30
An opalescent glass bell with green trailed border             317
and clear glass handle with clear and green stepped            A 19th Centur y fluted spill vase with Queens
terminal. Height 11".                                          Burmese style graduated pink to yellow body tint
Est. £80-£90                                                   in a high gloss finish, height 10".
                                                               Est. £50-£60
A 20th Century o void shaped cut glass pump                    318
atomiser, lime falling to clear glass. Height 5".              A mid 19th Centur y clear glass footed goblet with
Est. £25-£30                                                   a hollow stem containing a small coin dated 1836.
                                                               The open bowl cut with bands of hobnail and printie,
                                                               height 8".
A 1940’s pale blue pressed glass dressing table set            Est. £50-£60
comprising of tray, candlesticks and powder bowls.
Est. £10-£20                                                   319
                                                               A small 1930’s pressed glass scent bottle in the form
                                                               of a comic Pierots head with painted features, height
312                                                            2".
A late 19th Century Stevens and Williams type blue
glass posy vase, the trailed tapering ovoid body rising        Est. £20-£30
clear frill collar and triform neck, 4" high, S/D; a
clear glass waisted cylinder posy vase with ever ted           320
sinuous rim, 6.75" high.(2).                                   A Victorian wrythen bodied jack pulpit vase with
Est. £20-£30                                                   fluted rim and pale blue opaline collar to a clear
                                                               pale blue ground, height 10.5".
                                                               Est. £50-£60

321                                                           330
A Victorian cinquefoil perfume bottle with printie            A small Queens Burmese fairy light dome decorated
and facet cut body to a streaked rainbow tinted               with handpainted ivy leaves and vines to the satin
ground together with a conforming facetted stopper,           ground together with a Clarkes clear pressed base .
height 6".                                                    Dome measures 2, 5" tall, base A/F.
Est. £10-£20                                                  Est. £30-£40

322                                                           331
A small clear facet cut perfume bottle with a gilt            A Whitefriars amber glass footed shallow bowl,the
hinged lid and applied chain.                                 exterior with plain trailed decoration, 11" diameter,
Est. £10-£15                                                  3.5" high.
                                                              Est. £30-£40
A late 19th Century mouth blown ruby jug with an              332
applied clear glass loop handle, height 8".                   Seven modern paperweights, two floral and five
Est. £30-£40                                                  abstract. S/D.
                                                              Est. £40-£50
A Victorian clear cut glass decanter of conical form          333
rising to a facet cut ringed neck with applied angular        Fourteen assor ted paperweights to include floral,
handle, together with a conforming inverse conical            abstract and millefiori examples.
stopper The whole cut with banded liner design,               Est. £40-£50
height 10" with damages.
Est. £10-£20                                                  334
                                                              Ten assorted glass paperweights, five floral and five
325                                                           abstract to include Avondale example.
A late 19th Century footed baluster vase with flared          Est. £40-£50
rim. The body decorated with a f issured green
pattern having black stripes to the lower section,
possibly W.M.F Ikori, height 7".                              335
Est. £30-£50                                                  An Edwardian cut glass vase, the tapering cylindrical
                                                              body decorated with holly and ivy leaves, star cut
                                                              base, 5.5" high.
326                                                           Est. £20-£30
A swirled pink ground jug of cylindrical form with a
fluted neck and applied clear glass loop handle
together with a marled green glass bowl having a              336
square base rising to a flared rim.                           A small 19th Centur y Stourbridge glass heart
                                                              shaped jug in cranberry glass with an applied clear
Est. £10-£20                                                  glass loop handle and crimped foot.
                                                              Est. £15-£20
A 1930’ Whitefriars vase of flared cylindrical form
decorated with internal rows of air bubbles within            337
a cinnamon case, height 8".                                   A pair of late 19th Century Sowerb y purple marbled
                                                              slag glass half pint beakers with star base and
Est. £20-£30                                                  embossed peacock head stamp.
                                                              Est. £20-£25
A 19th Century white opaque glass vase of footed
slender baluster form with flared neck, the body              338
decorated with hand enamelled floral spray with               A 1930’s Whitefriars wave looped vase of baluster
butterfly between gilt borders, height 11".                   form with flared rim in a Uranium yellow together
Est. £20-£25                                                  with a small wave looped fold over im posy vase in
                                                              a deep green colour.
                                                              Est. £30-£40
A large 20th Century ruby glass jug of footed form
with applied clear glass looped handle.
Est. £20-£25
                                                              An Edwardian clear cut glass drinks set comprising
                                                              large loop handled water jug and six flared rim
                                                              tumblers. The whole decorated with a cut fruiting
                                                              vine pattern.
                                                              Est. £20-£25

                                                              A small pair of baluster body vases with a wrythen
                                                              neck decorated with gilt and white enamelling to
                                                              the green ground, each 5" with S/D.
                                                              Est. £10-£15

                                                              A James Powell pale turquoise vaseline glass ewer,
                                                              the elongated ovoid body rising to slender neck
                                                              and trefoil rim, high plain loop handle, raised on
                                                              shallow cir cular foot, 12" high. ILLUSTRATED.
                                                              Est. £800-£1000

                                                              A 19th Century white opaline glass pipe, the bowl
                                                              with turquoise rim, 19" long.
                                                              Est. £150-£200

                                                              A late 19th Century Queens Burmese fairy light
                                                              dome decorated with hand enamelled foliate and
                                                              berry sprays to the graduated pink to yellow ground.
                                                              The dome together with a ceramic base having a
                                                              posy tray and rim all decorated with floral sprays in
                      Lot 344                                 pink and gilt to the cream ground.The base marked
                                                              for Taylor Tunnicliffe. Dome measures 2.5" and the
                                                              whole 5.5".
                                                              Est. £350-£400
339                                                           347
A 20th Century twin handled Venetian glass tray
with engraved dancing couple to base terminating              A Victorian Sowerby vitro-porcelain glass basket in
in blue and clear glass rope twist galler y.                  pale blue tone.The base marked with the peacock
Est. £60-£70                                                  Est. £25-£30
340                                                           348
An early 20th Century cranberry glass carafe bottle
of bulbous form. Height 7.25".                                A set of six mouth blown hock glasses, the turquoise
                                                              bowls above a clear stem and circular foot.
Est. £30-£50
                                                              Est. £100-£120
A 19th Century footed glass vase of flared cylindrical        A late 19th Century iridescent glass bowl with fold
form decorated to the body with a hobnail cut abo ve
a prism collar height 4.5".
             ,                                                over crimped rim.The body decorated with a band
                                                              of green webbing to the pearlised ground, measures
Est. £30-£40                                                  4" tall by 5.5" across.
                                                              Est. £70-£90

350                                                          358
A 19th Century Continental cream opaque glass                A Victorian Continental opaline vase of shouldered
vase of footed slender baluster form decorated with          baluster form decorated with hand painted floral
hand enamelled wild flowers within scrolled gilt             sprays to the graduated red to cream ground, height
borders, height 14".                                         12".
Est. £100-£120                                               Est. £20-£30

351                                                          359
A 19th Century opaque white glass vase of swollen            A pair of amber wine goblets with shallow bowls
baluster form with a flar ed neck decorated with             above splayed ribbed bases, the pair cut with horses
hand enamelled wild floral band to the body within           to a landscape setting.
gilded borders, height 8".                                   Est. £40-£50
Est. £80-£100
352                                                          A 19th Century Stourbridge glass clear scrooge
A late 19th Century French opaline glass inver ted           decanter with star cut base, the body applied with
baluster vase, the exterior enamelled with flower            raspberry rosette detail.
and leaf sprays, 10" high.                                   Est. £40-£50
Est. £10-£15
353                                                          A late 19th Century clear cut glass footed goblet
A 19th Century cylindrical perfume flask and                 decorated laurel leaf garlands around applied and
stopper decorated with multicoloured bands, gilt             cut amethyst lozenges below conforming borders,
metal cap 3" high; similar clear glass bottle example        height 7.5".
2.75" high.(2).                                              Est. £60-£70
Est. £15-£20
354                                                          A Victorian opaque white glass oil lamp with a
A late 19th Century Stevens and Williams spill vase.         stepped base rising to a ribbed paraffin reservoir
The yellow ground body having drawn spots and                below a brass gallery. The fitting having original
mounted to a spiked clear glass base with rising             domed white glass shade and “Tiger-brand” chimney,
clear glass floral branch. Marked to the underside           height 22".
with an engraved registration mark, height 5".               Est. £80-£100
Est. £10-£20
355                                                          A 19th Century Stourbridge glass vase of barrel
A Victorian vaseline Jack Pulpit vase of footed form,        form above a facet cut base and ha ving a fluted rim.
the wrythen body rising to a wide folded rim with            The body intaglio cut through the pink ground with
drawn point tips, measures 12" tall.                         wild flowers and leaves, to the rim a further detail
Est. £80-£100                                                of daisies, height 6.5".
                                                             Est. £150-£160
A late 19th Century crackle glass bellied pitcher            364
with applied loop handle, the body decorated with            A late 19th Century intaglio cut spirit flask of oval
multicoloured glass spots trailed below the crazed           section with conforming stopper.The body cut with
ground, height 6.5".                                         a hunting scene showing a horse and rider making
Est. £80-£100                                                a jump over a fence with a fox and hound to the
                                                             fore, the whole to a countryside setting and within
357                                                          a woven branch border. The back monogrammed
                                                             with the initials of “J.L” and the stopper further
A 19th Century satin pink footed vase of Neo-                decorated with a small bee. The whole attributed
Classical form decorated with conforming Neo-                to the hand of Joseph Locke, lacking signature ,
Classical giltwork bands of pattern within gilded            measures 7.5" long. ILLUSTRATED.
borders, height 12".
                                                             Est. £1500-£1800
Est. £40-£50

A large clear glass footed goblet of flared cylindrical
form decorated with a diamond engraved design of
bees around foliage within scrolled borders, to the
base further borders and Latin script. Signed to the
underside “C.W 1977”, height 9".
Est. £60-£80

A 20th Century air twist stem wine glass with open
conical bowl all above plain foot, the bowl decorated
with an engraved design of birds amongst flowers
and foliage, height 7" tall.
Est. £20-£30

A 20th Century mouth blown goblet with a fold
over foot rising to a knopped stem with internal
tear shaped air bubble below a shaped bowl, the
bowl decorated with engraved Pictish symbols by
Harold Gordon. Measures 7.5" tall with engraved
monogram to the base.
Est. £20-£30

A 20th Century Whitefriars Commemorative goblet
designed byWilliam Wilson.The footed base rising
to baluster stem with internal air bubble below an
engraved goblet commemorating the Silver Wedding
of the Queen and Prince Phillip. Measures 7.5" with
engraved details to the bottom and limited edition
number of 69 of 2000.
Est. £30-£40

