Call published + référence of the Call VP/2007/XX -VT/2007XX: Terms/guidelines have been drafted and Call published (VP
          refers to Call for proposals and VT to Call for Tenders / Reference is for internal use

          Opinion Coordination Unit 01 on terms/guidelines requested: Before publication, the general coordination unit has to
2.-       approve the terms/guidelines, ie approval on the principle of the activity, use of PROGRESS additional common conditions
          and participation of third countries (EFTA-EEE+ candidate and pre-candidate countries adequately addressed)

          Opinion Financial Unit H2 on terms / guidelines requested: Before publication, the financial unit has to approve the content of
          the terms and guidelines, check their conformity with the Financial Regulation and Implementing Rules

4.-       Drafting of Terms / guidelines : Units are in the process of elaborating the terms/guidelines

5.        Consultation of other units: required when subject-matter of the service or activity touches upon several services
6.        Not started

          Not relevant: the activity will be implemented either through the recourse of framework contracts or the granting of direct
          subsidies and thus does not necessitate the publication of Calls for proposals / tenders


                                                                                                                                                            Unité                                   Target date for
                                    Activité                                            Description                                    Procédures                       Situation au 25 mai 2007
        Reference                                                                                                                                        responsable                                 publication

                                                          A follow-up of the feasibility study (2005-06) to describe the socio-                                                                    Published - DG
     PRES-B-1/2003-                                       economic characteristics of undeclared work (age, gender, skill, level,                                      Order for Services issued   COMP framework
                      Direct survey on undeclared work                                                                              Call for Tender          D1
     25/1                                                 family, country of origin, situation with regard to health & safety and                                                                  contract with
1                                                         other regulations) new project.                                                                                                          Eurobarometer

                                                          To explore the link between economic migration and bottlenecks in the
                      Studies (possibly combined in
     VT/2007/057                                          LM                                                               To       Call for Tender        D3/D1       Published 12/05/2007
                      one) on economic migration
                                                          study the functioning of transitional arrangements (new project).
                                                          To prepare the planned progress review for 2008, including further
                                                          development of indicators on decent work, possibly in cooperation with    Spontaneous
                      Decent work                                                                                                                            D4        Not relevant
                                                          the ILO, related methodological and analytical work, defining of          subsidy
3                                                         roadmaps and implementation of decent work agendas (
                      A general equilibrium model         To complement ENTR and ECFIN's general equilibrium model
     VT/2007/056                                                                                                                    Call for Tender          D1        Opinion H2 requested        June
                      dedicated to the LM (modelling)     capabilities with a model on the labour market (new project).
                      Small-scale studies in support of To inform analytical work of Employment in Europe by ad hoc literature Restricted Call for
     VT/2007/041                                                                                                                                             D1                                    June
                      Employment in Europe report       review, analysis, etc.( new project).                                  Tender                                  Opinion H2 requested
                                                          Actions (e.g. a series of 3 seminars) to establish what has been the
                      Local employment development
     VP/2007/011                                          response at regional level to delocalisation, to share good practice, and Call for Proposals       D2                                    June
                      (LED)                                                                                                                                            Opinion H2 requested
6                                                         to define future regional strategies (new projects).
                      Dissemination and follow-up         To fund decentralised dissemination and mutual learning projects in the
     VP/2007/008      activities to the Mutual Learning   form of national and joint follow-up activities of the MLP and other      Call for Proposals       D2        Published 23/04/2007
7                     Programme                           dissemination projects (recurrent project).
                                                          To build on recent studies (2004-2005) on ageing and employment and
                                                          on LLL to inform possible follow-up of the 2006 Spring EC conclusions,
                      Life-cycle approach to work                                                                                   Call for Tender          D2        Drafting of Terms           June/July
                                                          in particular the need to strengthen LLL for middle-aged workers (new
8                                                         project).

