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                             Poor Communication
                             Costs Billions $$$

                                                                                                                      Keith Ayers
direct io ns
dir tion s
                                       recent study by UK firm Cognisco          transferred is through two-way
                                       Limited reports that “employee            communication. You communicate
                                       misunderstanding” is costing              what you expect of your team
directio n
                             companies in the US and the UK $37 billion          members and you ask them to
                             per year. Employee misunderstanding was             communicate their understanding of
                             defined as activities performed by employees        what is expected of them.
                             who misunderstood or misinterpreted
                             company policies, processes, or procedures or       I know that sounds tedious and that some team
                             a combination of all three. Some employees
                                                                                 members may say: “It’s OK, I understand!” But
                             claimed they were misinformed and others            until they confirm they do understand, you don’t
                             lacked confidence in their understanding of         know that they do. If other team members are
                             what was expected of them.                          resistant to the idea of having an open two-way
                                                                                 discussion about expectations, raise it at a team
                             When I read this report it reminded me of           meeting and ask them if they can think of any
                             the first item in Gallup’s Q12 survey used          examples of situations where misunderstandings
                             to measure employee engagement: “I know             resulted in wasted or duplicated effort, or the
                             what is expected of me at work.” Based on the       failure to meet a customer’s expectations. You
                             information above, it is not surprising that less   shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with a
                             than 50 percent of the millions of employees        few examples that emphasise the importance
                             who have responded to the survey agreed with        of having two-way communication about
                             this statement.                                     expectations.

                             Obviously, when employees are not clear             Here are some steps you can take to ensure that
                             about what is expected of them, they                you and your team members are clear about
                             make mistakes. Not only does this affect            what is expected of each other:
                             productivity, it can have a significant
                             impact on the organisation’s reputation with

                                                                                     1.   Focus primarily on the desired outcomes
                             customers and lead to a loss of business. Many               expected rather than steps or procedures.
                             managers assume their team members are                       An overemphasis on the steps to achieve
                             clear about what is expected of them because                 outcomes can result in the steps becoming
                             they have detailed job descriptions and the                  the objective and the end results being
                             manager has, in their own mind, clearly                      obscured.                        cont’d on page 7
d ir

                             communicated what is expected of them.

                             The problem is that meaning resonates in
                             a person’s mind, not in the words used to
                             communicate. How many times have people
                                                                                    New DiSC® Products now Available                 page 2
                             misinterpreted something you said? Your
                             meaning isn’t necessarily the same meaning             Who’s new at Intégro                             page 2
                             they interpret from your words.                        Making a Lasting Difference                      page 3
                                                                                    Finding a Hidden Purpose                         page 4
                             Two-Way Communication is Essential
                             The only way meaning can be effectively                Intégro Experience Customer Service
                                                                                    Excellence                                       page 5
                                                                                    DiSC Accreditation Dates                         page 6
                                                                                    DiSC Accreditation Graduates                     page 8
                   Exciting New DiSC ® Products
                   Now Available from Inscape

                      iSC is moving to an exciting new level with the release in Australia of two
                      new DiSC-related products. Everything DiSC® Sales and Everything DiSC®
                      Management Application Libraries are among the most in-depth DiSC®-
           based training solutions available.
           These new DiSC products use a circular representation of DiSC, which is designed to be
           easier to interpret. At a glance, the dot in the circle will show a participant their location
           within the DiSC model and how committed they are to their styles.

           Everything DiSC Sales
           Aimed at sales professionals, Everything DiSC Sales allows sales people to better understand their
           customers’ DiSC styles. In addition to classroom facilitation, Everything DiSC Sales has online post-
           training reinforcement through a customer interaction map (similar to the DiSC Sales Action Planner)
           that allows salespeople to generate a personalised report that compares their sales approach to real-
           life customers’ buying styles.

           Everything DiSC Sales also comes with a Sales Profile. A 22-page sales-specific report helps
           salespeople understand themselves, their customer and their sales relationship.

           Everything DiSC Management
           Designed for workplace managers, Everything DiSC Management is management-focused, enabling
           participants to better understand their own management styles and to adapt to the needs of each
           person they manage. Everything DiSC Management teaches managers how to adapt their styles in
           order to maximise employee effectiveness.

           The Everything DiSC Management Profile is a 22-page management-specific report helps managers
           to understand themselves, their employees and their boss.

