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					Winter 2006

This Ethics in Sport electronic newsletter is             •   internal investigations
produced quarterly. It is a service to the sport          •   tribunals hearing procedures.
industry and is particularly aimed at keeping the
                                                          The following information sheets will be
network of member protection officers, national
                                                          available from 1 November 2006:
sporting organisations, state and territory
departments of sport and recreation, equal                •   sexuality harassment and homophobia
opportunity commissions and others, informed              •   vicarious liability
on harassment-free sport and topical ethical
                                                          •   conducting police checks
issues in sport. If there are any enquiries about
                                                          •   child abuse
this newsletter or related issues, please contact
Kathy Mumberson on (02) 6214 7828 (email:                 •   bullying.
                                                          Member Protection Policy template
Harassment-free sport update                              The Member Protection Policy template has been
Information sheet series                                  updated to ensure it complies with all current
                                                          child-protection and anti-discrimination
A series of information sheets focusing on ethical
                                                          legislation and meets community expectations
issues in sport is available from the Ethics web
                                                          and the needs of sporting organisations. Changes
site ( Nine new
                                                          to the template include:
information sheets were recently added, with five
more topics to be added in the next few months.           •   amendments to the discrimination and
Topics covered include:                                       harassment terms in the dictionary (clause 11)
                                                          •   amendment to the Anti-discrimination and
•   disability harassment/discrimination
                                                              Harassment Policy Statement (clause 7.2)
•   racial harassment/discrimination
                                                          •   ability for sports to include reference to their
•   sexual harassment/discrimination
                                                              other relevant policies (clause 7.6)
•   options for managing and resolving
                                                          •   Part B reordered to allow new attachments to
                                                              be added more easily
•   ethical rights and responsibilities — coaches
                                                          •   Queensland, New South Wales and Western
•   ethical rights and responsibilities — athletes            Australian child-protection attachments
•   ethical rights and responsibilities — officials           updated to reflect changes in legislation
•   ethical rights and responsibilities —                     (Part B)
    directors/managers                                    •   minor changes to wording to investigation of
•   ethical rights and responsibilities —                     child-abuse procedures (Part C)
    organisations                                         •   reference to the ASC updating its suggested
•   acquiring and displaying images of children               codes of conduct (Part D).

Additions to the template include:                          level who is interested in obtaining basic
                                                            information and an understanding
•   review history of the template
                                                            of harassment, discrimination and
    (explanatory notes)
                                                            child-protection issues.
•   reference to The Essence of Australian
    Sport (clause 2)                                    •   Member protection: Management briefing
•   second version of suggested wording for                 workshop (2–3 hours) — for decision-makers
    Sexual Relationships Policy Statement                   at state and national level. Includes
    (clause 7.3)                                            information on the legal and moral rights and
                                                            obligations of organisations in relation to
•   suggested wording for Pregnancy Policy
                                                            member protection issues.
    Statement (clause 7.4)
•   suggested wording for Gender Identity               •   Complaint resolution for clubs workshop
    Policy Statement (clause 7.5)                           (3 hours) — for committee members and
•   information on South Australian and                     others involved at club level. Focuses on how
    Victorian child-protection requirements to              to effectively handle complaints and issues
    reflect new legislation (Part B).                       that arise between people before they escalate
                                                            to a formal complaint.
The ASC will continue to update the
template as this area evolves to ensure it              •   Member Protection Information Officer
meets changing legislative requirements                     course (2 days) — covers state/territory
and community standards.                                    anti-discrimination and child-protection
                                                            legislation, the role of an Member Protection
As well as writing and updating their Member
                                                            Information Officer, complaint processes,
Protection Policy, sports must also consider the
                                                            practical skills for receiving complaints from
implementation and promotion of it. A Member
                                                            adults, skills and processes to follow when
Protection Policy implementation plan or strategy
                                                            receiving a complaint from or about a child,
will ensure that across all levels members are
                                                            and alternative dispute resolution.
aware of the existence of the policy and,
regarding discrimination, harassment and child          •   Defusing conflict and anger in sport
abuse, are educated on what is expected of                  (3 hours) — provides strategies to
members and how complaints are handled. A                   redirect hostile people and defuse
Member Protection Implementation Planning                   confrontational situations.
Matrix is available from the Sport Ethics unit to
assist sports to plan the implementation of the         The workshops provide meaningful learning and
Member Protection Policy.                               development opportunities to all members of the
                                                        sports industry across various levels. Visit
For more information on the Member Protection
Policy template, contact Kathy Mumberson on
                                                        more information. Contact your state department
(02) 6214 7828 (email:
                                                        of sport and recreation for details regarding when
                                                        and where the workshops are taking place in
                                                        your state or territory.
Education and training packages
The following harassment-free sport education           Web site
and training courses and workshops are currently
                                                        The following has recently been added to the
underway in most states and territories.
                                                        Ethics web site:
•   Harassment-free sport overview workshop             •   information on harassment-free sport
    (4 hours) — for anyone from club to national            education and training courses

