A Bill to increase Tennessee's electronic security by bdv89226


									                     A Bill to increase Tennessee's electronic security measures.

 1   Be it enacted by this Student Congress here assembled that:

 2   Section 1.    Tennessee's electronic security measures are currently out of date and must be

 3                 updated and regulated.

 4   Section 2.    Current state computer networks and computer security is less than adequate.

 5                 I. Inadequacies of security often lead to information leaks and security breaches

 6                 of astronomical proportions.

 7                 II. Tennessee must become technologically sufficient.

 8   Section 3.    To ensure efficient security parameters are procured, the following must be met:

 9                 I. All State Government computers must be connected over 1024-Bit Encrypted

10                 Networks.

11                 II. All State Employee's must receive proper security protocol training and

12                 review processes during employment.

13                 III. All State technology outsourceing contracts must cease.

14                 IV. Funding will be provided by the State Treasury and Federal Funding.

15   Section 4.    This bill must meet its requirements by April 20, 2014.

16   Section 5.    Any current bills or resolutions in conflict with this bill are now null and void.

                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                      Matthew Zaloba
                                                      Brentwood High School
 1   A Resolution to Review the Current Health Care System
 1   WHEREAS, In approximately 25 years, federal spending for Social Security, Medicare
 2                 and Medicaid will equal about the amount we now spend on the entire
 3                 federal government; and
 4   WHEREAS, Paying for these programs will take tax increases of nearly 10 percent of
 5                 gross domestic product – the equivalent of payroll taxes of 30 to 35
 6                 percent; and,
 7   WHEREAS, Health care costs for the elderly will increase much more than retirement
 8                 payments; and,
 9   WHEREAS, Our current system is vastly deficient and is not competent or cost-
10                 effective; and,
11   WHEREAS,      This stagnation of solutions will only make the long-term effects of this
12                 impending problem more virulent; be it,
13   RESOLVED, That the Student Congress here assembled should review the method of
14                 Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and implement more effective
15                 methods of gathering information and easing tax-burden.
16   Introduced by Sravya Reddy, Brentwood High School.
 1               A Resolution to Strengthen the Highway Patrol to Reduce
 2          the Number of Automobile Accidents
 3   Whereas, car accidents plague the people of the United States every day; and

 4   Whereas, there has been an increasing number of automobile accidents since 1996; and

 5   Whereas, the newly released stimulus package is giving states funds for unspecified purposes;
 6   and

 7   Whereas, there are many threats to the lives of citizens who drive and many people lose their
 8   lives every year to automobile accidents in America due to road conditions, DUI’s, and
 9   speeding; now, therefore, be it

10   Resolved, that the Student Congress here assembled make the following recommendation for
11   solution to reduce the number of fatal automobile accidents by increasing the number of
12   highway patrolmen.

13   Introduced by Pope John Paul II High School
            A Resolution to Expand the School Language Program

1    Whereas: Tennessee Public schools do not offer enough choices in the
2    study for foreign language; and,
3    Whereas: The current course offerings are not giving students the
4    resources many out of state and foreign have access to; and,
5    Whereas: Most foreign students speak at least two languages by the
6    start of High School; and
7    Whereas: More course offerings could increase student interest in
8    foreign language and offer a greater variety of curriculum; and
9    Whereas: National Language Exam scores can be used to receive
10   additional funding and scholarships; and
11   Whereas: The Board of Education would be place in charge of the
12   program.
13   Therefore, be it resolved by this Student Congress here assembled that
14   Tennessee Public Schools be required to offer at least four foreign
15   languages and expand their current language programs.

Respectfully submitted,
Dalton Rumsey
Dickson County High School

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