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									                                                                Agenda Item 5

                                                Dyfed-Powys Police Authority
                                           Protective Services Sub Committee
                                                         28th September 2009

Report of the Chief Executive: The discussion of terms of reference, a
forward work programme for the forthcoming year and monitoring of
performance indicators

       To note:
        Terms of Reference for the Sub Committee.

       To agree:
        A forward work programme for the forthcoming year.
        Monitoring of performance indicators.
        Monitoring the specific schedules and sections of the Terrorist Act
           of stop and search related indicators as required by the Prevent
           Delivery Plan.

1. Terms of Reference:
   At the Planning Performance and Scrutiny Committee (PP&S) meeting on
   7th September 2009, Members agreed to delegate the following terms of
   reference to a newly created Protective Services Sub Committee:

            To monitor and review the performance of the Force in
            relation to Protective Services and take any necessary

   Membership of the Sub Committee was also agreed for the forthcoming
   year as follows:

       Professor Ian Roffe, as Chair of PP&S;
       Mr Peter Gray, as Lead Member for Protective Services and Link
        Member for Counter-Terrorism and Domestic Extremism;
       Mr Alun Lloyd Jones, as Link Member for Firearms and Public Order;
       Mrs Ann Williams, as Link Member for Public Protection;
       Cllr David Neale, as Link Member for Strategic Roads Policing, Critical
        Incidents and Civic Contingencies;
       Cllr David Evans, as Link Member for Major Serious Organised and
        Cross-Border Crime;
       Mr Alasdair Kenwright, as a non-Protective Services portfolio Member
        from PP&S.

2. Forward work programme:
   Following agreement of the terms of reference for each Committee at the
   Annual General Meeting on 22nd June 2009, each Committee has
   developed a forward work programme for the forthcoming year.

   It is suggested that it is good practice for the Protective Services Sub
   Committee to adopt this approach in order to ensure that the terms of
   reference in relation to Protective Services are satisfactorily addressed. A
   forward work programme will also allow Members, the Secretariat and the
   Force to plan ahead in relation to the work required by the Sub Committee.

   Further to the above, Mr Peter Gray, the Lead Member for Protective
   Services, has provided the Secretariat with a list of suggested items for
   consideration by the Sub Committee; this is attached as Appendix A to this
   report. Mr Gray’s has been a contributory factor in drafting the agenda for
   today’s meeting and has also contributed to the suggested items for a
   forward work programme as detailed below.

3. Potential items for consideration as part of the forward work
   The potential items for consideration cover the Police Authority’s
   responsibilities in terms of Force monitoring and scrutiny. In order to assist
   with the delivery of the Strategic Plan, each area of responsibility within
   the forward work programme will be considered against the 5 Ps within the
   current draft of the Strategic Plan, but this may be subject to change:

      People
      Perception
      Planning
      Performance
      Probity

   Furthermore, in order to help prepare for the forthcoming Police Authority
   Inspection, each area of responsibility within the forward work programme
   will be considered against the relevant Police Authority Inspection
   Assessment themes as appropriate:

      Inspection theme 1: Setting strategic direction and priorities
      Inspection theme 2: Scrutinising performance outcomes
      Inspection theme 3: Achieving results through engagement and
      Inspection theme 4: Ensuring value for money and productivity

Suggested items are therefore as follows:

 Strategic      Potential item                                  Inspection
 Plan Theme                                                     theme
 People      N/A                                                N/A
 Perception  N/A                                                N/A
 Planning     To receive regular updates on the Force  2
                Strategic    Assessment        and     Regional
                Strategic Assessments.
 Performance  To scrutinise Force performance in relation  2
                to the delivery of the 13 areas of Protective
              To monitor agreed Performance Indicators  2
                as set out in section 4 of this report.
              To receive regular Lead/Link Member  2
                briefings on their respective areas of
                Protective Services.
              To receive regular updates on progress  2
                against the WECTU/Force CONTEST
                Prevent Delivery Plan.
              To monitor ongoing developments with the  2
                APA Framework that may impact on
                performance monitoring of Protective
              To consider how the Prevent agenda is  2
                being moved forward in the 4 Community
                Safety Partnerships in the Force area.
              To gather intelligence on the approach  2
                adopted by other Police Authorities to the
                scrutiny process applied to Protective
                Services in order to measure the
                effectiveness applied of this Authority’s
              To receive feedback on the inspection  2
                findings undertaken by bodies such as the
                HMIC on the respective PS areas.
              To consider the minutes of the Force  2
                Protective Services Project Board.
              To consider the minutes of the Force  2
                Prevent Steering Board.
 Probity     N/A                                                N/A

Once the items within a forward work programme have been agreed, a
comprehensive whole Police Authority forward work programme will be
developed to cover each Committee in a table detailing what is scheduled
for each meeting and who is responsible within the Force or Authority. This
programme will be presented for consideration to the full Police Authority.

4. Monitoring of Performance Indicators:
   The Association of Police Authorities (APA) guidance document published
   in November 2008, “Guidance for police authorities on the performance
   monitoring and scrutiny of protective services”, states that the Assessment
   of Policing and Community Safety (APACS) provides a set of performance
   indicators that the Home Office (for which HMIC will shortly take over
   responsibility) will use to track performance in local areas.