           Both application libraries include fully customisable leaders scripts, PowerPoint® with embedded video and
           participant handouts. They also include access to the research-validated online assessments with a detailed
           management- or sales-specific report.

           As a facilitator you can remove or rearrange report pages, customise the report title or print selected
           sections tailoring the delivery of the report to your own training program.
           If you are interested in receiving a free sample of either the Everything DiSC Sales or Management
           profiles, or if would like to arrange for a demonstration of the new products, please call our office.
           Alternatively, you can download sample profiles from the Client Resources section of our website

           Who’s new at Intégro
               ome of you may have already spoken to her                 With a degree in Communications and
               on the telephone, however we would like to                an extensive background as an Executive
                                                                                                                     Miranda Greenwood

               officially welcome our latest team member,                Assistant and Office Manager, Miranda
           Miranda Greenwood.                                            is an enthusiastic team player. She has
                                                                         joined our support team in our Sydney
           After doing a fantastic job managing the office for           office and is already delivering the kind
           our team whilst we were at our conference, we did             of customer service for which Integro is
           not want to let Miranda go, so we asked her if she            well known.
           would like to stay fulltime. Thankfully she said yes.
                                                                         Miranda lives on the beautiful Northern
                                                                         Beaches Beaches with her husband Mark, and   d
2   DIRECTIONS Winter 2008                                               four children, Alexis, Eliot, Emily and Lewis.
                                                                                                                             O C E A N I C

Making a Lasting Difference

          ecently, the Intégro team convened an                               LDP, with its staged modular approach and
          offsite conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.                             higher emphasis on applied learning back in the
          It was Intégro’s first staff conference,                            workplace.
bringing together the Australian and United
States companies, in nearly 10 years, and a great                             So in 2005, the first rounds of Module One:
opportunity to get together for team-building                                 Building Trust commenced. The remaining
activities and to discuss our business goals for the                          four modules were staged over a further three
coming year. Included in our three-day conference                             years with the primary focus on solidifying the
was a site visit at Time Warner Oceanic Cable,                                process and making a lasting difference to the
the sole cable company for the Hawaiian Islands.                              organisation’s culture. And guess what? The cynics
Oceanic Cable has just completed Intégro’s                                    did come around.
Leadership Development Process™. It was
a perfect opportunity for our team to gain                     One of the most powerful realisations that occurred for
a firsthand insight about their experience                     the managers going through the process was discovering
going through the process and to hear of                       the value and importance of succession plan.
the many lessons that they learned. We took
some time out to chat with seven Oceanic Cable                                140 employees went through the entire process
employees to hear their story.                                                and each group was made up of individuals
                                                                              from various teams and departments, as well
Many of the employees have been working at                                    as differing managerial levels. Some employees
Oceanic Cable for 25 to 30 years, and the company’s                           even joined the program despite the fact they
turnover is a low 6%. Along with such a high                                  weren’t people managers, but by joining in were
retention rate comes a high level of complacency                              able to learn to speak the same language as
within the organisation and a certain cynicism                                their co-workers and contribute equally to the
about the prospect of change. During the past few                             development of a new leadership model.
years, several leadership programs were introduced
in an effort to strengthen the organisation’s culture.                        One of the most powerful realisations that
It was usual to encounter significant resistance                              occurred for the managers going through the
from the employees because none of the previous                               process was discovering the value and importance
programs had worked, nor did they have full                                   of succession planning. Where once many of these
senior management support. The other stand out                                individuals were holding on to information as a
factor was that due to the number of long service                             means for control, the Oceanic Cable employees
employees who were looking to retire in the next                              learned the value of sharing knowledge. One
five to ten years, succession planning was becoming                           specific example of this was Stephanie, Oceanic
a serious consideration.                                                      Cable’s warehouse manager, who has been with
                                                                              the company for nearly 30 years. Stephanie used
When Think-Training, Intégro’s associate                                      to run her warehouse autocratically, making
organisation based in               THE INTÉGRO TEAM IN HONOLULU, HAWAII                                                  decisions for
Honolulu, introduced the            Back Row L to R: Frank Cahill, Kelley Ayers, Renée Wallis, J ackie Cormie & Alf Horan the whole team
Leadership Development                                                                                                    and controlling
Process™ (LDP) to Oceanic                                                                                                 every aspect of
Cable they too were struck                                                                                                the workflow.
by the same cynicism.                                                                                                     The feedback
The employees had even                                                                                                    Stephanie received
less desire to get involved,                                                                                              in her 360-degree
fearing “more of the same”.                                                                                               leadership
The senior team however,                                                                                                  assessment was, to
was really keen on the                                                                                                    quote Stephanie,
                                                                                                                                 cont’d on page 7
                                        Front Row L to R: Michael Neaves, Brad Jobe, Geri Pihl, Lauren Ayers & Keith Ayers
                                                                                                                             DIRECTIONS Winter 2008 3
          Finding a Hidden Purpose