369                                                                                 Lot 364
A 20th Century engraved water jug by Harold
Gordon, the footed base rising to a wide ovoid bowl
with applied loop handle .The body decorated with
a crested tit upon a branch of Scots pine.                     372
Monogrammed and dated to the base, height 8".                  A large footed vase of flared tulip bowl from, the
Est. £40-£60                                                   base star cut below an engraved Rose spray to the
                                                               main body within chip cut borders, height 9" and
370                                                            indistinctly signed to the base.
A modern clear glass footed g oblet with star cut              Est. £60-£80
base decorated to the bowl with a por trait, crest
and commemorative dates for the lif e of William               373
Shakespeare, height 7".                                        A 19th Century blown glass fly catcher of bulbous
Est. £20-£25                                                   form with internal gallery and open base , the whole
                                                               raised upon three feet.
371                                                            Est. £30-£40
A 1953 Coronation Commemorative cut goblet,
the fold over foot rising to a pillared stem with              374
encapsulated hallmarked silver coin below a fluted             A late 19th Century graduated tint cranberry lamp
tulip bowl. The whole cut with the crown, dates                shade of bell form with a fluted rim, height 5.5".
and initials for the Queen above an acorn garland,             Est. £20-£30
height 9.5".
Est. £30-£50

375                                                          382
A small Victorian horse-shoe shaped presses glass            A cased limited edition Caithness paperweight titled
sat together with a plated crimped edge tray.                “North Sea” having an internal air bubble swirl to a
Est. £10-£15                                                 green ground. Numbered 91 of 1000 and complete
                                                             with original certificate.
376                                                          Est. £40-£50
A 19th Century Bristol blue glass bottle vase of
baluster form with a ring and flared neck, height 7".        383
Est. £60-£80                                                 A cased limited edition Caithness paperweight titled
                                                             “Black Gem” having an internal black s wirl around
                                                             and air bubble ground. The base signed and
377                                                          numbered 425 of 1000.
A faceted glass plaque mounted to a rectangular              Est. £40-£50
glass base decorated with an acid etched image of
an Aztec temple, measures 12.6" by 6.5".
Est. £10-£20                                                 384
                                                             A cased limited edition Caithness commemorative
                                                             paperweight designed b y Colin Terris for the birth
378                                                          of Prince William.The weight having an internal three
A large 20th Century commemorative f ooted                   flower stem surrounded by a blue millefiori cane
goblet diamond cut to the body with fluted                              .
                                                             work collar Numbered 43 of 100 and together with
cartouche panels.The panels bear the Arms for the            original certificate .
city of Birmingham with script noting the centenary
dates for the grant of city title.The piece signed A.        Est. £150-£180
Crannage and stands 11" tall.
Est. £100-£150                                               385
                                                             A cased limited edition Caithness paperweight to
                                                             commemorate the marriage of the Prince of Wales
379                                                          to Diana Spencer. The weight having a spiral cane
A 20th Centur y Royal Brierle y lead cr ystal                work design in green and red to the black ground.
commemorative engraved footed goblet, the bowl               Numbered 155 of 750 and complete with original
decorated to commemorate the Silver Wedding of               certificate.
the Queen and Prince Phillip.The whole cased with            Est. £50-£70
a certificate stating No 126 of 500, height 5.5".
Est. £20-£30
                                                             A cased set of limited edition Caithness paper
380                                                          weights titled the Planet series. The set comprises
A cased Caithness paper weight designed by Colin             of four weights titled Mercury, Venus, Saturn and
T ris, the weight of clear glass with an engraved            Mars and come complete with their original
and satin finished body surrounding a printie                certificate.The set numbered 432 of 500.
window with polish cut showing the internal blue             Est. £150-£180
flower shape. Titled Space probe II and signed to
the base. The weight complete with a descriptive
card and comment from the artist.                            387
Est. £250-£280                                               A cased limited edition Caithness paper weight titled
                                                             “Earth” with internal blue and white mottled canopy
                                                             to the clear body. Numbered 455 of 500 and dated
381                                                          1971 complete with original certificate.
A cased limited edition Caithness commemorative
paperweight designed for the Wedding of Princess             Est. £40-£50
Anne to Capt Mark Phillips. The weight having a
central monogrammed and dated cane work rosette              388
surrounded by cane work twists and panels.                   A cased limited edition Caithness paper weight titled
Designed in 1973 by Colin Terris and numbered 74             “Moon” and having a black ground with white spots
of a limited edition of 100, complete with original          to the internal clear dome. Numbered 58 of 500
certificate.                                                 and dated f or 1972, complete with original
Est. £50-£60                                                 certificate.
                                                             Est. £40-£50

                                                             SILVER & SILVER PLATED ITEMS
A cased limited edition Caithness paper weight titled
“Jupiter” having an internal bubble above a mottled          395
red and black ground. Numbered 415 of 500 and                A hallmarked silver and majolica gourd shaped flask
complete with original certificate.                          and cover. The body decorated with trailed green
Est. £40-£50                                                 and brown glazes with the top mounted with a
                                                             hallmarked silver collar, height 11" with S/D. London
390                                                          1911.
A cased limited edition Caithness paper weight titled        Est. £30-£40
“Pluto” and having three internal air bubbles above
a mixed pale and dark blue ground. Numbered 58               396
of 500 and complete with original certificate.               A hallmarked silver bachelors teapot with part fluted
Est. £40-£50                                                 decoration terminating in ebonised finial. Sheffield
391                                                          Est. £30-£40
A cased limited edition Caithness paperweight titled
“Uranus” and having three internal red canes above           397
a deep purple and blue ground. Numbered 403 of               A hallmarked silver and cut glass cologne bottle,
500 and complete with original certificate .                 the glass body terminating in silver collar and hinged
Est. £40-£50                                                 lid both with embossed foliate scr oll decoration.
                                                             London 1892. S/D.
392                                                          Est. £40-£60
A cased limited edition Caithness paper weight titled
“Sun” having an internal swirled r ed and orange             398
scroll to a deep magenta ground. Number ed 63 of             A Georgian hallmarked silver four bottle cruet stand
500 and complete with original certificate .                 on four squat legs, London 1809 Robert Hennell
Est. £40-£50                                                 together with four later silv er topped bottles.
                                                             Est. £150-£200
A cased limited edition Caithness paper weight titled        399
“Neptune” having an internal air ring above a                A cased set of four Victorian hallmarked silver shell
mottled purple ground. Numbered 456 of 500 and               salts each on three ball feet. Birmingham 1896.
complete with original certificate.
                                                             Est. £80-£100
Est. £40-£50
                                                             A white metal study of a snail with plain shell and
A Victorian Bolton and Mills glass basket of cream           spot decoration to body. Length 3".
over cranberry cased body with applied amber glass
frill, feet, handle and floral work branches.A/F.            Est. £50-£60
Est. £20-£30
                                                             A hallmarked silver pedestal ashtray of circular
                                                             facetted form with three cigarette rests. Diameter
                                                             4.25". Birmingham 1927.
                                                             Est. £10-£20

                                                             A pair of small hallmarked silver pepperettes of plain
                                                             facetted form. Heights 2.75". Birmingham 1904.
                                                             Est. £15-£20

                                                             A set of four modern hallmarked silver pedestal
                                                             shell salt, the gilt bowls supported by circular foot.
                                                             London 2000.
                                                             Est. £40-£50

404                                                            413
A modern hallmarked silver and etched glass scent              A hallmarked silver square shaped pin dish with
bottle, the conical glass body terminating in silver           beaded border, together with a similar silver jubilee
collar and hinged lid. Sheffield 2000.                         example. Birmingham 1916 and 1977 respectively.
Est. £25-£35                                                   Est. £15-£20

405                                                            414
A pair of grape scissors of plain form . Marked to             A hallmarked silver topped and cut glass dressing
reverse D & A.                                                 table jar, the lid with beaten effect. London 1906.
Est. £10-£15                                                   Est. £15-£20

406                                                            415
A modern cased set of four small pedestal salts, the           An Egyptian silver rectangular snuff box with niello
gilt bowls supported by circular bases, together with          decoration depicting camels, feluccas etc, together
conforming spoons. London 2000.                                with a white metal buckle relief moulded with
Est. £40-£50                                                   cherubs.
                                                               Est. £20-£30
A pair of miniature squat pepperettes each with                416
embossed foliate decoration and stamped Sterling               Two silver plated o val entree dishes and co vers, one
to the base.                                                   of plain form the other with beaded detail to border.
Est. £10-£15                                                   Est. £20-£30

408                                                            417
A hallmarked silver christening tankard with                   A cased set of six hallmarked silver teaspoons each
engraved foliate swag decoration and presentation              with flaring reeded terminal. Birmingham 1918.
inscription. Birmingham1930.                                   Est. £20-£30
Est. £30-£40
409                                                            Seven items of hotel plate to include a tea set and
A hallmarked silver three piece cruet set of plain             two oval trays.
facetted form. Birmingham 1933.                                Est. £20-£30
Est. £60-£80
410                                                            Five cased sets of assorted silver and silv er plated
A hallmarked silv er and cut glass salad bowl, the             flatware to include fish knives and forks, tea knives,
cut body terminating in silver rim, with conforming            etc.
silver and cut glass servers (one replaced handle)             Est. £20-£30
Birmingham 1902.
Est. £30-£40                                                   420
                                                               A silv er plated oval entree dish and cov er
411                                                            terminating in beaded borders.
A pair of hallmarked silver squat candlesticks circular        Est. £15-£20
stepped bases with part embossed f oliate
decoration. Heights 5". Birmingham 1966.
Est. £60-£80                                                   A silver plated circular muffin dish and cover of plain
                                                               form terminating in stepped finial.
412                                                            Est. £15-£20
A pair ofVictorian hallmarked silver open salts each
on three pad feet with foliate engraved decoration
terminating in beaded borders and conforming blue              422
glass liners. London 1863.                                     A hallmarked silver circular paperweight of plain
Est. £100-£120                                                 form, engraved to centre “Chevin Golf Club ...1954.
                                                               Diameter 3”. Sheffield 1953.
                                                               Est. £15-£20

423                                                            432
A hallmarked silver twin handled trophy on stepped             A hallmarked silver rectangular v esta case with
black plinth, engraved to body “ The Glamorgan                 engra ved foliate decoration to whole .
                                 ” otal
County Officers Tennis Section ... T height 10.5".             Birmingham1910.
Chester 1932. Dents.                                           Est. £20-£30
Est. £40-£50
424                                                            A hallmarked silver and clear glass rectangular scent
A hallmarked silver pint tankard of plain form with            bottle, the silver hinged lid opening to re veal
scroll handle and presentation engraving to front.             conforming stopper. Chester 1913.
Sheffield 1957.                                                Est. £20-£30
Est. £30-£40
425                                                            A hallmarked silver rectangular easel photograph
Three hallmarked silver golfing tea spoons of var ying         frame with floral embossed decoration to borders.
styles and dates.                                              Height 10". S/D.
Est. £15-£20                                                   Est. £20-£30

