Various issues in Pen-y-ffordd - Site Meeting by taoyni


									July 2009
                          County Council Report – Cllr David Williams
Problems with County Hall Departments. - Some progress is being made over some issues as noted
below. Leader and Chief Executive to investigate the problems to look at ways of improving the services.

Sewers problems and Station Way. – New Head of Planning, Andy Farrow is investigating the sewers
problem of the village in general, but in particular Station Way and the provision for Meadowslea
development. He is also to investigate why six dwellings have been allowed using an access that is not
adopted along Station Way.

Roundabout Landscaping – Still no progress or response from officer. Intentions to pursue by the next

Re Generation . – Now that the UDP has been determined, a clearer picture of the form of regeneration
needed for the village can be identified. It is therefore important for us all to put as strong a case as
possible to improve employment and business opportunities and improved amenities and have it
incorporated in the strategy being developed at the moment. Please see extracts from the draft Strategy
and put any comments to me as soon as possible.

Speeding problems in the Ward. – Following my meeting with Mr Faulkner earlier in the month,
certain areas and proposals were discussed. I therefore feel that an official and formalised case as
outlined in my proposals should be put to the Head of Highways and Director for the Environment.

Flooding in Alyn Drive.-See meeting with Mr Faulkner notes.

Parking outside stepping stones. - It has been stated to me unofficially that an order has been drawn up
for a scheme outside stepping stones. This is to be checked and reported to the next meeting.

Passing places – Strydd Isa.- This matter has been checked by Cllr Hines and is reported on in the

UDP. - Given the proposals of so many dwellings (the larges percentage increase in the county!) It is
imperative that we put as much pressure as possible on the planning and leisure services departments to
ensure that our amenities recreation and infrastructure are brought up to a standard that is needed for
what is now a very large ward and community. For my own part I am canvassing both departments and
have made representations in the draft leisure and regeneration strategies. The Community also need to
be up to speed on this to provide much needed support, and I will keep people informed via the Post office
notices and hopefully the Spar.

Penymynydd Road – Access only. – See notes from Dave Faulkner meeting.

Web Site. – Please publicise it as much as possible, the more use it gets the higher up Google it gets! I
am still learning the system but should be able to get up to speed over the Summer.

New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd – Bus stop signs are up so there is no excuse for busses not

Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise
Still no further news. Hopefully I will have some by the next meeting.

Only one expression of interest so far and this person has not responded to the suggestions from the last
June 2009
                      County Council Report – Cllr David Williams
Problems with County Hall Departments.
The matters below are still outstanding and are to be investigated by the Chief Executive
and Council Leader. Some progress is being made with the other matters reported last
month and these are also to be investigated but the progress so far is also noted.
    Roundabout Landscaping
    Sewers problems
    Re Generation aims.
Speeding problems in the Ward.
Discussions have taken place with the Chief Highways Engineer Dave Faulkner who is
committed to changes of speed limits at appropriate points in the ward. However, to
ensure the lower speed limits we are seeking can be applied, with as few as possible of the
customary objections being successful, he is obliged to wait for the new criteria from
Speed limits could be reduced now but if admissible objections are made this could result
in us not achieving the lower limits that we all seek. Mr Faulkner is very concerned over
the delay in the release of this criteria from WAG and has now sought the assistance of
Mark Isherwood and Mark Tami to try and speed up the process.
A meeting has been arranged with Mr Faulkner to visit the problem areas and decide on
most appropriate limits for these areas in preparation for the release of the criteria.
Flooding in Alyn Drive.
Still unresolved! Site meeting with Mr Faulkner arranged for Monday 8 th June.
Parking outside stepping stones.
To be reviewed with Mr Faulkner at meeting above.
Passing places – Strydd Isa.
Matter to be discussed with Mr Faulkner during meeting