                        hilst in Hawaii we participated in        Our team had different ideas about how to get
                        a team building session to help us        the answers for the scavenger hunt and allowing
                        understand the value of having            each of us to approach this particular task in our
          purpose in what we do. Our associate from               own way worked well.
          Think-Training, Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura,
          facilitated the activity. It turned out to be unlike    Knowing and having worked with most of our
          anything any of us had experienced before.              team certainly made it easier. We all seemed to
          We were given an hour and a half to build a             know what to do as individual team members
          child’s bike and prepare a television commercial        automatically, by identifying each other’s
          to take it to market. We could only get tools to        strengths.
          build the bike by answering a series
          of questions correctly, requiring our teams to go       On completion of the exercise Sarah announced
          on a scavenger hunt. Initially we were divided          that the bikes were to be donated to two little
                                                                        girls in a YMCA program. We all thought
                                                                        that was a really nice gesture and were very
                                                                        surprised when the girls walked through
                                                                        the door and were introduced to us. My
                                                                        first reaction was: “Oh my gosh, our bike
                                                                        may not be safe—don’t let them ride it!”
                                                                        Seeing their reaction was priceless. Having
                                                                        a purpose does make a difference.

          up into two teams and, with time pressure on,                  Geri
          started planning how we went about the task.            I really liked the way our teams were organised.
          What we didn’t know was that waiting in the             We all just picked a ticket at random and that was
          wings were two little girls from a local YMCA           how our groups were assigned. It was great too,
          program, ready to take ownership of their brand         that all the people on each team felt they were
          new bikes. So while we approached the task with         on the same level and were receiving the same
          gusto, we had no idea that there was a hidden           information. There’s definitely no “I” in team! We
          purpose to our work. Seeing the look on the girls’      were all in the same boat together. This meant
          faces when they were presented with the bicycles        that all the ideas from each person were heard no
          made the exercise so rewarding—and really               matter what it was.
          highlighted for us the fact that giving our all in a
          task can be fulfilling in itself, but there are often   When we were about half way through the
          hidden purposes which give true meaning and             exercise, Sarah changed the requirements on us.
          value to the work we do.                                So when our team discovered that our goal was
                                                                  slightly different, i.e. not a bike for boys, but in
          Here are some of the comments about the                 actual fact a bike for girls, we all were able to
          experience from our team.                               discuss and change our strategy quickly. Being
                                                                  under time pressure in many instances might
          Jackie                                                  make you fall down as a team, but I was pleased
          Our facilitator Sarah was excellent. What I got         with how we worked together to resolve the
          out of the whole exercise of building a bike was        problem.
          how great it was to have fun in a team situation.
          I think that was a long-overdue reminder for me.        I was particularly moved when we discovered
          I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the          that what we accomplished was going to benefit
          competitiveness of the exercise and working in a        some very lovely girls. It brought a tear to my eye.
          team toward a common goal.                              It was so much better when we discovered that
                                                                  there was a greater purpose to the activity than
                                                                  just to race against the clock.
                                                                                                          ....cont’d on page 8

4 DIRECTIONS Winter 2008
Intégro experiences Customer Service Excellence
                                                                                                                                     Reid Davis - Senior Technician Upstream

                                                                                     Geri Pihl - Consultant Co-ordinator Intégro
                                                         BJ: How long have you

