Composite exam by raofarmanali



          A meeting to discuss the Composite Exam and allied matter was held
at 10.30 am on 15th September, 2007 at Ministry of Education ‘D’Block
Islamabad. The meeting chaired by Federal Secretary Education was attended
by Secretary Education NWFP, Addl. Secretaries Education Department, Govt.
of Punjab, Balochistan, AJK, Chairman FBISE and JEA (Curriculum Wing).
The absence of Secretary Education Sindh or his representative was seriously
noted . List of participants annexed.

          Thorough discussion about Separate Practical Exam for class IX, X,
XI and XII, total marks of SSC, reduced grace mark and choice of questions in
the question paper, took place and the Committee agreed as under

   1.           Keeping in view the difficulties being faced by the
                stakeholders in undertaking SSC Composite Exam, the
                meeting unanimously agreed to recommend to the
                chairman IPEMC to review the decision of SSC Composite

   2.           The meeting agreed that Separate Practical Exam will be
                held for class IX, X, XI and XII from the year 2008

   3.           It was agreed that total marks of SSC will remain 1050
                this year and from 2008 total marks of SSC will be 900
                according to the scheme of studies. It was also observed
                that in case of Curricular and Scheme of studies Provincial
                Education Department will have to follow the Ministry of

   4.           The Decision of the 9th IPMEC was upheld and it was
                agreed that the Grace Marks will remain reduced from 11
                to 6 ( 3 each in maximum two subject) at SSC and HSSC
                level from the next year 2007

   5.           It was agreed that the choice of questions in the question
                paper of SSC and HSSC exam will be reduced from 33%
                to 25% w.e.f next year (2008)

           The Secretary Education thanked the participants of the meetings

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