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Learn to know how and when to kiss

kissing tips advice

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We've all had those moments where we were with someone we liked and
somewhere on the back of our mind we kept wondering how do we kiss that
person? Do we ask them? Do we just go for the kiss? Do we wait? If so,
how long?

These questions can be quite discouraging due to not knowing exactly what
to do next to bring yourself closer to that special someone.

There are, however, a few key steps and signs that we can watch out for
and do to increase the probability of bringing ourselves closer to that
special someone.

For guys:

When you're out with a girl on a date and you and her walking around or
just talking, you have to understand that you're the one who has to make
a move! Girls are told by society that they have to be passive and
receptive (not as much after shows such as Sex and the City). Thus, she
is expecting you to take charge in escalating the touching that will
eventually lead to a kiss.

When you're out with her, be the first one to take her hand! Taking her
hand is the first step towards bringing yourself closer to her. If she's
comfortable, you can escalate non-intrusive touching a little later, such
as touching her shoulders or hugging her. As you progress doing this and
watch her grow more and more comfortable with your touch, you have much
better chance of kissing her successfully, rather than just going for the
kiss out of the blue. When you built this kind of touching comfort, get
her and yourself into some sort location where two of you could either
sit or stand and talk comfortably. As two of you talk, start stroking her
hair softly and look into her eyes. If you feel that she's comfortable
with that, move in closer and closer. If she doesn't withdraw, go for the
kiss, since if she's comfortable with you touching her hair and standing
so closely, most likely at that point she already wants to kiss you
anyway. If she withdraws or acts weirded out, relax for a bit and
continue building comfort with her. Resume normal conversation and try
again later.

For girls:
Usually girls are viewed as the ones who are kissed, rather than the ones
that kiss. It's really a matter of personal preference and personal set
of beliefs as to how you want to go about this.

Most guys are very shy about kissing a girl for the first time, so you
might try to make him feel comfortable by accepting his touch or even
initiating non-intrusive touching yourself, such as holding his hand or
hugging him and being close to him. If he feels like you're accepting him
and enjoy his company and being close to him, he'll most likely go for
the kiss.

If you want to kiss him, it's going to be rather tricky, since some guys
might feel you're too aggressive to hang out with. If he's super shy, you
can simply tell him you want to kiss him, and let him kiss you. This way
you preserve his male ego and still get kissed :)

For both:

Kissing should be light and bring pleasure to both partners. Don't rush
too fast and start shoving your tongue down his or her throat. Just relax
your tongue and softly touch your partner’s lips and tongue. Just barely
touching, almost sliding. The kiss should feel light, yet passionate. As
two of you get comfortable kissing, you can progress to more aggressive
and deep kind of kissing, such as French kissing. French kissing is
essentially the kind of kiss where there is lots of tongue and sucking

Conclusion: Just let if flow and let it come to you naturally. Build
touch comfort over time and when the time is right, try to move closer to
your partner so that the kiss can naturally happen. Visit <a
href="">Kissing tips, advice</a> for more

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