See Attached information.
Leisure Strategy.
Awaiting clarity of proposals from the UDP to establish recreation provision and land
Penymynydd Road – Access only.
Dave Faulkner to visit the area. He sees no problem with putting up new signs and it may
be possible to put up a new and more eye catching style.
Following meetings with some residents various suggestions have been made including
new speed humps. The most effective sounding suggestion so far though has been extended
humps and single passing places to restrict flow and discourage use. Further suggestions
are welcome and Dave Faulkner will review the problem during his visit..
June 2009

County Council Report Cont

Web Site. –
Delays in updating the Web Site due to technical problems that should be resolved by the
next meeting. Please publicise the site and encourage its use.
Reminder of address
New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd
Arriva have instructed their drivers to pick up at the new stop and have put up a notice
advising them to do so on the depot notice board. If drivers fail to stop please not the time
and report it to me to take up with Arriva
Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise
No further news. A request for a review is needed as soon as possible.
Acquisition of land is still an issue. The intention is to explore the possibility of approaching
small land owners to see if there may be any interest in creating allotments on their land as a
small business venture. Leeswood are in the process of having allotments on rented land and
it may be worth finding out how they are going about it.
May 2009
                         County Council Report – Cllr David Williams

Web Site. – This is now up and running and can be viewed on
The details on at the moment are test pieces and the site will be built up over the next few
months. Please publicise this site as much as possible – promotion and advertising of local
businesses is free but a small donation to Pen-y- ffordd Community Action group is
Problems with County Hall Departments.
There are a number of problems getting satisfactory responses from certain departments
at County Hall. The Chief Executive and Leader are to be provided with full details
Outstanding matters that have not been satisfactorily dealt with to date are

          Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View
          Speeding Matters at various locations
          Roundabout Landscaping
          Sewers problems
          Re Generation aims.
          Parking outside stepping stones

Crossing & footpath - Hope Green Nursery.
Now in place and the work seems to have improved the junction in and out of the village
as well as the crossing for parents with children

Leisure Strategy.
No further news since last meeting.
Dobshill speeding.
Speed figures have been completed but Highways are awaiting the final guidance to ensure
the lower speed limit can be set with as little objection as possible.

New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd – Please keep encourage its use to ensure it

Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise – Awaiting details of further improvement subject
to more estimates.
                     Clarification of Community Council Matters/Decisions
There appears to have been some misunderstandings over the involvement of the Community Council in
certain matters and over recent decision made. The following information provides clarification on these

The decision not to take on a Community Support Officer.

All community Council members wanted this officer. The decision was made not to employ this officer for
the following reasons.
      £12000 a year to be paid for out of Community funds – the part funding by sponsors had been
         withdrawn. Alternative means of funding are still being explored.
      The Officer would have no powers of arrest.
      There was no guarantee that he would be solely for the ward and may have had to be shared with
         neighbouring communities.
      Only on rare occasions would he have provided a relief for the community beat officer during his
         time off.
The decision not to have this officer was unanimous!

Chester Road Bus Stop.

This was requested by county and community councillors of the village to provide a bus stop for residents of
little mountain road and the top of Chester road.

These residents previously had to walk over a mile to the nearest bus stop as bus drivers can now only stop at
official bus stops due to health and safety regulations. The nature of this stop is such as demanded for new
bus stops to cater for the disabled. Existing stops are not required to be brought up to this standard at the

The cost of this was funded by the authority and cost the Community Council nothing. Please ask a council
member if you have a concern of similar nature.

Web site.

The web site has not cost the Community Council anything. Local organisations and businesses are invited to
advertise on the site for a small contribution to the Pen-y-ffordd Community action group. A small fee may
be necessary after the first year for management of the site.

Pavement, crossing and junction improvements – Wrexham end of bypass.

This was completed at the request of a number of parents who walk their children to the nursery. The
footpath ended abruptly at the junction and people with prams and young children were forced to walk along
the bypass or on the grass verge to be able to cross the road. As a result of these requests, councillor David
Williams contacted highways who set up and completed the work and junction improvements. The nature of
the improvements was determined by Highways and the work funded by the Assembly.
April 2009
                      County Council Report – Cllr David Williams

Web Site. - The Web site can be viewed on A few trial links
have been set up and others are samples of what can go on. Please ask anybody who
wants publicity on the site to contact me on the given e-mail.

