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									                          CLOSING REMARKS
                         By: Mr. Francis I. Ferrer
                  PHILEXPORT Trustee – Electronics Sector

                   4th Quarter General Membership Meeting
                    Oct. 30, 2008 * Sofitel Hotel * 1- 5 p.m.

My fellow members in the PHILEXPORT Board, our special, exporters,
friends, ladies and gentlemen:

On behalf of the PHILEXPORT Board, I wish to express our gratitude to
all of you who participated in this meeting.

Although limited in resources and sometimes fragmented in our
strategies, the presentations we heard have re-affirmed my belief on the
indomitable spirit of the Filipino. Facing one crisis after another, one
disaster after another, one problem after another, we have managed to
rise above ourselves and the situations we face and end up in many
occasions winning our cause.

Specifically this afternoon, we saw that despite claims of logistics and
procedural problems here and there, there are concrete programs and
projects delivered already. And there are commitments for more

We hope that for one, the Customs and Tariff Modernization Act will be
acceptable to Congress and serve as the substitute bill for the Anti-
smuggling versions that have been pending at the Senate and the
House. We are endorsing the Act in principle, subject to certain
amendments to address export issues, considering that this is meant to
be the omnibus code for our Customs policies.

There is no denying the relevance of infrastructure investments to help
spur trade and development in the country. In transport, we agree that a
critical cost-reduction factor is volume and turn-around time. How the
export industry can meet these requirements amidst the various internal
and external challenges these days is again another issue altogether.
Through all these, we need to act together even as we also plan
together so we avoid building bridges that lead to nowhere, for example,
or policies that negate and conflict with one another.

But as rightfully pointed out in the reactions, the next important thing is to
sustain these gains, improve on them and use them to our advantage.
Then, we need to face and address the other issues that provide the
weakest links to increasing our competitiveness. Bureaucracy,
transparency, efficiency in varying degrees and situations are still some
of them.

On another note, may I also take this privilege to invite you to our next
meeting which is on December 4, Thursday, for our Christmas party also
in this hotel. We shall deviate from our tradition of having the formal
meeting and party together, but instead simply fellowship, network and
enjoy each other’s company. The invitations will soon be sent to you.
Note that there will be the usual group and individual competitions with
prizes. So dig up your closet for the best Hollywood attire this Christmas
and let’s celebrate the holidays together!
Finally, thank you once again to all of you, especially our speakers,
donors and partners in this activity. We hope that this has been a
meaningful activity for all of us.

Good afternoon and mabuhay!

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