Thornton Fire Safety Shelter

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					Design specifications:
   •   Weight: 4T
   •   Dimensions: 3010mm x 2560mm x 2475mm

   •   Material used for Insulation is Hebel Panel that has a fire rating of 240/240/240 tested by CSIRO
   •   The roof is designed to withstand high winds but is there to provide weather protection only. Insulation has been provided under the roof for thermal
   •   The fire shelter has been implicitly tested to withstand 1350°C using Finite Element Analysis from Structural Research and Analysis Corporation,
       USA. Testing was done using this technology for Thermal Stresses and Heat Transfer and the results are in the table below.

                                                  Inside Start Temp.       Inside End Temp.         Time taken for change
                                   Walls                 35°C                    45°C                     115 mins
                                   Roof                  35°C                    45°C                      75 mins
                                   Floor                 35°C                    36°C                    120 mins+

   •   Breathing apparatus has been supplied and air supply tanks can be hired for the summer
   •   Keep shelter well ventilated
   •   Do not stack wood or other flammable items against the walls
   •   Place the fire shelter in an open space away from trees and bushes
   •   Try not to use up air volume with unnecessary items inside
   •   We suggest storing these inside, in case of an emergency:
               Leather gloves, as the door handle will get very hot          Battery radio
               Torch                                                         Personal Locator Beacon
               First aid kit                                                 Smoke mask(s)
               Oxygen depletion meter                                        Eye protection
               Axe                                                           Fire extinguisher
               Bottled water                                                 Special photos, jewellery, contact book, mobile phone, insurance paperwork,
               Whistle                                                       ID & Passports, wills & deeds, bank documents, computer hard disk backup

For Sales and Enquiries:
Thornton Engineering Australia Pty Ltd
Ph: 03 5274 3180
Fax: 03 5274 3062

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