Re Generation of Village. – Employment/Business opportunities & recreation.
Still awaiting date of meeting with new consultant, Dave Heggarty and Mel Higham

Leisure Strategy.
This is now going to the executive and further details should be available by the next meeting.

Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View. – Still under investigation by the Director of the

New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd – Now in Place. Please encourage its use to
ensure it remains

Speeding Matters. – Director of the Environment asked to set up site meeting with senior
Highways officers and other Council members will be invited when the meeting is arranged.

Parking outside stepping stones. – Will be discussed at this meeting.

Crossing & footpath - Hope Green Nursery. – Work underway and is expected to be
complete by next week.

Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise – No further news from the Directorover
improved security possibilities.

Roundabout Landscaping. – Still awaiting a response from Carl Longland and Derek

Sewers problems. – Still awaiting response from Carl Longland
March 2009
                      County Council Report – Cllr David Williams
Web Site. - The Web site should be ready for viewing and building up by the meeting and
should be found on, or
The actual address will be advised at the meeting.
Re Generation of Village. – Employment/Business opportunities & recreation.
Second meeting with Dave Heggarty still to be arranged and as a result of the meeting
with the director of the environment it is intended to also include the senior strategic
development control officer, Andy Roberts.
The response from prospective businesses has been rather disappointing and I would be
grateful of assistance in getting any names of people or businesses who would like to be
based in Pen-y-ffordd or work in the ward in an unsatisfactory environment
Leisure Strategy.
The response I sent to this document is enclosed and I would hope that more members of the
council can canvas the authority to provide more leisure space in Pen-y-ffordd, and publicise
this matter as much as possible in the community.
Dog fouling bins. - Bins are now in place and at least one thank you e-mail has been
received expressing gratitude to the Community Council and Cindy for the efforts. .
Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View. – The Director of the environment is to investigate these
problems personally and details can be found in the enclosed copy of the meeting discussions.
New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd – Work has now started and the Director of the
environment will also investigate the delay personally.
Speeding Matters. – Director of the Environment asked to set up site meeting with senior
Highways officers and other Council members will be invited when the meeting is arranged.
Parking outside stepping stones. – Will be discussed at this meeting.
Crossing & footpath - Hope Green Nursery. – Work programmed to start on 16th
March. Dropped kirb also to be installed outside Manor fields.
HGVs Using the Village. - More inaccurate claims of speeding HGVs where Alan skip
drivers have not only been publicly described by a resident as ‘scum bags’ and’ idiots’,
they are now ‘cowboys’!. The actions of this individual are a disgrace and he is doing real
harm to a serious issue with the false accusations and abrasive manner. I wish to distance
myself from anything this man states and hope the Community Council as a united body
can do the same. The Manager of Alan skips has given his assurance that he will
cooperate with our community and if there are any problems they can be discussed with
him in a cordial and polite manner which will obviously have a more positive effect.
Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise – Estimates around 8K have been provided. As
yet I am not fully aware of exactly what these are for, but have been informed that the
housing department is making further inquiries.
Roundabout Landscaping. – At the meeting with Mr Longland, he asked if the Community
Council would be prepared to contribute to a possible scheme and I would like to ask
members to consider this matter.
Strydd Isa – Contact to be made with police and authority to see what can be done.
                                FCC Highways service
        Re. Meeting of Carl Longland & David Williams – Thursday 19th Feb 2009
1. Alyn Drive Floods. Charles Hughes, Neil Parry & Alan Davies
Mr Longlands impression was that this was probably more of a civil matter, but as the council had been
involved for so long and there were possibly issues that may have partial responsibility of the council.
CL undertook to speak to relevant Officers to ascertain the Council’s role in taking the matter further.
An attempt was made to bring Mr Hughes into the discussion but as he was not available. Mr Longland
would discuss it with him at the first opportunity. Following communication with the affected resident on
Friday 27 February, a further e-mail and letter has been sent to Mr Hughes.

