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                                                           November 19, 2007


   Congratulations Honor and                                                      Donuts with the
      Merit Roll Students!                                                         Second Tuesday of each month
                                                                                    8:30-9 a.m, PTC Sponsored

    Zilwaukee International                                                    Informal meet and greet . Please stop by.

   Studies School Salutes your
                                                                                             ZPTC Meetings:
                                                                                Beginning Tuesday, January 8, 2008, PTC
                                                                                meetings will follow the donut and coffee time

      academic achievement!                                                     with Mrs. Bledsoe. The PTC meeting will begin
                                                                                at 9:00 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the

                Health Fair article “From the Principal “on page 2              1/08 9:00 a.m
                     Honor and Merit roll on the back page.                     2/12 9:00 p.m.
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                                                                                3/11 9:00 a.m.
                     Help us win the$25,000grand prize!
  Visit or make a donation at the Saginaw Office        4/08 9::00 p.m.
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Hop into
Fall into

Saginaw Valley State University Nursing Students, along with instructor Sharon Dinse held a Health Fair, November 5 and 12, 2007.
Students in grades K-8 participated in a variety of activities designed to promote health and fitness awareness. On November 5,
students rotated through four learning stations. The lessons consisted of: Alphabet lungs/exercises, hygiene and hand washing,
nutrition education, and smoking/alcohol prevention.
 Community partners teamed up with the nursing students on November 12th to educate Zilwaukee students in health and safety
lessons. Field Neuroscience Institute of St. Mary's Hospital discussed helmet and bike safety. Additionally, Michigan State University
Cooperative Extension Services taught nutrition lessons.
Zilwaukee Police were here with “Click-It Tick It” Cricket. Zilwaukee Police Chief King donated refreshments for the occasion. The
Health Fair was a huge success. Thank you so much to the nursing students who made this event possible and to the many
volunteers and community agencies who so graciously shared their time and expertise with our students. .A BIG THANK YOU to
SVSU Nursing Students, presenters and Chief King for the treats too!
                                                                                                                            Growing up, I’ve always knew that I
                                                                                                                      wanted to become a teacher, just like my
                                                                                                                      dad. I witnessed the differences he’s made
Keys Assessment Window-
                                                                                                                      in so many lives, both young and old. It
November 4-December 5
                                                                                                                      encouraged me to one day do the same.
Boys Basketball- 3rd and 4th grade                                                                                    Now, it’s humbling, because I have been
practice begins Monday, November                                                                                      granted the opportunity to live out one of
26,2007. Practice will be M,W, F                                                                                      my dreams. Wow!, something that’s always
3:30-5                                                                                                                seemed to be so far away is finally here. I
Holiday Program: Monday,                                                                                              graduated from Eastern Michigan
December 10, Pre-K-1, 1:30p.m., 2-                                                                                    University in December, 2006. Deaf culture
8th, 6:00p.m.                                                                                                         is intriguing to me. Therefore, I majored in
Christmas Break : December 22-                                                                                        special education with a focus in hearing
January 1,2008, School resumes                                                                                        impairment.
                                                                                                                         In my spare time, I love to dance and
January 2
                                                                                                                      skate (depending on the setting). It’s
First semester ends: January 18,
                                                                                                                      something I enjoy doing and it’s good
2008                                                                                                                  exercise too. I guess, I get the best of both
Spring Break: March 22-30, 2008                                                                                       worlds. I love fashion as well. Shopping can
Last Day of School: June 6, 2008                                                                                      be very relaxing, when it has balance.
School Quality Team Meetings:                                                                                           Overall, I would have to say that being
Second and fourth Tuesday monthly                                                                                     around my family is probably my most
       All dates are tentative.                                                                                       favorite thing to do. I’m free, to be me. I
                                                                                                                      have a wonderful mother and father, I am
                          School Quality Team Meetings                                                                the youngest of four sisters, and I have five
The Zilwaukee School Quality team is a collaborative body through which decisions
                                                                                                                      nephews and one niece. Not to mention, I
relevant to Zilwaukee School are made. It is charged with maintaining, updating, and                                  have a beautiful God-daughter as well.
implementing the school quality plan to keep it in compliance with state and national                                   I will continue to reach for those dreams
law and the district's strategic plan.                                                                                that I have yet to obtain. I will also continue
                                                                                                                      to encourage those around me to do the
