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                                       Issue No: 57                                            February 2009

 A Specialist Humanities College

Inside this issue:-                  RELAX AND TAKE TIME TO HAVE AN ENJOYABLE EVENING
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CCTV                                              REMEMBER TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS FOR
Liason Art Festival
                                                                 BUGSY MALONE
Future Chef Regional Finals
Quiz Night                                                     5th/6th/7th March
Baby Wool Appeal                                                       7.30 p.m. start
Pancake Traditions
                                                      Tickets available from School office
Holiday Dates
Dates for Diary
Advertisements                                   ry
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             CCTV                                  The John Colet Liaison Arts Festival 2009 
Students, parents/carers            
and staff are aware that           The  John  Colet  Liaison  Arts  Festival  took  place  on  the  4th,  9th  and  10th  of  February. 
CCTV operates on the               Seven  schools  participated  in  the  exhibition  hosted  by  John  Colet  School  and  the 
school site.                       work  produced  by  pupils  was  outstanding.  Due  to  the  extreme  weather  we  felt  it  
                                   important to extend the opening times of the exhibition and we were delighted to see 
A copy of our CCTV                 so  many  people  braving  the  cold  and  slippery  conditions  to  see  the  art  work.  The 
Policy is available on             feedback  from  parents,  pupils  and  friends  was  excellent  and  many  were  amazed  at 
request .                          the  talent  of  our  pupils.  Schools  who  exhibited  were  John  Colet,  John  Hampden 
      Mrs C McLintock              School,  Wendover  C  of  E  Junior,  Halton  Combined,  Weston  Turville  School,  Aston 
       Headteacher                 Clinton Combined and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School. Many pieces of work were 
                                   awarded  Certificates  of  Excellence  and  Best  in  Show.  Our  own  pupils  did  very  well  
                                   and certificates were awarded to Keiran Grice 7B, Leah Jones 7B, Ella Twiss 8G,  and 
                                   from  Year  11  Katie  Phipps,  Georgina  Campbell,  Elspeth  Vince  and  Josh  Stewart.    
                                   Winson Lau  in  Year  13  also  won  a  Certificate of  Excellence.  If  you did  not  have the 
                                   opportunity  to  see  the  lovely  work  we  have  photographs  to  view  on  our  school    
                                   website.  A big thank you to everyone who supported the event. 
                                                                            Sharon Evans 
                                                                             Head of Art 
Page 2
            Success at Futurechef Regional Finals 9th February 09 –  Second Place!   
                          After cooking my way through the school heat, and local finals I was then to compete in the
                          Futurechef 2009 Regional finals. This was held at South Downs College in Portsmouth and to
                          avoid getting trapped by a forecast of heavy snow, I decided to travel down a day earlier.
                          After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast in a nearby hotel, I felt ready to start and
                          give it my best.

                          At South Downs College we were given ‘funky’ chef jackets to wear and introduced to four
                          senior judges. We were then given just 15 minutes to set up in the kitchens and after a short
                          briefing we could start at 11am. In one hour my main dish was to be presented and my dessert
                          in the following 30 minutes. The pressure was on to get my dishes out on time and how I
                          wanted them to be: it was pretty intense. I was also aware this was going to be tough as I was
                          competing with some really fantastic chefs. Within 10 minutes of the start, the college fire
                          alarm went off and we were evacuated from the building! It was a false alarm and after a few
minutes we returned to the kitchens. The drama didn’t stop there as the ovens switched off three times! Even though it
seemed pretty chaotic, I kept calm and the dishes that I prepared were (amazingly enough) on time and as I wanted.

This was now decision making time. All our dishes were being scrutinized by all four judges on their balance, taste and
presentation. After a breathtakingly long 45 minutes the judges were ready. When the judges were reading out the
names of the chefs who had come 3rd, 2nd or 1st, I really didn’t anticipate that they would announce my name as having
come second, especially as I thought that all the dishes of the other nine contestants were at a high standard.

I was absolutely thrilled with what I had achieved and felt rewarded for all the work I had put into it over the past
weeks. The prizes I received were a £100 voucher for a meal at a Hilton Hotel in London, a Kenwood ice-cream maker, a
bag of goodies, and a plate with the Futurechef 2009 and their sponsors on it. I also received two further certificates
for participating in the Regional Finals and for coming second.

Springboard Trust Charity organise the Futurchef competitions and through this I have trained with some superb people,
particularly Daniel Richardson who is the Head Chef at Hartwell House. He was an excellent mentor and a great
inspiration for me.

I have also gained so much more confidence from this and I wish to further pursue my passion for cooking. Recommended
to any would-be chefs out there!

A special thanks to all the other people who have supported me throughout the competitions: including my Food
Technology teacher Mrs Davies at John Colet School and my Mum.

