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									4/20/2007 Wood protection from Nanovations Pty Ltd

N a n o va t i o n s - C o a t i n g s f o r t h e Fu t u r e

If You Like The Natural Beauty Of Wood
You Will Like Nanovations Solutions For Long Term Protection.

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4/20/2007 Wood protection from Nanovations Pty Ltd

S o l u t i o n s f o r l o n g l a s t i n g wo o d p r o t e c t i o n
Although wood is naturally durable and strong, the effects of out-door expo-
sure can degrade not only these physical properties, but its natural beauty
as well. Most natural clear wood finishes are designed to protect and beau-
tify wood. Although this may sound simple, manufacturer’s claims that prod-
ucts protect, preserve, seal, last longer, work better, and spread farther
than competitors’ products can be confusing. In fact, many of the terms
used to describe exterior wood finishes are used inter-changeably and often
incorrectly, thus adding to the confusion.
                                                                                   Don’t let this happen to your wood
When choosing a wood finish, there are two elements to consider:
Aesthetics and Protection. These two qualities can sometimes be at odds. Aesthetically, there is a growing
trend among homeowners to maintain the clear natural look of wood. However, the best protection from the
sun’s ultraviolet radiation is obtained from pigmented products, which tend to cover the wood’s natural grain
and texture, thus the problem of balancing aesthetics and protection.

                                     Solutions for Durable UV Protection
Some clear finishes are film forming -to completely stop water absorption and therefore do not penetrate the
wood’s surface very well. Clear Water-Repellent Sealers finishes also degrade from UV light .

The only way to slow the UV degradation of the surface is to incorporate a pigment or a UV stabilizer into the
formulation. Thus, the UV-resistant clear
water-repellent preservative represents
the broadest category of clear natural
finishes on the market.

Nanoscale UV absorbers offer unique
benefits in protecting coatings and coated
substrates from being degraded by UV
radiation. The small size of the particles
makes it possible to offer high protection
without affecting the transparency of the

            Natural Sunlight Spectrum
                                                               Clear impregnating solutions from
                                                               Nanovations work in the broad range between
                                                               270nm and 410nm, are heat stable and not
                                                               volatile. Shortwave radiation in the range of
                                                               280 – 350 nm is considered harmful for
                                                               wood .

 Why Wood?
 Wood is the best insulator against heat and cold, which makes it the most energy-efficient material
 that can help keep home energy bills in check. Unlike steel and concrete, wood doesn't conduct heat
 and cold. Wood is 400 times less heat conductive than steel, and up to 20 less than concrete, so
 homes built with wood studs take less energy to heat and cool.
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4/20/2007 Wood protection from Nanovations Pty Ltd

Coatings made for Australian conditions
Australia , well known as the “sunburned country,” is a
place you don’t want to be when you made out of
Australia is famous for its sunny beaches, but it is also
the driest continent on earth. The UV radiation is one of
the strongest in the world and Australia still is the
country with the highest skin cancer rate in the world.
Nanovations Pty Ltd is taking on the challenge to give
wood more protection from these harsh conditions.
The release of these innovative products follows years
of extensive research conducted by Nanovations and
its research partners. The result are high-tech wood
finishes that have unique properties not seen before.

                                  Superior Performance under any conditions.
                  The nanoscale UV absorber in our treatments
                  provides high durability of the coating, but
                  without reducing the transparency of the
                  impregnation, leaving the wood looking natural.
                  The clear, fast drying coating is the only one of
                  its type to prevent graying of the wood.

                  The products showed excellent durability in
accelerated weathering tests with over 1500 hours in test
chambers . It has been found that the treatment is extremely
stable and resistance on exposed surfaces, without significant
                                                                                  “Sunburned” wood surface
colour changes or graying..
We also have setup long-term exposed test samples in Townsville, Australia which is a worldwide recognized
test site. The annual UV radiation per square metre is about 20 % higher than test sites in Miami in Florida,
Some unpublished tests suggest that if these conditions are taken into consideration the products will
outperform any existing clear coating on the market The harsher the conditions are , the more visible will be
the difference to conventional wood coatings.