426                                                            435
A hallmarked silver and cut glass conical scent bottle,        A hallmarked silver pin cushion in the form of a
the silver collar below conforming stopper. London             small chick. Chester 1907.
1921.                                                          Est. £30-£40
Est. £10-£15
427                                                            A Victorian hallmarked silver novelty match strike
A hallmarked silver and clear glass scrooge decanter,          in the form of a tubular lock terminating in hinged
the waisted glass body terminating in silver, double           circular rough panel. Birmingham 1880.
spout collar and conforming clear stopper.                     Est. £30-£40
Birmingham 1895. S/D.
Est. £40-£50                                                   437
                                                               A small parcel lot of Victorian hallmarked silver
428                                                            flatware to include three table spoons, four table
A Victorian Elkington silver plated charger                    forks, three dessert forks etc.Various dates.
decorated with embossed central portrait within                Est. £60-£80
foliate surround and Classical figures on chariots
to the border. Diameter 19.5". Makers stamp to
reverse.                                                       438
                                                               An oak hinged box containing a large quantity of
Est. £80-£100                                                  silver plated and mother of pearl handled cutlery.
                                                               Est. £10-£15
A hallmarked silver retractable pen and pencil each
reeded and spot decoration.London 1914. Sampson                439
Morden & Co.                                                   A pair of early 20th Centur y silver plated chamber
                                                               sticks each terminating in fluted borders and
Est. £50-£60                                                   conforming snuffers.
                                                               Est. £15-£20
A Georgian hallmarked silver top section of a wine
funnel with gardooned border and plain body.                   440
London 1818.                                                   A hallmarked silver small o val twin handled bon
                                                               bon dish with embossed foliate decoration, together
Est. £30-£40                                                   with a white metal topped ink bottle etc.
                                                               Est. £50-£60
A hallmarked silver circular easel photograph frame
of plain form. Diameter 3.75". Birmingham 1910.
Est. £30-£40

A silver plated on copper twin handled wine cooler
of plain form with gadroon border. Height 10".               444
Est. £10-£20                                                 A 9ct hallmarked five stone opal floral cluster ring.
                                                             Est. £25-£30
A silver plated on copper oval large galler y tray on        445
four bun feet with reeded and ribbon border. Length          A 9ct hallmarked square aquamarine and diamond
24".                                                         cluster ring , central aqua within diamond surround.
Est. £30-£40                                                 Est. £45-£55

443                                                          446
A pair of 19th Century silver plated candlesticks,           A 9ct hallmarked three stone sapphire dress ring,
hexagonal stepped bases rising to sha ped columns            stones set within lattice design.
and conforming capitals. Heights 9".                         Est. £30-£35
Est. £90-£100
                                                             A 9ct hallmarked five stone claw set coral dress
                                                             ring on floral design shoulders.
                                                             Est. £40-£50

                                                             A 9ct hallmarked amethyst and diamond dress ring,
                                                             central oval amethyst in diamond surround.
                                                             Est. £50-£60

                                                             A 9ct hallmarked Victorian style five stone amethyst
                                                             boat shaped dress ring.
                                                             Est. £25-£35

                                                             A Victorian style 9ct hallmarked turquoise and split
                                                             pearl five stone dress ring
                                                             Est. £25-£35

                                                             A 9ct hallmarked blue enamelled Masonic signet
                                                             ring set on split shoulders.
                                                             Est. £20-£25

                                                             A 9ct hallmarked nine stone oval opal cluster , all
                                                             stones claw set.
                                                             Est. £30-£35

                                                             A 9ct hallmarked three stone peridot dress all stone
                                                             rectangular and collar set.
                                                             Est. £35-£45

                                                             A 9ct hallmarked f ive stone claw set opal dress ring.
                                                             Est. £25-£35

455                                                           465
A Victorian style amethyst and split pearl dr ess ring        An Omega chromed cased crown wind stop watch
set on wide shoulders.                                        with side release and black bezel.
Est. £35-£45                                                  Est. £20-£30

456                                                           466
A 9ct hallmarked Fleur De Lys dress ring decorated            A 9ct hallmarked modern Marvin full hunter crown
with blue enamel.                                             wind pock et watch, Roman n umerals on a
Est. £30-£35                                                  champagne dial suspended from a 9ct rose g old
                                                              tr eble dog link single albert chain terminating in T
                                                              bar, end swivel and Victorian full sovereign dated
457                                                           1878. Total weight (excluding watch) 44gms.
A 9ct hallmarkedVictorian and diamond boat shaped             Est. £250-£300
dress ring.
Est. £30-£40
                                                              A 9ct r ose gold f our bar gate bracelet terminating
458                                                           in padlock fastener. Weight approximately 16gms.
A 9ct hallmarked small modern cameo dr ess ring               S/D.
within rope surround.                                         Est. £20-£30
Est. £20-£25
459                                                           Four assor tedVictorian and later dress rings, various
A 9ct Victorian tree stone opal dress ring set on             styles and dates. All S/D
pierced shoulders.
                                                              Est. £10-£20
Est. £20-£25
460                                                           A pair of chain linked engine turned cufflinks,
A 19th Century amethyst and seed pearl ring with              stamped 9ct, together with a gold fob and brooch.
scroll set shoulders.                                         Est. £10-£20
Est. £20-£30
461                                                           A small bag of assor ted jewellery and other items
A hallmarked silver open faced key wind pocket                to include , brooch, watches etc.
watch by Thomas Dodson, Liverpool. Chester 1864.
                                                              Est. £10-£20
Est. £60-£80
462                                                           Seven assorted carved jet and glass items to include
A hallmarked silver key wind fob watch Roman                  earrings, brooches etc.
numerals on white enamelled dial. London 1881.                Est. £10-£15
Est. £20-£30
463                                                           A bag containing a variety of Victorian and later
A gold plated gentleman’s quar tz Omega wrist                 brooches, crosses and Buffalo jewels etc.
watch silvered dial with batons, day and date
aperture. Fitted on expanding bracelet.                       Est. £20-£30
Est. £60-£70
                                                              A late Victorian Whitby jet ten sectioned carved
464                                                           expanding bracelet.
T hallmarked silver golfing fobs together with a              Est. £20-£30
similar example and two brooches.
Est. £15-£20
                                                              A 20th Centur y Scottish pebble brooch set with
                                                              citrene and amethyst. Stamped sterling silver to
                                                              Est. £10-£20

A late Victorian silver thr ee strand albertina
terminating in end swivel and T bar.                       482
Est. £10-£15                                               A Mauchline ware domed shaped cotton reel holder
                                                           decorated with a view of Wellingborough church.
476                                                        Est. £20-£30
A 9ct hallmarked bar brooch with central ruby
encompassed with split pearls. Birmingham 1904.            483
Est. £30-£40                                               A cylindricalTartan war e container in the Caledonia
477                                                        Est. £20-£30
A mid Victorian gilt metal mourning brooch, with
central painted and gilded glass oval panel within         484
“c” scroll frame.                                          A Victorian circular sn uff box decorated with a
Est. £20-£30                                               country scene with shepherd and sheep to the lid.
                                                           Est. £20-£30
A white metal open faced crown wind pocket watch,          485
with L.N.E.R 1790 impressed to reverse.                    A small novelty leather pin cushion in the form of a
Est. £15-£20                                               hand together with a Williamson corkscrew
                                                           modelled as a bottle.
479                                                        Est. £20-£30
A parcel lot of 19th Centur y and later jewellery
and assorted items to include buckles, brooches,           486
pendants etc.                                              A Continental napkin ring decorated with Cathedral
Est. £60-£80                                               scene together with a small wooden plane and a
                                                           feeder spoon.
480                                                        Est. £20-£30
A bag of assorted items to include three watches,
cufflinks, pencil, clock keys etc.                         487
Est. £10-£15                                               An early 20th Century wrought iron and wooden
                                                           toy mangle terminating in crank handle .
481                                                        Est. £20-£30
An Edwardian rose quartz and silver necklace having
rows of graduated droppers from the main chain.            488
Est. £15-£20                                               A pair of Art Nouveau pewter tulip vases each with
                                                           bulbous bases and elongated reeded necks. Heights
                                                           Est. £20-£30

                                                           A 1930’s motorised pond boat with red livery to
                                                           sides and planked deck detail. Length 20".
                                                           Est. £20-£30

                                                           A 20th Century rectangular Turkish wool rug, the
                                                           red ground with foliate and geometric pattern. 62"
                                                           x 40".
                                                           Est. £20-£30

491                                                           500
A 1980’s Slazenger men’s hockey stick with twelve             A quantity of Victorian and later lace and linen to
signatures to back to include members of the                  include lace collars, white work table ware and
Olympic gold medal winning team, Sea Kerl y, Ian              drawn thread cloths and mats.
Taylor, Paul Barber, Imran Sherwani etc.                      Est. £20-£30
Est. £30-£40
492                                                           A large parcel of Victorian and later christening
A Victorian tortoise shell rectangular hinged card            robes and conf ormation dresses. The parcel
case.The front and back decorated with mother of              decorated with various lace trims and white work
pearl inlaid geometric pattern.                               detail, nineteen in total.
Est. £100-£150                                                Est. £50-£60

493                                                           502
Two comprehensive albums of assorted English                  An early 20th Century rectangular black lacquered
silver and copper coinage to include Roman, Edward            wooden panel decorated with six blue and white
IV Elizabeth I, Charles II through to current examples        Chinese figure groups, all terminating in iron scroll
approximately 250 coins in total.                             handles. 17" x 27.5". S/D.
Est. £150-£200                                                Est. £30-£40

494                                                           503
A small bag containing a variety of English and               A box containing approximatel y two hundred
foreign coinage to include USA liber ty half dollar           various postcards to include landscape and comic
etc.                                                          examples.
Est. £10-£15                                                  Est. £20-£30

495                                                           504
A late 19th Century oak cased mantle clock,                   An Edward VII half sovereign dated 1903.
geometric carved panel below brass dial and carved            Est. £40-£50
pediment. Mo vement marked “Ansonia Clock
Company”. Height 15".
Est. £60-£80                                                  A George III shilling dated 1787.
                                                              Est. £30-£40
A leather cased pair of mother of pearl and pink
enamelled French opera glasses.                               506
Est. £20-£30                                                  A small parcel lot of assorted coins to include
                                                              George VI three pence’s, five crowns etc
                                                              Est. £40-£50
A Victorian mother of pearl single knife case, the
diamond cut pearl sectioned hinged lid opening to             507
reveal purple velvet interior. Damage and losses.             An Edwardian three bottle inkwell stand, each
Est. £15-£20                                                  square bottle with prismatic cap and gilt metal
                                                              mounts, raised on rectangular oak base with pen
                                                              wells, 11" x 8".
498                                                           Est. £50-£70
A parcel lot of ten1930’s assorted oak biscuit barrels
of varying styles to include banded and facetted
examples.                                                     508
Est. £20-£30                                                  A pair of early 19th Centur y flat based brass stirrups
                                                              with engraved detail to plates and side sections.The
                                                              whole terminating in arched tops.
499                                                           Est. £60-£80
A hickory shafted cleek by F.H.Hayres. Stamped to
shaft and club head terminating in suede grip.
Est. £70-£90

A sectional carved ivor y processional figure group
on rectangular base eleven figures in total with
central seated figure carried by four male figures
flanked by guards. Length 8.25". S/D.
Est. £60-£80

A late Victorian horse measuring stick terminating
in brass fittings and yew handle concealed within
bamboo sheath with hallmarked silver collar dated
London 1893.
Est. £65-£75