                      Employment impact studies           employment impact assessment methodology            sectoral employment
     VT/2007/060                                                                                                                    Call for Tender          D1        Opinion H2 requested        June
                      (possibly combined in one)          impact study (e.g. social services, transport services) (new projects).
                                                          Projects aiming at improving matching of LM needs through the
                      Innovatory projects related to
     VP/2007/015                                          modernisation and strengthening of LM institutions, notably               Call for Proposals       D3        Published 24/05/2007
                      Employment Services
10                                                        employment services (recurrent project)
                                                         Innovative projects on promoting mobility of workers in the EU; and
                      Projects on mobility of workers in projects aiming at making an inventory of enterprises' needs for mobile
     VP/2007/014                                                                                                                 Call for Proposals          D3        Published 30/05/2007
                      the EU                             workers - follow-up of the European Year on Workers' Mobility 2006
11                                                       (new project)

                                                                                                                 2                                                                                             Emploi
                   Projects contributing to the       To improve national evaluation practices (previous calls along the same
     VP/2007/007   evaluation of the EES (national    lines launched in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 under EIM WPs               Call for Proposals      D2     Published 23/04/2007
12                 evaluation practices)              (recurrent project).
   VC/2007/0140     Development & dissemination of Smaller studies and seminars (to present the results), e.g. on mobility,
   Economix        common methodologies &          micro labour market data, human capital, youth employment, migration Call for Tender              D1/D2   Published 26/03/2007
   Research &      indicators / benchmarking       (new projects).
13 Consulting
                   The role of PES vis-à-vis the       To examine the contribution and the essential role of the PES in the
                   challenges of increased flexibility implementation of the Lisbon Strategy and the EG while putting          Call for Tender        D3     Drafting of Terms       April/May
14                 of the European LM                  emphasis on the vital role of the PES in the ALMP (new project)

                                                     Seminar at EU level, in cooperation with the OECD, as follow-up of the
                   Cooperation with international                                                                              contract/Restricted    D3     Not started             September/October
                                                     EU-OECD project on "Gaining from migration" (new project)
                   institutions, such as joint OECD,                                                                           Calls for Tender
                   WB and ILO projects
                                                     A yearly contribution during 3 years (2007-2009) to the research phase
                   (conferences, seminars, reports)                                                                            Spontaneous                   Confirmed to OECD
                                                     of the PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult                               D1/D4
                                                   To help indentifying, in an international perspective, concrete actions
                   Employment and social policy in
                                                   and best practice in the area of employment, decent work, social            Call for Tender        D4     Not started             September/October
                   external relations
                                                   protection, economic growth and social development (new project).
                   Development of composite          To provide a synthetic measure of flexicurity and its breakdown by main
                   indicators describing LM          components: labour law, ALMPs, LLL, social security (jointly with                               D1/D2   Confirmed with DG JRC   July/August
18                 models/flexicurity systems        OECD) new project.
                                                     To help the MS and the Commission to gauge the impact of reforms in
                   Broader social/societal costs and
                                                     line with the proposed principles and pathways for flexicurity (new     Call for Tender         D1/D2   Drafting of Terms       May/June
                   benefits of flexicurity
19                                                   project).

                                                                                                                               EMPL Conference
                                                      Aiming at improving the role of PES in implementing the EG, and
                   Public employment services                                                                                  Framework
                                                      assessing the role of PES approaches in the context of the Lisbon                               D3     Drafting of Terms       May/June
                   seminars                                                                                                    contract/Restricted
                                                      Strategy (new projects)
                                                                                                                               Calls for Tender

                                                                                                                              EMPL Conference
                                                      To improve matching of LM needs through the modernisation and
                   Employment Services seminar        strengthening of LM institutions, notably public and private employment                         D3     Drafting of Terms       May/June
                                                      services (new project)
                                                                                                                              Calls for Tender
                                                      To prepare a study with 2 objectives, namely 1) to analyse public
                   Corporate Social Responsability    policies in the field of CSR and their impact on employment; and 2) to
                                                                                                                               Call for Tender        D2     Drafting of Terms       June/July
                   (CSR) and employment policies      analyse the implementation of CSR policies at the local level (new
22                                                    project).

