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					                                                       Hobart Mercury
                                                       Page: 11
                                                       By: Danielle McKay
                                                       Section: General News
                                                       Region: Hobart Circulation: 45974
                                                       Type: Australian Capital City Daily
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                Tougher assault laws bid
                Push to protect
                emergency staff
                DANIELLE McKAY

                EMERGENCY service mania's Police Offences tra police and remedying
                workers could be better Act and laws for serious the count duty dilemma,
                protected under proposed violence, Mr Bartlett said Mr Hodgman announced
                new laws to criminalise the new laws would              hard-line action against      LIBERAL
                assault on Tasmania's strengthen the punish-            dangerous driving.              Remove police from
                front-line workers.       ment and act as a better       Under the proposed           court duty in Launceston
                  Offenders will be dealt deterrent.                    changes. Mr Hodgman             Match Labor's
                with under the full force "I believe strongly that      will follow a New Zealand     connnitment to employ
                of the law, facing a judge the consideration of a new model. It allows for im-        an extra 30 police
                and jury in the Supreme indictable offence is the pounding and auctioning                Establish a Serious
                Court and a potential best way forward to pro- off the cars of repeat                 Crimes Unit
                21-year prison sentence tect our front-line emerg- dangerous driving of-                 Legislate for the
                under proposed changes. ency workers," lie said.      fenders with profits going
                                                                                                      independence of the
                  Premier David Bartlett     Mr Bartlett also used to road safety campaigns.          Police Commissioner
                made the announcement the opportunity to an- Cars may even be de-                        Implement
                at the Police Association nounce:                   stroyed.
                                                                                                      unexplained wealth
                of Tasmania's annual con-   $400.000 for five auto- "To people who repeat-            legislation
                ference yesterday.        matic nuinberplate recog- edly offend. who show                Legislate to give courts
                  Mr Bartlett said nition cameras.                  appalling disregard for
                                                                                                      the discretion to order the
                Attorney-General Lara       $175,000 to double the road safety in using a             crushing of confiscated
                Giddings was investigat- number of mobile data vehicle and becoming a                 vehicles of dangerous
                ing creating the indictable terminals to 100.          lethal weapon, we say
                offence for any assault        $450,000 to provide new there should be an ability        Support the rollout of
                against emergency ser- Tasmania Police uni- for courts to take strong,                modern communications
                vice workers.              forms.                      decisive action," he said.
                  The proposed law would     For the first time in the In a grand statement of
                apply to serious assaults conference's history, the one-upmanship, Greens             GREENS
                against police, firefight- three political leaders leader Nick McKhn prom-               Support the police
                ers, ambulance officers. were also invited to out- ised to boost the state's          salary nexus under the
                doctors and nurses.        line election promises.  force by 100 officers over
                                                                                                      EBA scheduled this year
                  "These are the people Among Mr Bartlett's three years.                                 Employ an extra 100
                who work around the list were promises to re- Mr McK m said the                       police over the next three
                clock to protect Tasman- lieve police from court Greens would also move               years
                ians. and I believe Tas- attendance and prisoner to bring Tasmania in line               Support the
                mania should do all it can escort duties, which has with the nation and give          commitment to improve
                to protect them," Mr Bart- drawn about eight and 10 police the ability to inter-      technology to fight crime
                lett said.                 officers from front-line ac- vene in acts of racial           Maintain commitment
                  "The community does tion in the state's North vilification.                         to relieve officers of court
                not tolerate the reprehen- and North-West.               "We need to provide
                                                                                                      and security duties in the
                sible and cowardly ac-                                              kit so
                                               Meanwhile Liberal police with a tool during
                                                                 they can intervene                   North and North-West
                tions of those few individ- leader Will Hodgman un-                                      Support the
                uals who would choose to veiled an $8 million pack-     vilification based on race.
                                                                        which can then act to stop    unexplained wealth Bill
                assault someone simply age to strengthen the                                          in the Senate
                going about their job of force.                         that vilification turning
                keeping our state safe."                                into violence." lie said.        Create legislation
                                              Despite similarities to                                 which allows Tasmania
                  While there are already Mr Bartlett's proposal, in-                                 Police to intervene in acts
                provisions under Tas- cluding employing 30 ex-                                        of racial vilification

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