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                                                PO BOX 316 MURRAY BRIDGE 5253
                                            PH: 08 8532 1150 FAX: 08 8532 1012

                                                           ABN: 48 479 743 310

                                 Racin’ by the River

          W I G Z E LL
                        Supported by
                      Saturday 11th October, 2008

      1.        Sign – In Box Opens                      3pm
      2.        Scrutineering                            3pm to 5pm
      3.        Nominations Close                        4.45pm
      4.        Drivers Briefing                         5pm
      5.        Engine Starts & Hot laps                 5.45
      6.        Racing Starts                            6pm

B – Main

First six place getters in B- Main go to the rear of the A-Main in B - Main
finishing order.
No Reserves for B – Main.

1st        $0            5th   $0          9th    $160        13th    $120
2nd        $0            6th   $0          10th   $150        14th    $100
3rd        $0            7th   $190        11th   $140        15th    $100
4th        $0            8th   $175        12th   $130        16th    $100

TOTAL: $1365

B-Main qualifiers to the rear of A - Main
No Reserves required for the A-Main.

1st   $5000    5th   $1000   9th    $600   13th   $500     17th   $200
2nd   $2500    6th   $800    10th   $600   14th   $500     18th   $200
3rd   $1500    7th   $700    11th   $550   15th   $450
4th   $1200    8th   $650    12th   $550   16th   $450

TOTAL: $17,950

Race Formats & Points

All drivers must attend the drivers meeting at 5pm dressed in race suit and with
Crew chief, unless otherwise directed by the chief steward.

All cars and drivers must be on the track at 5.45pm for engine starts/wheel packing
or they will loose 10 bonus points.

Each car is then given a short 5-lap “Hot Lap” session in groups as per your draw for
the first round of heats.

All entered drivers present at the drivers meeting will witness a random draw to
decide their first heat race starting order.

Each driver to compete in two heat races.

The first round of heats to be drawn at the drivers meeting with an inversion for the
second round of heats.

Each driver will have an inside row start and an outside row start

If you do not finish your heat you do not get any heat points.
Once points are tallied up, which includes bonus points and two rounds of heats, the
top six will run in a dash event to determine the starting order of the first six in
the A – Main.

Cars in position 7 to 12 will go directly to the A – Main as per their point score
finishing order.

Cars that finish in positions 13 to 28 on points will contest the B- Main, with the first
six finishers going to starting positions 13 – 18 in the A- Main in their finishing
order. (B main will only be run if sufficient numbers)

Heat races will be 10 laps (subject to car numbers)
Dash will be 5 laps
B- Main will be 12 laps (subject to car numbers)
A- Main will be 30 laps. The A- Main will consist of 18 cars maximum).
There will be no reserves for either the A or B-Mains.

Point Schedule

Bonus points: 50 points will be awarded when conditions of supplementary
regulations are met.

Heat Points
1st – 25, 2nd – 20, 3rd -16, 4th – 13, 5th – 11, 6th – 9, 7th – 7, 8th – 5, 9th – 4,
10th – 3, 11th – 2, 12th – 1, 13th – 1, 14th – 1.

In the event of tie for points- the car that has passed the most cars will be awarded
the position. This is taken from the board starting position and on track finishing
positions. In the event that this is also a tie, it will be from the first heat that ran will
be awarded the position. If there is still a tie on points, it will revert back to a toss
of a coin.

   Top point scorer has choice of starting from position one or two in the
   A- Main.
                      MURRAY BRIDGE SPEEDWAY

                      SUB REGULATIONS

• All Sprintcars must comply with all SCCA specifications as per the current
  rule book.

• Racing will be conducted under the rules of the SCCA, and the Murray Bridge
  Speedway Sub Regulations.

• No Sprintcar to exceed a noise level of 95dba.

• Murray Bridge Speedway reserves the right to alter the race format should it
  deem fit.

• Prize money will be paid by cheque in the week following the race meeting.
  Owners or drivers registered for GST will provide a Tax Invoice for their
• If the meeting is cancelled before the sixth event due to any circumstance no
  prize money will be paid out. If first round of heats has been completed
  prorate prize money will be paid to point scorers.

• All Sprintcar competing at Murray Bridge Speedway will be required to be
  fitted with AMB transponder for the purpose of lap scoring and timing in all
  events. Hire transponders are available at a cost of $30 Inc GST per night.
  Transponders not purchased through the system operator at our venue will
  incur a service fee of $15 Inc GST per night

• Raceivers are mandatory at Murray Bridge Speedway

• Important – If you have not confirmed your nomination at the sign in office by
  no later than 4.45pm, you will be placed rear of field for your heats.

• Any discrepancies of the above format will be at the discretion of the
  Promoter and no correspondence will be entered into.

     2008 Wigzell –Sprintcar Battle at the Bridge
            Saturday 11th October 2008
                    OFFICIAL NOMINATION FORM



       _____________________________________________Post Code_______

      Phone :(BH)_____________________________Home:________________



      Club:___________________________Car No:_______License No:______

      Prize money to be paid to:________________________________________

      ABN:__________________________Are you registered for GST?. Yes/No

      Is your racing for hobby purposes? Yes/ No
If you are registered for GST you will provide Murray Bridge Speedway with
                     a tax invoice for any money payable.

A SCCA License is required by all drivers to compete at Murray Bridge Speedway.

I agree with the terms and conditions set out for the 2008 Wigzell – Sprintcar
        Battle at the Bridge, including sub regulations.


                             Pit Admittance:

             $20 Murray Bridge Members with NASR License

                      $30 Non Members with license

               $35 non Members with out a NASR License.

Return to: Murray Bridge Speedway, PO Box 316, Murray Bridge SA 5253.
                          Fax: (08) 85321012

   Entries close: 5pm on Monday 6th October 2008 by mail, Fax, E-Mail.

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