                                                                                                             3                                                                                   Emploi
                      Small-scale studies/research in    To prepare EMCO thematic discussions and support bilateral
                      support of EMCO discussions        cooperation activities in the area of employment and social affairs (US,   Restricted Call for
                                                                                                                                                             D2/D4       Ongoing       June/July
                      and bilateral cooperation          Japan, China, India, ASEM, Latin America, etc.) Various topics of          Tender
23                    activities                         common interest to MS and topics for future joint bilater
                                                         To improve data on cross border commuting            short term
                      Feasibility study on mobility      international assignments; return after geographical mobility (new         Call for Tender           D3         Not started   June/July
24                                                       project).
                                                         To improve the quality of the services PES offer to job seekers and
     VS/2007/0192     20th and 21st Heads of PES                                                                                    Spontaneous
                                                         employers and to tackle skills bottlenecks on the European LM                                        D3                       April/May
     (DE)             meetings (Presidency events)                                                                                  subsidy
25                                                       (recurrent project)
                                                         To provide a regular information base for EES policy makers and
     VC/2007/0149     European Employment                stakeholders; independent assessment of LM trends and policies;            Renewal of current
     GHK Consulting   Observatory (EEO)                  network of national LM experts; publications & website (recurrent          service contract
26                                                       project).
                                                                                                                               Renewal of current
                                                         External contractor since 2004 who organises thematic and peer review
                      Mutual Learning support services                                                                         service contract               D2
                                                         meetings and maintains a website (recurrent project)
                                                                                                                               running since 2005
                                                     Half-yearly information and exchange meetings of the MISEP ( "Mutual
     VC/2007/0182     MISEP meetings (held in the MS                                                                      Spontaneous
                                                     Information System on Employment Policies") correspondents from                                          D2
     (PT)             which holds the Presidency)                                                                         subsidy
28                                                   ministries and PES (recurrent project)
     VS/2007/0196     German and Portuguese              To discuss topics during each of the half-year presidencies, incl. a PT    Spontaneous
     (DE)             Presidency Conferences             conf. on the achievements of 10 years of EES (recurrent project)           subsidy
                      Employment in Europe 2007          To disseminate current trends on the European LMs (recurrent project - Framework
                                                                                                                                                              D1                       July
                      dissemination conference           1st dissemination conference organised under the EIM in 2006)          contract
                                                                                                                                 Subdelegation to
                      Job Vacancy Survey                 To collect and develop annual and quarterly data (recurrent project)                              ESTAT/ F2                   May/June
31                                                                                                                               ESTAT
                                                                                                                                 Subdelegation to
                                                         To develop and improve data submitted to the LMP database (recurrent
                      Labour Market Policy database                                                                              ESTAT/ call for           ESTAT/ F2                   June/July
32                                                                                                                               tender
                      Labour Force Survey 2008 ad-       To deepen our knowledge on the LM integration of migrants in the MS
                      hoc module "Labour market          through improving the availibility, accurancy and comparability of data Subdelegation to
                                                                                                                                                           ESTAT/ F2                   May/June
                      situation of migrants and their    at MS and EU level on the LM situation of migrants and their immediate ESTAT
33                    immediate descendants"             descendants. Pilot studies carried out under
                      Integrated system of earnings      To implement the integrated system of earnings and labour costs         Subdelegations
                                                                                                                                                          ESTAT/ F2/F4                 May/June
34                    and labour costs statistics        statistics (recurrent project).                                         ESTAT
                                                         To test the ESeC classification in the MS for relevant sources (LFS,    Subdelegation to
                      European Socioeconomic
                                                         SILC, etc.) to provide recommendations for further improvement (new ESTAT/ call for              ESTAT/ F2/F5                 June/July
                      classification (ESeC)
35                                                       project).                                                               tender

                                                                                                                4                                                                                  Emploi
                                    PROGRESS-SECTION SOCIAL INCLUSION

                           Activité                                Description                           Procédures                            Situation au 25 Mai 2007
       Reference                                                                                                            responsable

                                                                                                                                              Call published and
                                                                                                     Open Call for
    VT/2007/003    Studies, analysis           payout phase of funded pensions provision                                         E/4          evaluated, in H-2 for
                                                                                                                                              approval before commitment
                                                                                                                                              Call published and
                                                                                                     Restricted Call for
    VT/2007/042    Studies, analysis           Transitional adjustments in pension reforms                                       E/4          evaluated, in H-2 for
                                                                                                                                              approval before commitment
                                               Maintanance and Development of the Mutual
                                                                                                   Open Call for                              Sent to SIMAP for
    VT/2007/050    MISSOC network              information system on social protection legislation                               E/4
                                                                                                   Tenders                                    publication on 30/5/2007
                                               Monitoring the development of poverty and of
                   EU Experts networks         social exclusion situation at national level +
                                                                                                 Open Call for
    VT/2007/015    on social inclusion +       Seminars organised on key priority issues for                               E/2 (lead) + E/4   published on 8/5/2007
                   Peer review                 voluntary mutual learning process, scrutiny of
                                               policies, programmes & institutional arrangements
                   Support to European-        Capacity-building of key European Networks to
                                                                                                     Open Call for                            green light of H-2 received
    VP/2007/013    level NGOs in the           take part in the development of social inclusion                                  E/2
                                                                                                     Proposals                                on 24/5/2007
                   social inclusion field      policies and objectives