You are welcome to attend. Questions: Call Mrs. Bledsoe or Mrs. Latesky @ 399-
                                                                                                                      same. “DON”T STOP until your “GOOD”
Meeting Dates and Times:                                                                R. I. F                       gets “BETTER” and your “BETTER”
                                                                                                                      becomes your “BEST”!
Nov 27    Dec 11       Jan 8       Jan 22   Feb 12     Feb 26      March 11
April 15    April 29 May 13 May 27                                                      Our first 2007-2008 R.I.F. distribution will be on Tuesday 11/27/07 and
                                                                                        Wednesday 11/28/07 in the Media Center. Students, remember to wear
The first meeting on the second Tuesday of the month will be held in the afternoon
from 3:30-4:00. The meeting held on the fourth Tuesday of the month will be in the      your Summer Reading Program shirt and you will receive an additional
morning from 7:45-8:20.                                                                 free book! Our theme centers around our being thankful to our Native
                                                                                        American culture.
                                                           Brr, winter has arrived.
                                               This is to remind parents and
                                               guardians that all Zillwaukee children
                                               go outside for lunch recess. Please
                                                                                                    2007 TOYS FOR
                                               send your child to school with coats,               TOTS CAMPAIGN
                                               hats and gloves or mittens
                                                                                        •This year the Toys for Tots program is
                                                                                        partnering with The Salvation Army.
                                                                                        •Toys will be for children up to the age of 12.
Zilwaukee Art Club                                                                      •Applicants must come to the Salvation Army ,
Zilwaukee International Studies School has                                              2030 N. Carolina St. Saginaw, MI. November
an art club. Mr. Lanctot teaches the                                                    19-21 and 26, 9:00- 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m.-3:00
program. From 3:15 -4:15 after school on                                                p.m. for everyone. November 28, 5:00-7:00 for
Thursday, The club explores art through                   Credit Union                  working families.
varied materials and processes. This club is                                            •Applicants must bring their social security
available to Zilwaukee Students from 3rd to    Attention: All students of Zilwaukee     number, a current photo ID with current
5th grade. Due to limited space, students       please come and save your money,        address, proof of all household income (If
were selected based on drawing done at the        and you could be entered into a       government assistance, a paper showing what
beginning of the school year. We are            drawing for the Christmas contest       you receive). You must also provide proof of
pleased to say that the event is very well       and win a JUMBO STOCKING!              guardianship that would include your name,
attended and the children are very             We will be announcing class contests     child’s name and birth date.
enthusiastic about this program.                  after the Christmas contest! So
                                                  hurry up and start saving. You        •A time to pick up items will be mailed to you.
                                                                                        You will need to bring that card and your photo
     Signs of The Times                          could save to buy a new toy you
                                                                                        ID on the day of distribution to the site
                                                                                        indicated in the card.
                                                          Credit Union                  •Children discouraged from attending. This
                                                      Courtney and Raeanna              will allow for gift to be a surprise at Christmas.
                                                P.S. If you have any questions please   Point of contact: Major Tracy Ruston
                                                                                        at (989) 793- 8373 or
                                                see Courtney or Raeanna! It’s located
                                                                                        1st Sgt. Keeler (989) 754-6130
                                                           in the Cafeteria
                                                                                        No calls after the 15th of December.
                                                                           Thank you everyone who
                                                                        purchased a pumpkin pie from
                                                                         the school. Proceeds will be
Travel Through Time                                                       used to purchase materials
                   The fourth and fifth grade classes traveled to the
Henry Ford Museum, located in Dearborn, Michigan, to be a part           and supplies for classrooms.
of living history! The students spent the day in Greenfield Village
                                                                             A special thanks to
experiencing 300 years of history as the sights, sounds and
sensations of America’s past came alive.                                 Teamsters Local 486 , our
                   Students investigated 19th century American            community supporter who
homes, and community stores such as the General Store, Mrs.             purchased 3 pies and helped
Cohen’s Millinery, and the fabulous Candy Shoppe! Students were
amazed to see the Logan County Courthouse where Abraham
                                                                          sponsor the International
Lincoln actually worked and walked through the actual workplaces                 Cookbook!
of Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb. Talented craftsmen
demonstrated their skills' creating everyday products. Also,               Pictured (Left to Right)
students were able to explore the history of railroading.
                   There was unanimous agreement that this field trip
                                                                         Mike Sander, Eileen Glaza,
rocked! Of course, our parent chaperones kept everyone on course,       Chuck McPeak, Ed Morin, and
and we’d like to give a big thanks to all who participated: Mr. and            Diana Stalker.
Mrs. Malesky, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Blodgette, Mrs. Crummel, Mrs.
Story, Mrs. Uptmor, Mr. Spencer, and Mrs. Neitling.                     Thanks everyone and Happy
Fourth and Fifth Grade Teachers
Michigan State
University Extension                                                                               LOOKING FOR