•   nine new information sheets                          The Essence of Australian Sport also provides a
•   updated Child Protection and Sport: National         consistent and positive foundation for the
    Overview Paper                                       development of codes of conduct and policy,
                                                         strategic planning and program development. It
•   summaries on recent research into ethics
                                                         can be used to prompt and focus people on the
    in sport
                                                         positive aspects, values and benefits of sport, and
•   information and links to the Australian Sports
                                                         remind people that everyone has a role to play in
    Anti-doping Authority
                                                         promoting and displaying good sportsmanship
•   updated information on harassment-free               and fair-play values.
                                                         If your club or organisation would like to receive
•   information regarding The Essence of
                                                         a free copy of The Essence of Australian Sport
    Australian Sport.
                                                         poster, contact the ASC Sport Ethics unit by email
                                                         ( To download a PDF
Child protection                                         version of the poster, or for more information and
The updated Child Protection and Sport:                  resources, go to The Essence of Australian Sport
National Overview paper is available from                web site (                 index.asp).
and provides an outline of:
                                                         Codes of behaviour review
•   what is child abuse and what is
    child protection                                     The ASC is currently revising its various
                                                         suggested codes of behaviour, codes of conduct
•   legal requirements (including
                                                         and codes of ethics. The aim of this process is to
    mandatory reporting and working
                                                         develop one set of codes that encapsulates The
    with children checks)
                                                         Essence of Australian Sport and is consistent and
•   indicators of child abuse
                                                         applicable to all roles and levels within all sports.
•   responding to a disclosure of                        It is envisaged that the revised codes will begin to
    child abuse                                          be promoted to the industry from August 2006.
•   proactive practices (organisational
    and individual)                                      Play by the Rules
•   contacts for reporting suspected child abuse,        The ongoing popularity of the Play by the
    working with children checks and useful              Rules web site continues to be impressive.
    web sites                                            A 103 per cent increase on page views over
•   summary tables of state and territory                the past year (more than half a million), is a
    working with children checks.                        clear sign of the relevance and value the
                                                         information available on the site has for the
The Essence of Australian Sport                          Australian sporting community.

To help emphasise what sport stands for in               Changes to the front page of the web
Australia, the ASC, in consultation with the sport       site include:
industry, has developed a statement of over-             •   addition of web poll questions to get a
arching industry principles entitled The Essence             snapshot of perceptions and/or experiences
of Australian Sport. The Essence of Australian               on issues that may be occurring in sport. At
Sport defines the core principles of sport in                the conclusion of each web poll a short
Australia — Fairness, Respect, Responsibility                information piece is written on the results that
and Safety — and articulates what we stand                   includes links to other useful information
for as an industry.                                          and resources

•   a series of short 60–90 second downloadable            Anti-doping
    DVD scenarios that illustrate common issues
                                                           Recently there have been a few significant
    faced by sport and recreation clubs in
                                                           changes to the anti-doping framework
    preventing and dealing with child abuse,
                                                           in Australia.
    discrimination and harassment. The scenarios
    can be used as educational tools to support            On 14 March 2006, Senator the Hon. Rod Kemp,
    training programs, promote discussion and              Minister for the Arts and Sport, launched the
    highlight key issues affecting sport                   Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
                                                           (ASADA). ASADA incorporates: the functions of
•   a link to the NSW Commission for
                                                           the Australian Sports Drug Agency and the
    Children and Young People’s web site
                                                           Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory
    section on how to promote and develop
                                                           Committee; the ASC’s anti-doping functions
    child-safe environments.
                                                           concerning sport policy approval, monitoring
                                                           and compliance; and new functions for the
Racism — No way sport!
                                                           investigation of doping allegations and
The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity                     presentation of cases at hearings. Further
Commission is conducting a national project,               information can be found on the ASADA web site
Racism — No way sport!, to survey and compile              (
a list of the existing strategies adopted by
selected sporting organisations, government and
                                                           Our Sporting Future
non-government sporting agencies and human
rights institutions to combat racism within sport          The Our Sporting Future forum is taking place on
and encourage Indigenous and culturally and                21–23 March 2007 at the Brisbane Exhibition and
linguistically diverse participation. The project          Convention Centre. The theme of the forum is
is funded by the Department of Immigration                 ‘What does the future of sport hold for you?’
and Multicultural Affairs. The project’s report            Speakers from Australia and overseas will
will provide the basis for the department to               discuss trends and emerging issues in sport and
consider future policy strategies aimed at both            participants will receive practical information
addressing racism within sport, as well as                 that they can apply to their sport. The forum will
promoting an inclusive and non-discriminatory              also offer a social program that will provide an
attitude by players, supporters and the broader            ideal opportunity to network with and learn from
viewing public.                                            colleagues from across the industry.