                                               Transnational projects of exchange focussing on
                   Transnational                                                                     Open Call for
    VP/2007/012                                key priorities to support the Social Protection and                               E/2          published
                   Programme                                                                         Proposals
                                               Social Inclusion Process
                   Networking among                                                                                                           approval 01 received,
                                               Feasibility study to consider possibilty of further   Restricted Call for
    VT/2007/072    specialised institutional                                                                                     E/4          opinion H-2 requested on
                                               action                                                Tenders
7                  bodies                                                                                                                     30/5/2007
                   Exchange of personnel
                                                                                                                                              Approval before publication
                   between                     Feasibility study - mapping exercise and take into    Open Call for
    VT/2007/062                                                                                                            E/2 (lead) + E/4   received from H-2 on
                   national/regional           consideration possibilty of further action            Tenders
8                  administrations

                                                                                                     Open Call for                            Sent to SIMAP for
    VT/2007/064    Studies, analysis           Private health insurance                                                          E/4
                                                                                                     Tenders                                  publication on 30/5/2007

                                                                                                     5                                                                      Inclusion Sociale
                                          Collection of information on social and economic   Open Call for
                      MISSOC network                                                                             E/4   not yet started
                                          impact of social protection systems and reforms    Tenders
                                          Study on prevention of child poverty (A.           Open Call for
                      Studies, analysis                                                                          E2    Drafting of ToR
                                          Paraskevas)                                        Tenders
                                          Quantitative overview on supplementary pension                               commitment done waiting for
     VT/2007/039      Studies, analysis                                                      procedure (value    E4
                                          provision                                                                    SMART approval
12                                                                                           50000)
                                          Social protection to encourage a rational use of                             published, deadline for
     VT/2007/059      Studies, analysis                                                      procedure (value    E-4
                                          resources                                                                    receiving offers 8/6/2007
13                                                                                           40000)
                                                                                             six individual
                                                                                                                        opinion Coordination unit
     VT/2007/066-071 Studies, analysis    Legal Experts group                                procedures (value   E-4
                                                                                                                       requested on 25/5/2007
                                                                                             each 2500 €)

                                                                                             6                                                       Inclusion Sociale

     Target date for







   June 2007

   first week of June


                        7   Inclusion Sociale
July 2007

July 2007



first week of June

                     8   Inclusion Sociale
                                                        PROGRESS-SECTION WORKING CONDITIONS

                                                                                                                                                                                               Target date for
                               Activité                                      Description                                Procédures        Unité responsable      Situation au 30 avril 2007
       Reference                                                                                                                                                                                publication

                   Assessment of effective
                   exposure of workers to                                                                           Open Call for                             dossier envoyé à EMPL
     VT/2007/017                                   To evaluate the means to comply with Directive 2004/40/EC                                     F4
                   Magnetic Resonance Image                                                                         Tenders                                   MARCHES
1                  (MRI)
                                                                                                                    Restricted Call for
                   SLIC Campaigns on Manual
     VP/2007/004                                 To raise awareness on dangers from carrying heavy loads            Proposals - Labour           F4           Convention envoyée
                   handling of Loads (2nd phase)
2                                                                                                                   Inspectors

                   Conferences, workshops and      Support the research and networking with the view to exchange
     VP/2007/005   network actions concerning      of information and best practices, raising awareness and                                      F3
                   financial participation         improving knowledge
                                                   To support the research and the networking with the view to      Open Call for
                   Networks in the field of                                                                                                                   VP/2007/005 Publié
     VP/2007/005                                   increasing a better insight by policy actors and also with the   Proposals                    F3
4                                                  view to increasing a better insight by policy actors

                   Networks and series of        to promote a better understanding of the issue of well-being
     VP/2007/005   workshops - conference in the and to exchange good practices on the topical issues in order                                   F3
                   field of Well-being at work   to develop a network of practitionners and researchers
                   Impact study on hazards from To investigate the hazards and related costs and to identify        Open Call for
     VT/2007/049                                                                                                                                 F4                                           June 07
                   needle stickling             solutions to limit the number of needle stickling incidents         Tenders                                   on-going