      or any business these days it is absolutely
      critical to have their office equipment            been doing this work?
      operating efficiently at all times. As
most businesses can attest, when a printer               RD: Four years with
malfunctions it is often at the most inopportune         Upstream, but I’ve been
time!                                                    working on printers
                                                         since I was 19. I’ve
Sound familiar to you?                                   worked on a variety of
                                                         machines, which gives
The same is true at Intégro. Printing issues need        me the confidence of
to be resolved with a minimum of fuss so we              knowing I can fix most
can maintain a smooth workflow and produce               problems.
documents within a short timeframe. At Intégro,
we often operate on a ‘just in time’ philosophy          BJ: How would you describe your role?
with many of our resources.
                                                         RD: I see my role as helping my customers
We have also had the good fortune to have the            get the most out of their printer by keeping the
support of an exceptional senior technician, 33          machine running.
year old Reid Davis from Upstream.
                                                         BJ: Our people observe that you do a terrific
Here is what our team has to say about Reid:             job, so tell me a little about what makes you
                                                         operate the way you do.
“We have very high standards for the print
quality of our workbooks and reports. Often we           RD: Basically, I have a lot of pride in what I do.
have high volumes and at times may have to put           From the start I showed promise and picked
in a call at least once a week. What we appreciate       things up quickly, which led to me being
most about Reid is his level of reliability. We          promoted more rapidly. This gave me the
request him specifically because we know that he         experience of dealing with many different types
genuinely wants to help us. Reid is a great listener     of people when I was still quite young. The thing
and he persists with different solutions to resolve      I learnt early was that this job was more about
our problems, never giving up until he is able           customer service than machine maintenance.
to get our printer working right. Most of all, we        This helped me appreciate the importance of not
appreciate that Reid fits in like a part of our team.    only doing a good job on the machine, but also
He walks in with a smile on his face in every            being conscious of my personal presentation.
single service call and he works with us to get          This also includes leaving the machine and its
the best possible outcome so we can give the best        surrounding area in a clean and tidy state.
possible outcome to our customers.”
                                                         BJ: How did you develop this attitude Reid?
Due to our strong interest in uncovering what
drives people to perform at their best we thought        RD: It goes back to the way I was brought up by
it would be both interesting and insightful to           my parents. I’ve got a lot to thank them for.
find out from Reid why he does what he does in           I find it very satisfying when I am acknowledged
the way that he does it. He was happy to make            by my customers and it really motivates me to do
himself available to us, but only after he’d finished    each job as well as I can. As I’ve grown older I am
his calls for the day! Also interesting is that whilst   more determined than ever to do the best job I
I wrapped up my previous meeting, Reid did               can, regardless of what’s happening around me.
what all good technicians do and used his time to        I’m a passionate musician (drummer) so I try to
give our printer a quick clean.                          approach my work at Upstream with the same
Here is what Reid has to say:                            level of passion and enthusiasm. In the same
                                                                                                                                              ....cont’d on page 6

                                                                                                                                   DIRECTIONS Winter 2008 5
 ....cont’d from page 5

            Intégro experiences Customer Service Excellence contd
            way that I like to get my music right, I want to          A good boss should also encourage a
            get my work right - though I’m definitely not a           systematic approach to problem-solving
            perfectionist!                                            and monitors that standards agreed
                                                                      are being delivered, such as personal
            BJ: What tips would you give bosses to help               tidiness, manners and cleanliness when
            them get the best out of their people?                    working on the machine.

                                                                                                               Brad Jobe
            RD: Get the right people in the first place -             The single biggest thing for me is:
            people who enjoy working to the best of their             start with people who have pride in
            ability.                                                  themselves and their work. Companies
                                                                      have these standards in place but if the individual
            Help people like me grow and maintain our                 doesn’t share these, as their personal values, the
            confidence. When I go to a client site the client is      standards won’t be followed.
            more relaxed if I seem confident about what I’m
            doing. This means providing ongoing training,             BJ: Thanks Reid, I’m sure our readers will enjoy
            feedback and recognition for good work. Plus it           hearing what you’ve had to say and we look
            helps if you’ve got a boss who comes in the field         forward to seeing you the next time we need a
            with you to see how you’re going, teaches you             service call.
            things you may not know and generally gives you
            feedback on your performance. They should also            Take from this what you will, but the point that
            make sure you get the opportunity to put into             came through loud and clear as I spoke with
            practise new things you learn, very soon after the        Reid is that it all begins with finding people who
            training.                                                 share your organisational values. Attributes and
                                                                      competencies can be developed and taught, but
            A good boss encourages you to think of yourself           when there is a values disconnect between the
            more as a specialist than just a technician.              individual and the organisation you are more
                                                                      likely to end up with an employee who may best
            They should help technicians understand the               be described as ‘high maintenance’.
            importance of customer service and encourage                                                     Brad Jobe
            them to investigate and listen better, so they’re                                     Senior Consultant
                                                                         Intégro Learning Company Pty Ltd
            not just doing quick fixes.