You can assist the success of this project by              Visit
providing the national project manager with any            index.asp for more information.
relevant information, resources or statistics by the
end of July. Send the information to:                      Final thought
    Paul Oliver                                            Most sportspeople, regardless of age, gender or
    Racism — No way sport! Project                         the level of competition in which they participate,
    Human Rights and Equal Opportunity                     are faced with ethical decisions on the field.
     Commission                                            Consider how you would react in each of the
    GPO Box 5218
                                                           following scenarios and whether your behaviour
    SYDNEY NSW 2001
                                                           reflects your ethical beliefs:
You can also call Paul on (02) 9284 9880 or 0408
                                                           1   You are running out of time in a sports match.
469 347 (email:
                                                               Do you fake an injury so the official will call a

2   During play your opponent falls down                  10 You are playing netball and disagree with
    injured. There is a break in the action — do             several decisions the umpire is making. In
    you help your opponent up?                               fact you believe the umpire has something
                                                             against your team. Do you allow your
3   You are a goalie in a soccer penalty shoot-out.
                                                             frustration to ‘boil over’ and verbally abuse
    You know it is against the rules for you to
                                                             the umpire?
    advance on the ball until it has been kicked;
    however, if you move towards the ball you             11 You are a golfer about to putt. Before you can
    have a much better chance of stopping the                putt you notice the ball has moved. The
    shot. If you have a good chance of getting               rulebook calls for a one-stroke penalty. No
    away with it, would you try to move towards              one else saw the ball move and you do not
    the shooter before the shot?                             believe the movement of the ball has given
                                                             you any advantage. Do you call the penalty
4   Your opponent has an injured knee. Your
                                                             or not?
    coach directs you to try to knock the
    opponent out of the game by targeting the             The intent of this exercise is not to tell you right
    knee (without getting caught). What do                or wrong. Instead it is an opportunity for you
    you do?                                               to consider:
5   During a tennis game the ball is called out.          •   What would you do if placed in each of the
    You know it was in but saying something                   scenarios?
    would mean the point is awarded to your
    opponent. What do you do?                             •   What is the ethical thing to do according to
                                                              your beliefs?
6   In hockey, the best player on the other team
    already has a yellow card. Do you                     •   In the heat of competition do your actions and
    deliberately fake a foul hoping the player will           your behaviour reflect your ethical principles
    be red carded and removed from the game?                  and values?
7   You are a cricketer and are batting. You              The last scenario comes from a real-life situation.
    attempt to edge a delivery but you miss-hit           American golfer Wendy Ward called a one-stroke
    the ball and it comes off your pads and is            penalty against herself after she noticed that her
    caught. The referee does not see the edge and         ball had moved, although no one else saw it
    does not call you out. Do you ‘walk’?                 move. She finished the LPGA Championship
8   You are playing softball and are pitching. The        event one stroke out of the playoff.
    batter is an excellent batter and a good hit          When asked why she called the penalty on
    would result in several runs being scored and         herself, Ward said, ‘I did not see any other
    your team possibly losing the game. Do you            option. I would not have been able to hit that putt
    deliberately ‘walk’ the batter?                       knowing the ball had moved. It was a natural
9   You are coaching a team sport and the game            reaction for me to call the penalty on myself
    umpire is young and nervous. Do you argue             because I stand for integrity. I do not think about
    with the umpire and exploit their                     the consequences’
    inexperience in the hope that you can
    influence the decisions they call?


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