                   Impact study on work related    To evaluate the costs-benefits of work-related MSDs and to
                                                                                                                    Open Call for
     VT/2007/073   Musculo-Squeletal Disorders     collect solid data in view of a possible Community legislative                                F4           on going                        June 07
                   (MSDs)                          initiative
                   Economic and social impact of
                   the agreement concluded
                                                   Specialised study on the economic and social impact of the
                   between social partners on
                                                   agreement concluded between social partners on certain
                   certain aspects of the working                                                               Open Call for
                                                   aspects of the working time of mobile railway workers in 23                                   F2           Drafting of terms
                   conditions of mobile workers                                                                 Tenders
                                                   Member States. The aim is to inform the Commission's work in
                   engaged in interoperable cross-
                                                   preparing the report
                   border services in the railway
8                  sector
                   Study on health issues in the
                   case of restructuring the social to develop expertise and a better understanding of health       Open Call for
                                                                                                                                                 F3           Not started
                   measures in a restructuring      issues in cases of restructuring (before and after)             Tenders
9                  process
                   Evaluation of the
                                                  To analyse the impact of the practical application of the
                   implementation of the practice                                                                   Open Call for
     VT/2007/063                                  national implementing measures transposing Directive                                           F4           Envoi H2
                   of the "Chemical Agents"                                                                         Tenders
10                 Directive 98/24/EC

                                                                                                                9                                                                               Conditions travail
                   Good Practice Guide for             To facilitate the understanding of the provisions of the "optical   Open Call for
                                                                                                                                                   F4      Drafting of terms   July 07
                   Directive 2006/25/EC                radiation" directive                                                Tenders
                   Study on the social measures        To promote the exchange of good practice and greater                Open Call for
                                                                                                                                                   F3      Drafting of terms
                   in a restructuring process          knowledge of the issues                                             Tenders
                   Analysis of the available           To develop the capacity to anticipate and to improve the            Open Call for
                                                                                                                                                   F3      Drafting of terms
                   competences                         knowledge to meet the competences                                   Tenders
                   Good Practice Guide for             To facilitate the understanding of the provisions of the            Open Call for
     VT/2007/053                                                                                                                                   F4      Envoi H2            June 07
                   Directive 1992/57/EC                "temporary or mobile construction sites" directive                  Tenders
                   Good Practice Guide for             To facilitate the implementation of health and safety at work       Open Call for
                                                                                                                                                   F4      Drafting of terms
                   Hospital Personnel                  provisions in hospitals                                             Tenders
                                                To deal with the legal issues raised by EU labour law, to
                   European Network of
                                                provide a forum for an open discussion and exchange of                     Open Call for
                   Independent Legal Experts on                                                                                                    F2      Drafting of terms
                                                information of topical issues and to reninforce the capacity to            Tenders
                   Labour law
                                                anticipate problems related to the application of EU law

                   Evolution of national legislation   Study of the impact of EU legislation on working time upon the
                   and collective agreements as        national legislation and collective agreements in this field. The Open Call for
                                                                                                                                                   F2      canceled
                   regards working time in the EU      aim is to inform the Commission's work aimed at monitoring the Tenders
                   (1995-2005)                         application of the working time directives and in particular en
                   Studies, analysis, working
                   groups of national officials to Contribution to the actvity on the uniform and affective                Open Call for
                                                                                                                                                 EMPL/01   Not started
                   monitor the implementation of application of EU law                                                     Tenders
18                 EU law
                   Studies in support of the
                                                       To support the preparation of the biannual Forums on                Restricted Call for
                   preparation of the Forum on                                                                                                     F3      On-going
                                                       "Restructuring" (2 Forums in June and Dec)                          Tenders
                                                                                                                           DG EMPL
                   Conferences and workshops in To prepare the forum by exchange of good practice and                      Framework Contract
                                                                                                                           - Conference            F3      on-going
                   the field of restructuration information
                                                                                                                           DG EMPL
                   Workshops and conference on to develop expertise and a better understanding of economic
                                                                                                                           Framework Contract
                   economical aspects on          issues/insurance system/indicators on cost of accidents and                                      F3      on-going
                                                                                                                           - Conference
                   occupational safety and health disease
                                                                                                                           DG EMPL
                   Forum                               Forum on Restructuring                                              Framework Contract      F3      on-going
22                                                                                                                         - Conference
                                                                                                                           Restricted Call for             letter-contracts
                   SLIC Activities - Exchange of       To assess the quality and impact of national inspection             Proposals - Labour      F4      for 1 evaluation
                   national inspectors                 systems                                                             inspectors
23                                                                                                                                                         done