2. Bus Stop            Charles Hughes, Bavid Blainey & Mark Betts
Mr Longland was provided with a breakdown of communication and correspondence that went back to
May 2007. He expressed concern over the level of service and would investigate the problems. Mr
Longland was informed that work had now started but progress was slow. He was also concerned that
busses may still not stop there as ultimately it is the commercial bus operators’ decision to do so and the
bus stop may interfere with the overall service of the route.

3. Previous information problems for location of drainage run & sewers
Mr Longland was shown difficulties that I personally had obtaining information in the past and he
explained that many plans were rather dated and not always accurate. Concern expressed over how long it
took to make the necessary investigations to obtain the information required, but it was concluded that
this was a problem of several years ago and not really pertinent to current issues. Ways of improving the
promptness in responding to enquiries made by the general public would be looked into though.

4. Village sewage problem             Planning
Mr Longland was shown a letter sent by local resident Mrs Jane Hopwood to planning over sewage
problems. He expressed concern that the resident had had no response and would investigate the reasons.
A discussion also took place over the general problems of the existing sewage system being unable to
cope with the current demands on it. Mr Longland intended to check the conditions for Meadowslea
development to ensure provision was being made so as not to cause further problems. A discussion also
took place over the report by a resident near Station Way that raw sewage had been drained into a hole
that had been dug by unknown contractors to relieve the overflow of the system in the area. Mr Longland
expressed that conditions on any further developments must ensure the system could take any additional
demands but it was normally Welsh Waters responsibility to make these demands and decisions.

5. Residents Ombudsman request over private road construction. –
                                    Dave Faulkner, Vinden Jones & Paul Traynor
As this matter had been investigated by senior officers in the past, Mr Longland was reluctant to involve
himself and it was decided the best course of action would be to take the matter to the ombudsman as
recommended by Mr Barry Davies.

6. Speeding – Dobshill, Pen-y-ffordd Bypass and Chester road.                       Dave Faulkner
The problem was discussed and it was decided that Mr Faulkner was dealing with the matters quite
adequately given the constraints he had to work to. Mr Longland would speak to Mr Faulkner to request
Dobshill be dealt with as a priority and was asked to arrange a site meeting to view other areas such as the
bypass and Chester road.
7. Roundabout Landscape – Derek Kirby
Mr Longland expressed concern that there had been no response to my inquiries made last October and
would look into the reasons why there had been no response. General discussions took place over the
practicality of various forms of landscaping of roundabouts and the question was put over the possibility
of the community council making a contribution towards the cost. Hopefully the Community Council
would be agreeable and Mr Longland was to be informed.

8. Correspondence problems with Planning.                    Glyn Jones
Mr Longland was informed of many problems over the planning department not responding to
correspondence and was provided with letters that had not been replied to. He therefore undertook to
investigate the problem.

