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Traffic Signal Box Art


Traffic Signal Box Art

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									         Community Art Competition 2008
   What is the project about?
The Traffic Graffix Community Art Competition is a Banyule City Council graffiti prevention
initiative. The aim is to give local artists the opportunity to publicly display their work by painting
directly onto a VicRoads traffic signal box or a Telstra utility box, to reduce the reoccurrence of
graffiti on the boxes and to create a more vibrant and interesting streetscape.
A panel of judges including representatives from Vic Roads, Telstra and Banyule council will
decide the winners. Monetary prizes will be awarded for the best designs under the following
   •      Best Design                                                            $350
   •      Runner Up Best Design                                                  $250
   •      Best Design (25 yrs and under)                                         $300
   •      Best School Design                                                     $250

Who can participate?
Anyone can apply to be a part of the project including: professional or
amateur artists, school groups, community groups and young people.
                                                                                            Reptile Eye by
Preference will be given to residents of Banyule.                                           Barry Lewis

What steps are involved?
        Come up with a concept and create a colour sketch of your design.
        Complete an application form. These can be downloaded from the Banyule City Council
        website www.banyule.vic.gov.au or contact Bianca Ellis on 9457 9841 for an information
        kit to be sent to you.
        To submit your application you can
    •     mail a colour copy of your design to PO Box 51 Ivanhoe 3079 attn Bianca Ellis,
          Community Partnerships Team,
    •     hand deliver it to 44 Turnham Avenue Rosanna; or
    •     email it to bianca.ellis@banyule.vic.gov.au
        Each design will be assessed by Council, to ensure it complies with the guidelines.
        Banyule City Council will endeavour to contact each participant regarding the outcome of
        their application within 14 days.
        Successful applicants will be sent an Artist’s Agreement that needs to be read, signed and
        returned before you can collect your paint kit.

   Youth and Community   12710 Traffic Graffix   Infovision Ref: Optional   Last Amended:   Page 1 of 3
   Partnerships          Criteria 2008.doc                                  13/12/2007
    You can then pick up your paint kit and start painting your allocated VicRoads Traffic
    Signal box or Telstra Utility Box. You have four weeks to complete your box.
    Upon completion return your paint kit with some photos of the finished artwork. All
    participants will be notified of the winning designs of the competition.
    Applications must be received by Friday 1st of August 08 with designs painted by
    Friday 31st August 08 to be eligible for the 2008 Awards Night which will be held in

    Designs should interpret one (or more) of the following themes:
     • the environment;
     • the character, culture or history of the area;
     • creativity;
     • change;
     • communication; and
     • movement.
  These themes are all relevant to the project as we wish to change the perception of street
  art in our environment whilst still being mindful of the culture, character and history of the
  area. For any change to take place we need good communication in order to move forward.
  Your art works will be communicated to a moving audience as go by. This will help to
  change the area into a more interesting urban environment.
    You should briefly describe how your design relates to themes in your application.
    You may wish to do a graffiti style design; this is fine, but you cannot include any tags.
    All visible sides of the box must be painted. Therefore designs show each side of the box.
    The average VicRoads box is 73cm wide, 40cm deep and 130 cm high. The average
    Telstra box is 70 cm wide, 120 cm high and 45 cm deep.
    Your signature must be included in the design, as it will appear on the signal box.
    Signatures may not exceed 20 cm by 5 cm and may include the copy write symbol.

   All Living Things Are                        Animal Cars by Russell                      Abstract Fantastic by
   Connected by Jacqui Gwynne                   Danby                                       Daniel Verban

  Youth and Community   12710 Traffic Graffix    Infovision Ref: Optional   Last Amended:             Page 2 of 3
  Partnerships          Criteria 2008.doc                                   13/12/2007
      Your design must not cover the information sings on the signal box. We will provide tape
      to mask off the signs, and the key locks, so you do not get paint on them.
      Your design must not be offensive, or contain any traffic lights, signs or signals.
      Designs should not be too dark in colour, so as not to overheat the electrics in the boxes.
      Designs must not include any breach of intellectual property, trade marks, brands,
      business names, images of drugs, or involve attaching anything to the box.

What do you submit?
      A colour copy of your design, showing each side of the box
      A completed copy of the application form
      This includes your contact details, the name your design, a brief description of how it
      relates to the themes, and a brief description of your art experience.

What equipment do you need?
Banyule City Council provides approved artists with a Traffic Graffix Pack. Each pack contains
Solver Brite Glo paint (undercoat and primary colours plus, white and black), safety vests,
witches hats, plastic drop sheets and masking tape.

Artists need to provide paintbrushes and cleaning products. Artists need to comply with safety
and environmental guidelines.

Contact Details
All details of the project can be found on Council’s website www.banyule.vic.gov.au, or you can

   Bianca Ellis
   Graffiti Project Worker
   9457 9841

   Responsibility by Barry                           Untitles (with arrows) by Tim               In Drought by Susan
   Lewis                                             Hancock                                     Taylor

   Youth and Community       12710 Traffic Graffix       Infovision Ref: Optional    Last Amended:            Page 3 of 3
   Partnerships              Criteria 2008.doc                                       13/12/2007

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