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									Killer Temptation
Seduction Summer

Author: Nina Bruhns

Seduced... by a dead man?This assignment in Fiji was supposed to be Zoe Conrad's ticket to a new life
of excitement and adventure. But immediately stumbling over a body was a whole lot more excitement
than she'd bargained for.Then the dead man turned out to be very much alive--and she found herself giving
in, almost against her will, to his slow, sensual seduction. And yet...millionaire hotel owner Sean
"Breeze" Guthrie's killer smile couldn't quite conceal the darkness in his eyes. Was he really capable of
the crimes he was accused of? Was she falling--and falling hard--for a murderer?
Author Bio
Nina Bruhns
Nina Bruhns credits her gypsy great-grandfather for her love of adventure. She has lived and traveled all
over the world, including a six-year stint in Sweden. She has been on scientific expeditions from
California to Spain to Egypt and the Sudan, and has two graduate degrees in Archaeology (with a
specialty in Egyptology). She speaks four languages and writes hieroglyphics!But Nina’s first love has
always been writing. For her, writing for Silhouette Books is the ultimate adventure. Drawing on her many
experiences gives her stories a colorful dimension and allows her to create settings and characters that
are out of the ordinary. Two of her books won the prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart
Award. She also has written two bestselling novels under a pseudonym, Nikita Black.A native of Canada,
Nina grew up in California and just moved to Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband and three
children. Expect some scorching southern settings in her novels in the near future!Nina loves to hear from
readers, and can be reached at P.O. Box 746, Ladson, SC 29456-0746, or by email at She invites readers to visit her two web sites: and

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