A Victorian mustard cotton ladies boned corset
decorated with black wool stitch work, lace trim
and lace back, the front having hook fastening
between ribboned sides. ILLUSTRA TED.
Est. £300-£350

A Victorian ladies boned corset of pink floral
damask with deep fitted waist, hooked front and
pink ribboned lace up back, the top trimmed with
ribboned laces.The whole mounted to its original
corset bust stand with a turned wooden base.
Est. £350-£400
                                                                     Lot 512 - back, Lot 511 - front.
A 19th Century brass based oil lamp with a
Cranberry glass paraffin reservoir, brass gallery and
clear glass chimney, height 20".                               517
Est. £80-£100                                                  A cased pair of late 19th Century mother of pearl
                                                               opera glasses by Colman, Paris.
514                                                            Est. £40-£60
A late 19th Century framed and glazed woolwork
carpet picture depicting children rest by castle ruins.        518
18" x15".                                                      A mahogany cased early 20th Century monocular
Est. £80-£90                                                   brass lacquered microscope with various
                                                               attachments, one lens marked J.Swift & Sons
515                                                            London.
A pair of framed and glazed reversible P & 0                   Est. £150-£200
Pencillings depicting study of a pilot ship and a deck
detail. 10" x 14".                                             519
Est. £20-£30                                                   An HMV crank handle wind up mahogany cased
                                                               gramophone with twin doors to front and hinged
516                                                            lid.Working.
A Victorian beadwork study of a snake comprising               Est. £30-£50
of black, red brown and white beads. Length 19".
Est. £20-£30                                                   520
                                                               An Edwardian brass f ire screen, four splayed feet
                                                               supporting plain screen with Greek key border and
                                                               arched pediment. Height 28".
                                                               Est. £10-£15

521                                                           530
A pair of 1920’s ladies evening shoes in black silk           A late 19th Century money bank in the form of a
and decorated with rhinestone sprays to the toes              cathedral in tonal blue. Height 6.25". S/D.
together with a Crocodile Gladstone bag, black                Est. £30-£40
leather evening bag and plain black leather bar shoes.
Est. £20-£30                                                  531
                                                              A 1920’s beadw ork and glass bead belt, the white
522                                                           ground highlighted with grey floral motifs spaced
A gold 1897 American twenty dollar coin with a                with graduated beads.
9ct hallmarked pendant mount.                                 Est. £30-£35
Est. £200-£250
523                                                           A white metal, blue and grey enamelled rectangular
A small parcel lot of painted lead farm animals by            Art Deco compact, with attached silk tassel, minor
various makers to include Britains, the parcel                losses, together with a 1930’s Cutex box.
contained within a home made wooden ark. S/D                  Est. £25-£30
Est. £15-£20
524                                                           A late 19th Century brass ink stand in the form of
A late 19th Century carved mahogany barometer                 a owl with glass eyes and hinged head holding a bat
in the Ar t Nouveau style with floral motifs                  in his beak standing on a tree branch next to a
surrounded by whiplash and intertwined leaves and             stump with hinged lid. Height 5".
stems, the whole with silvered dial and mercury               Est. £150-£180
thermometer measures 18".
Est. £30-£40                                                  534
                                                              An early 20th Century linen bedspread, central floral
525                                                           decoration within geometric border.
A 1930’s oak cased striking wall clock, silver ed dial        Est. £20-£30
with Arabic n umerals above glazed panelled door.
Est. £30-£50                                                  Tw o late 19th Century brass jam pans each
                                                              terminating in arched carrying handles. Diameters
526                                                           12" and 9".
A parcel lot of assorted christening robes, table             Est. £25-£35
cloths and conformation dresses, twenty one in
Est. £100-£120                                                Two 19th Century brass saucepans each terminating
                                                              in stick handles, together with a squat copper kettle .
527                                                           Est. £20-£30
A parcel lot of assor ted christening robes with lace
trims and drawn thread work details, twenty in total.         537
Est. £100-£120                                                A pair of late 19th Century brass candlesticks of
                                                              hexagonal facetted form, heights 9.5".
528                                                           Est. £20-£30
A 1930’s cylindrical tin plate money box in the form
of a comic man wearing a hat. Spring loaded to
extend his legs.                                              538
                                                              A 19th Century small brass shaving bowl with
Est. £50-£60                                                  copper rivets suppor ting right angled handle,
                                                              together with a similar candlestick.
529                                                           Est. £10-£20
A pair of Continental painted porcelain plaques
depicting river landscapes. Each bearing signature
J.E.Savaon. 4" x5.5".
Est. £200-£300

539                                                           548
A 19th Century wrought ir on screw action                     A framed and glazed print entitled “Drink Puppy,
bookpress with remnants of gilt decoration to top             Drink” depicting four dogs by a Hudson’s soap water
plate, terminating brass ca pped crank handle.                trough.
Est. £60-£80                                                  Est. £10-£15

540                                                           549
An early 20th Century mahogany cased Napoleon                 A small parcel lot of assorted 1970’s Magic
strike mantle clock, the silvered dial with Arabic            Roundabout and Thunderbird figures etc to include
numerals above shaped skir t with beaded detail all           Corgi examples.
on four bun feet. Length 21".                                 Est. £20-£30
Est. £40-£50
541                                                           Twelve “Gen uine Lumar” jigsaw puzzles, together
A late Victorian black slate strike mantle clock the          with a GWR example and a blow football game.
rectangular base supporting white dial with Roman             Est. £20-£30
numerals, gilt chapter ring flanked by twin Corinthian
columns and apex pediment all decorated with gilt
highlights.                                                   551
                                                              A late 19th Century tin plate carriage clock Roman
Est. £100-£150                                                numerals on a circular dial with musical mechanism.
                                                              Est. £20-£30
A gold plush straw filled ted dy bear with bead eyes
together with two modern similar examples.                    552
Est. £20-£30                                                  A pair of early 20th Centur y wall sconces in the
                                                              form of two veined lily pads each embossed with
                                                              the figure of a frog and a fly. Lengths 11".
543                                                           Est. £50-£60
An illustrated bound volume of “The Game of Golf”
together with a copy of “Essentials of Golf” by Abe
Mitchell.                                                     553
Est. £20-£30                                                  Three late Victorian steel scissors each decorated
                                                              with red and green set stones above blades.
                                                              Est. £30-£40
An early 20th Centur y brass surveyors sight by
T.Cooke and Sons Limited. Diameter 4.5".                      554
                                                              A Mauchline ware style r ectangular box with two
Est. £30-£40                                                  children to hinged lid, together with a pair of scissors
                                                              the handles in the form of owls.
545                                                           Est. £25-£35
An early 20th Century Macfarlane brassier golf club,
together with a Simpson machie example.
Est. £40-£60                                                  Three Edwardian rectangular wooden gaming boxes
                                                              each with a differing card suite to lid and opening
546                                                           to reveal gaming counters.
A leather cased meerschaum pipe, head and                     Est. £20-£30
shoulder profile of a lady terminating in amber
mouthpiece. Damage to amber.
Est. £30-£40                                                  A 20th Century Corinthian bagatelle board of
                                                              typical form, together with six balls. Length 30".
547                                                           Est. £15-£20
Two late1950’s film posters for “Love is My
Possession” and“The Vampire”.
Est. £15-£20

557                                                           566
An early 20th Century mid dle eastern wall hanging            A pair of Oriental export cloisonne baluster vases,
embroidered with Persian style archway, rampant               decorated with dragons chasing a flaming pearl
lions within a foliate scroll border all on a black           beneath successive cloud, stiff leaf and floral borders
wool ground. 100" x 50".                                      in turquoise , blue and black enamels, 6" high, S/D;
Est. £100-£120                                                another similar smaller pair, 4" high, S/D.(4).
                                                              Est. £20-£40
A vegetable ivory bodkin holder together with two             567
small tins etc.                                               A painted spelter figure of a deer on naturalistic
Est. £15-£20                                                  oval base, 5.5" high; a gilt metal portrait plaque of a
                                                              moustachioed gentleman, 7" high; a bronze figure
                                                              of a pierrot boy raised on wooden plinth, 5" high.(3).
A Mauchline ware shaped pin holder decorated with             Est. £30-£40
views of New Brighton to front and back.
Est. £15-£20                                                  568
                                                              A Japanese cloisonne oval section box with millefiori
                                                              decoration raised on four bun feet, 6.5" long; a
560                                                           cloisonne cigarette box decorated with floral
A Victorian papier mache needle holder in the from            roundels, raised on bracket feet, 4" long.(2).
of a small book with foliate decoration to front.             Est. £30-£40
Est. £15-£20
561                                                           A pair of Oriental cloisonne figural candelabra, each
A Victorian Grotto ware box containing a variety              with two urn shaped sconces on stylised foliate
of items to include beads, thimbles, earring etc.             branches centred by a robed male and a female
Est. £20-£30                                                  figure on circular base , 8.5" wide, 6.5" high.
                                                              Est. £70-£80
A leather bound copy of Punch No 116 together                 570
with blotting books etc.                                      A German cast iron figure of a medieval knight
Est. £10-£20                                                  standing upon a fluted plinth base moulded with
                                                              crown and shield cr est to the fore , 12" high.
563                                                           Est. £50-£60
A 20th Century shagreen mounted gilt metal square
compact.                                                      571
Est. £10-£20                                                  A Continental bronze bell modelled in relief with a
                                                              band of Classical figures beneath an open rope work
564                                                           and bar handle, possibly German, 7" high.
A Sikes hydrometer by Loftus of London with                   Est. £80-£100
mercur y thermometer on bone register S/D, one
weight absent, boxw ood strung mahogany case;                 572
another similar example.(2).                                  A pair of Baroque style foliate cast bronzed metal
Est. £50-£70                                                  candlesticks raised on shell moulded columns and
                                                              tripod bases, 9.75" high.
565                                                           Est. £30-£40
A pair of brass candlesticks, the petal sconce above
tapering cylindrical pottery column moulded in r elief        573
and washed turquoise enamels, with medieval figures           A pair of cast brass two handle censers and covers
on a foliate ground above knopped stem and circular           with dog of Fo finials, 5" high; a pair of Oriental
base, 6.5" high, damage.                                      bronzed cast metal circular stands with flat pan tops
Est. £20-£30                                                  raised on tripod bases, 4.5" high.(4).
                                                              Est. £30-£40

                                                 Lot 584

574                                                        576
A pair of carved soapstone seals surmounted by             A 1940’s ladies Crepe de Chine e vening dress with
dogs of Fo with incised decoration, 7" high; two           rouched shoulders and high waist, the full length
similar lions each playing with a ball, raised on          sleves decorated with embroider ed pink and white
rectangular plinth base 4" high; a pair of carved          floral sprays around the cuffs.
naturalistic figures of hunting lions, 6" long.(6).        Est. £30-£40
Est. £30-£40
575                                                        A small late cast bronze Lusitania medal.
A quantity of painted plaster figures modelled as          Est. £10-£15
Indian men and women.
Est. £20-£30                                               578
                                                           Three 19th Centur y Daguerreotypes each of
                                                           attractive girls, 3" high, one S/D.
                                                           Est. £15-£20

