IP Traffic Management Cheat Sheet by nge11502


									                                                                   IP Traffic Management Cheat Sheet
  Elevator Pitch                         Pain Points                         Prospecting                        Key Benefits
     What is Dyband’s                What pain points does                   Questions that will             What messages will get
    value proposition?                 Dyband resolve?                    resonate with prospects           the prospect’s attention?

Dyband IP Traffic Management is    Department Level                      If a prospect answers “yes”        Increase Revenues by adding
an intelligent bandwidth           (Champion)                                                               more customers or users to the
                                                                         to even one of the following
management solution that closes                                                                             same network connection without
                                   vBelieve you have sufficient          questions, Dyband has a cost-
the business services                                                                                       compromising your SLA’s, and by
                                   bandwidth, but cannot determine       effective solution:
management loop. Dyband along                                                                               enabling your users and
                                   why so much is being consumed.
with BMC software enables                                                vWould you like to be able to      customers to focus on business
companies to understand the        vLimited (or no) visibility into      pinpoint the areas in your         priorities.
relationship between business      network utilization, certainly not    business that are using your
                                                                                                            Control Costs by managing
and IT infrastructure, and then    in real time.                         network bandwidth?
                                                                                                            precisely who gets how much
act to assure critical business
                                   vNetwork is congested but             vIs your IT department telling     bandwidth, and when, as well as
processes and priorities are
                                   cannot determine which users are      you that they need more            prioritizing your users – adding as
                                   causing the problem.                  resources to manage the            much as 30% more users to your
Dyband reacts to business                                                network, yet cannot provide        network without additional
                                   Business Level
priorities set by companies and                                          quantified answers why?            bandwidth.
                                   (Decision Maker)
ensures that their most critical
                                                                         vWould you like to understand      Gain Visibility in real time, over
business locations, employees      vSystems Administration and
                                                                         how your network is affecting      your network, groups of users
and applications receive the       Network Administration staff
                                                                         your overall business              and individual users, as well as
bandwidth they require to keep     resources are limited.
                                                                         infrastructure?                    storing data for reporting or
business flowing smoothly.
                                   vNetwork slowdowns and                                                   amalgamation into other reporting
Dyband gives you in-depth                                                vWould you like your IT
                                   outages despite major                                                    systems such as billing systems.
visibility into your network and                                         department to have complete
                                   investments in bandwidth and
integrates detailed and critical                                         control of the network, provide    With the Dyband KM, Dyband
                                   network tools.
data seamlessly into your BMC                                            you with timely reports, without   shaper and historical statistical
Business Services Management       vNetwork staff are requesting         more IT resources and while        information is available
infrastructure.                    more bandwidth but cannot             lowering costs?                    immediately in the PATROL
                                   pinpoint the business requirement                                        console.

                                                                                             Dyband public website: www.dyband.com
                                                                                Dyband documentation: www.dyband.com/documents
                                                                  Dyband Knowledge Base (password protected): www.dyband.com/kb
                                                                  For access to the Dyband Knowledge Base contact bmc@dyband.com

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