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									Female Ejaculation
Author: Somraj Pokras

Opening a doorway to mind-altering sex, this how-to manual allows readers to expand their capacity for
pleasure by learning to give and experience the amazing ecstasy of female ejaculation. The author's
proven approach explains precisely how to trigger her most explosive, wettest, full-body orgasm. To the
average lover, the G-spot is a mysterious and elusive myth. This book explains the sexual anatomy of the
G-spot and how to unlock mysteries hidden deep within a woman's body. It shows readers how to find the
G-spot, arouse it and not only orgasm, thanks to it — but stimulate it until a earth-shaking orgasm with
ejaculation is achieved. By following the path presented in Female Ejaculation, readers will transform their
love lives by increasing intimacy, becoming more sexually connected, and sharing extended, profound

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