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You can't afford to miss this!


You can't afford to miss this!

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									You can’t afford
to miss this!
The most valuable planning session you will attend all year
Your chance to connect with leading Australian education experts
Professor Brian Caldwell and Professor Steve Dinham
  »   Plan to be the Best School
  »   Generate ideas and practical strategies
  »   Relevant to all school sectors
  »   Presenting in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  »   Get your school moving and improving

Hear the latest from this powerful and inspiring combination of Australian educational leaders. Professors Steve Dinham
and Brian Caldwell present in three locations, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in February 2009.
Based on his best-selling new release Why not the Best Schools, Brian Caldwell offers a ten-point, ten-year plan for an
education revolution that will result in the transformation of Australia’s schools, going beyond system characteristics to
provide an in-depth account of how transformation occurs in schools. Indicators will be provided to help shape strategies
for policy makers and practitioners in schools and school systems. Guidelines for leadership and governance will ensure
a future-focus for those who are determined to ensure that all students will succeed in the twenty-first century.
Steve Dinham cuts through the clouds of ‘fashion, fad, jargon and ideology’ to show what research has revealed about
what really works and adds value in all schools in the twenty-first century. He draws together research from over two
decades conducted into student achievement, successful teaching, effective school leadership, teachers’ professional
learning and successful educational change.

   Victoria                                   New South Wales                           Queensland
   Monday 23 February                         Tuesday 24 February                       Wednesday 25 February
   Moonee Valley Racecourse                   Webster Theatre                           Victoria Park Function Venue
   Chairman’s Room                            University of Sydney                      Alabaster Room

   All sessions                                      For registrations or further information contact:
                                                     ACER Leadership Centre
   9.00am – 1.00pm                                   Stephen Cutting                   Mary Cahill
                                                     t (03) 9277 5791                  t (03) 9277 5442
   $150.00 (plus GST)                                f (03) 9277 5500                  f (03) 9277 5500
                                                     e             e

Australian Council for Educational Research
                                        Connect with Australia’s
                                        leading education experts
                                        DATE                                     LOCATION
                                            Monday 23 February                   Victoria
                                           Tuesday 24 February                   New South Wales
                                            Wednesday 25 February                Queensland
is Managing Director of Educational     TIME                                     REGISTRATION
Transformations Pty Ltd in
Melbourne and Associate Director        9.00am        Registration               $165.00 per person
of iNet (Global) (International         9.30am–1.00pm Seminar                    (includes morning tea and GST)
Networking for Educational
Transformation) of the Specialist
Schools and Academies Trust in
England. From 1998 to 2004 he
served as Dean of Education at the
                                        Registration form
University of Melbourne where
he is currently Professorial Fellow.
                                        1. Participant information                              TAX INVOICE                ABN 19 004 398 145
In addition to approximately 120            1. Name
published papers, chapters and
monographs, He has conducted                    Email
more then 500 professional
assignments in or for 39 countries          2. Name
and has authored or co-authored
books that have helped shape                    Email
educational reform.
                                            3. Name


                                            4. Name



PROFESSOR STEPHEN DINHAM                                                                       State                  Postcode
is Research Director of the Teaching,
Learning and Leadership research           Telephone (      )                                  Fax     (    )
program at the Australian Council
for Educational Research. Stephen
Dinham has conducted a wide
                                        2. Payment options
range of research projects in the
areas of educational leadership and     Credit card:               Mastercard         Visa           American Express
change, effective pedagogy/quality
                                            Card Number
teaching, student achievement,
postgraduate supervision,                     Expiry Date           /
professional teaching standards,
teachers’ professional development,     Cardholder’s name
middle-level leaders in schools, and
teacher satisfaction, motivation and    Cheque or money order enclosed for $________________                    Please make payable to: ACER
health. He is a frequent presenter
at international, national and state
conferences and has conducted
                                        3. Forward registration form and payment details to:
consultancies with a variety of
                                        Stephen Cutting
educational bodies nationally and
internationally. Professor Dinham’s     ACER Leadership Centre
latest book, published in December      Private Bag 55, Camberwell VIC 3124
2008, is How to Get Your School         t: 03 9277 5791
Moving and Improving: An evidence-      f: 03 9277 5500
based approach.
                                        Online registration available at

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