                                                                                                                   10                                                            Conditions travail
                                                                                                       subsidy Monopoly
     Presidency Conferences            EU/USA conference on health and safety at work                  de facto -           F4   on-going

24                                                                                                     Portuguese
                                                                                                       subsidy - Monopoly        grant agreements
     Presidency Conferences            Conference on health and safety at work                         de facto - German    F4
25                                                                                                     Presidency
                                                                                                       subsidy - Monopoly
     Conferences                       Conferences on Flexicurity and labour law                       de facto -           F2   Not started
                                                                                                       Presidency or Call
26                                                                                                     for Tender
     Development of data /statistics                                                                   subsidy Monopoly
                                     Contribution to research in programmes related to Health and                                3 grant agreements
     in collaboration with                                                                             de facto             F4
                                     Safety at Work                                                                              on-going
     international organisations
                                                                                                       Subdelegation to
                                       To continue the harmonisation of statistics related to Health   ESTAT.
     Development of data /statistics                                                                                        F4   on-going
                                       and Safety at work (accidents ESAW and diseases EODS)

                                                                                                 11                                                   Conditions travail
                                    PROGRESS-SECTION NON DISCRIMINATION

                                                                                                                               Unité                                   Target date for
                          Activité                               Description                             Procédures                        Situation au 25 May 2007
   Reference                                                                                                                responsable                                 publication

                                                                                                  Call for Tender (in two                                             Published on
                                             To gather information on implementation of gender
1 VT/2007/021   Legal experts network                                                             lots) Lot 2 under AD        G2 - G4     Opening foreseen 3/7/2007   5/5/2007 - J S 87-
                                             equality legislation and anti-discrimination.
                                                                                                  line                                                                105978

                                            To promote the debate of non-discrimination                                                                               Call published -
                 National awareness raising                                                      Restricted Call for                      Evaluation of 50 requests
2 VP/2007/006                               challenges in the MS and to foster the dissemination                                G4                                    VP/2007/006
                activities                                                                       Proposals                                received
                                            of information among the Member states.

                                                                                                                                                                      Published on
                European day of people       To raise awareness and promote the debates on                                                Evaluation of tenders
3 VT/2007/004                                                                                     Call for Tender               G3                                    31/3/2007 J S-64-
                with disability conference   disability issues at EU and Member states' level                                             received
                Academy Network of          To work on new policy trends and conceptual
4 VT/2007/005   European Disability experts developments relating to the situation of people with Call for Tender               G3        To be sent to 01            mid June
                (ANED)                      disabilities

                Study on the situation of    Description of the overall situation of wwd in the EU,
                Women with disabilities in   notably with regards to employment, education,                                               Sent for publication on
5 VT/2007/006   Europe in the light of the   access to social and health services + tools used by Call for Tender               G3        25/5/2007                   end May
                UN convention on the         the MS to mainstream gender and disability issues                                            Deadline tender 30/7/2007
                rights of PWD                on the basis of Article 6 of the UN Convention. Re

                                                                                                                                          Sent for publication on
                Study on reasonnable         Good practises in the relations between employers
6 VT/2007/007                                                                                     Call for Tender               G3        25/5/2007                   end May
                accomodation                 and employees
                                                                                                                                          Deadline tender 23/7/2007

                Evaluation of the European Foreseen in the Communication on the action plan                                               Approved 01
7 VT/2007/008                                                                                     Call for Tender               G3                                    June
                disability action programme (due in 2008)                                                                                 Opinion H2

                Communication activities
                                             To raise awareness and promote the debates on      EMPL Communication                                                    Published on
                (Information on the
8 VT/2007/013                                non-discrimination issues at EU and Member states' Framework Contract -            H3                                    13/3/2007 J S-50-
                programme + media
                                             level                                              Call for Tender                                                       061048

                                                                                                    12                                                                    Non-discrimination
                                                  Describe and operationalise the concept of positive
                                                  action + identify – on the basis of existing good
                                                                                                                                                        Approved, sent for
 9 VT/2007/037     Study on positive action       practices – ways in which positive action measures    Open call for tenders             G4                                          May/June
                                                                                                                                                        publication in Simap
                                                  can contribute to providing equal opportunities for

                                                  Financing of the network's activites and support to   Spontaneous subsidy -                           Awaiting constitution of legal
10                 National Equality Bodies                                                                                               G4                                           n/a
                                                  exchanges of experiences and good practices           Monopoly de facto                               entity - terms drafted

