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									                                  Tuna Fresh Spring Rolls

                                  Serves: 4-5 (makes 10)
                                  Time it takes: 30 minutes

                                  •   2 x 95g tins SAFCOL Tuna in Sweet Chilli
                                  •   40g rice vermicelli
                                  •   10 rice wrappers
                                  •   1 tbsp fresh chopped basil leaves
                                  •   3 tablespoons fresh chopped mint leaves
                                  •   ¾ cup carrots, julienned
                                  •   1 cup shredded lettuce
                                  •   Hoi Sin or sweet chilli sauce

                                  1. Place rice vermicelli in boiled water. Let soak for 4 – 5
                                     minutes until soft. Drain and rinse in cold water.
                                  2. Fill a large shallow bowl with hot water. Dip 1 rice
                                     wrapper quickly (1-2 seconds) to soften.
                                  3. Lay wrapper flat and put desired amounts of vermicelli,
                                     carrots, lettuce, tuna, basil and mint in the centre.
                                  4. Roll the edges inward and beginning at the bottom of
                                     wrapper, roll tightly.
                                  5. Dip into sauce as desired. Enjoy.

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