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									THE BIT                                                                                                                 October 2006

                       THE BIT
                         Your monthly dose of everything that’s MBIT

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT                                                ONE MORE EVENT TO GO!!!
By: Kathleen Mendan                                                      13/10/06: Trivia Night - Pugg Mahone's on Elgin St @ 6.30pm

Hey, hey MBITers!                                                        REVIEW OF EVENTS
Another month gone by and what a month it has been! This                 By: Atif Hasan
month has been jam packed with heaps of fun and exciting things          We had two events in September - the Discussion Forum and
including the first ever MBIT Postgraduate Group T-shirts and            Scavenger Hunt. The discussion forum was presented by Christine
the very successful MBIT and MAC Scavenger Hunt!! As a                   Enker, Manager, International Careers & Employment. She is
result I think it is time to say a big, big thank you to a few people.   involved in managing the international careers and employment
First I would like to thank the MBIT Admin Team for the                  program for the 9000 international students studying at the
fantastic support and help that they have given to the MBIT              University. Christine spoke about “Global Job Seeking Strategies for
Postgraduate Group to date. The activities of the MBIT                   MBIT Graduates”. Her presentation included topics like where to
Postgraduate Group wouldn’t be possible without the help and             find jobs, how international students can get work in Australia and
support of the Admin Team and their effort and help is greatly           the international job market. Around 25 students attended the forum
appreciated. THANK YOU!!! I would also like to send a big                and were treated to tasty pizzas and drinks after the event! The event
thank you to the MBIT Postgraduate Group Committee. The                  was a success with all students enjoying it and having some of their
work that has been put in this semester has been fantastic – the         doubts cleared. Our next event was the Scavenger Hunt which was
Committee members have really grown into their roles this                coordinated with the MAC Social Group. There were 10 teams with
semester and again the success of this semester would not have           more than 40 students participating in a run around Melbourne CBD.
been possible without them. THANK YOU!! I would also like                All teams started at Alan Gilbert Building and ran around on
to take this opportunity to thank the MAC Social Group for the           Swanston, Queensberry, Bouverie streets going to Elizabeth streets
effort and work that was put into the Scavenger Hunt. The night          in the city coming back up Lygon street and ending on Pugg
was a great success and we look forward to holding future events         Mahone’s at Elgin street. Teams were rewarded on the basis of
in the collaboration with the MAC Social Group. THANK                    points and the winners were:
YOU!! And lastly I would like to send out a big, big THANK                    1. Daredevils (MBIT team): Gary Mullana, Maria Yesica,
YOU to the MBIT students. The success of the MBIT                                 Milka, Vittorio Dossi and Suwat Jinungkul
Postgraduate Group depends on you guys – thanks for showing                   2. The Dawdlers (MBIT & MAC team): Kathleen Mendan,
your support by coming along to our events, wearing the MBIT                      Piotr Zajac, Tara Naguleswaran and Atif Hasan
T-shirts and being MBIT Postgraduate Group members. The                       3. The Assassins (MBIT, MAC and Master of Accounting):
MBIT Postgraduate Group wouldn’t exist without you so a                           Dhawal Sawant, Harbir Bawa and Lokesh Pamalapadi
double THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We’d like your
continued support so make sure you come along to the rest of this
semester’s events. See you there!!!

By: Piotr Zajac
    This subject is not a standard microeconomics introduction,
and takes into account how microeconomic theory can guide
strategy formation and development, and ultimately create a
competitive advantage for an organisation.
     Some areas of “Micro” will require extra reading and may be
difficult to grasp straight away. The topic of production costs
may seem daunting to those who have never studied any
economics before, so please see the lecturer or tutor if you have
any concerns after revising the readings.
     The exam for Micro is most important and it is essential you
have any issues ironed out, given its 70% weighting. Throughout
the semester, please attend all tutorials as the exam questions are         Congratulations Daredevils! Winners at Scavenger Hunt
very similar to the ones covered in tutorials and are a good guide
as to what you can expect. There are also many past years’ exam          DO YOU WANT TO SELL / BUY A SECONDHAND BOOK?
papers online that can be a good revising source. It may also be         If you want to buy or sell secondhand books please email both your
an idea to go through a couple of the recent exams and discuss           and the books’ details to our address below. We will then attempt to
your answers with the lecturer during SWOT VAC.                          facilitate buyer and seller requests. Please note this is a service for
                                                                         MBIT Postgraduate Group members only.
MBIT Postgraduate Group
THE BIT                                                                                                                     October 2006