579                                                             588
T 19th Century v ellum cased Daguerreotypes,                    A leather cased Victorian Daguer reotype, three
one a young girl the case modelled in relief with               quarter length study of a young lady.
thistles,the other a lady within plain case, 3.75" high.        Est. £30-£40
Est. £30-£40
580                                                             A boxed set of Whimsies por celain miniature
A set of six Guinness waistcoat buttons, gilt metal             animals. Zoo set number 8 to include llama, panda
mounted depicting various Guinness images to                    etc.
include a toucan,seal, kangaroo etc, boxed.                     Est. £20-£30
Est. £50-£70
581                                                             A late 19th Century mahogan y cased strike mantle
A late 19th Century Raphael Tuck folding Christmas              clock four bun feet below skirted base , turned side
card; a similar NewYear card; a cut work silhouette             columns flanking brass and silvered dial all
portrait of a young lady in twenties dress.(3).                 terminating in shaped stepped pediment and urn
Est. £5-£10                                                     finial. Height 21".
                                                                Est. £80-£120
A framed and glazed Baxter hunting print,“The Full              591
Cry” 2.75" x 4.75".                                             A box of assorted items to include leather cased
Est. £10-£20                                                    dressing table set, cup and saucer, etc.
                                                                Est. £10-£15
A gilt metal bullet shaped needle and bobbin holder
                                                  ,             592
stamped with foliate bands, 2" high.                            A pair of framed and glazed Chinese silks each
Est. £5-£10                                                     depicting a temple dragon on a pale blue ground.
                                                                14.5" x20".
584                                                             Est. £20-£30
A Bing tin plate clockwork O gauge train and tender
in a repainted green livery, length16", together with           593
three various coaches to include a first class                  An Edwardian mahogany rectangular writing slope
Southern railway example in a dark gr een livery.               decorated with mother of pearl detail to border,
S/D. ILLUSTRA   TED.                                            opening to leather bound slope.
Est. £200-£300                                                  Est. £40-£60

585                                                             594
A large collection of assorted O gauge and similar              A 1920’s evening dress, the grey georgette fabric
track to include points curves etc, together with               decorated with black and red beadwork, with satin
assorted Hornby and other signal gantries, tin plate            underskirt, approximate size 12.
stations etc.                                                   Est. £40-£60
Est. £50-£70
586                                                             A parcel lot of ladies clothing to include an
Twenty f our items of assorted Hornby, Bing and                 early1960’s Berkeley grey wool skir t suit; a similar
other rolling stock to include a hornby Wine Wagon,             three quarter length ladies coat; berets; assorted
trucks, L.M.S Guard’s van etc. S/D and rusted.                  1940’s and later shoes; gents dinner jacket; satin
Est. £100-£150                                                  throw; bead tasselled black satin scarf;1950’s cotton
                                                                print dress etc.
587                                                             Est. £30-£40
A pair of late 19th Century brass candlesticks,
square bases with canted corners rising to flaring              596
circular sconces. Height 9.75".                                 A late Victorian walnut writing slope with brass
Est. £15-£20                                                    escutcheon and detail to hinged lid, opening to reveal
                                                                red velvet slope, ink bottle etc . S/D.
                                                                Est. £40-£50
597                                                             605
An early 19th Centur y portrait miniature painted               An early 20th Century Vienna regulator wall clock,
on parchment depicting Miss Maria Twigg, the                    ebonised cased with glass panels encompassing
painting shows Miss T  wigg in classical style gown             white dial with Roman numerals all terminating in
with a blue shawl.Titled to the reverse with a date             broken arch top pediment. Height 46".
of Sept 1835 and signed to the front “Freese”,                  Est. £100-£150
measures3" b y 2.5" without frame.
Est. £400-£450                                                  606
                                                                A bag containing a variety of mixed English and
598                                                             foreign coinage.
An early 19th Century tor toiseshell travelling                 Est. £10-£15
inkwell case of square section with dome top, the
whole having a sloped lift lid opening to reveal ivory
trimmed edge and a velv et lined interior with a single         607
square section glass inkwell with white metal top.              An early 20th Century cutlery box with twin flush
Measures 2" square by 3" tall.                                  brass handles opening to reveal blue velvet fitted
Est. £200-£250                                                  interior and twin drawers. S/D.
                                                                Est. £10-£20
A parcel of 19th Century gentlemans pipes to                    608
include a large serpentine bodied example with                  A mid 19th Centur y gilt metal mantel clock, four
silver collars in its original presentation case                scroll feet rising to r ectangular base supporting
together with three other assor ted examples.                   central column with white enamelled dial below
                                                                pineapple finial, flanked either side b y conforming
Est. £80-£100                                                   pillars. Height 12". A/F.
                                                                Est. £80-£100
A small pair of 19th Century treen carved ladies
boots with pin button detail.                                   609
Est. £25-£30                                                    A sectional carved ivory study of an elephant with
                                                                twin howdah standing on a rectangular base with
                                                                four attendants to each corner. Length 4.75".
601                                                             Est. £30-£50
A 19th Century cast brass picture frame with shell
and scrolled foliate surrounds together with two
matched examples, each 12" by 9".                               610
Est. £50-£60                                                    A small carved ivory study of a standing camel with
                                                                hanging bridle. Height 1.5", together with a similar
                                                                study of a lion
602                                                             Est. £30-£40
An early 20th Century Oriental style jewellery case,
the ebonised body decorated with mother of pearl
detail and white metal hinges, opening to reveal                611
compartmental interior.A/F.                                     A small carved ivor y study of a seated elephant on
                                                                ebony base, together with a similar study of an
Est. £40-£60                                                    elephant and Mahout.
                                                                Est. £25-£35
A late 19th Century mahogany brass bound writing
slope with twin flush brass carrying handles. Opening           612
to reveal green velvet slope, pen r est, ink bottle etc.        Three carved graduated carved ivory processional
Length 16".                                                     trains of elephants each on tapering ebony base. S/
Est. £80-£100                                                   D,together with a car ved ivor y dagger with elephant
                                                                detail to handle.
                                                                Est. £50-£60
A pewter flaring bowl, circular base rising to four
scrolled dolphin feet supporting planished part                 613
fluted bowl. Diameter8".                                        A small sectional carved ivory study of an elephant
Est. £20-£30                                                    with figures in a howdah all on rectangular base.
                                                                Est. £20-£30

614                                                         623
AVictorian leather bound musical photograph album           An early 20th Century oak American eight day wall
“The Olympia” coloured plate of various sporting            clock, circular dial with roman numerals above dr op
scenes running throughout, to include baseball,             pendulum, within inlaid foliate decorated case. S/D.
tennis, polo steeple chasing etc. Damaged.                  Est. £60-£80
Est. £60-£80
615                                                         A Victorian leather bound photogra ph album
A Mamod steam tractor in red, green and white               containing various portraits together with a velum
livery.                                                     bound writing box.
Est. £15-£20                                                Est. £30-£40

616                                                         625
A late Victorian postcard album containing                  A Victorian rosewood rectangular hinged small w ork
approximately eighty assorted cards of views etc.           box with lift out tray and brass strung detail to
Est. £20-£30                                                exterior. Length 8".
                                                            Est. £20-£30
A bag containing a variety of English and foreign           626
coinage to include Victorian crowns etc.                    A large 19th Century patchwork quilt constructed
Est. £20-£30                                                from honeycombed sections forming diamond
                                                            shapes around a central foliate chintz diamond panel,
                                                            the whole within a conforming triangular patterned
618                                                         border. The whole constructed from n umerous
An early 20th Century Thompson’s style corkscrew            foliate and chintz patterned fabrics, measures 105"
terminating in antler handle.                               by 83" minor damages.
Est. £20-£30                                                Est. £80-£100
619                                                         627
A 1940’s metal r ectangular advertising sign                A large 19th Century double patchwork quilt
“Cadbury’s Chocolate , Delious and Wholesome”               constructed from assor ted patches and scraps of
white lettering on a navy blue ground. S/D.                 fabric to the deep border falling to a tessellated
Est. £15-£30                                                diamond and star central border with an internal
                                                            patched pattern of fabric blocks and star shapes to
620                                                         a deep red ground. Measures 103" by 87" having
A 1940’s metal reversible advertising sign “You May         damages and patch repairs.
Telephone form Here”, white lettering on a navy             Est. £80-£100
blue ground.
Est. £20-£30                                                628
                                                            A small collection of late 19th and early 20th
621                                                         Century ladies parasols to include a ladies Malacca
T 1940’s metal advertising signs “Colman’s D.S.F
 wo                                                         cane handled parasol with engraved gilt collars and
Mustard”, blue lettering on a yellow ground and “           silk canopy, a 20’s phenolic handled parasol with
Country Express ... Stourbridge”, white lettering on        red silk canopy and a silver collared Malacca cane,
a brown ground. Both S/D.                                   four in total.
Est. £20-£30                                                Est. £50-£60

622                                                         629
An Edwardian stained oak mantle clock pillared sides        A late 19th Century cased Singer sewing machine .
with shaped finials flanking circular silvered dial.        Est. £10-£15
Height 16".
Est. £20-£30                                                630
                                                            A 1930’s walnut veneered Marconi Radiogramme,
                                                            the rectangular case having applied stepped chrome
                                                            fittings to the base either side of the bakelite grill.
                                                            Est. £15-£20

631                                                           640
A 1950’s Bakelite cased Phillips Radio with sloped            A pair of early 20th Century fire dogs, rectangular
tuning dial to the top section.                               iron foliate decorated bases rising to brass capitals,
Est. £20-£30                                                  together with a set of brass fire irons.
                                                              Est. £10-£20
A 19th Century copper samovar of baluster section             641
with applied carrying handles and ivory capped tap.           A lateVictorian oil lamp, the hexag onal shaped base
Est. £15-£20                                                  rising to opaque glass painted reser voir metal f ittings
                                                              and clear glass chimney. Height 19".
633                                                           Est. £10-£20
A 19th Century copper bedpan with ring turned
handle together with a similar example.                       642
Est. £10-£20                                                  A large early 20th Century riveted copper log
                                                              bucket terminating in flared border.Diameter 19.5".
634                                                           Est. £30-£40
A 19th Century cased taxidermist study showing a
fox in country setting with a bird kill, the whole            643
within a wooden case with glazed front and                    A Victorian rectangular brass ink stand supporting
decorated interior.                                           twin cut glass ink wells each with hinged brass collars
Est. £40-£60                                                  and hexagonal facetted lids. Length 10.75".
                                                              Est. £80-£100
A 19th Century mahogany banjo bar ometer with                 644
silvered dial and mercury thermometer, lacking                A Victorian rectangular oak deed box with twin flush
lower dial.                                                   brass carrying handles to sides and conforming
Est. £80-£100                                                 plaque to hinged lid. Length 19.5".
                                                              Est. £30-£40
A small parcel lot of Dinky and other toy cars to             645
include five racing cars in various liveries Maserati,        A Victorian rectangular brass trivet on four lion paw
Talbot Lago etc.                                              feet with foliate pierced decoration. Length 10.5".
Est. £30-£40                                                  Est. £10-£20