    This guidance states, “that the serious crime and protection domain of
    APACS reflects the work of the police and others in preparing for, and
    dealing with, critical incidents and major events which are infrequent but
    potentially very harmful and disruptive when they occur. Consequently,
    this domain of APACS, will be a particularly useful tool for police
    authorities in monitoring and scrutinising performance against the delivery
    of protective services.”

    Indicators relating to Protective Services within the APACS framework
    already form part of the Force Performance Briefing document prepared
    and presented by Corporate Services at each Planning, Performance and
    Scrutiny Committee on a quarterly basis and are subsequently scrutinised
    at that Committee.

    It should also be noted that the introduction of the rounded assessment,
    which will effectively supercede the APACS framework, will incorporate
    Protective Services indicators within the domains of Local Crime and
    Policing and Protection from Serious Harm.

    The APA guidance details further diagnostic tools which could be
    monitored by police authorities in order to apply scrutiny of Protective
    Services, these include:

           National Protective Services Analysis Tool (NPSAT)1;
           ACPO minimum standards for delivery of protective services and
            HMIC’s specific grading criteria;
           Other potential indicators.

    The Policy Officer with a portfolio for Protective Services (Claire Godden)
    has completed some preliminary work in relation to the three points above
    and explored with the Force whether the indicators cited within the APA
    guidance documented are:

           Reported on currently;
           Not reported on currently but can be collated;
           Cannot be reported on currently.

 NPSAT is an electronic tool that provides comparative data on indicators of the
demand/threat in each of the 43 police forces in England and Wales for serious organised
crime, major crime and strategic roads policing. The purpose of the tool is to provide
authorities and forces with an indicative view of where demand is highest to supplement their
own analysis and to inform discussions that police forces will have with HMIC and the Home
Office on how to improve their delivery of protective services.

   It was pleasing to note that the majority of indicators set out within the APA
   guidance are either reported on currently, or can be collated and reported
   to the Authority if necessary. Indicators which cannot be reported on
   currently largely related to information that is collated by partners.

   In considering the above, the Police Authority now needs to decide
   whether they are content with simply monitoring the indicators as currently
   presented within the Performance Briefing document at PP&S, or whether
   they consider it necessary to broaden the scope and scrutinise additional
   indicators as set out within the APA guidance document at the Protective
   Services Sub Committee.

   It should be noted however that neither approach will at present offer a
   definitive list of indicators to the whole scope of Protective Services as the
   APA guidance at present only incorporates a limited number of protective
   services areas.

   If the Authority wish to expand the scope of indicators currently reviewed,
   the Secretariat can if required draft a proposed framework for
   consideration at the next Sub Committee meeting on 5th November 2009.

   In addition to this, the Police Authority should be aware of the requirement
   for the Police Authority in conjunction with the Force to assess the impact
   of specific schedules and sections of the Terrorist Act relating to stop and
   searches of people, property and vehicles believed to be involved in
   terrorist activity in general, and at specific locations i.e. ports and borders.
   The Sub Committee may wish the Secretariat to finalise indicators with the
   Force in this respect.

5. Financial Implications

6. Race and Equality Impact

7. Human Rights Implications

8. National Park Implications

9. Appendices

10. Background papers

11. Contact details
    Author:           Alex Maskell/Claire Godden
    Email:   /
   Telephone:         01267 226440

Appendix A: Suggested agenda items provided by Mr Peter Gray


Aim                                     To ensure efficient and effective policing of the PS core
                                        business areas.

Objectives                              To review the PS Threats/Risks facing the Force, receive
                                        the Chief Constable’s proposals for a proportionate
                                        response, and examine the required PS resources to meet
                                        such commitment.

TOR’s                                   Sub-Group         - Strengths/Weaknesses
                                        Link Members

Navigating the ‘Cluttered Landscape’    HO / ACPO / APA / WAG / WECTU / ?
                                        Prevent/Pursue Overlap
                                        PP&S / CEC / F&GP / Professional Standards – Overlap
                                        Identification of Force & Regional Leads (names and
                                        contact numbers)

Documentation and Policies              WECTU/ Force CONTEST Prevent Delivery Plan
                                        APA Framework
                                        Force Strategic Assessment
                                        WCT Strategic Assessment (collaboration agenda)

Suggested Work Programme                Options
                                        Formal Rolling Programme
                                        Examples of Best Practice
                                        Review of Threats/Risks
                                        Measuring Success (Performance Indicators)
                                        VFM and Productivity (?)

Working Methodology                     Circulation of Information (not restricted to Link
                                        Secure E-mail facilities (deletion of Restricted
                                        Information on Home PCs)
                                        Video Conferencing (security restrictions)

Milestone Events                        Inspections – Force/Authority
                                        Publication of Policies
                                        Submissions to Home Office/APA/ WECTU

Dates of Meetings                       PS Project Board
                                        Prevent Group
                                        PAW CT Leads, etc

Reporting Procedures                    Force to Sub-Group
                                        Link Members to Sub-Group
                                        Sub-Group to PP&S
                                        Sub-Group/PP&S to Authority

Outstanding Actions + PP&S (07/09/09)   Action In hand - Who? What? How? When?

Milford Haven                           Action required

Revision of Progress


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