                                                            Main Course
                                            Slices of succulent chicken breast filled with
                                             caramelised onion chutney wrapped in a
                                                     pan-seared layer of bacon
                                        This main dish is accompanied by a bed of finely
                                        creamed potatoes topped with a layer of pan fried
                                        Also a tasty drizzle of full flavoured reduced red
                                        wine sauce to compliment the flavours of this
                                        magnificent dish.
                                          Warm chocolate fondant with crème fraiche and
                                                          passion fruit
                                        A light sponge outer layer with a rich silky textured
                                        chocolate filling. This is complimented by balancing
                                        the flavours with the freshness of passion fruit and
                                        crème fresh. The final touch is a sprinkle of finely
                                        grated white and dark chocolate.                        David Cooper 10C
                                                                                                    Page 3

                    ADVANCED NOTICE                                   WOOL APPEAL!!

             MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW                   Staff, family and friends of the John Colet School
                                                      have been knitting for babies in Stoke Mandeville
     THE FRIENDS OF COLET ARE                         Special Care Baby Unit. So far we have made some
        ORGANISING A FAMILY                           blankets and Cardigans.
       BEGIN AT 7.30PM IN THE
          SCHOOL HALL ON
     SATURDAY 21 MARCH 2009.
         THIS IS ONE OF THE                           We are now running out of wool and would be
        MAJOR FUND RAISING                            grateful for any donations of suitable ‘baby’ or
      EVENTS OF THE YEAR AND                          ‘double knit’ wool.     Especially Cotton Knit for
         WE HOPE FOR YOUR                             Bonnets and Booties. We should also appreciate any
                                                      knitting needles sizes 10 (3¼mm) and 12(2¾mm).
     SUPPORT. PLEASE LOOK OUT                         Please leave any donations you are able to make
       FOR THE YELLOW FLIERS                          with the school office .
                                                                         Thank you.

                     PANCAKE TRADITIONS
             Shrove Tuesday was celebrated on the
             24th February 2009 with our ’Bike It’
             pupils being treated to a ‘pancake’
             breakfast as a reward for cycling
into school. Big thank you to Mrs Whitehouse for
making the many pancakes!
 Did you know In February 1986 competitors were
engaged in a large-scale pancake race in the John
Colet School Hall as reported by the Bucks Herald
on Wednesday 25th February in an article ’The
Way we Were’. A total of 24 teams took part
including Scouts, Brownies, and WI members!
The race course presented challenging obstacles
and, of course, the obligatory pancake tossing.
First prize was claimed by a team of sixth formers!
The entry fees raised a total of £160 which was
put towards a new minibus…… perhaps something
to recreate for future fundraising!!
Photograph courtesy of Bucks Herald Newspaper.
               HOLIDAY DATES 2009 - 2010
                                                                  LOCAL AYLESBURY LADY AVAILABLE
Easter Holiday: School closes 2.55 p.m. Friday 3rd April and            FOR MUSIC LESSONS
re-opens morning of Monday 20th April.
                                                                   FLUTE, SAXOPHONE & BEGINNER PIANO
Easter Weekend:- Friday 10th - Monday 13th April.
                                                                          • Half hour or one hour lessons
Friday 24th April 2009 INSET
                                                                          • All ages welcome
May Bank Holiday: 4th May
May Half-Term: School closes 2.55 p.m. Friday 22nd May                    • Light-hearted and patient
and re-opens morning of Monday 1st June.                                   approach

Summer Holiday 2009: School closes at 12.10 p.m. on Friday                • Theory of music tutoring and
17th July.                                                                  exam submissions
                                                                          • References available upon
Autumn Term 2009: School opens on morning of Thursday              Telephone Kerrie Lacey on 07917 767055
3rd September.
INSET—Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September.
October Half-Term:- School closes Friday 23rd October and
re-opens Monday 2nd November.                                                Dates for Diary (March)
Christmas Holiday: School closes Friday 18th December          3rd - Year 11 and 13 photographs
and re-opens for the Spring Term on Tuesday 5th January
2010.                                                          11th - Year 8 Immunisations
INSET - Monday 4th January.                                    12th - Year 9 French Day at AGS
February Half-Term: School closes Friday 12th February
and re-opens morning of Monday 22nd February.
                                                               12th - Year 8 Parents Evening
Easter Holiday: School closes Thursday 1st April and           16-20th - Help Week
re-opens for the Summer Term on Monday 19th April.
                                                               11-18th - Leipzig Exchange Visitors
May Half-Term: School closes Friday 28th May and re-opens
Monday 7th June.                                               19th - Year 9 Parents Evening
Summer Holiday 2010:     Wednesday 21st July.                  21st - Liffré Exchange Visitors
Easter 2010: 2nd to 5th April.                                 23-27th   - Year 12 & 13 Prague Trip
May Bank Holiday: 3rd May.
                                                               24th - Year 7 Focus Day
Spring Bank Holiday 31st May.
                                                               27th - 3rd April - Year 10 Exams
                                                               2/04 - Year 12 & 13 Parents Evening

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