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									THE REVIEW AND FINAL OUTCOMES                          CONTACTS

A series of court reviews will take place, which       MAGISTRATES COURT
the client will be required to attend unless excused
by the Magistrate.                                     23-25 LIVERPOOL STREET
A final date will be given for the individual to       HOBART TAS 7000
return to Court for finalisation of the matters.
                                                       PH: (03) 6233 3610
The Court will then take into account the efforts
made by the individual while participating in the
Program and attempts made to address any
offending behavior.
If progress is deemed unsatisfactory, or the
participant has continued to offend, their case may    PROGRAM INFORMATION
be returned to the normal court process.
                                                       Ph: (03) 6233 8722

                                                                                 MENTAL HEALTH
                                                                                DIVERSION PROGRAM
The Magistrates Court Mental Health                                                     In order to determine whether an individual is
                                                                                        suitable for the program they must first undergo
Diversion Program is a pilot program                                                    an assessment interview by a Forensic Mental
available to defendants appearing in the                                                Health Court Liaison Officer.                             THE COURT DIVERSION PROCESS
                                                                                        Participation in the Program is at all times
Hobart Magistrates Court from May 2007                                                  voluntary and any assessment will only occur
                                                                                                                                                  Once an individual is assessed as eligible by the
onwards.                                                                                after the potential participant or their legal
                                                                                                                                                  Court Liaison Officer, the matter will appear
                                                                                        guardian has given written consent.
                                                                                                                                                  before the Magistrate who has been allocated to
                                                                                                                                                  the Program.
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE                                                                     THE ASSESSMENT                                            The Magistrate will, on the basis of information
                                                                                                                                                  provided to the Court, decide whether to adjourn
     Adult people :                                                                                                                               the case in order for the individual to participate in
                                                                                        The assessment will aim to determine whether a            the Program.
     •     with impaired intellectual or mental                                         person is suffering from a condition that meets the
                                                                                        Magistrates Court Mental Health Diversion                 If an individual is found to be ineligible for the
           functioning as a result of a mental illness;
                                                                                        program criteria and whether the program is able          program, they will continue with the normal court
                                                                                        to meet the identified needs of the potential             process and have their charges dealt with in the
     •     who have been charged with certain                                           participant.                                              usual way.
           summary and minor indictable offences.
                                                                                        Part of the assessment may also involve the               If the program is deemed suitable by the
                                                                                        gathering of information from relevant agencies or        Magistrate, an individual’s case will be
                                                                                        individual treatment providers about any past or          temporarily removed from the normal process for
                                                                                        current involvement with that person.                     a set period of time.
                                                                                        While this information gathering would only               During this time, with the assistance of Program
The Program will provide an opportunity for                                             occur with the written consent of the person being        staff, the person will be encouraged to access
eligible adults to address their mental health or                                       assessed, or of their legal guardian, it would be         those services that either have been useful in the
other disability issues while any legal proceedings                                     considered in most instances necessary in order to        past or have been identified at the time of
are temporarily suspended.                                                              ensure that participant’s needs are appropriately         assessment to be of potential use with respect to
Those accepted into the Program will be assisted                                        addressed.                                                their situation and needs.
by Program staff to access relevant services.                                           Other issues such as the nature of the offending
                                                                                        will also have to be taken into consideration with
                                                                                        regard to an individual’s suitability for

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