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Variety Children's Centre opens at Flinders by lindayy


Variety Children's Centre opens at Flinders

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									MEDIA RELEASE                                                               MAY 2007

                 Variety Children’s Centre opens at Flinders

Young patients at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) can now stay in a much brighter, happier
and more efficient environment thanks to the opening of the “Variety Children’s Centre” on
July 12 by the Minister for Health, the Hon John Hill MP.

Thanks to Variety the Children’s Charity (Variety SA) and the Government of SA in
conjunction with the FMC Foundation, the upgrade to the Flinders Paediatric Unit has been

The refurbishment cost over $2million to complete. This was largely derived from Variety
SA’s generous pledge to underwrite the project to $1.2million, raised primarily through the
2006 Variety Bash, $850,000 from the Government of SA and $200,000 from the FMC

The upgrade also inspired strong support from the surrounding community including sizeable
donations from Harvey Norman Marion, the Adelaide Crows Foundation, Fay Fuller
Foundation and the Liquor Industry Golf Club Inc.

In honour of Variety’s generosity not only for this refurbishment but also for supporting the
Flinders Paediatric Outpatient Clinic upgrade in 1999, the paediatric unit will now be known
as the Variety Children’s Centre.

The Flinders Paediatric Unit was built over 30 years ago and has long awaited an upgrade.
Thanks to the refurbishment the Centre now includes;
   • New medical isolation areas for patients with infectious illnesses as well as more
       single bed rooms that reduce the risk of cross infection.
   • Sound proofing between bed bays to reduce noise levels.
   • An improved nurse station to enhance monitoring.
   • An expanded activity / playroom and an outdoor play area.

The Centre is also much brighter with better lighting and a beautiful seaside theme created
by architectural designers Woodhead International.

As the second largest provider of child health in the state, yearly the Flinders Paediatric Unit
treats over 3500 children as in-patients, more than 5000 children are seen through various
out-patient clinics and 13,000 children through paediatric emergency.

This upgrade has created a much brighter and friendlier environment where young patients
and their families can feel comfortable and at ease.


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