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IT Change Management Procedure by Millaisb

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These IT Change Management Documents have been created using more than twenty years experience in IT and have therefore been built around real requirements and deployed in real environments. Whilst these IT Change Management Documents incorporate IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology they are not just about theory and are currently being used in practice by my Corporate and Government clients alike. I realise I am repeating myself here, but I need you the reader to realise that these documents are not templates, they are not suggestions or pointers but full blown documents that will allow you to have a full set of working documents that can be "exercised" as soon as you perform a simple "Find and Replace" for key criteria. This will transform these documents and workflow diagrams, just add your company logo and you are off and running. The IT Change Management Documentation Solution comprises Word documents and associated Visio Workflow Diagrams and include: • IT Change Management Process • Request for Change (RFC) Form • Change Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting Minutes • IT Change Management Process Workflow

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									infrastructure technology group

                     IT PROCESSES AND

                     Change Management     Infrastructure Technology Group Pty Ltd               ABN 56 087 369 506                                             T 0431 548 717 ::: F 02 8456 5728
                                                            IT Processes and Procedures
infrastructure technology group                                    Change Management

Table of Contents

1     CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCESS OVERVIEW                                              6

1.1    Purpose of this document                                                        6

1.2    Scope of this document                                                          6

1.3    Objectives of the process                                                       6

1.4    Summary of the process                                                          7

1.5    Abbreviations                                                                   7

1.6    Glossary                                                                        8

2     CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCESS                                                       9

2.1    The Purpose of the Change Management Process                                    9

2.2    The Scope of Change Management                                                  9

2.3    Sources of Change                                                               9

2.4     Responsibilities for Change                                                   10
   2.4.1 Change Advisory Board (CAB)                                                  10
   2.4.2 Change Advisory Board Emergency Committee (CAB / EC)                         11
   2.4.3 Change Manager                                                               11
   2.4.4 Change Initiator                                                             12
   2.4.5 Customer Representative                                                      12
   2.4.6 IS Service Manager (where applicable)                                        12
   2.4.7 Security Specialist                                                          12

3     WORKING RULES OF THE CAB                                                       13

3.1    Quorum                                                                         13

3.2    Change Approval                                                                13

3.3    Escalation Path                                                                13

3.4    Priority and Impact Categories                                                 14

3.5     Priority Definitions                                                          14
   3.5.1 Impact Definitions                                                           14

3.6     Change Management Notifications                                               15
   3.6.1 CAB Notification Matrix                                                      15
   3.6.2 Customer / User Notification Matrix                                          15

3.7    Test Criteria                                                                  16

3.8    Defect Severity Definitions                                                    16

 Copyright Acme Inc.                    Confidential                            Page 2
                                                       IT Processes and Procedures
infrastructure technology group                               Change Management

4     CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE                                               17

4.1    Change Management Procedures – Initiation                                 17

4.2    Change Management Procedures – Emergency                                  18

4.3    Change Management Procedure                                               21

4.4    Change Management Procedures – Change Advisory Board                      24


6     INDEX                                                                     28

7     DISCLAIMER                                                                29

7.1     License                                                                  29
   7.1.1 Limited Usage Granted                                                   29
   7.1.2 Modifications                                                           29
   7.1.3 Unauthorized Use                                                        29
   7.1.4 Assignability                                                           29
   7.1.5 Ownership                                                               29
   7.1.6 Company Details                                                         29

 Copyright Acme Inc.               Confidential                            Page 3
                                                                    IT Processes and Procedures
infrastructure technology group                                                Change Management

Document Change Control
Please note significant document changes with a version increment of 1.0. Minor
administrative changes, where the meaning or intention of the document is not altered
should increase by an increment of 0.1.

 Version        Date             Author(s)                          Summary of Changes
 1.0            April 10         Infrastructure Technology Group    Initial Release

Procedure Statement
This document provides information about the following items:

           Change Management

The following groups of people use the Change Management Process and Procedures

           All of Acme Inc.

Document Nomenclature
To modify this document to suit your requirements, the following designations should be
replaced with your preferred name.

                 Document Name                                        Replacement
Acme Inc.                                            Your Company Name.
ACME INC.                                            Abbreviated Company Name e.g. Initials
Selected Day                                         The day the Change Advisory Board meets
Selected Time                                        The time that the CAB meets

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                                                                    IT Processes and Procedures
infrastructure technology group                                              Change Management

Document Signoff
           This document is for internal Acme Inc. use only, in accordance with the Acme
           Inc. Code of Conduct. The contents of this procedure should not be disclosed
           without written permission, and to do so may constitute a breach of Acme Inc.‟s
           Security and Information Protection principles.

