The Garden Gurus 2006 Autumn Series Fact sheet by lindayy


The Garden Gurus 2006 Autumn Series Fact sheet

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									                                 The Garden Gurus
                                2006 Autumn Series
                                    Fact sheet

Segment Title: Garden Centre of the Week
                   Rivers Nursery
Episode: #10 10/06/2005
Presenter: Melissa King

Plants Plus nurseries are well named because they offer great quality plants plus the full
lifestyle experience. If its value and convenience you’re after then Rivers Garden and Home in
Yarrambat is a one-stop shop with a fantastic array of plants, outdoor furniture and gardening
products, garden art and giftware, an outstanding cafe and lots of inspirational ideas.

One of the keys to a great garden is choosing the right plant for the right spot. You can always
ask any of the friendly, professionally trained staff for advice or look out for the themed displays
on everything from bird attracting plants to the best waterwise varieties which make selecting
the perfect plant easy.

Rivers Garden and Home offer some of the best plant choices for modern gardens. Ornamental
grasses and strappy leafed plants offer great texture and form and many are dry tolerant.

For striking foliage colour Goldfinger Libertia (Libertiaixioides ‘Goldfinger’) has elegant weeping
foliage with a prominent golden yellow stripe. It looks fantastic planted on mass or in decorative
pots. You’ll also find this season’s hottest pots and planters from Northcote pottery, which are
the inspiration for some gorgeous planting combinations.

There are Plant Plus stores all over Australia offering the full gardening and lifestyle experience.
Rivers Garden and Home in Karrack Road, Yarrambat is the perfect destination for your next
weekend drive.

Right now nurseries are jam packed with deciduous plants from fruiting and ornamental trees
and Rivers has the all bare-rooted which means they’re cheaper and ready to plant now.

Pots and containers are a great way to display winter’s prettiest blooms and you can have a lot
of fun drawing inspiration for your planting scheme from your choice of pot. Pick colourful
flowers or foliage to mimic the colour, texture and design of your container and always team
plants together that enjoy similar growing conditions.

The key to a successful container display is a quality potting mix. Plants Plus tub and terracotta
potting mix contains a wetting agent and water storing crystals to help keep containers moist
plus all the right nutrients to boost plant performance.

Rivers Garden & Home
28-50 Kurrak Road
Yarrambat VIC 3091
Tel: (03) 9436 1004
Fax: (03) 9436 1196

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