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					                                                     SPOT ON
                                                         ABSR Referees’ Newsletter

Vol 28 March 2009                                                         John Sallis (SA)
                                                                          2 Dabinet Cres
                                                                          Dudley Pk Adelaide 5008
                                                                          Tel 08 83447622
John Ivett (Vic)
2 Gina Court
                                                                          Harold Silver (Qld)
Hallam 3803
                                                                          125 Homestead Road
03 9703 1446
                                                                          Morayfield 4506
                                                                          075498 6663
Tommy Watson (Tas)
                                                                          Geoff Williams (NSW)
2/82 Pindos Drive Tranmere 7018
                                                                          110 Torres Crescent Whalan 2770
Tel 0362472202 (Fax0362472240)
                                                                          Adam Wyard (WA)
                                                                          18 Canterbury St E Vic Park 6101
                                                                          Tel 08 9361 9109
Editor John Sallis (SA)
The Views/Articles expressed in this newsletter are not                   Calling Conceded Frames of Snooker
necessarily those of the ABSR Committee or the Editor                     One aspect of calling the frame result is where the frame is
                                                                          conceded by a player, who is so far behind on points that they
Important information                                                     realise they realistically cannot win, so they concede the frame.
The ABSR has decided to reduce the annual referee certificate             Some referees call “Frame conceded.”. This call of the concession
renewal fee to $10 per year for the next two years, i.e. 2009 and         has negative connotations and should never be used.
2010. This will be reviewed in 2011.                                      It is patently obvious when a concession has been made. The
Those referees who have already submitted their $20 for their             conceding player, when they become the striker, will either:
2009 renewal fee will, therefore, be accredited for both 2009 and         State their concession to the referee, or,
2010. Any certificates already issued will also be valid until 31         Pick the balls out of the pocket and roll them on to the table, or,
Dec 2010.                                                                 Remain seated when their opponent vacates the table, and may also
If necessary an updated certificate may be issued on request.             signal their intention to the referee.
Secretary/Treasurer                                                       Remember, the concession may be declined if the opponent wishes
Tommy Watson                                                              to play on.

New Rule Books                                                            The referee should never announce a concession but merely
New rule books are now available; please contact your State rep for       announce the winner of the frame. For example, if player A
more details… Ed.                                                         concedes, the referee should simply call “Frame to player B.” The
                                                                          referee may also, if they so wish, include the scores, for example,
Vale:       W (Bill) Orr                                                  “Frame to Player B, 75 to 27.”
It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Bill Orr.         Tommy Watson
Bill was a Class 2 referee from Albury in NSW. Bill was very active
for many years as an administrator of Snooker and Billiards in NSW              Answers to these questions can be sent to the editor.
and also with many National events held in that state.                                   They will be published next issue.
Bill was a driver in dealing with the shortcomings of the sports needs
and always looked for a better way of addressing issues.                  Poser Question; Snooker
As a referee Bill was a leading figure in Albury for many years with      At the start of a frame of snooker the Striker places the cue ball on
his leadership and commitment.                                            the table, and has clearly and finally positioned the cue ball,
Bill will best be remembered for his efforts in running the Fred          the Striker touches the cue ball with the tip of the cue when
Osbourne Invitational Classic at Albury, which has widely been            'feathering' to make a stroke.
touted as the best run Snooker event on the Australian calendar.                        a) Is this a foul?
The ABSR expresses deepest sympathy for Bill's wife Margaret,                           b) Has the frame commenced?
daughter Janice and son Anthony.                                                        c) Is the cue ball still in hand?

 John Ivett , Chairman ABSR
                                                                          Poser Question; Billiards
2009 IBSF World Championships                                             Striker, comes to the table, pots the red off ”The Spot” so that his
                                                                          cue-ball holds the spot, and the pyramid spot is available so the red
'Expressions of Interest' are invited from Australian referees wishing
                                                                          goes on that spot, then the striker pots it again making it 2
to be considered for selection for the following 2009 IBSF World
                                                                          consecutive pots without any other conjunction score, with all spots
                                                                          available , where does the referee place the red?
a) IBSF 2009 World Snooker Ch'ships (Men, Ladies and Masters) in
Hyderabad, India, during November..
b) IBSF 2009 World Under 21 Snooker Championships, Kish Island,           Referee Blazer
Iran, during July                                                         If you have a need for material for qualified refs send me the info
c) IBSF 2009 World Billiards Championships - Date and venue still to      and I will forward it on, along with the specification for making etc. If
be decided.                                                               people who are refs but do not qualify or want extra material it is
                                                                          available for $20 per metre. John Ivett (Vic)
NOTE : These are expressions of interest only. Selections will be         2 Gina Court Hallam 3803 Ph.03 9703 1446 jopol@
made by the Oceania Billiards and Snooker Federation when                 Email Addresses Wanted
Oceania are informed by the IBSF of the number of referees to be          If you have received this issue of “Spot On” by post AND you have
invited.                                                                  an email address, please supply latter to the secretary and myself.
All expressions of interest to be forwarded to your ABSR                  Saves an awful lot of time, effort and cost in making contact with
representative, listed at the top of the SPOT ON newsletter.              you.

Tommy Watson.

                                                        SPOT ON
                                                             ABSR Referees’ Newsletter

Tip of the Month
Try to keep the pockets clear at all times and do not let them fill up
with Reds. This applies mostly to the two top pockets, particularly
when a player is on a Red-Black, Red-Black break.
As soon as convenient remove the Reds to another pocket. If
possible, take out the first Red the player pots and put it in one of
the baulk pockets which are less likely to fill up. This is quite easy to
do without making a big show of it. All you need to do is re-spot the
Black with one hand and, at the same time, collect the Red with the
other. With practice this can be done smoothly and automatically
with no- one realising it has been done. By doing this you greatly
reduce the chance of getting into a position during a frame where
the player, in the middle of a break, has to stop and ask you to clear
the pocket. Sometimes of course, it is impossible to clear the pocket
in the manner suggested but that is the exception rather than the

Editors Footnote;
Just a reminder:
This is your/our newsletter and it needs contributions from its
members to function as a source of news to all our members, so
please don’t hesitate to send any article of interest to the editor,
however trivial, hoping to hear from you soon.
Next newsletter June. 2009. ….Ed.


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