Hello and goodbye Christmas Meet by liwenting


									         Manchester Particle Physics
               Group News
                                    January 2010

              Christmas Meeting
                                                                    Hello and goodbye

                                                               Thorsten Wengler will be leaving
                                                               us to move to a CERN permanent
                                                               staff position. These posts are highly
                                                               prestigious and very few are awarded.
                                                               Thorsten has built up the Manchester
                                                               ATLAS group, moving it from (frankly)
                                                               the second division to the Premier
                                                               League. This legacy will survive him,
The annual Christmas meeting took place in January. In         and we hope that a link can be maintained
some years there is just no convenient gap between the end     in future, as ATLAS data taking and
of teaching term and the holiday itself, and this was one of   analysis really get going.
                                                               James Cullen, the Deputy Co-ordinator
It was very impressive: 72 ten minute talks in two days        for the Tier 2 centre, is leaving for a job
covering an enormous range of activities and showing how       in industry.
we’re involved in great deal of very high quality research
activity. The slides (sometimes even videos) are available
on our Indico server.                                          Pei Zhang is a new srtudent. Rather
                                                               unusual in that he’s starting in January
The only let down was the weather - but snow does tend to      and will spend most of his time at DESY
happen in January. It meant the cancellation of the dinner,    working on RF at FLASH.
and we’ll have to fnd a way of making that weatherproof in

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