             Water repellent properties

                                                           In addition , nanoscale and hydrophobic active and
                                                           reactive components provide excellent water repellent
                                                           surface properties. The clear, micro-porous
                                                           impregnations is highly permeable to water vapour,
                                                           provide outstanding moist control for the wood and
                                                           protecting it from extended moist related swelling and
                                                           shrinkage .
                                                           The results are less micro cracks, and significant reduced
                                                           water related damage to the surface or the protective UV
                                                           absorbing part of the treatment.

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4/20/2007 Wood protection from Nanovations Pty Ltd

Te c h n i c a l E xc e l l e n c e w i t h s t r o n g P a r t n e r s
There's no doubt about it: nanotechnology is beginning to
find some interesting answers to a number of the
industry's problems.
Nanovations Pty Ltd is working with world leading raw
material suppliers and wood protection companies to
supply sophisticated coating solutions that are more
effective and more environmentally friendly than
currently available wood protection applications.
This enables Nanovations to provides unique and patent
protected technology to its customers worldwide.

                           We not only Make Progress. We Make Progress Better
                         Multifunctional Solutions for hard to protect wood species

In addition to the Nanovations founders long history in the construction and surface protection industry, we
have also been at the forefront of technology solutions for the marine industry. This combination of technology
and expertise in these two environments means that Nanovations Pty Ltd are well placed to provide all your
protective coating needs .

Nanovations offers products and services that can assist the related industries in different ways.
We offer solutions for hard to protect wood species like Teak, Red Cedar and several other premium
hardwoods. Some of these products are currently under exposed testing in Townsville , Australia
We promote environmentally responsible materials, methods, and practices. Nanovations helps to incorporate
the use of Nanotechnology into sustainable building designs and protection systems.

                                                                The first product available with these
                                                                technologies in Australia, is Teak Guard®
                                                                Marine. The product is specially designed for
                                                                Teak wood in the marine environment.
                                                                Products for Western Red Cedar and some
                                                                hardwood species will be released June /July
                                                                2007 .

  As the world's only renewable building material, wood can not only be recycled, but regenerated as
  well. What's more, trees provide benefits to the environment while they grow, taking in carbon dioxide
  and releasing oxygen.

  Wood contributes far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its non-renewable counterparts, steel
  and concrete.

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4/20/2007 Wood protection from Nanovations Pty Ltd

N a n o va t i o n s - E n g i n e e r i n g A S u s t a i n a b l e Wo r l d
Nanovations product designs and services provide
the most sustainable wood protection systems
available today.
The products represent the combination of experi-
ence, proprietary knowledge and the latest scientific
discoveries, in the field of nanotechnology and wood
coating technology.
We have dedicated test sites for both immersion
and atmospheric weathering allowing us to fully test
any new product before it is brought to market. In
addition we will work with potential clients to
establish ‘real life’ performance of new products
through site trials prior to commercialization.

                                   Worldwide network of competence
Nanovations Pty Ltd collaborates with industry leaders to develop revolutionary high-value, high-performance
coatings systems and solutions, with unique performance attributes, for a wide range of wood species.

Nanovations is part of a network of cooperating companies in the business of specialty chemicals, wood
coatings ,applications and nanotechnology for a combined period of more than 400 years!
This gives us access to resources and knowledge which hardly will be found a second time in any other
organization in the world, and enables us to change and develop products for special customers needs.
The results are wood protecting products which have no equals in the marketplace.
When developing a new product, most companies have certain restrictions in order to be sold at a specific
price point.
With the objective in mind, to protect the most expensive wood species from being degraded by UV radiation,
Nanovations had no such restrictions. Our goal is to offer the best product systems, utilizing the most
advanced technology available anywhere in the world.
For example:
There is no space for compromises if you want to protect marine teak, which is an average over 1500 US $
per square meter fully installed.

             Nanovations -For Your Success
                                                       Nanovations Pty Ltd provides sustainable wood
                                                       protection solutions for Teak and other hardwoods.

                                                       If your are interested to use the technology within your
                                                       existing range of products or services please contact us.

                                                     Nanovations Pty Ltd
                                                     Email: info@nanovations.com.au
                                                     Phone: +612 9975 5602
                                                     Web: www.nanovations.com.au
                                                     Coatings for the Future

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