                                                 To reinforce the capacity of these organisations to
11                 Operating cost support to take their part in the development of non-
                   EU-level network in the non- discrimination policies and objectives
                                                                                                        Open Call for                                   Approved, ready for
     VP/2007/013   discrimination and disability                                                                                  G/1 - E/2 G/4 - G/3                                 5/31/2007
                                                                                                        Proposals                                       publication
                   fields - Partnership          To reinforce the capacity of these organisations to
12                 agreement - 2008-2010         take their part in the development of disability
                                                 policies and objectives

                                               Creation of a network of business school to promote                                                                                    Published on
                   Activities to promote the
13 VT/2007/035                                 diversity in enterprises + training targetted at    Call for Tender                        G4            Opening foreseen 9/7/2007     6/4/2007 OJ S-68-
                   business case for diversity
                                               enterprises.                                                                                                                           082358
                                                  This study should allow to anticipate questions on
                   Study on diversity in the      the role of the media in the promotion of diversity
14 VT/2007036                                                                                           Call for Tender                   G4            Drafting ongoing              July
                   media                          which will certainly be raised during the European
                                                  Year for Equal opportunities
                   Contribution to the activity
                   on the uniform and             Studies, analysis, working groups of national oficials
15                                                                                                       Call for Tender                  01            Not started                   July
                   effective application of EU    to monitor the implementation of EU law
                    Training of legal and policy
                                                 to facilitate the uniform interpretation and application                                               Approved, sent for
17 VT/2007/038     practitionners at                                                                      Open Call for Tenders           G2                                          May
                                                 of Community legislation                                                                               publication in Simap
                   Community level
                   Study on the existence of
                   discrimination in the field
                                                  Further elements on the effective situation of people
                   outside the current scope                                                                                                            Approved, sent to potential   No publication
18 VT/2007/047                                    victim of discrimination and potential impact of      Framework contract                G2
                   of EU legislation and                                                                                                                candidates                    Opening 4 June
                                                  alternative policy options
                   potential effects of further

                                                                                                          13                                                                                 Non-discrimination
                                            Work of experts to gather information on the
                  Socio-Economic expert                                                                                                           Published
                                            situation regarding, and best practices to promote,
19 VT/2007/026   network group on diversity                                                         Open Call for Tenders   G4   Opening 1 June   6/4/2007 OJ S-68-
                                            equality and to gather and develop research on
                 and discrimination                                                                                                               082383
                                            benefits of diversity to business and society at large.

                                                                                                    14                                               Non-discrimination
                                                    GENDER EQUALITY
                                                                                                                                  Unité                                  Target date for
                                Activité                               Description                         Procédures
     Reference                                                                                                                 responsable   Situation au 25 mai 2007     publication

                                                                                                      Call for Tender (in
                                                       To gather information on implementation of
 1 VT/2007/021    Legal experts networks                                                              two lots): Lot 1 under       G2        Published on 05/05/07
                                                       gender equality legislation
                                                                                                      gender line

                                                   To assist the Commission in the assessment
                  Network of Employment Experts on
    VT/2007/009                                    of the gender dimension of employment and Call for Tender                       G1        Published on 17/03/07
                  Gender Equality
                                                   economic policies in MS
                                                       To assist the Commission in the assessment
                  Network of Experts in gender
                                                       of the gender equality, social inclusion,
    VT/2007/010   equality, social inclusion, health                                              Call for Tender                  G1        Published on 16/03/07
                                                       health and long term care policies in the
                  and long-term care
                                                       Member States

                                                       To support the dissemination and transfer of
    VT/2007/054   Exchange of good practices                                                        Call for Tender                G1        Opinion H2                 In June 2007
                                                       good practices on gender issues
                  Awareness-raising activities to      To raise awareness among employers and
    VT2007/023    combat gender stereotypes in         employees on the need to combat gender         Call for Tender              G1        Published on 02/05/07
5                 companies                            stereotypes.

                                                   To gather information and independent
                  EU study on gender dimension and input on discrimination in the three pillars of
    VT            on discrimination in social      social protection, on grounds which are         Call for Tender                 G2        Drafting of Terms
                  protection                       currently covered by existing EU-Legislation,
6                                                  and on other grounds.