Nutrition Education Programs                                                             SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT?
                                                             Look no further!
Family Nutrition Program (FNP)
                                                             Zilwaukee International Studies School has published it’s first
and the Expanded Food and
                                                             Cookbook". This publication includes local and international recipes
Nutrition Education Program
                                                             that will surely be a hit for any occasion. Thank you parents, staff
(EFNEP) is designed to provide                               and community for all of your "yummy" recipes, interest, and
recipients with cost-effective tips in                       support.
the selection, purchase, preparation                         Special thanks to the following individuals for their tireless efforts:
of food, and budgeting the food
                                                             Christy Spess, Zilwaukee health aide, for volunteering her time to
dollar. Making wise nutritional                              collect, type, compile all of the recipes for the first publication.
choices can help improve the
                                                             Pat Steffes, Zilwaukee parent, for soliciting sponsor patrons.
health and well being of children
                                                             Look for order information. Cost: $12.00 Great gift idea!!!!
and family members.
                                                             Phone 399-5200 to order yours!!! (Cover Design: Jaz Jones,
FNP is for persons who are food                              Victoria Marcotte)
stamp eligible. You can be any
age, male or female. You can live        Hand Washing                                                       If you eat Yoplait
alone or with others.                    Hand Washing is the single most important activity you             yogurt and just throw
                                         can do to protect yourself and those around you from               away the pink lids.
EFNEP works with families who            germs. Washing hands or using an alcohol based hand                Please consider sending
have children.                           sanitizer can greatly reduce the spread of germs and the           them to school instead.
FNP & EFNEP lessons can be               risk of getting sick. New research has shown that all              You may turn in any
taught privately one-on-one in your      soaps, not just antibacterials, are equally effective at           cleaned pink lids and
home or in a group setting.              killing germs. The most important thing to remember is to          we will send them to
                                         rub your hands vigorously for a least 20 seconds to get            "Save Lids to Save
For more information on FNP or           the most out of hand washing. Washing hands before                 Lives". We will collect
EFNEP, call:                             eating, after using the restroom, and after coughing or            them until 12-14-07 in
         MSU Extension                   sneezing is excellent. However, challenge yourself to              Room #4.
         1 Tuscola Street                wash your hand more frequently, especially during the
   (behind the Temple Theater-                                                                              Thank you!
                                         cold season.
            downtown)                    By: Patrice Ellery Saginaw Valley University                        Mrs. Revard
       Saginaw, MI 48607                                       Nursing Student
         (517) 758-2500
      MONDAY MORNING                                                  Good Bye and Thank You, Mrs. Owens
        ASSEMBLIES                                                 The kindergartners in room 1 recently extended
         The theme of the month for                                a heartfelt goodbye to our classroom aide, Mrs.
November is Responsibility. Being                                  Jean Owens. A full-time employment
responsible means being prepared, and                              opportunity had opened up for Mrs. Owens and
this is just what the Saginaw County                               she was offered the position. We are sad to see
Chapter of the American Red Cross was                              her go, but at the same time happy about her
talking about on Monday, November 12th,                            working future.
when they presented on their Masters of
Disaster program. Our special thanks to                            Jean Owens was truly an outstanding staff
presenters Jody Botwright, Executive                               member in the classroom and throughout the
Director, Ben Gombar, Disaster Chair,                              building. The children responded well to her
Ken Bublitz, Board Chairman, Sharon                                kind ways and staff could certainly count on
Dense, National Disaster Volunteer, and                            her for any building needs. Mrs. Owens
Lois Wilkins, Master of Disaster                                   conducted herself with the utmost
Coordinator. Not only did we learn about                           professionalism, dependability, and
being prepared, but the team also                                  responsibility. She was a positive role model
informed the student body about what                               for students of all ages, whether assisting in the
they do as an organization and what                                kindergarten room or coaching
programs they have to offer. We               American Red Cross   volleyball/softball.
certainly appreciate this team of
dedicated individuals giving of their time                         We are thankful to have had the opportunity to
and talents to Zilwaukee School.                                   work with Jean Owens. Her smile and positive
   We were fortunate enough to be                                  attitude will remain with us as we continue
entertained by the advanced band class                             through the school year. Thank you again Mrs.
on November 19th. Thank you to Mrs.                                Owens for sharing your time and talents with
Bruske and all the talented band students                          Zilwaukee International Studies School. You
for their contribution! In addition, the                           are a valuable part of our school and are
entire safety patrol received a gift from a                        welcome to visit whenever you like. We wish
AAA representative for their hard work,                            you all of the best.
and we concluded with safety patrol
“caught being good” prizes given out to                            Thank you,
selected students.                                                 Mr. LeRoux
       GOOD JOB!!!         GOOD JOB!!!    GOOD JOB!!!                                                                        GOOD JOB!!!         GOOD JOB!!!     GOOD JOB!!!
  Below is a list of students who made HONOR ROLL for the                        Congratulations                         Below is a list of students who made MERIT ROLL for the
                      First Marking Period.                                                                                                  First Marking Period.
               Let’s congratulate the students!
                                                                                    to Zilwaukee                                      Let’s congratulate the students!

