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					    Wagga Wagga Dressage
     Club Inc. Newsletter
     November / December 2009

Mr. Ed says…..
 A wonderful two day dressage championships has been
held. Congratulations to all members who competed in
very difficult, hot, hot, conditions. Yet another display of   Inside this Issue
Wagga talent with a number of members taking home                   Mr Ed Says
champion & reserve awards.
Thanks to everyone who helped out at the event this              Claire Seidl Clinic
year; without you, we would not have a club or any local
competitions. Special thanks must go to those                       Important
wonderful members we see at every competition. These             Information: Pony
people work so hard to ensure that we all have a great
                                                               How to care for your
time. It would be great to see some other members pitch
in and help out too! All help is greatly appreciated and        horse in the heat
will ensure the future of the club.                            Committee Contacts
Thank you to all our sponsors, judges and competitors
in making this such a successful event. Full result can          Christmas Party
be found on the web site.

As the Festive Season grows ever closer, remember to
take care of our precious horses in this hot weather.
Good luck to all members competing at the Victorian
State Dressage Championships. Don’t forget the club
Christmas party and Awards Night, mark it in your diary

                           NEXT MEETING
                                                                  John Potter &
        UPSTAIRS AT THE UNION CLUB HOTEL                          “Sommersby”
  MEETINGS ARE HELD ON THE 3RD MONDAY OF                       NSW Novice Dressage
               EVERY MONTH                                       Champion & NSW
                                                                Novice Horse of the
                                 Wagga Wagga Dressage Club Inc

             Claire Seidl Clinic

                                                Important Information -
                                                Amnesty on Pony Dressage
                                                Elysha Sargent, Wednesday, 21 October 2009
                                                At the recent meeting with SDAs on 13/9
                                                and the ADC meeting on 14/9 there was
                                                much discussion about Pony Dressage and
                                                how the numbers are low and ponies are
                                                grading up too quickly as a result.
    A great clinic was held for the club        The ADC is currently reviewing the grading
     by Claire Seidl. Most lessons were         system with any new system proposed for
    taken up by club members with all           implementation about 1/1/11. This will give
      horses improving throughout the           ample time for members and SDAs to
     clinic. Anyone interested in finding       comment on any changes. Initiatives being
                                                considered for the new grading system will
     out more about Claire should visit
                                                address the problem for horses (and ponies)
    her web site She   but OC’s are at the point of not being able to
      has some great horsey gifts and           offer pony competition due to lack of
     Jewellery available for sale, just in      numbers – this is not the case for horses.
              time for Christmas.               We are trying to accommodate organising
                                                committee’s who are obliged to run pony
                                                classes but are hampered by low
                                                participation. This is putting a strain on
                                                resources and funds at a time when neither
            Check Out the Web :
                                                are in abundance.                        In the meantime the SDAs and ADC have                            agreed that there be an ‘amnesty’ on                       grading points for ponies. This ‘amnesty will                         become effective from Wednesday 14/10/09 until                       such time as the review of the grading                          system is completed and a new system                       implemented. As a result of this ‘amnesty’                    ponies will remain at their current graded                              level until any new system is implemented.                           Riders would still be required to keep a
                                                record of their performances for qualification
                                                purposes. Alternatively all pony results need
                                                to continue to be entered on the National
                                                data base but without accruing any grading
                                            Wagga Wagga Dressage Club Inc

                                                       enough water to        Step 3
       How to                                          properly support
       Protect                                         him. The other            Cool down
       and                                             thing to watch            your horse
       Comfor                                          out for in the            appropriat
       ta                                              summer is                 ely after
                                                       bacteria, which           any work
       Horse                                           will grow faster          session. Start by running
       in the                               than you may think. After            cool water from a hose
       Heat of Summer                       your horse drinks out of             over your horse’s entire
                                            his water bucket a few               body. Begin with his chest
       If you care enough to have a         times, a strange film can            first, then move to his
       horse, then you probably want to     grow over the top of the             neck and legs, then cover
       know how to care for him             water. Many horses will              the rest of his body. Take
       throughout the summer. In the        not drink the water when             your horse for a walk after
       scorching heat of long summer        it is in that condition;             you have rinsed him to
       days, whatever people                therefore, water should be           finish cooling him down.
       experience in terms of being too     changed often.                       This is a very safe and
       hot, tired and generally                                                  effective practice, and you
       uncomfortable, also applies to     Step 2                                 will enjoy it as well. Also,
       equine animals. Even though                                               make sure that your horse
       there is not as much we can do       Schedule workouts around             does not eat any solid
       for them, there are a few things     hot weather conditions.              grain for at least an hour
       that you as horse lover or owner     Working horses in the                after a good workout.
       can do to make these days more       summer can be somewhat
       bearable. And your horse will        dangerous due to the hot and      Step 4
       appreciate it.                       sometimes humid weather.
                                            When you work your horse             Bring your horse inside
Things You'll Need:                         in the summertime, try to            during the heat of the day
                                                              keep all of        if possible. Keeping
              Hose                                            the activity       horses outside all day is
              Clean                                           restricted to      acceptable as long as
          drinking water                                      either early       there is a source of shade
              Bug spray                                       morning or         and plenty of clean, fresh
                                                              late evening.      water. If you or someone
       Step 1                                                 These times        cannot be around during
                                                              are                the day, the best plan is
          Provide your horse with a         preferable because either the        to turn them out only at
          plentiful and steady              sun has not completely come          night and in the early
          supply of cold, clean             out or is not at the hottest         morning.
          drinking water. In the            temperature. Also, whenever
          summer it is very                 you conduct your exercise         Step 5
          important to make sure            sessions, try to keep them as
          that your horse does not          short as possible.                   Keep flies and bugs off
          get dehydrated for lack of                                             your horse during the hot
                              Wagga Wagga Dressage Club Inc
     summer. Flies and other          or bug spray that will keep
     pests that can annoy your        your horse bug-free and
     horse and inflict nasty          happy.
     bites are attracted to the
     horse’s sweat, so in the
     summer they will swarm.
     Invest in some strong fly

                                  Your committee:
   PRESIDENT: BRONWYN NEIL                            PHONE: 0269717778
   SECRETARY: ROS PULLEN                              PHONE: 0269225362
                                                      MOBILE :0419216329
   ASSISTANT SECRETARY: JENNY PEEL                    PHONE: 0269284155
   TREASURER: MAREE WALKER                            PHONE: 0269718498
   PUBLICITY OFFICER: MAXINE CUMMINGS                 PHONE : 0269284528

                                                      “We may only dream”
                                                       22nd November Stutgard

   You are invited to a
   Christmas Party !!!
                                          Wagga Wagga Dressage Club Inc
   When: 7.00pm Thursday 17th
   Where: Union Club Hotel (Upstairs)
   ASAP: 10th December Ros Pullen
   This will also be the club Annual Awards
   Presentation Night
   (Any outstanding perpetual trophies need to be
       returned to Ros ASAP)

                                                    “Moorelands Totalis “
                                                      87.8% in Freestyle.

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