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Vintage 'talking' tram tour HigHligHts by lindayy


Vintage 'talking' tram tour HigHligHts

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									  Vintage ‘talking’ tram tour HigHligHts
Hop on board one of Bendigo’s historic trams and learn more about the city’s history while you
trundle along the streets. Below are just some of the highlights of the tour ...
1. Central Deborah Gold Mine                                 7 & 8. The Old Bendigo Post Office and Law Courts              14. Bendigo Joss House
Opened in 1939 and closed in 1954. Central Deborah                                   The building with the clock            This is a Chinese
Gold Mine reopened in 1986 for underground tourist                                   tower was the former Post              house of worship.
tours. The mine was the last working mine of its kind to                             Office. Built in 1887 it was the       It is still used today
close in the Bendigo area. Bendigo is one of the richest                             largest outside Melbourne. The         by worshippers
goldfields in the world.                                                             building is currently Bendigo’s        as well as being a
                                                                                     Visitor Information Centre. The        tourist attraction. It
2. Sacred Heart Cathedral                                                            matching building next door            is Australia’s oldest
The Sacred Heart Cathedral is                                                        is Bendigo’s Law Courts. They          Joss House still in
believed to be the only Gothic                                                       are among the most ornate              use. The main altar
Cathedral to be constructed                                                          buildings in Australia with a          is dedicated to the
in the southern hemisphere in                                                        National Trust classification.         god, Guan-Di.
the 19th Century.
Construction started in 1897                                                                                                15. Gasworks
but then work ceased due to a                                9. Golden Jubilee Monument                                     The gasworks were built in 1859 and were in
lack of funds. After World War II                            Sculptured by Charles                                          operation for over 100 years producing gas from coal. It
work restarted. Very few                                     Richardson, it was erected in                                  is the largest coal gas producing plant with horizontal
craftsmen could be found who                                 1901 to mark the Goldfield’s                                   retorts left in Australia. Bendigo had gas lighting as early
were skilled in this type of                                 Golden Jubilee. It depicts the                                 as 1861. These gasworks closed in 1973 due to the arrival
work and stone masons were                                   goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna,                                 of natural gas.
brought from Italy and England to complete the               dropping a nugget into the
Cathedral. It was completed in the mid-1970s.                dish of a Bendigo digger. At the                                                                        16. Lake Weeroona
                                                             base are bronze lyre birds.                                                                             This is an
3. Cenotaph                                                                                                                                                          artificial lake that
A gift to the city from the late Sir George Lansell. This    10. Black Swan Hotel                                                                                    was completed in
memorial is identical to its counterpart in London’s         This hotel was one of the                                                                               1878. Weeroona is
Whitehall district.                                          earliest in Bendigo and often                                                                           thought to be an
                                                             the diggers would gather here to air their grievances.                                                  Aboriginal word for
                         4. Alexandra Fountain               The Black Swan is still perched on top.                                                                 “pleasant waters”.
                         Situated in the centre of
                         Bendigo at Charing Cross. The       11. Golden Dragon Museum                                       17. School of Mines
                         fountain was designed by WC                               This museum houses Bendigo’s             The school is now known as the Regional Institute of
                         Vahland and was officially                                famous chinese dragon Sun                TAFE. Originally called the Mechanics Institute and then
                         opened by His Royal Highness                              Loong, the longest Imperial              the Bendigo School of Mines, it was built in stages from
                         Prince Albert Edward Victor                               Dragon in the world. It also             1864 to 1890.
                         of Wales on 5 July 1881. The                              houses displays tracing the
                         fountain stands 8.2 metres                                history of the Chinese in                18. Original Myer store
                         high and measures 16 metres                               Bendigo. Sun Loong makes                 The great retailer, Sidney Myer opened his first shop in
                         at the base. Made from highly                             an annual appearance in                  Bendigo in 1903.
                         polished Harcourt granite, the                            Bendigo’s Easter Festival
                         fountain has four symbolic                                procession on Easter Monday.             19. The Shamrock Hotel
figures, surrounded by dolphins, nymphs and unicorns.                                                                       This hotel was
                                                                                                                            restored by the
5. Soldiers                                                                                                                 State Government
Memorial                                                     12. St Kilian’s Church                                         as one of Victoria’s
The dome shaped                                              This church is one of the                                      most important
roof of the Soldiers                                         largest timber churches in                                     buildings. The
Memorial Hall                                                the world. It was here that Dr                                 original hotel was
stands directly over                                         Backhaus (a German catholic                                    built in the 1850s
the main shaft of                                            priest), the first permanent                                   with the present
the Hustler’s Royal                                          clergyman on the Bendigo                                       building being
Reserve Mine. Deep                                           diggings, originally pitched his                               erected in 1897.
below the surface runs the Hustler’s Reef, which is one of   tent chapel in 1852. Dr
the richest reefs ever unearthed in Australia.               Backhaus is buried in the                                      20. Beehive Mining Exchange
                                                             grounds and you can see                                        The exchange housed the city’s main mining
6. Lansell’s Monument                                        the raised tomb within the                                     exchange during the 1860 70s. This building was
A larger than life statue of George Lansell with a lump      enclosure beside the footpath.                                 constructed in 1871 following a disasterous fire which
of quartz in his hand. Born on August 24 1823, George                                                                       destroyed the original building. The original stock broker
Lansell arrived in Australia at the age of 30 and invested   13. The Tram Depot                                             offices are still intact from the time of the mining boom.
in many of Bendigo’s mines. He pursued an interest           This depot was completed in 1903 for the electric trams.
in reef mining by purchasing shares until he gained          The first depot was constructed in 1890 in Mollison            More information about things to do in Bendigo
Cinderella Mines which were the start of his fortune. He     Street near the railway station. This depot houses part of     is available at Bendigo’s Visitor Information Centre.
became known as ‘Australia’s Quartz-King’ and was one        the fleet of 45 trams. Entry to the depot is included in the   Visit the Visitor Information Centre on Pall Mall next
of the richest men of his time. George Lansell died aged     tram tour. Bendigo’s Tram Depot is the oldest continually      to Rosalind Park or call toll free: 1800 813 153
82 years in 1906.                                            operating tram depot in Australia.

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