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Stanley Knife

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									                                                      SAFE OPERATING PROCEDURE
                                                             Stanley Knife
                               This tool is not for use without instruction

          Sturdy footwear must be worn at all times in work areas.

  Sequence of Job Steps            Potential Hazards/Risks                                     Standard Operating Procedure
(What to do in the right order)         of Each Step                                                   (How to do it)

                                                                      •   Ensure work area is level and clear of all unnecessary equipment and objects.
Prior to operation                Cutting fingers/hands
                                                                      •   Ensure cutting matt is flat and placed directly under item to be cut.
                                  Dropping Stanley knife and
                                  cutting/stabbing/lacerating         •   Ensure use of a METAL ruler, not a plastic one.
                                                                      •   Ensure blade is sharp, not blunt.

                                                                      •   Stand up to cut item, not while sitting.

                                                                      •   Ensure covered shoes are worn in all studios.
                                                                  Dispose of blunt blades in disposal containers supplied in each studio.

Note: Preferably Stanley type knives and cutters with retractable blade guards are to be used and blades are to be retracted after each cutting operation

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