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					The City of Mainz
   Some Facts
  Mainz = Capital of the        Twin Cities
  State Rhineland-          -   Dijon, Longchamp (F)
  Palatinate                -   Louisville (USA)
  Population: 190.934       -   Watford (UK)
                            -   Zagreb (Croatia)
  Cities nearby
                            -   Rodengo (Italy)
- Wiesbaden
                            -   Valencia (Spain)
- Frankfurt (Int. Airport
  and Hahn Airport =>       -   Haifa (Israel)
  cheap flights across      -   Erfurt (Former East-
  Europe)                              Germany)
Historical Facts
Mainz is about 2,000
years old
Castrum Moguntiacum
founded by Roman
General Drusus in 13
Important military town
=> strategic position at
the confluence of the
Main and the Rhine
476 AD: Fall of Roman
Historical Facts
496 AD Mainz became
part of Frankish
1800-1814 Mainz was
capital of a French
1947 State of
was founded
Since 1950 Mainz is
Capital of State
Johannes Gutenberg

Most famous person of
Born ca. 1398, died in
February 1468
Johannes Gutenberg

During 1440s
Gutenberg invented
printing press with
movable type
In 1455 1st Gutenberg
Bible printed
   Johannes Gutenberg - University
Since 1477
Campus university
One of the largest German
About 32,000 students from
more than 130 nations
Great diversity of subjects:
law, economics, social sciences, the humanities, natural
sciences, human medicine and dentistry, music, the fine arts
and sport
Johannes Gutenberg - University

Botanic Garden
University Cafeteria (Mensa)
Johannes Gutenberg - University

Philosophicum (Arts and Sciences)
ReWi (Business and Law)
Johannes Gutenberg - University

Max-Planck-Institute (Natural Sciences)
Having a Good Time
People in Mainz love to laugh, eat, drink, and be
The Three W’s of Mainz: Weck (rolls), Worscht
[Wurst (sausage)], and Woi [Wein (wine)]
    Going Out
    Wine Taverns /       Useful vocabulary
    Weinstuben           Schoppe = 1/4 liter of
    Pubs / Restaurants   Äppelwoi = Apple Wine
-   Heilig Geist
                         Woi = Wine
-   Havana
                         Spundekees = Cream
-   Irish Pub
                         Cheese with paprika and
-   Quartier Mayence     onions served with
-   Extrablatt           warm pretzels
Going Out
Eisgrub Bräu

Very German style
pub / restaurant
Own brewery
Delicious beer and
 The Two Passions of Mainz

FSV Mainz 05
                   Meenzer Fassenacht
FSV Mainz 05
Soccer and Sports
Founded in 1905
Coach: Jürgen Klopp
Since 2004
First Bundesliga
 Fassenacht: Mainz wie es singt und

Carnival is the 5th
season of the year
Starts on 11th day of
11th month at 11:11
AM and 11 seconds
Ends with the
beginning of catholic
Lent in
Fassenacht: Mainz wie es singt und

Since 19th century

Roots in criticism of
social and political
injustices under the
shelter of cap and bells
Fassenacht: Mainz wie es singt und
By the end of Meenzer
Fassenacht three non-
stop days and four
nights of parades and
street parties
Biggest parade on Rose
Monday across down
Carnival of Mainz
famous throughout
Germany and around the
Leisure & Culture
History of Mainz and the
remains of its two
millennia are well-        The Landesmuseum
documented in more than
a dozen museums            one of the oldest
                           museums in Germany
                           houses the most
The Gutenberg              important art collection
Museum                     of Rheinland-Pfalz
exhibits an original       (extraordinary items
Gutenberg Bible amongst    from Roman Mainz
many other printed books   dating from the 1st to 4th
from the 15th century      Century)
and later
Leisure & Culture
The Mainz State
designed by Georg
Moller in 1833
repertory contains
straight theatrical and
modern dance
presentations, standard
opera, ballet, and
musical productions
  Leisure & Culture
 The Old Town of
 Altstadt Impressions
Leisure & Culture
The Church of St.
Famous for its post-
war windows by Marc
Leisure & Culture
The Dome / Mainz
Building commenced in
Located near the
historical center of the
represents the highpoint
of Romanesque
cathedral architecture
along with cathedrals of
Worms and Speyer
Leisure & Culture
The Cinema
Mainz has several cinemas showing big blockbusters
but also independent productions
Biggest cinema: The Cinestar, containing a café, a
Mexican Restaurant, and the Starclub
Leisure & Culture
The Rhine
Attraction and meeting
place for all people
living in Mainz
shore of the Rhine is
very inviting to stroll,
to barbecue, to have a
drink, or just to sit and
Leisure & Culture
The Christmas Market
Meeting place for the
people in Mainz during
Christmas period
This year from 24th
November to 23rd
Historic market square is
a blaze of lights
Leisure & Culture
Air scented with roast
almonds, gingerbread,
bratwurst, and mulled
Festively decorated
stands selling
Christmas tree
decorations, wooden
toys, ceramics,
candles, and much
See you in Mainz!