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									Social Networking for Promoting YOU as a Brand
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Author: Brian Solis
Author: Deirdre Breakenridge

Edition: 1

You're the brand. Learn how to use social media to promote your brand more effectively than ever
before.Thinking of social networks as personal playgrounds will come back to haunt you and your clients.
As a marketer, your collective "brand" can also impact the brands you might represent. The one thing
that connects everything is you. You're on the frontlines for everything related to you—and everything you
represent, now and in the future.If you liked this Element, read more from Brian Solis and Deirdre
Breakenridge, including Putting the Public Back in Public Relations: How Social Media Is Reinventing the
Aging Business of PR (ISBN: 9780137150694).Available in print and digital formats.

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