                          DiSC® Accreditation Dates 2008/9
                             SYDNEY                       MELBOURNE                         BRISBANE
                            13 - 14 August                         7 - 8 August          10 - 11 September
                          12-13 November                  20 - 21 November                     11 - 12 March
                           28 - 29 January                      4 - 5 February

                           ADELAIDE                                                            PERTH
                            20 - 21 August                                                 22 - 23 October

6 DIRECTIONS Winter 2008
....cont’d from page 1

             Poor Communication Costs Billions $$$ contd...
                   2. Recognise that your team members have            are realistic and, if they are, remind them
                      expectations of you as well and they are         of their commitment to the team and get
                      more likely to meet your expectations if         agreement to fulfil the expectations.
                      you meet theirs.
                   3. Ask each team member to describe            Misunderstanding is a result of ineffective
                      their understanding of what is expected     communication and whilst there is responsibility
                      of them and what outcomes they              on both managers and employees to
                      believe they are accountable for. Where     communicate more effectively, it is the manager’s
                      their understanding differs from yours,     responsibility to take the lead. One way
                      or other team members, reach agreement      communication, whether it be through policies
                      and get confirmation that you are both on   and procedures you assume people understand,
                      the same track.                             or just telling employees what to do, is a sure fire
                   4. During team meetings, schedule time to      way of increasing misunderstanding and having a
                      get input from all team members on how      negative impact on the bottom line.
                      well expectations are being met and
                      agree on any changes that need to be                               Keith Ayers
                                                                    Intégro Learning Company Pty Ltd
                   5. If anyone is failing to meet the team’s
                      expectations, make sure the expectations

   ....cont’d from page 3

            Making a Lasting Difference contd....
             “very humbling”. During the program it became        interdepartmental issues existed, now
             clear to her that her controlling behaviour was      there are open channels. Relationships
             having a vastly negative impact on her team – it     throughout the organisation are being
                                                                                                              Lauren Ayers

             was a light bulb moment. Learning to trust her       brought back to life and everyone is
             co-workers was invaluable for Stephanie. Not         speaking the same language. Everyone is
             only did it actually make her job more enjoyable     becoming more aware of other people’s
             by enabling her to empower her team, she also        feelings and the email barrier has been
             came to realise that imparting her knowledge to      broken down – people are talking to each other r
             her successors was actually the best method to       and that, most importantly, has helped to improve
             ensure the long-term success of her department.      Oceanic Cable’s culture. As Stephanie told us,
             Thinking about her retirement was also quite         “being able to better understand myself and my
             a surprise for Stephanie. She had not expected       co-workers has enabled me to better understand
             that a work training program was going to lead       my customer’s needs and wants. That is a true
             to such momentous shifts in her personal life        measure of the success of our new leadership
             too. By making these changes it has also enabled     model”.
             Stephanie to establish her own legacy within
             Oceanic Cable and have joy in knowing she has        If you would like to hear more information about
             achieved greatness in her role.                      our Leadership Development Process™, you can
                                                                  download a copy of the outline from our website
             A further 45 employees have commenced the first or you can contact
             module this year because they have witnessed         our office on 02 9453 4555 or 1800 222 902.
             the powerful impact the LDP has had on their
                                                                                         Lauren Ayers
             colleagues and how much better the teams                               Marketing Director
             are working together. Before this program,              Integro Learning Company Pty Ltd

