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Sunshine Bushland Reserve


Sunshine Bushland Reserve

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									Sunshine Bushland Reserve
Reg No A00376 49E          ABN 54 767 366 431

March 2008 Newsletter No. 94                      www.sunshinereserve.com

  What’s been happening in and around                                 On Saturday 5th April, you are invited to
                                                                      a Walk and Talk around the Sunshine
  Sunshine Reserve?
     6 April                                                          Reserve with Marie Clare from Marie-
  If you have walked around the reserve lately you will have          Claire’s Eco Works.
  noticed many radical changes.                                       We are meeting at the entrance in
                                                                      McLeod Road, between Spencer and
  Firstly the removal of ti-tree from behind the houses on the        Barrow Streets at 11.30am.
  lower part of McLeod Rd. This happened under the direct             RSVP – 5974 1288
  guidance of Natural Systems for the management of Fuel
  Management Zones (FMZ’s) which help to protect our
  properties in the case of wild fire. This area also
                                                                      Next Committee Meeting
  compliments the creek work directly around the top bridge           20 April 7 – 9 pm, 9 McLeod Road
  (Frankston High School steps) where major works have                All Welcome- we’d love to hear from
  happened in the creek, thanks to a Melbourne Water grant.           you.
  This in turn compliments the MPSC burn site off Sunshine

  In a bit more detail, the creek work involves the ongoing war
  on noxious weed blackberries, targeted weeds like Sweet
  Pittosporum and Sallow Wattle. Whilst work is in progress it
  always looks very untidy and a bit of a mess. However,
  thanks to our new contractor Sam Tucker, who will be
  working with us, he has created lizard runs, swamp rats runs
  down to the water and removed the finer fuels. Marie Claire
  continues her excellent work along the creek banks.

                                                   Next Working Bee
                                                   Sunday 6 April on the Panorama crossover 9.30 – 12.30.
                                                   Please come dressed appropriately.

                                                   Southern Brown Tree Frog (Littoria ewingii)
                                                   Also called: Brown Tree Frog , Ewing's Tree Frog , Whistling
                                                   Tree Frog                                 Photo Gill Gordon

                                 We still have Frogs!
   Whilst weeding in the creek, Marie Claire found this cute little fellow mid March. The Southern Brown
   Tree Frog, a widespread and common species found in great numbers in flooded grassland or marshes.
   They are agile climbers and jumpers. Like most of our small tree frogs, this species is a voracious
   insectivore capable of leaping to catch a fly in mid-flight!   Males usually call from the ground or in low
   vegetation, at the water's edge or in water, floating amongst the vegetation. The call is a series of rapid
   harsh, whirring pulsing notes repeated 5-15 times - "creeeeeee creee creee cree cree cree".         The first
   note is usually the longest.    Size up to and between 30mm and 60mm
   Adults can be found in all habitat types, and are even common in gardens in suburban areas. They
   frequent wet and flooded areas for breeding but can often be found calling long distances from water.
   Eggs and tadpoles can be found in still water in ponds, dams, lakes, streamside ponds and flooded
   roadside ditches.      For more information go to: http://frogs.org.au/
What is to come around Sunshine
Panorama Drive is the subject of ongoing blackberry removal.. Using Melbourne Water money we will be
going up the left hand arm of the creek and the very welcome following letter has been received by SRCFG.

I am delighted to advise you that the Sunshine Reserve Conservation and Fireguard Group have been
successful in acquiring assistance for the Panorama Drive restoration project, through the Mornington
Peninsula Land Protection Incentive Scheme. The volunteer work of the group in Sunshine Reserve is
seen in high regard by the Shire and the broader community.
As you know, there is not always enough funding available to complete the work required in all of our
bushland and roadside reserves. Therefore the importance of community and government land managers
working together is critical for the long term preservation of our environment and landscape.
Thank you for taking the time to apply for the grant. We will look forward to working with your group on this
project over the months ahead. Joanne Lynch, Sustainable Rural Land Officer, Mornington Peninsula
Blackberries are a big threat to indigenous vegetation and are also good food for foxes. So along with
mulch spreading by Mornington Youth Enterprise, planting around the area by ourselves, and the clearing of
the drains under the road, there will be considerable disturbance.
However in the long term the area will be much improved.

We are going back into the creek to continue the rehabilitation of the area from the top bridge to the sea.
Vic Roads has the slip on the Esplanade in hand, thanks to Greg Hunt’s assistance.
Conservation Volunteers Australia will come and help plant in May.

We are very pleased to announce the receipt of a federal grant from Envirofund. This will continue the
rehabilitation of Hall St entrance area, up behind McLeod Rd houses, the revegetation site opposite Barrow
St. Sunshine Drive flat area, Panorama crossover and Jackson St / McLeod Rd corner.

Free ratepayer trees grown from                             Welcome to Sam Tucker
Sunshine Reserve seed stock are          The ongoing work has created the necessity to employ a second
available at Mornington Peninsula        contractor and we are pleased to welcome bush regenerator Sam
Youth    Enterprise. Mitchell St,        Tucker who comes highly recommended having worked in
Mornington.                              bushland reserves on the peninsula, very creative indigenous
Phone 5977 2976                          garden designs and fire management. Welcome!

                       TIME to Renew or Join?           Subscription or Donation
Sunshine Reserve Conservation & Fireguard Group Inc       Group Inc No AOO373 49E         ABN54767366431
                      A membership subscription and a donation helps us keep afloat.
               July – July Annual Individual Subscription $5.00 Family Subscription $10.00
Address: _________________________________                                                 ___
Postcode:                    Phone No: __________________            Date: __      ____

Send form to: The Secretary 9 McLeod Road, Mt Martha 3934
Cheque (made payable to SRCFG)                            Donation / Cash $ ______

 We are very grateful to our sponsors and funding bodies:

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