       ITIL Document Number:                 TBA
       Author:                               Authors Name
       Date approved:
       Approval Role:                        Technical Services Manager
       Noted by Relationship (if
       Approved by IS Executive
       (if applicable)
       Date of Next Review:
       Owner Approved:                       Manager Approved:

        Name                                 Name
        Technical Services Manager           Chief Information Officer

        Name                                 Name
        Application Manager                  Service Desk Manager

           The Technical Services Manager has responsibility for the maintenance of this procedure.

           The Chief Information Officer has responsibility for the authorisation of this procedure.

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                                                                  IT Processes and Procedures
infrastructure technology group                                           Change Management

1 Change Management Process Overview
 1.1 Purpose of this document
             This document details the standardised methods and procedures for making
             changes to the Acme Inc.‟s IT development, Test and Production environments.
             The use of these procedures ensures that all changes are handled promptly and
             efficiently in order to minimise the impact of any related incidents upon service.
             It details the complete change lifecycle from an identified need to the closure of
             the change.
             The procedures are based upon the ITIL framework for Change Management and
             developed to meet the particular needs of Acme Inc.. These changes support the
             Acme Inc. IS Change Management Policy.

 1.2 Scope of this document
             This document identifies the process stages for the implementation of change to
             the IT environment.
             This document provides the definitions utilised for the preparation for and
             assessment of changes, and includes practical descriptions of the information
             required for an effective assessment of the change impact and priority.
             It defines the roles and responsibilities of the various participants in the change

 1.3 Objectives of the process
             The objectives of this process are as follows:

             Ensure that standardised methods are used for the efficient and prompt
              handing of all changes to the IT environment in order to minimise the impact of
              change-related incidents upon service quality and consequently improve the
              day-to-day operations of the organisation.

             Ensure that change impact on the IT environment is tracked, coordinated and
              prioritised to ensure a healthy, stable IT environment for all users.

             Provide a considered approach to the assessment of risk and business
              continuity, change impact, resource requirements and change approval,
              ensuring that proper balance is maintained between the need for the change
              against the impact of the change.

             Process applies to modifications, additions, decommissioning and changes to the
              ICT environment. Refer to the Appendix A for a list of changes. This list is not
              an exhaustive list and any modifications, additions or decommissions not
              referred to within Appendix A should be referred to the Change Manager for

 Copyright Acme Inc.                     Confidential                                    Page 6
                                                                 IT Processes and Procedures
infrastructure technology group                                         Change Management

 1.4 Summary of the process

             Request for Change – form completed, including an Implementation Plan,
              Impact Analysis, Back-Out Plan, Communications Plan, and Test Plan.

             Change Registration – Change Manager undertakes initial review and
              Registration and Change Control Number assigned.

             Approval – change presented to the Change Advisory Board (or CAB/EC if
              Emergency Change) by Change Initiator; reviewed for approval by CAB
              ensuring appropriate impact categorisation and priority and effective plans in

             Scheduling and Notification – approved change included in Forward Schedule of
              Changes and notifications issued via Intranet message and in accordance with
              Communications Plan.

             Implementation - Change build, test and implementation to Production

             Post Implementation Activities - Change manager advised of outcome; Change
              Register updated; Configuration Management advised; CAB review outcome.

 1.5 Abbreviations

  Abbreviation       Definition
  ITIL               Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  CAB                Change Advisory Board
  CAB / EC           Change Advisory Board Emergency Committee
  CI                 Configuration Item
  RFC                Request For Change
  FSC                Forward Schedule of Changes
  Acme Inc.          Acme Inc.
  IS                 Information Technology Service Delivery
  ICT                Information and Communications Technology

 Copyright Acme Inc.                     Confidential                                 Page 7
                                                                   IT Processes and Procedures
infrastructure technology group                                             Change Management

 1.6 Glossary

  Term                            Description
  Change                          Any change to a configuration item that may impact upon
                                  the production, development or Test / UAT environments.
                                  Includes the addition, modification or removal of approved,
                                  supported or base-lined hardware, network, software,
                                  application, environment, system, desktop build or
                                  associated documentation.
  Change Advisory Board           A group of people who can give expert advice to Change
                                  Management on the implementation of Changes. This Board
                                  is made up of both IS and business representatives.
  Change Management               Process of controlling Changes to the infrastructure or any
                                  aspect of services, in a controlled manner, enabling
                                  approved Changes with minimum disruption.
  Forward Schedule of Changes     A schedule that contains details of all the Changes approved
                                  for implementation and their proposed implementation
  ICT Environment                 The collection of hardware, softw
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