637                                                           646
A 1930’s embroidered rectangular silk to wn banner,           Twelve from a set of sixteen Bonzo Book coloured
with central crest within pale blue borders and gilt          plates individually framed, to include “His Masters
fringe. 42" x 52".                                            Vice”,“Dormy Six” etc, together with three similar
Est. £30-£40                                                  unframed examples etc.
                                                              Est. £200-£300
A 19th Century mahogany cased mantle clock the                647
apex pediment above painted dial and conforming               A 19th Century rosewood veneered and gilded
floral panel. Height 14.5".                                   mirror frame having a convex surround decorated
Est. £30-£40                                                  with applied foliate gilt w ork around the glass, in
                                                              need of restoration.
639                                                           Est. £15-£20
An early 20th Century copper coal scuttle
terminating in arched car rying handle with                   648
conforming scoop.                                             Five German porcelain half dolls of varying sizes,
Est. £20-£30                                                  together with three miniature tiny dolls.(8) and an
                                                              oval card, study of a lady holding a pompadour doll.
                                                              Est. £70-£80

                                                  Lot 661

649                                                         653
A 19th Century Armand Marseille bisque headed                                                  s
                                                            A box containing assor ted Brittan’ and other farm
doll with partially open mouth showing teeth,               buildings and animals etc, to include cattle, sheep,
impressed marks to head. Lenght18". Lacking wig.            pigs etc.
A/F together with a porcelain half doll.                    Est. £40-£50
Est. £70-£80
650                                                         A framed and glazed 19th Century white silk and
A 1950’s Chad Valley felt golly doll wearing a blue         bone fan decorated with white metal foliate s wags
jacket and striped trousers, together with a similar        and borders, together with similar hand painted
wool example .                                              boxed example. Both S/D.
Est. £30-£40                                                Est. £90-£100

651                                                         655
A cloisonne cylindrical vase, black ground with             A 20th Century bronze study of a standing angel in
turquoise foliate decorated panels, together with a         flowing robes. Height 15". A/F.
similar plate.                                              Est. £200-£250
Est. £90-£100
652                                                         A pair of 1930’s book ends in the form of horses
A large parcel lot of assorted cigarette cards to           on a green onyx base, together with other brass
include John Pla yer and Wills examples                     items. (4).
approximately 3000 in total.                                Est. £20-£30
Est. £200-£300

                                                              A late 18th Century “Map of the World” titled
                                                              sampler worked in silks on a printed silk panel as
                                                              the Americas within one circular panel and Europe
                                                              and Asia within the second, naturalistic floral
                                                              borders, 13.5" x 23.5", framed and glazed, damage .
                                                              Est. £300-£350

                                                              An early 19th Centur y sampler worked in silk cross
                                                              stitch on a fine linen ground, the central verse below
                                                              triple bay house surrounded by animal, bird and
                                                              flower studies within running stylised floral borders,
                                                              titled Mar y Ann J ones 1839, 16.25" x 12.5", framed
                                                              and glazed, wear and damage. ILLUSTRATED.
                                                              Est. £280-£300

                                                              A pair of gilt metal spring loaded lorgnettes with
                                                              enamelled detail to handle, together with a pair of
                                                              pince-nez and glasses.
                                                              Est. £80-£90

                      Lot 662                                 663A
                                                              A small 19th Century mahogany apprentice chest
                                                              of drawers comprising two shor t over two long,
                                                              the drawers with cushion front and turned handles
657                                                           within solid frame having a scrolled back pediment.
An early 19th Centur y pewter tankard, stepped base           Est. £60-£80
rising to plain body with central raised band and
engraved initials, all terminating in scroll handle.
Height 6.25".
Est. £35-£45

A pair of framed and glazed Chinese silks, black
ground with floral decoration with butterflies, 24"
x5.5", together with similar modern woven pictures.
Est. £30-£40

A pair of framed and glazed silhouettes of a lady
and a gentleman. Signed and dated 1928.
Est. £10-£20

A Persian embroidered panel, worked in silks and
gilt wire with central floral medallion within foliate
roundel borders on a black woollen ground, 45" x
47"; a similar example worked on a dark blue ground,
47" square.(2).S/D.
Est. £50-£60

PRINTS & PAINTINGS                                         674
                                                           A pair of 20th Century framed and glazed prints,
664                                                        Continental lakeland scenes. 14" x 22.5".
A 19th Century framed oil on canvas of a ship in           Est. £30-£40
turbulent seas. 8.5" x 11".
Est. £20-£30                                               675
                                                           An unframed 19th Century oil on boar d drover
665                                                        and sheep on a rural pathway. To reverse “Near
Four unframed watercolours of sailing ships nearing        Mitcham, Surrey - Oliver Webb”. 11.5" x 14".
coast. Signed in monogram for T Castle.                    Est. £120-£150
Est. £10-£20
666                                                        An early 20th Centur y framed and glazed
Charles Tunnicliff e: Unframed wooden engraving,                        ,
                                                           watercolour f igures in conversation in a country
stag in a fast flowing river.                              lane. 13" x 19.5".
Est. £10-£15                                               Est. £40-£50

667                                                        677
PERCY ROLAND: An unframed pencil sketch                    An early 20th Century framed and glazed oil on
entitled “Would he Follow” depicting a lady on a           canvas, highland cattle watering with mountains in
street.                                                    the distance. Signed D.B in monogram and dated
Est. £15-£20                                               1914. 15.5" x 23.5".
                                                           Est. £100-£150
PERCY ROLAND: An unframed pencil and                       678
watercolour wash sketch, a couple kissing on a park        A framed oil on canvas country house with rose
bench entitled “Love’s Young Dream”.                       garden to the f ore.Attributed to Yeend King. 13.5"
Est. £10-£15                                               x 17.5".
                                                           Est. £70-£80
R.F.S.HEARN:An unframed pen, ink and watercolour           679
study of St John’s Church, Hackney.”                       A framed oil on board extensive river landscape
Est. £10-£15                                               with gypsy caravan in the distance. Signed in
                                                           monogram L.W 19" x 29".
                                                           Est. £25-£35
ELIZABETH FRANK:A unframed lithograph “The
Snake and the Young Birds”.                                680
Est. £10-£15                                               WHITTALL:A framed oil on canvas entitled “Edge
                                                           on Jorden’s Wood”. 25.5" x 21.5". Signed.
                                                           Est. £25-£35
A framed and glazed watercolour country scene
with sheep and drover on a pathway. 10" x 14".             681
Est. £20-£30                                               W.Christian Simmons: A framed and glazed
                                                           monochrome lady seated with parasol in a garden
                                                           setting. 22.5" x 15.5".
672                                                        Est. £90-£100
A framed and glazed watercolour, figures by a
lakeside cottage. 11" x 18.5".
Est. £20-£30                                               682
                                                           M.K.BUCK: A framed oil on canvas harbour scene
                                                           with fishing boats and figures. 17.5" x23.75".
673                                                        Est. £15-£25
A set of four unframed watercolours each of a rural
landscape , signed J.Boucher and dated 1951. 7" x
10.75" each.
Est. £30-£50

683                                                         692
DAWSON: A framed and glazed pencil etching of a             A 19th Century watercolour mountainous lake
coastal scene with cliffs in the distance. 10.25" x         scene with cattle to the fore. 6.5" x 13.5".
15.5".                                                      Est. £30-£40
Est. £25-£35
684                                                         A framed and glazed watercolour artist sketching
A framed and glazed watercolour misty river                 ion a rural setting. Indistinctly signed in monogram.
landscape . 7.75" x11.25". Indistinctly signed.             7.5" x 11.5".
Est. £20-£30                                                Est. £40-£50

685                                                         694
DAI: A framed and glazed chalk full length study of         A framed and glazed watercolour two children by
a nude. 16" x12.5".                                         a tree trunk holding a bird’s nest. 6.5" x 4.25". Bears
Est. £25-£35                                                monogram B.F.
                                                            Est. £200-£250
E.BEECH:A framed and glazed watercolour solitary            695
figure working in a quarry. 11" x 14.5".                    A framed and glazed illustration of footballer Ernest
Est. £100-£120                                              Whatmore.10.25" x 4.75".
                                                            Est. £20-£30
A 19th Century water colour children and chickens           696
outside a thatched cottage. 7" x 10".                       A framed and glazed watercolour, Paris river side
Est. £40-£50                                                scene, signed in monogram. 5.5" x 8".
                                                            Est. £40-£50
A 19th Century coloured print entitled “Hawking”.           697
20" x 14.5".                                                Three assorted framed oils on board to include
Est. £10-£15                                                landscape scenes etc.Various sizes.
                                                            Est. £20-£30
J.COLE: A framed oil on canvas winter scene with            698
windmill and houses by a lakeside. 13.5" x 17.5".           VICKERS DEVILLE: Framed and glazed watercolour
Signed.                                                     , moonlit lake scene with trees in the distance. 7.5"
Est. £80-£100                                               x5.25".
                                                            Est. £25-£35
M. BOWMAN: A framed oil on cavas depicting a                699
young girl hiding behind an open fan titled Rougish         Three various framed and glazed pictures to include
Eyes. Measures 20" by 16".                                  a pencil sketch, watercolour etc.
Est. £100-£120                                              Est. £20-£30

690                                                         700
A framed oil on canvas still life study of a vase of        RONALD DAVIES: A pair of framed and glazed
flowers, indistinctly signed. 13" x 10".                    watercolours depicting birds in their habitat.
Est. £15-£20                                                Est. £40-£50

691                                                         701
A framed and glazed watercolour canal scene with            Four unframed etchings of various styles and scenes.
barges. 10.25" x 13.5". See verso.                          Est. £20-£30
Est. £20-£30