9. Re-Generation.             Dave Heggarty
It was established that recreation matters was the responsibility of Lifelong Learning but for regeneration
involving strategic land-use planning around recreation, building and business development issues it
would be best to work with Andy Roberts. The intention now is to try to set up a meeting with Mr
Roberts once business interests in the village have been investigated and established.
Jan 2009
                            County Council Report – Cllr David Williams
Web Site.
     It is hoped that the Web site will be up and running by the end of the month.
HGVs Using the Village.
       Claims that Alans Skip wagons have been driving recklessly through the village
have been made. I followed one of the wagons through the village that it was claimed was
speeding but driver exercised extreme caution throughout the route and stopped to allow
school children to cross the road outside the youth club. I do not condone HGVs using the
village as a short cut but take exception when I hear them described as ‘Idiots’ and ‘Scum
bags’ which does our argument no good whatsoever. Mr Hasall, the Company Manager is
endeavouring the ensure his drivers use the bypass, but if they do have to use the village
they should make sure they drive carefully. Any offenders should be reported to me or Mr
Re Generation of Village. – Employment/Business opportunities & recreation.
Second meeting with Dave Hegarty to to be arranged for early March. Any council
member or member of the public who know of businesses seeking premises or suggestions
of land for recreation would be welcome so they may be put to the head of re-generation
at this meeting. Poster now in post office.
With the new leisure strategy that is hoped will be approved by March, large new
recreation areas are proposed. It is up to our community to put forward the strongest
argument possible to be part of this venture
Dog fouling bins – top of Penymynnydd road. - Bins at top of Penymynydd road still not in
place. Hilary Williams now responsible and she is in receipt of the latest communication.
Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View. – Council completed all tests which indicates the
problems is a result of actions of an individual resident. Meeting arranged with Engineers
and resident concerned during half term. Legal department are also dealing with the matter..
New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd – Meeting arranged with Director of
Environment, Mr Carl Longland on Thursday 19 February to discuss delay and other issues
with Highways.
Speeding Matters.
    Village access only sign request. – Still no progress, but still being pursued.
           Corwen/Rhos road. – Awaiting Arrive Alive involvement.
           Wrexham Road and Petition – Very disappointing and negative response to petition
           see attached letters and response I have sent to Mr Faulkner.
           Dobshill – Slow progress but at least some is being made. See attached letter.
Parking outside stepping stones. - Still not prioritised but in hand.
Crossing & footpath - Hope Green Nursery. – Work programmed for construction of
footpath and central refuge in the first week of March. See attached letter.
Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise – Security company visited flats on appointment
by Housing to give estimates for further security measures such as intercom’s. Awaiting
Jan 2009
                       County Council Report – Cllr David Williams

Re Generation of Village.
     Employment Opportunities.
     Poster to be put up locally asking for anybody needing business premises (office or
     workshop) to make contact to put pressure on Council to make more local
     provision. This will not happen over night but a start needs to be made now.
     Land needs to be identified for possible recreation space and pressure put on the
     authority to acquire the land for recreation use following the open space survey
     provided in last meeting. Suggestions welcome!

Dog fouling bins – top of Penymynnydd road. - Bins at top of Penymynydd road still not in
place. Contact to be made this week with Harvey Mitchell to establish the problem/delay.
Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View. - Drainage pipes have been rodded and moves now in
place to take remedial action to prevent further flooding.
New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd - Pavement and hard surface still not in place as
promised in November. Formal complaint is to be lodged with Chief executive this week.

Speeding Matters.
    Village access only sign request. – Still no progress, intend to contact Dave Faulkner
    to reconsider installation of signs below village entrance/exit signs.

      Corwen/Rhos road. – Contact now been made with Arrive Alive who I hope will do
      some monitoring between the Red Lion and the Station Roundabout.

      Wrexham Road – A petition has gone round requesting a review of the speed limit
      from Derby Park to Hawarden side of the nursery, and resurfacing of the road along the
      residential stretch. I have written to Dave Faulkner supporting the petition and request
      action on the lines of the nursery could be classed as a school and many Castell Alun
      students walk the route and have to cross the road.

      Dobshill – Good news in that following my meeting with Dave Faulkner he has visited
      the area and is in the process of taking steps to improve the situation.

Parking outside stepping stones. - Still awaiting prioritising by director and executive
Crossing outside Hope Green Nursery. - Letter sent to Dave Faulkner for advice on
when the work is likely to start.
Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise – Families of residents I have spoken to seem
reasonably happy with security arrangements now in place. Residents are urged to keep
council informed over any problems.
Dec 2008
                      County Council Report – Cllr David Williams

