How Remote Access Software Can Give You Twelve Extra Days Per Year

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					             How Remote Access Software Can Give You Twelve Extra Days Per Year

The average American’s round trip commute to work and back is around ninety minutes long. Much of
this involves some teeth clenching and incredibly stressful time spent navigating rush hour traffic. It is
the rare commuter who has not found themselves stuck in these daily traffic jams and wondered if there
was some way – any way - to avoid this wasted time. If we figure that there are roughly two hundred
work days in the year, with about ninety minutes of time spent in traffic per day, we are looking at a
total time waste of 12.5 days per year. These are days that could be spent with family and friends, on
vacation, doing more work, or simply relaxing poolside.

The way we get this time back is by joining the rapidly growing subset of people who are now doing
their work from home, rather than at the office. Telecommuting, as working from home is commonly
referred to, has become very popular over the last few years due to escalating gas prices, increased
flexibility of employers, the growing number of computer based jobs and the incredible connectivity
provided by remote access software.

These remote access programs, also known as remote desktop software or remote control software,
enable employees to use their computers to gain access to their place of business’ internal networks
from the comfort of their own home. This allows them access to any and all proprietary software or
internal storage networks. In the past, an employee had to be sitting in front of their workstation in
order to have this level of access, but these programs enable employees to complete these tasks from
the home or on the road. All that is needed to make the connection is an internet enabled computer,
device or smartphone that has the same remote access software installed as the accessed machine.

These connections can also help telecommuters to directly interact with and contribute to projects in a
group setting. By using this software to connect to a co-workers computer, they can share control of
that system and have a group editing session, or simply view and comment on documents together.
There is also an opportunity to test presentations through this software, as the telecommuter can present
his work to the office employees, receive feedback, and make adjustments – all without having to make
a round trip journey to the office and back.

Regardless of the particular manner in which you use remote desktop software to assist your
telecommuting, the opportunity exists to save time, increase efficiency and contribute to a less stressful
lifestyle through the use of this incredibly flexible and functional software.

This article was written by Tim Kennedy on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider
Proxy Networks for all your remote desktop software, PC remote access and remote access needs.

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