702                                                         712
T framed and glazed etchings one of the Duke                A 20th Century oil on canvas abstract three quarter
ofWellington, the other a Continental street scene.         length portrait study of a seated woman.In the style
Est. £15-£20                                                of John Melville . 40" x 25".
                                                            Est. £200-£300
T framed and glazed pencil drawings of country
 wo                                                         713
houses. Signed. Various sizes.                              JOHN MELVILLE:A par t framed abstracted oil on
Est. £25-£35                                                canvas in a predominantly dark palette. 32" x 42".
                                                            Signed and dated 1962.
704                                                         Est. £200-£300
PAUL BRADDON: A pair of framed and glazed
Continental street scenes each with a Cathedral in          714
the distance. 29.5" x 21". Signed.                          JOHN MELVILLE: A oil on canvas, interior scene,
Est. £400-£500                                              three quarter length portrait study of a gentleman
                                                            seated at a desk. Titled verso “Portrait of Theo
                                                            Melville.” 40" x 39". Signed and dated 1960.
A pair of early 20th Century prints depicting cattle        Est. £150-£200
and sheep by a riverside, each in oak frame. 16.75"
x 29.5".                                                    715
Est. £20-£30                                                ROSINDALE: A geometric abstract oil on canvas
                                                            entitled “Serialization”. See verso. 40" x 40". Signed
                                                            and dated 1975.
A folder containing a variety of prints and etchings        Est. £150-£200
Est. £10-£15                                                716
                                                            N MORRIS HARVEY:A framed and glazed abstract
                                                            oil entitled “Paris by Night”. 9.5" x 13.5".
M WINWOOD: An oil on canvas rear view of a                  Est. £120-£150
house and garden, signed and date 1967. 16" x 22".
Est. £20-£30                                                717
                                                            P.R.TARRANT: A framed and glazed acrylic head
                                                            and shoulder portrait study of a man wearing a flat
708                                                         cap. 19.5" x 13.5" Signed.
A BARTON: Framed oil on board “Man in a Panama              Est. £80-£120
Hat”. Self portrait. See labels verso. 18" x 13.5".
Est. £50-£60
                                                            A framed and glazed acrylic abstract rainforest 14"
709                                                         x 21". See Verso.
N HARVEY:A framed oil on board study of a seated
nude man. 18.5" x 29".                                      Est. £50-£60
Est. £100-£150
                                                            J PIMM: A framed and glazed watercolour entitled
710                                                         “Lunar Vista” see verso. 13.5" x 19". Signed.
JULES SMITH:A framed abstract oil on canvas “Like           Est. £50-£80
Fish in a Pond”. See label verso. 24" x 27.75".
Est. £150-£200
                                                            JOSEPH PIMM:A framed and glazed abracted acr ylic
711                                                         study in a predominantl y yellow palette . 14" x 11".
FREDERKSSON:A framed abstract heavily textured              Signed in pencil to mount.
oil on board. 25.5" x 22". Signed and dated ’83.            Est. £100-£150
Est. £150-£200

721                                                        731
MICHAEL FELLOWS: Two framed and glazed                     An early 20th Centur y framed and glazed engraving
gauche cartoon studies of comical dogs. 1.5" x             of a military gentleman on horseback with Calvary
15.75". Signed and dated ’98.                              soldiers in the distance. 30.5" x 27.5".
Est. £80-£120                                              Est. £100-£150

722                                                        732
ATKINS:A framed and glazed oil on board, a country         A Fine Art Guild framed and glazed Lowr y print
lane in winter, signed. 2.75" x4.5".                       “The Meeting Place”, figures entering an elongated
Est. £5-£10                                                building. Signed in pencil to mount. 19.5" x 28".
                                                           Est. £500-£600
An unframed coloured engraving of “The SouthView           733
of Dudley Castle” above town crest and details. 8"         A pair of framed and glazed early 20th Century
x 15".                                                     prints entitled “Wedded” and “Whispers of Love”.
Est. £15-£20                                               24" x 13.5".
                                                           Est. £50-£60
Six unframed maps predominately of Staffordshire,          734
to include small engraving of Lichfield.                   A quantity of 19th Century prints and engravings,
Est. £20-£30                                               to include examples after Cruickshank and Phiz.(40).
                                                           Est. £5-£10
Eight assorted pencil drawings to include
architectural studies etc .
Est. £10-£20

Three coloured engravings of Dudley Castle , to
include South West View, etc.
Est. £20-£30

A set of eight Victorian hand painted botanical
studies of orchids each 9.5" x 6.5", together with
three later larger examples.
Est. £50-£60

Continental School:Two framed and glazed oval oils
on board river landscape scenes. 4.5" x 7".
Est. £20-£30

F.Arnold: A framed and glazed watercolour figures
on a country lane with cottage in the distance.
Entitled “Eventide”. 9.5" x 13.5".
Est. £60-£80

W .RICHARDS: A framed and glazed watercolour
of a country chur ch. Signed and dated 1884. 8.5" x
Est. £80-£100

FURNITURE                                                     742
                                                              A 19th Centur y ebonised and boule work display
735                                                           cabinet. The plinth base having a shaped apron and
A 1930’s Art Deco four piece bedroom suite                    bracket foot rising to a pillared display case body
comprising dressing table, double wardrobe, single            with arched detail glazed door, to the top section a
wardrobe and double bed head with bedside                     stepped cornice.The whole decorated with applied
cabinets.The suite decorated with quarter v eneered           ormolu work in foliate scroll form with additional
fronts with cross banded edge within an Aztec                 face mask and beaded panels.To the case front Neo-
shaped frame.                                                 Classical design tortoiseshell and brass boule work
Est. £200-£300                                                panels. Measures 31.5" wide by 12.5" deep b y 45"
                                                              Est. £700-£750
A Georgian country oak yolk backWindsor chair,
the upper section with arched back and spindle                743
supports and shaped splat. The whole above a flat             A late Victorian four tier mahogany wotnot with
seat with ring-turned legs.                                   graduated shaped shelves each decorated with small
Est. £50-£60                                                  classical urns in stained boxwood. The shelv es
                                                              supported by turned galleried pillars.
                                                              Est. £250-£280
An Edwardian shield backed chair decorated to the
back with a carved fleur de l ys design above a shield        744
shaped seat and reeded legs.                                  A Victorian light oak heavily carved davenport.The
Est. £10-£20                                                  lower section having three deeply carved lion masks
                                                              within foliate scrolled cartouches all below a leather
                                                              lined lift lid revealing fitted compartment.The upper
738                                                           section having fur ther carved lion mask and foliate
A fruitwood coffer of panelled section with lift lid,         panels all below a fret w ork back rail concealing
lacking block feet.                                           further fitted compartment. The whole supported
Est. £80-£100                                                 by a pair of winged figures with foliate scrolls and
                                                              lion feet. Measures 27" wide by 24" deep by 38"
A pair of Edwardian mahogany side chairs with                 Est. £800-£1000
carved lyre backs below a carved and shaped grab
rail, the whole above overstuffed seats with ring             745
turned legs to the front.                                     An early Victorian buffet side. The bun foot and
Est. £15-£20                                                  skirted base below a double door cupboard with
                                                              arched panel detail and acanthus scrolls to each
740                                                           side with domed single drawer and chamfered edge
                                                              top, to the back an ar ched panel with foliate carved
A 19th Century oak ser ving side table of plain               detail. 41" wide x 19" deep and 78" high.
rectangular section above tapered square section
legs.The whole with arched back.70" wide x 17.5"              Est. £100-£150
deep and 33" high.
Est. £150-£200                                                746
                                                              A Victorian mahogany framed nursing chair with
                                                              low seat belo w a “T” shaped back, the back having
741                                                           barley twist side supports and foliate carved top all
An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet, the lower              above turned and reeded legs. The whole covered
section four cabriole legs with cla w and ball feet           with a chenille decorated with tropical birds.
and carved acanthus detail below double door
cupboard with foliate carved panelling.The top with           Est. £150-£200
shaped inver t cornice with open fret work gallery
above. Silk lined. 46.5" wide x 13" deep and 72.5"
Est. £450-£500

                                                            A Georgian country oak dwarf press comprising
                                                            double cupboard with panelled doors and “H”
                                                            shaped brass hinges above a single long drawer with
                                                            shield back brass handles and a diamond ivory key
                                                            escutcheon all above shaped bracket foot.The whole
                                                            married from earlier country oak pieces,dimensions
                                                            40.5" wide by 20" deep by 36" tall.
                                                            Est. £250-£300

                                                            An 18th Century country oak dresser, the base
                                                            having a pot shelf below turned pillared supports
                                                            rising to three swept arches below a three drawer
                                                            mid section.The drawers all with cock beaded edges
                                                            and later applied oval backed brass handles with
                                                            beaded detail.To the top a tall three shelf plate rack
                                                            with moulded edge detail and stepped flared cornice
                                                            supported by slim snake foot to the fore. Measures
                                                            60" wide by 19" deep by 82.5" tall.
                                                            Est. £1500-£1800

                                                            A set of four 19th Centur y oak and elm Windsor
                                                            chairs comprising three low backs and one high
                                                            back, the set all having a scrolled and tear pierced
                     Lot 751                                splat back between plain spindles with a mid section
                                                            shepherd’s crook arm above a shaped solid seat. To
                                                            the base turned column legs with arched crinoline
747                                                         Est. £300-£350
An early 19th Century mahogany veneered chest
of drawers comprising two short over three long,            753
the drawer fronts having cockbeaded edge with               A 19th Centur y solid oak refector y table with
Neo-Classical style circular brass handles with             panelled top resting upon a solid frame with heavy
foliate surrounds.The whole having a pine carcass           baluster turned columns to each side falling to a
with mahogany stain pine sides all above a shaped           shaped and swept foot joined by a single bar
base with French bracket foot, measures 37" wide            stretcher, measures 30" wide by 66" long.
by 18" deep by 40" tall.                                    Est. £300-£350
Est. £250-£300
748                                                         A turn of the 19th Centur y oak rocking chair with
A Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror with             plain spindle back and simple cur ved yoke with
serpentine base having an oval patch box below              scrolled detail to the back all above a flat seat with
foliate carved side supports, to the centre and oval        turned legs and curved rocking base.
mirror with cushion frame .                                 Est. £40-£50
Est. £100-£150
749                                                         A small turn of the19th Centur y flowered oak
A small 1930’s oak three tier side table with beaded        tripod table with shaped circular top above a central
edge s supported by slender barley twist supports.          baluster turned column supported by three reeded
Est. £10-£15                                                shaped legs.
                                                            Est. £20-£30

                                                           An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet, the lower
                                                           section having a double door cupboard above shor t
                                                           square section legs with spade foot. The upper
                                                           section having a tall double door display case with
                                                           panelled glazed doors surmounted by a stepped and
                                                           flared cornice with architectural pediment adorned
                                                           with classical urns and carved foliate swags. The
                                                           whole decorated with inlaid boxw ood stringing and
                                                           stained foliate inlay, the interior retaining original
                                                           green silk velvet lining. Measures 32" wide by 15.5"
                                                           deep by 82" tall. ILLUSTRATED.
                                                           Est. £400-£500

                                                           An 18th Centur y dark country oak mule chest with
                                                           single draw er having turned handles below
                                                           geometric three panelled front below lift lid opening
                                                           to reveal a single candle box, the whole raised on
                                                           square block feet, measures 44"wide by 20" deep
                                                           by 30" tall.
                                                           Est. £100-£150

                                                           An Edwardian mahogany corner wotnot having a
                                                           central demilune pot shelf above a secondar y
                                                           triangular pot shelf all between slender cabriole legs,
                                                           the upper section having a double arched mirror
                                                           back below a r eeded boss with scrolled top. The
                                                           whole decorated with boxwood foliate and strung
                                                           detail. S/D.
                                                           Est. £130-£150

                                                           A late 19th Century mahogany framed collapsible
                                                           chair with spindle back between padded back rest
                                                           and seat cover ed in remnant chenille fabric.
                                                           Est. £10-£20

                    Lot 757                                An Edwardian mahogany sideboard of breakfront
                                                           section with three drawers to the centre flanked
                                                           by a single door cupboard to each side.The whole
                                                           decorated with shaped recessed panels and applied
756                                                        Neo-Classical style handles, with a rope twist edge
A small 19th Century oak joint stool with flat seat        to the top.The whole raised upon tapering square
above a pattern carved skirt supported by ring             section legs with spade foot, measur es 5ft wide by
turned legs with plain stretchers between.                 20" deep.
Est. £30-£40                                               Est. £60-£70