To avoid excessive AOB, it may be more appropriate to discuss these items as part of
Speeding Matters.
      Village entrance signage. – Still awaiting reply from Charles Hughes over access only
      Corwen/Rhos road. – Awaiting response off Charles Hughes, and request made to
Arrive Alive to check the area.
      Dobshill – Good news in that Council has finally accepted that there is a problem They
will be reviewing the area as a matter of urgency and in order to make a start I have asked
for the removal of the de-limiting signs from the ridiculous positions, especially on the lamp
posts on the roundabout.
Dog fouling bins – top of Penymynnydd road.
Unable to visit sites that Cindy has requested and would appreciate feedback from others so I
ma chase up.
Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View.
Ditch now clear and next stage of work underway.
Correspondence with FCC.
Problems brought to attention of Chief executive and awaiting response.
Footpath – Watts Road, Pen-y-ffordd.
Request made to tidy up grass area around the footpath.
New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd
Order for commencement of work has been put in and should start very soon.
Waiting restrictions, Penymynydd.
Still under consideration by highways and awaiting response from Charles Hughes
Crossing outside Hope Green Nursery.
Agreed commencement of work.
Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise –
Maintenance officer has visited properties and is in the process of carrying out various
improvements. Lighting now appear to be to the satisfaction of the residents I have spoken
Re Generation of Village.
Dave Hegerty in possession of village plans and ambitions and awaiting appointment of
consultant for to move to next stage.
Employment Opportunities.
If Members could explore any small businesses who would like units or office space in the
village, please let me k now so that I can make planning aware of the demand.
Nov 2008
                              County Council Report – Cllr David Williams

Speeding Matters.
      Village entrance signage. – Written to Charles Hughes again requesting re-consideration, awaiting
      Corwen/Rhos road. - Request made to Charles Hughes to re-visit area.
      Dobshill – Petition handed to me over speeding concerns that have been forwarded to highways.
Request made to Dave Faulkner who has promised to look into the problems and see what can be done on
receipt of the Welsh Assembly revised guidance that is imminent.

Dog fouling bins – top of Penymynnydd road.
Cindy has sent plan and I have backed it up with my own request for this area wher I have had specific and
repeated requests. Awaiting reply off Harvey Mitchell.

Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View.
Ditch to be cleared next week as a start. Once clear the area will be reviewed over next course of action.

Correspondence with FCC.
Complaints by residents and local county Councillor over Officers, especially senior officers, not
responding to correspondence and communication made
 Matter to be brought to the attention of the Chief executive

Footpath – Watts Road, Pen-y-ffordd.
Completed and appreciation expressed by several local residents..

New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd
Temporary hard standing opposite Lower Mountain and 30 yards towards layby with path to be constructed
within the next few weeks. Awaiting delivery of kirbs that are on order.

Waiting restrictions, Penymynydd.
Still under consideration by highways.

Crossing outside Hope Green Nursery.
Agreed by Dave Faulkner to extend the footpath either side of the road and put a central refuge. Altering
the speed limit may still be a problem but he will

Security of Pensioners flats, Meadow rise – Written to Head of Housing to request intercoms and
possible bars on rear widows as requested by one of the residents. Reply from Housing is that a
maintenance officer will visit the properties and see what can be done.

Re Generation of Village.
Very useful meeting with Dave Hegerty & Mel Higham from re-generation on 1st November.
Will support wherever possible.
Expecting a Part time consultant to be employed who is experienced in these matters and will make
contact to support when in position.
Very impressed with Peny and suggest a closer working relationship with Community Council for
future ventures.
Advises to identify clear aims and prioritise
For local business premises, get a list of potential occupiers.
                      Pen-y-ffordd Re-Generation Aims.

Current facilities.
          Butchers, Hairdressers, Chemists, Spar. British legion, one public house
            open, one closed.
          Youth Centre in badly maintained old school. Scout hut in old brick building
            with suspicion of asbestos roof. War Memorial institute.
          One full sized football field, playing fields, MUGA pitch under construction
            funded by local group.
          Bowling green. Tennis club
          Three senior football teams, Cricket team, 16 Junior football teams, Scout
            group with various branches. Guides, Dance group, Choir, and various other
            local groups.
          Identify and purchase land for recreation for two football pitches and a cricket
          Renovation of youth club which is old school and the only building of local
            interest remaining in the village.
          Identify land for development of small industrial units and office space.
          Further improvement of existing play areas.

