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Senior Commercial Manager PD

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									                                                 Position Description

Position Title:                            Senior Commercial (Contracts) Manager
Job No:                                                         Job Tier:
Reporting to (position):                   General Manager, Contracting Services
Direct Reports:                            Nil
Company:                                   JIS                  Depart / BU:     Contracting Services
Location:                                  Clayton or Sydney Olympic Park
Employment Type:                           Permanent Full-Time

Job Purpose Statement:

The Senior Commercial Manager reports to the General Manager Contracting Services and
is responsible for providing:-

•    Development of commercial frameworks that support business growth and operational
     delivery within the Contracting Services group
•    Commercial leadership and the development of a commercial culture within the
     Contracting Services Group.
•    Specialist contracts management and risk management and expert advice to the
     Contracting Services Group.
•    Representing the Contracting Services group’s interests to support the proposal
     development with market development and business development teams.
•    Provision of commercial oversight and expert advice during the delivery phase of a
     contract and encompasses all aspects of advice, support and liaison.
•    Management and leadership of major commercial disputation as it arises.
•    Mentoring and support to other Commercial Manager’s within Contracting Services.

Key focus areas for the role are:-

•     Commercial leadership and development of a commercial culture.
•     Commercial Strategy & Management, including expert advice to operations personnel
      and Project Managers.
•     Commercial focus within the Contracting Services group
•     Commercial culture / business alignment
•       Strategic / project risk management

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Issue date: October 2009
•    Contracting strategy
•    Management of the interfacing between Contracting Services and other groups in the
     business, in particular Jemena legal risk and insurance.
•    Development of commercial frameworks that support business growth opportunities and
     proposal development across Contracting Services.
•    Oversight of contract admin activities, including support, guidance and advice to
     operations and project groups.
•    Represent the interests of the Contracting Services group in the preparation of bids and
     proposals, providing expert advice on terms and conditions, contracting strategies and
     winning sales strategies.

          Geography:                              Australia
          Total works program value:              $400M
          Total number of contracts administered: 100+

Key Relationships/Interactions:
Internal:                ▪ General Manager Contracting Services
                         ▪ Operations Managers
                         ▪ Project Managers
                         ▪ Sales Group
                         ▪ Corporate Risk, Legal and HR

External:                              ▪    Third party clients
                                       ▪    Government agencies (RTA, Councils, EPA)
                                       ▪    Developers and contractors
                                       ▪    Alliance partners
                                       ▪    Industry associations
                                       ▪    Asset owners

Education, skills and experience required for this role:
• Tertiary qualifications in Law or other related field.
• Strong focus on Contract Management
• Strong demonstrated capability for commercial management in a construction /
  infrastructure environment
• Demonstrated experience in a broad-based commercial environment
• Demonstrated ability to sell the organisation’s abilities to third party clients
• Experience in negotiating and delivering workable commercial agreements
• Decisiveness
• Teamwork
• Business acumen
• Results driven with the ability to maintain momentum and energy when experiencing
• Strong internal relationships built on credible performance, collaboration and personal
• Exceptional interpersonal communication skills including the ability to negotiate and
  influence to deliver results.
• Organisational and self-management skills including the ability to quickly adjust, and to
  accommodate emerging priorities.

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Issue date: October 2009
• Demonstrated understanding of Project and Change Management methodologies.
• Strong analytical ability and foresight to risk management in terms of contract exposure.
• Understanding of Jemena business and contracting strategy and a clear focus on
  business imperatives and strategic direction.
• Understanding of the commercial principles and practical application and how it impacts
  on the client / subcontractor relationship

Key Result Areas
1. Contract and Risk Management
• Provide contracts support to the Contracting Services operations areas
• Develop standard agreements
• Develop and maintain contracts processes and procedures
• Train and mentor Contracting Services employees in commercial related matters
• Review and approve all agreements prior to execution
• Assist the business with negotiation of contracts and the resolution of disputes
• Manage corporate approval of all contracts and agreements
• Oversight of all insurance related matters
• Drive a commercial focus (including advice and primary point of contact) through the
   Group, aligning this with broader business strategy, culture and goals
• Oversight of contract administration activities, including support to projects
• Conduct periodic reviews of processes, gating and risk management of the works program
• Monitor and manage risks associated with the works programs
• Maintain discipline and compliance to the Jemena management operating system

2. Program Standards
Comply with professional standards for:
• Commercial principles and procedures in client program delivery
• Internal contract process compliance within Jemena delegated authorities

3. Improve Service Delivery
• Monitor review and implement changes to work practices and behaviours to improve
• Develop and maintain a Contracts and Risk Management plan for capital and construction
• Assist in the optimisation of the skills and capability of the team to meet delivery
    requirements, through the use of business driven training
• Demonstrate ability to balance financial and operational imperatives
• Take a leading role in making improvements to contract management, commercial and
    other risk management.
• Understand the costs and commercial implications in servicing clients
• Contribute to the management of the Contracting Services team budget by managing the
    costs associated with disputes and other commercial related issues
• Provision of costing inputs for new activities

4. Teamwork and Leadership
• Build effective relationship with colleagues on leadership team
• Contribute to leadership team cohesion and shared purpose
• Drive implementation of new business model
• Encourage team participation and commitment to activities
• Role model appropriate leadership and teamwork behaviour
• Maintain technical expertise in contracts, risk and commercial areas

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Issue date: October 2009
Jemena Corporate Key Performance Indicators
Health Safety and Environment
All Jemena employees have a responsibility to behave in a manner, which ensures that their
actions or omissions, do not adversely affect the environment or the health, safety and
wellbeing of themselves, colleagues, contractors or members of the public.

Jemena employees must:
   • Meet all responsibilities as outlined in the Jemena Health & Safety and Environment
   • Participate in any training and safety initiatives implemented by the company;
   • Comply with all safety directives, and work instructions;
   • immediately report any incident or potential hazard to their supervisor; and
   • Correctly utilise any Personal Protective Equipment distributed
   • Co-operate with Jemena with respect to any action taken by the company to comply
     with a requirement imposed by relevant legislation.

Jemena’s employees are expected to consistently demonstrate Jemena’s values:

     Safety – It’s everyone’s responsibility & we have pride in what we do
     Passion – We work with enthusiasm that shows in our results & our service
     Teamwork – We work cooperatively with each other & with our partners
     Commitment – We deliver what we say we will deliver – no matter what
     Integrity – We act fairly & honestly at all times

                                Note: This position description is not exhaustive

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Issue date: October 2009

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