                  Operating Cost support to EU-level                                                                                         Call VP/2006/019
    VP/2006/019                                                                                                                    G1
                  networks                                                                                                                   completed
7                                                      To support the coperation with civil society   Open call for
                                                       organisations.                                 proposals
                  Operating Cost support to EU-level
    VP/2007/013                                                                                                                    G1        Opinion H2
                  networks (2008)

                                                       To promote gender mainstreaming in             Restricted Call for
10 VP2007/010     Improve mainstreaming in MS                                                                                      G1        lancé le 12/04/07
                                                       Member States policies and programmes          Proposals

                                                                                               15                                                                               Gender
                   EU study on gender equality           To improve the knowledge about the socio-
     VT/2007/040   dimension and social protection       economic impact of pension systems on          Open Call for Tenders    G1   Published on 15/05/07
12                 (notably pension)                     women
                   Study on options for improving
                   cooperation between national          To research options for cooperation of
                                                                                                        Call for Tender          G2   Not started
                   equality bodies in the field of       national equality bodies.
13                 gender equality (Directive 2002/73)
                   Evaluation of gender equality -                                                      Framework contract /
                                                         ADM EXP                                                                 G1   Not started
                   Road map                                                                             restricted call

                                                         To raise awareness on gender equality          Spontaneous subsidy -
                   European Presidency Conferences                                                                               G1
                                                         issues at EU and Member states' level          Monopoly de facto
                                                         To collect, analyse and dissemate data on
                   Database on women and men in                                                         Renewal of current
                                                         women in economic and political decision-                               G1
                   decision-making                                                                      contract
16                                                       making.
                                                         To raise awareness among employers and
                   EU conference on the 50 years of                                                     EMPL Framework
                                                         employees on Rights conferred by EU                                     G2   preparation started
                   Gender equality legislation                                                          Conference Contract
                                                         gender equality legislation
                                                         Study on the implementation of the principle   Call for tender if not
                                                         of equal treatment for men and women           possible to use a
     VT/2007/024   Study on directive 86/613                                                                                     G2   Not started
                                                         engaged in an activity in a self employed      frameworkcontract or
18                                                       capacity and assisting spouses                 other source

                   EU study on reconciliation of family,                                                DG BUDG framework
                                                         To analyse existing systems in MS                                       G2   terms being drafted
                   private and professional life                                                        contract

                   Network on women and decision         Launch conference organised to promote the EMPL Framework
                                                                                                                                 G1   Not started
                   making                                participation of women in decsion making   Conference Contract
                   Training of judges and legal
     VT/2007/38    practionners in EU anti-              6 traning seminars per year                    call for tender          G2   approved by H/2 25/5             June 2007
21                 discrimination law
                                                                                                                                      H/2 approval, invitations sent
                                                                                                                                      to all 4 contractors on DG
                   Study on existence of                                                                DG BUDG framework
     VT/2007/47                                          For art. 13 impact assessment                                           G2   BUDG list, deadline for
                   discrimination                                                                       contract                      submission of
22                                                                                                                                    tenders=25/5/07
                   Update of the Handbook on the
     VT/2007/46    equal treatment of women and men up-date of existing handbook                        call for tender          G2   G2
23                 in the EU

                                                                                                  16                                                                          Gender
                      PROGRESS Support to the programme - 2007 Follow-up

            Project                                                       Time table - Comments - State         Target date for
 Unit                             Project               Project type
              No.                                                                of play - 25 May                publication

                       Forward study on employment      Open Call for
EMPL 01     1                                                              Drafting of Terms
                       and social issues                Tenders

                       Study on the social impacts of   Restricted Call
EMPL 01     2                                                              Not started
                       the Single Market                for Tenders
 Special events, information and awareness-raising
                      Informing about the               EMPL ESF
                      PROGRESS Programme -              Framework          Call for tenders published on
EMPL 01    3
                      Support to Social Agenda          Communicatio       12 March 2007
                      Forum                             n Contract
                       Organisation of the Forum on     Framework
EMPL 01     4
                       the Social Agenda                Conference
 Monitoring & evaluation
                                                        Open Call for
EMPL 01 -              Monitoring of the PROGRES                                                            Published on 23 May
            5                                           Tenders -          Published
I4                     Programme -VT/2007/045                                                               2007

                                                                                                           Contractor: Mark Schacter -
                                                                                                           Mark Schacter Consulting
                                                        Negotiated                                         6174647 Canada Inc.
                      Technical assistance Strategic                       Launched on 14 Feb 2007-
EMPL-01     6                                           procedure                                          5 Linden Terrace
                               framework                                   Deadline on 9 March 2007
                                                        VT/2007/011                                        CA- K1S 1Z1 OTTAWA -

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