GRADUATE NEWS                                                              TIPS ON EXAM PREPARATION
By: Piotr Zajac                                                            By: Piotr Zajac
For those of you about to look for grad work in Australia, or for          Exams are all about preparation -if you are prepared, you have a
those contemplating working in this country, here is some good             much greater chance of succeeding and doing well. Firstly, begin
news! The future looks bright for graduate programs, as 40% of             by looking at the subject outline and objectives and get an idea of
recruiters surveyed are looking to expand their graduate intake            the main concepts and theories that have been covered during the
next year. Growth sectors for graduate roles include Mining up             semester and the types of knowledge and skills you will be
49.2%, Engineering up 17.3%, State Government up 14.2%,                    expected to demonstrate in those 2 or 3 hours. Knowing this
Commonwealth Government up 13.3%, Accounting or                            information should guide your study.
professional services firms up 12.6%, Construction or property
firms 12%, and banking and financial services 7.4% (Statistics             After you have found a quite place to study, where you won’t get
taken from                                               distracted have a look at old exam papers (if available). If the
                                                                           syllabus has not changed dramatically since the exam paper was
Since these statistics will now have you geared up to start                written, then there may be a good chance similar concepts and
applying for grad jobs, here is a section that may help you a little       theories may be examined again.
later down the track:
                                                                           While revising remember - your understanding and recall of the
Fashion tips for the interview process:                                    subject content will increase if you actively engage with the
                                                                           material. Here are some tips for doing just that:
While you may be absolutely in love with that hilarious Donald             • Summarise concepts in your own words – directly
Duck tie or those fabulous red stilettos, it is important to know              regurgitating slides or notes may not be enough to convey
not to be too over the top when it comes to fashion in job                     your understanding of the material to the lecturer.
interviews.                                                                • Draw a mind map or diagram of weekly topics and other
                                                                               information including cases covered during the semester.
It’s also important to consider the industry you plan to be                • From the mind map try to develop links from different
working in. If you’re in an advertising or marketing role, then                weeks’ material and see how they relate. Remember, it is
you may be able to get away with something that’s a bit more out               very likely that the subject content fits tightly together. If you
there, but please reconsider if it’s a bank you’re having an                   can identify these patterns and relationships, it will be much
interview with.                                                                easier to recall than having to memorize unrelated data.
                                                                           • Write answers to old exam questions to see if you have
Tips for fashion success:                                                      included all relevant material in your answers.
    • Job interviews aren’t about being trendy; it’s about you
          and your skills. Don’t spend the time you should be              Finally, if you need help with material or revising, please see
          preparing, deciding what to wear.                                your lecturer/tutor!
    • If you’re comfortable in what you are wearing you’ll be
          confident in what you’re saying.
    • A good quality navy and/or black suit is always a great
    • Accessories are great to mix and match with your outfit
          and complement your overall look. For guys – classy
          cufflinks, ties and quality shirts. For girls – a great scarf,
          shoes and classic handbag.

By: Atif Hasan
A young executive was leaving the office at 6 PM when he found
the CEO standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper in
his                                                       hand.
"Listen," said the CEO, "this is a very sensitive and important
document and my secretary has left. Can you make this thing
                                                                           Your MBIT Committee (L-R): Ashish, Tat, Dhawal, Aatif,
"Certainly, Sir" said the young executive. He turned the machine           Ryan, Piotr, Kathleen
on, inserted the paper, and pressed the start button.
                                                                           The BIT is a monthly newsletter brought to you by your MBIT
"Excellent, excellent!" said the CEO as his paper disappeared              Postgraduate Group. Your editors are Piotr Zajac and Atif
inside   the    machine.      "I  just  need    one    copy."              Hasan. Please mail any queries or suggestions to
MBIT Postgraduate Group

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