                                                           A small Edwardian light oak barle y twist gate leg
                                                           table with oval top.
                                                           Est. £10-£15

A Victorian mahogan y toilet mirror having a
serpentine front below shaped side arms with a
cushion frame mirror to the centre.
Est. £20-£30

A Victorian mahogany display cabinet, the lower
section having a double panelled door cupboard
below a concealed concave single drawer, to the
top a double panelled glazed door with mahogany
beading, measures 60" wide by 19" by 7ft tall.
Est. £80-£100

A 19th Century converted mahogany chest of
drawers to form a bureau, the top section having a
slim fall front opening to reveal a plain interior above
three graduated drawers with turned mahogany
handles.The whole supported by shaped bracket
foot and measures 4ft wide by 22" deep.
Est. £100-£150

A small 19th Century bobbin turned corner chair
with woven rush seat.
Est. £30-£40

An Edwardian solid oak gate leg table with barley
twist legs.
Est. £20-£30

768                                                                                  Lot 770
A small Edwardian mahogany side table with fluted
Est. £5-£10
769                                                             A late Georgian rectangular tilt top table , the table
A 19th Century mahogany bow front chest of                      above a baluster form column with slender snake
drawers comprising of two shor t over three long                foot leg.
with turned mahogany handles. The whole having                  Est. £250-£300
mahogany cross banded detail all above plain skirt.
Est. £100-£150                                                  772
                                                                A late Victorian mahogany demilune dressing table
770                                                             having a serpentine base with ring turned column
A 19th Century mahogany circular topped tripod                  to the front and plain supports to the rear below a
table, the top inset with an inlaid gaming board all            demilune top.To the rear a cushion framed mirror
above an octagonal column with diamond carved                   supported b y carved supports with small single
collars and three splayed legs. ILLUSTRATED.                    drawers to each side, measur es 34" wide by 16"
Est. £300-£350                                                  deep.
                                                                Est. £30-£50

                                                   Lot 783

773                                                          777
A late 19th Century mahogany coal box with lift lid          A late 19th Century walnut two seater sofa in the
to the front and cast brass handle with stylised             Queen Anne style, the double arched back falling
foliate scrolls.                                             to a deep seat and roll o ver arms. The whole
Est. £10-£20                                                 supported by a walnut base with shaped demilune
                                                             stretchers having finial mounts and claw feet to the
                                                             fore.The seat upholstered in a pink velvet.
A small turn of the19th Century pine pedestal table          Est. £500-£600
with circular top above central ring turned column
and three low serpentine legs.                               778
Est. £10-£20                                                 A Victorian mahogany sewing table having three
                                                             foliate carved scrolled legs rising to a central turned
                                                             baluster column below a rectangular top with
775                                                          shaped apron and integral fitted drawer.
A small Edwardian piano stool of rectangular                 Est. £100-£120
section with lift lid between shaped side handles.
Est. £10-£15
                                                             An Edwardian mahogany shaped oval top occasional
776                                                          table suppor ted by six slender foliate carved
A pair of late 19th Century walnut armchairs in              cabriole legs with lower conf orming pot shelf.
the QueenAnne style.The high arched shaped backs             Est. £20-£30
falling to a deep seat with roll over arms, the whole
supported by an arched shaped base with demilune
stretchers having turned finials and claw foot to the        780
fore .The pair upholstered in a pink velvet.                 A Regency mahogany Pembroke table with frieze
Est. £500-£600                                               drawer and opposing dummy drawer with cock
                                                             beaded edge and brass floret knob handles all above
                                                             a baluster turned column with reeded collar and
                                                             four reeded splay legs with brass capped feet and
                                                             castors, measures 36" wide by 41.5".
                                                             Est. £300-£350

781                                                           788
An Edwardian mahogany bijouterie case of                      An Arts & Crafts oak wall mounted cupboard with
rectangular section, the moulded and reeded frame             central leaded light single door flanked by slim
set to all sides and top with bevelled edge glass all         turned column sides, to the upper and lower
above a scroll carved skirt and slender cabriole legs.        sections shaped brackets and to the back a shaped
The top picked out with cross banded detail and               pediment with a pierced circular motif, measures
fitted with a single door to the front, measures 24"          25.5" wide by 25.5" deep.
wide by 16" deep by 33" tall.                                 Est. £40-£60
Est. £100-£150
782                                                           A Victorian mahogany plant stand, the top of circular
A large Victorian mahogany toilet mirror ha ving a            section with slatted basket supported by tall slender
breakfront and stepped swept base raised on foliate           sabre legs with a lower circular pot shelf to the
carved feet and fitted with a central patch box below         base, height 38".
an arched and stepped mirror supported by classical           Est. £80-£100
style carved side arms with foliate finials and wreath
detail, measures 36" wide by 36" tall.
Est. £150-£160                                                An Edwardian mahogany single door display cabinet,
                                                              the whole with plain glazed door surrounded b y
783                                                           cross banded and strung detail below a sha ped
A 17th Century oak coff er of typical section having          thumb moulded edge top.The whole mounted to a
a three panelled front decorated with low relief              foliate and shell car ved skirt with slender carved
carved detail of a block and foliate pattern within           cabriole legs, the interior retains original silk velvet
arched and scrolled foliate borders, the whole raised         lining, measures 24.5" wide by 16" deep by 44" tall.
upon block feet and fitted with a plain section lift          Est. £80-£100
lid, measures 55.5" wide by 22.5" deep by 26.5" tall.
Est. £200-£250                                                A Victorian oak buffet side ,the lower section having
                                                              a double panelled door cupboard below ring turned
784                                                           pillared columns rising to the serving side with
A late 19th Century pale oak open bookcase having             bowed double drawers to the front with applied
five shelves between graduated shaped sides falling           brass handles. To the back a raised back rail with
to a plain block foot, to the upper back a shaped             stepped pediment and block detail, measures 4ft
pediment with pierced cut-out design, measures 3ft            wide by 20" deep.
wide by 52" tall by 8" deep.                                  Est. £100-£150
Est. £50-£60
785                                                           A 17th Centur y carved oak coffer, the panelled front
A late Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror               decorated with a low relief carved geometric design
mounted a solid serpentine base below scrolled side           between further car ved side panels. To the top a
arm supports with a cushion framed arch top mirror.           three panelled section lift lid, the whole raised on
Est. £30-£50                                                  plain section block feet, measures 50" wide by 21"
                                                              deep by 20" tall.
786                                                           Est. £140-£160
A 19th Century colonial export ware table of
octagonal section above a collapsible base, the whole         793
decorated with inlaid bone detail in a tessellated            A 17th Century car ved oak coffer having a three
foliate design.                                               panelled front decorated with a lo w relief carved
Est. £10-£20                                                  design of interlaced foliate panels within conforming
                                                              arched detail frieze.The whole raised upon reeded
                                                              block legs and lacking original lid, measures 50" wide
787                                                           by 20" deep by 26" tall.
An Edwardian mahogany oval over mantle mirror                 Est. £60-£80
with boxw ood chevron stringing.
Est. £20-£30

A Victorian button backed chaise longue with roll
over edge and raised rail supported by turned
spindle supports with carved frieze detail, the whole
raised upon turned legs with castors.
Est. £50-£60

A small Edwardian square pot cupboard raised to
square section legs with single door to the front
and grilled back.
Est. £10-£15

A Victorian shield topped burr walnut table having
a thumb mould edge detail above a serpentine
shaped skirt falling to scroll carved cabriole legs
with conforming scroll foot and brass castors,
measures 36" by 40".
Est. £200-£250                                                                    Lot 802
797                                                          801
A 19th Century mahogany corner chair having yoke             A 19th Century rocking chair with close turned
back supported by four square form splats with               bobbin spindle back below a shaped yoke. The
bobbin turned columns to each corner.The whole               scrolled arms supported by further bobbin turned
above square shaped seat with fur ther block and             supports with a rush seat, bobbin legs and plain
ring turned legs with bobbin stretchers.                     rockers.
Est. £80-£100                                                Est. £40-£60
798                                                          802
A set of four Victorian walnut salon chairs having           A William IV mahogany cellarette of squared
shield shaped seats and backs supported by foliate           sarcophagus form with sloped lid abo ve an out
carved frames decorated with boxwood and ebony               swept squar e base supported by four bun feet
stringing and foliate inlay. The whole supported by          concealing castors. The lid lifts to r eveal a fitted
acanthus carved and ring turned legs to the fore             interior with bottle apertures, dimensions of 21.5"
and sabre to the back.                                       by 19.5" by 25" tall. ILLUSTRATED.
Est. £150-£160                                               Est. £300-£400
799                                                          803
A single early 19th Century oak armchair with slim           An Edwardian mahogany three piece salon suite
ring turned pillars below a yoke back falling to drop        comprising double chair seat and a pair of armchairs,
front arms with pillared detail abo ve flat seat and         the set having slim spindle backs within boxw ood
conforming legs, together with a pair of 1920’s              strung frames decorated with foliate boxwood inlay
Queen Anne style dining chairs.                              all above ring turned legs and stretchers, in need of
Est. £30-£40                                                 restoration.
                                                             Est. £60-£80
A Georgian mahogany tripod table base with three             804
slender snake feet legs below baluster and ring              A Victorian mahogany library table , the top section
turned column, to the top a married burr walnut              having a double drawer front with turned mahogany
table with tacked edge.                                      handles below a r ounded thumb moulded edge, to
Est. £80-£120                                                the underside turned finial drops. The whole
                                                             supported to each side with heavy turned baluster
                                                             columns above a shaped foot with banjo stretcher
                                                             all above shallow bun feet, lacking castors, measures
                                                             46" wide by 20" deep by 28" tall. ILLUSTRATED.
                                                             Est. £200-£300
                                                    Lot 804

805                                                           807
An Edwardian mahogany circular dining table with              An Edwardian mahogany framed double door
push pull action, the circular top having a rope twist        display cabinet of plain section, the double doors
edge above a plain skirt, the whole supported by              plain glaze all above square section legs with spade
heavy cabriole legs with car ved edge detail and ball         foot, to the upper back a raised and shaped
and claw foot, complete with a single rectangular             pediment with slim cornice detail, measures 4ft wide
extending leaf, measures 4ft across not extended.             by 13" deep.
Est. £50-£60                                                  Est. £50-£60

806                                                           808
A Victorian flame mahogany chiffonier having double           A 1920’s burr walnut tallboy comprising two shor t
arched panelled door above a plain skirt and low              over three graduated long drawers with reeded
bun foot, to each side an applied acanthus scrolled           pillared sides, the whole raised to shallow cabriole
sconce below the solid serving top with concave               legs with pad foot.The whole decorated with cross
concealed drawer. To the upper sectional arched               banded detail and applied shield back brass handles,
panel back with foliate scrolled and carved frame,            measures 16" deep by 25" wide by 39" tall.
measures 42" wide by 20" deep.                                Est. £30-£50
Est. £130-£160


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