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					Master of Social Development

School of Social Sciences and International Studies                       Postgraduate Program

                      Master of Social Development

                      The Master of Social Development is a flexible and interactive program which
                      provides specialist studies in international social development, refugee
                      resettlement and social and community development work within Australia.

                      Who is it for?

                      The program is designed to meet the needs of professionals already in the
                      field and those interested in entering the field of social development. These
                      include teachers, social workers, health professionals, economists, engineers,
                      agricultural scientists, journalists, project managers and many others. The
                      program attracts a diverse mix of students from Australia and overseas, which
                      provides a rich and stimulating classroom environment.

                      What does it teach?

                      The program provides a knowledge base and analytic framework to understand
                      and negotiate the complexities of the geopolitical, economic, social and cultural
                      contexts in which social development takes place. Students are equipped
                      with practical professional skills which may be applied to a diverse array of
                      career options in development. The program is taught within a human rights
                      framework, and is based on a philosophy of social justice and a community
                      development approach.

                      Entry Requirements

                      > A recognised Bachelor degree in a relevant area with a credit average

                      > At least one years experience in a related field, either as a paid worker or
                        a volunteer

                      > A Curriculum Vitae and a letter providing details of experience and
                        reasons for applying must be submitted with your application
Master of Social Development

Program Structure
The program consists of seven core courses and one elective.

      Core Courses – All Specialisations

      >   Issues and Policy in Social Development
      >   Community Development
      >   Rights Based Project Design and Evaluation
      >   Rights Based Program and Project Management

      International Social Development

      Provides knowledge and a range of skills related to international
      policy, planning, delivery and the evaluation of programs and
      projects relevant to international social community development, aid
      work, advocacy and human rights.

      The four core courses plus
      > Politics of International Aid
      > International Advocacy, Development and the UN
      > Refugees and Forced Migration or Community Education
      > One elective
                                                                              Above: Wellington Jan 2008 - ARC and Nura Gili

      Community Development

      Focuses on education and service in community development,
      including studies in social and community development theory
      and practice, social policy in development, program management
      and evaluation and specialised studies in areas of community
      development. This is designed for students who plan to work in
      Australia or other developed country contexts.

      The four core courses plus
      > Policy Analysis
      > Policy and Advocacy
      > Resettlement as an International Protection Tool or Working with
        Aboriginal People
      > One elective

      Refugees and Forced Migration
                                                                              Above: Ames Community Guides Consultation
      Builds knowledge and skills related to international and domestic
                                                                              Images on this page are used with permission from Ames Community Guides
      refugee and development policy and in the development, delivery and     Consultation, Arc and Nura Gili.
      evaluation of programs relevant to international and local social and
      community development and advocacy work with refugees and other
      displaced persons.

      The four core courses plus
      >   Politics of International Aid
      >   Refugees and Forced Migration
      >   Resettlement as an International Protection Tool
      >   One elective
 School of Social Sciences and International Studies

Core Courses
The program consists of seven core courses and one elective.

      > Issues and Policy in Social Development                                 Electives Include

      Introduces conceptual, structural and pragmatic issues in social          > Community Development Project
      development and offers a knowledge base and analytical framework          > Community Education Strategies
      for working with a global perspective in Australia or overseas. Global    > International Advocacy, Development and
      problems are addressed via studying policies adopted to address them.       the UN
      Topics may include: the colonial legacy, poverty, population growth and   > International Social Development Project
      movement, gender, Third World debt, environmental degradation, war,       > Refugee Project
      refugees, indigenous peoples’ rights.                                     > Refugees and Forced Migration
                                                                                > Resettlement as an International
      > Community Development                                                     Protection Tool
                                                                                > Social Development Program Internship
      Using a rights based approach, the course examines the nature of          > Working with Aboriginal People
      community development in an international and national context,           > International Development Project
      drawing on a range of theoretical and case study materials. The course
      includes: a brief history of community development; the changing nature   Note: Students may take relevant elective courses
                                                                                from other areas with approval.
      of community work; concepts of culture in relation to community work
      in developing societies; the dynamics of communication; human rights
                                                                                The program is also available as a Graduate
      documentation; advocacy; alternative models of research, consultation
                                                                                Diploma or Graduate Certificate.
      and needs analysis, planning and sustainable service delivery.

      > Rights Based Project Design and Evaluation

      Reviews the values, knowledge and skills required to design and
      evaluate social development programs in the international/cross-
      cultural contexts. Topics include: rights based community participatory
      approach to change; methods of needs assessment; defining outcome
      objectives; theories of decision making; models of scheduling and
      implementation; theory and practice of evaluation; the ethics and uses
      of evaluation. Students engage in a program planning and evaluation
      exercise to apply theory covered in the course.

      > Rights Based Program and Project Management

      Current rights based trends and theory in international organisational
      management are analysed critically for their applicability in the
      social development arena. Budgeting and accounting practices, staff
      recruitment and staff management, ethical public relations and
      marketing for social development settings are examined. Strategies
      for transferring these skills to local partner agencies, and methods of
      evaluating program management in funded programs are also elements
For general information about this program please contact the School of Social Sciences and International Studies office.
If you have specific academic questions please email the program coordinator.
Contact Information | School of Social Sciences and International Studies | UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia
Tel: + 61 2 9385 1807 | Email: | Web: |

Master of Social Development

           Graduate Profiles

           Rachel and I were enrolled in the Master of Social
           Development course in 2006 and 2007. Reflecting on the
           program from our new home in Dili, Timor Leste, and
           how the course helped us get here, one aspect stands
           out - community development skills. I am employed
           in sustainable agriculture development with APHEDA
           Union Aid Abroad and Rachel is working in child
           protection with Plan International, but increasingly the
           skills that make us valuable in our workplace are not
           our technical skills and abilities in these two areas. It’s
           the ability to work with others to help them realise what
           they want for their family, community or organisation -
           the people focussed, multitasking, bottom up, messy,
           process driven, all singing-all dancing, jack of all trades
           type community development skills. The community

                                                                                                                                             UNSW reserves the right to change any information herein without any prior notice. September 2009. Printed on recycled stock.
           development skills are vitally important - skills that we
           took directly from the MSD course,

           Alex McClean and Rachel Neary
    Master of Arts and Master of Social Sciences (Combined)

    The Master of Arts and Master of Social Sciences (Combined) caters for students who wish to significantly broaden their existing skills
    and knowledge by providing the opportunity to combine two complementary disciplines over two years of study, with one application.
    Students graduate with two Master degrees under their specialist names. For more information please contact the Faculty of Arts and
    Social Sciences (telephone: +61 2 9385 8511 or email:

                                 Master of Social Development

                                 Program Coordinators: Ms Linda Bartolomei and Dr Eileen Pittaway,
                                                         School of Social Sciences and International Studies
                                 Email:         or
                                 Program Code:           8939
                                 Program Duration:       1 year full-time (the program may also be taken part-time)
                                 Commencement:           Semester 1 (1 March)
                                 UNSW Handbook:
                                 How to apply:           apply online at
                                                                                                                                             CRICOS Provider Code 00098G

                                 Important Dates:        To commence Semester 1 2010, applications close end of October 2009
                                                         *Late applications may be accepted.
                                 Fees:                   for 2010 fees please visit
                                 Additional information for international students:

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