                      HONOR ROLL                                                                                                             MERIT ROLL
                            *All A’s
                                                                                                                                               “All A’s and B’s
                      1 st Marking Period                                                                                                     st Marking Period
                                                                                Studies School‘s                                            1
                           2007-2008                                                                                                             2007-2008
                                                                                 Honor Roll and
                                                                                      Merit Roll
  3rd Grade                   4th Grade                       5th Grade                                           3rd Grade                      4th Grade              5th Grade
Megan Burke
Madysn Bellinger
                         Madison Bourdow-Hewitt
                              Taylor Perry
                                                             Stephanie Phung
                                                              Alexa Sumption
                                                                                       Recipients               Taylor Wasney
                                                                                                                  Napoleon Works
                                                                                                                                                Ethyn Altman
                                                                                                                                                 Allie Bedore
                                                                                                                                                                           Allison Metiva
                                                                                                                                                                           Lamario Bonds
Joseph Sanchez               Travis Nietling                     Tyler Morris                                      Jadon Goodwin                 Hoss Meier                  JaJuan Moten
Morgan Ford                   Kelcey Case                        Jonatan Cruz                                    Eliseo Vasquez-Landin         Madeline David             Jacob Harshman
Quinten Perez                Danielle Premo                         Ben Story                                   Abigal Labeff                   Kirsten Bauer     Erminio Vasquez-Landin
Miranda Barrientos           Lauren Sanchez                 Alyshia Meininger                                   Mariah Moll                    Hayden Malesky              Gabrielle Dosal
Thomas Labissoniere                                          Brandon Reuther                                    Jheran Phillips                 Aaroln Dudek               Trammell Ford
Jacob Burdow-Hewitt                                           Samantha Gross                                    Jordan Marshall                 Mariana Torres            Madeline David
Emma Ruiz                                                                                                       Trenton Hodge                     John Luna                Autumn Breece
Noah Zeleniuk                                                                                                   Rachel Miller                                             Jordan Caldwell
                                                                                                                Tatum Sage                                              Ashley Waterman
                                                                                                                Thomas Baniel                                              Alyson Schultz
                                                                                                                Charissa Adams
                                                                                                                Reymundo Chacon
                                                                                                                Courtney Mann

6th Grade                              7th Grade                                  8th Grade         6th Grade                              7th Grade                     8th Grade
Gabriel Pantoja                        Gretchen Bauer                           Samantha Bedore     Denise Baumia                        Dominique Moultrie        Solomon Champagne
Tayla Lowe                             Adena Bowman                             Jazmonique Jones    Kayla Lagalo                            Sarah Varney                    Cody Frost
Alexander Markusic                  Selena Martinez(4.00)                          Gordon Garris    Anhelica Rodriquez                    Maurena Chavez              Victoria Marcotte
James Liss                              Brandi Morris                              Victoria Stine   Michael Trevino                       Zachary Johnson
Caleb Snook (4.00)                       Bria Morris                                                Dallas Wildfong                        Cody Wildfong
                                       Terrance Nerio                                               Paije Baumann
                                        Jacob Phelan                                                Tristin Pender
                                         Fred Wager