                                                                                                   DIRECTIONS Winter 2008 7
  Welcome to all                                                            Graduates                                                  OFFICES & AGENCIES
  GE Money - 29 February 2008                           Perpetual Ltd
  Chris Kydas                                           Jennifer Thew                                 Janine Stewart            OFFICES & AGENCIES
  Mark Coates                                           Beth Cambourne                                Angie Tilling
  Michelle Raab                                         David Haynes                                                                              SYDNEY:
                                                                                                                           Intégro Learning Company Pty Ltd
  Brisbane 5 - 6 March 2008                             Melbourne 14-15 May 2008                                                                 PO Box 6120
  Julia Murphy, Alphapharm                              Fiona Mendonca, Alphapharm                                       FRENCHS FOREST DC NSW 2086
  Jenny Townsend, Symbion Consumer                                                                                                             (02) 9453 4555
                                                        Belinda Griffith, ConvaTec
                                                                                                                                          Fax: (02) 9453 4155
  Canberra - 2 April 2008                               ActionCOACH - 23 May 2008
                                                                                                                                      Toll Free: 1800 222 902
  Rob Patrick, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation                                                                      
                                                        Brett Burden      Ray Strongman
  Andrea Richardson, Ausworks                           Martin Preston    Shayne Jaenisch
                                                        Bruce Doyle       Stefan Kazakis
  Commerce QLD - 11 April 2008                          Gary Borham       Phil Richardson
  Craig Blake    Michael Smith                          Tim Greig         Anne Rady
  John Lamb      Minka Vale                                                                                                                 MELBOURNE:
  Deanne Baker   Michelle Sanderson                     Distance & One on One                                               Intégro Learning Company Pty Ltd
                                                        Ben Manuele, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd              1st Floor, 123 Camberwell Road,
  Perth - 22 April 2008                                 Felicity Linklater, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd          HAWTHORN EAST VIC 3123
  Esther Middleton, MODAL                               Susan Whiteford, News Limited                                                           (03) 9811 6801
  Rob Ashing, MODAL                                     Raelene Phillips, Commerce Queensland                                             Fax: (03) 9882 9581
  Jayne Endall, Provet WA Pty Ltd                       Priscilla Cheney, Curtin University of Technology                     
                                                        Janice Burmaz, Curtin University of Technology
  Sydney 14-15 May 2008                                 Julie Donkin, J.D. Counselling and Facilitation                
  Diane Ferguson, CommInsure                            Emanouil Savvas, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  Kathryn Forrester, Commonwealth Bank of Australia     Darren Andrew, Modal
  Marcia Gilrane, Dept of Infrastructure                Cheryl Kerr, Pacific Point Exchange
  Malcolm Grant, Sparke Helmore                         Tony Lawder, Lawder Business Solutions
  Sara O’Connor, Message Train                          Katirna Dowgird, ING Australia
  Liz Green, Successium Pty Ltd                         Leith Boully                                                                             ADELAIDE
                                                                                                                                              Leapfrog People
                                                                                                                                          32 Halsbury Avenue
                                                                                                                                     KINGSWOOD SA 5062
....cont’d from page 4                                                                                                                         (08) 8279 3400
                                                                                       Renée Wallis

                                                                                                                                      Toll Free: 1800 352 644

  Finding a Hidden Purpose contd...                                                                                                       Fax: (08) 8373 4768

                                                        look of pure agony.
  It was a strange feeling for me going into
                                                        I could clearly see he was
  the activity. As a facilitator, I couldn’t help
                                                        torn between what he
  wondering how Sarah had prepared herself. I
                                                        wanted to do and what
  found myself getting caught up in how it was
                                                        he knew he really should                                                      NEW ZEALAND
  all going to unfold before I realised that this
                                                        be doing! But he knew                                                        Fortuna International
  time I was meant to be participating…
                                                                                      in the d
                                                        what was best for the team i th end.                                              PO Box 331089
  As we progressed, people’s strengths began
                                                        It’s hard to put words on what I felt at that                     TAKAPUNA 1309 NEW ZEALAND
  to emerge, but it was interesting how some
                                                        moment we learned the bikes were going                                            : 64 9 488 7447
  people didn’t want to miss out on the “fun”                                                                                          Fax: 64 9 488 0040
                                                        to the girls in the YMCA program. There’s
  tasks. Knowing that the bike building was                                                                             
                                                        nothing quite like the feeling of having made a
  under control, we needed to get on with our
                                                        difference in the lives of others less fortunate. It
  commercial and I knew Keith, our owner/                                                                                     
                                                        really was a humbling experience.
  director, was the person with the most
  experience in this area. I gently asked for           Upon reflection, the build-a-bike activity was
  Keith for his help and he reluctantly peeled          an amazing experience both personally and                                                        USA
  himself away from “mechanic duty” for all of          professionally for the entire Intégro team.                           Intégro Leadership Institute LLC
  10 seconds before being dragged back by the                                                                                           1306 Wilmington Pike
  pull of something more exciting. A few more                                                                                                       Suite 200
                                                        Finding out there was a greater purpose to
  minutes passed and I knew I needed to assert                                                                                        West Chester PA 19382
                                                        our afternoon team building work and seeing                           UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA
  myself so I asked Keith again… would he               the excitement on those two little faces was                 
  mind giving me a hand? I was met with this            priceless.                                                    
 8 DIRECTIONS Winter 2008

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