Playspace and outdoor sports and recreation space survey results for Pen-y-ffordd
                                             Minimum required               Actual
    Outdoor Youth & Adult space.                  5.9 (ha)                   0.85.
    Equipped Childrens Playspace.                0.69 (ha)                    0.7
        Childrens Freespace.                      2.1 (ha)                   1.15
                                              Oct 2008
                              County Council Report – Cllr David Wiliams

Speeding Survey results,
See results sheet. Disappointing response. Members to take and consider. Still awaiting Hawarden Road &

Dog fouling bins – top of Penymynnydd road.
Letter off Harvey Mitchel who enclosed copy of letter to community council requesting location details last
April – still waiting instruction.

Flooding – Alyn Drive/West View.
Complaint to Carl Longland plus leader and two other senior officers.
Sand bags provided to protect shed.

Footpath – Watts Road, Pen-y-ffordd.
No progress as yet – to pursue before next meeting.
Arrangements for speed control, Corwen/Rhos road, Pen-y-ffordd.
Needs reviewing following survey.
New Bus stop, Chester road Pen-y-ffordd
David Blainey sorting out but no progress as I am aware. Suggestions from members!?

Village entrance signage.
Negative response from Charles Hughes. Intend to still pursue.

Waiting restrictions, Penymynydd.
Under consideration by highways.

Crossing outside Hope Green Nursery.
Arranging site meeting with Dave Faulkner. Looking towards exrendoing footpath and moving speed
limit. Suggestions from members!?

Re Generation of Village.
Meeting to be set up with Dave Hegerty & Mel Higham from re-generation over possibility of funding
& grant aid. Awaiting date off Mel and after initial meeting to explore possibilities, will put to members
and hopefully future meetings will involve Cindy and Members interested.
Main Aims.
    Doing something about youth club building
    Identifying land for recreation for consideration as part of UDP and leisure strategy currently
      being put together.
    Consideration of small office and industrial units to cater for existing business working in
      unsatisfactory conditions, encourage new employers and create local employment opportunities
      following hospital closures.
    Further improvement of Playing fields with more facilities and seating area.

Contacted Derek Kirby from Highway strategy to consider landscaping of roundabouts with low
maintenance shrubs and trees.
                   Pen-y-ffordd & District Traffic Survey results

Chester Road.    Forms out - 31      returned - 8.

         Question                    Response                       Response
    Is there a problem?               Yes - 4                        No - 4
  Where is the problem?              Leaving Chester road passed the institute.
     When is it worst?                     Early Mornings and tea time.
 Happy with speed humps?              Yes - 4                        No - 4
        Suggestions!                  Fixed speed camera (3), Single lane (1)
                                              Move 30 mph back (1)
                                                Nothing needed (1)
    Short Cut aware                   Yes - 6                        No - 2
   Suggested solutions         Take more measures to reduce speeding, so deter use of
                                                   short cut. (2)
                                              Weight restriction (2)

Corwen/Rhos road         Forms out - 42    returned - 5.

         Question                     Response                        Response
    Is there a problem?                Yes - 5                         No - 0
  Where is the problem?                         Red Lion to roundabout
     When is it worst?                   Any time 2, Mornings & evenings 3
 Happy with speed humps?                Yes -5                         No - 0
        Suggestions!            Speed traps (2) activated sign (1) Speed limit sign (1)
      Short Cut aware                  Yes - 4                         No - 1
   Suggested solutions         Parking restrictions on Rhos road (1). Speed cameras &
                               sleeping policemen (1). Activate signs (2). Access only
                                                       signs (1)

Wrexham road. Forms out - 27         returned - 3.

         Question                     Response                        Response
    Is there a problem?                Yes - 3                         No - 0
  Where is the problem?           Overtaking between Village turning and layby. (2)
     When is it worst?                                  All day
 Happy with speed humps?                Yes -0                         No - 3
        Suggestions!                 No overtaking signs (3) Speed cameras (1)
                                  Speed limit down to 40 from nursery to Hope (2)
                                         Re-surface road to reducd noise (1)
    Short Cut aware                    Yes - 4                         No - 1
   Suggested solutions         Parking restrictions on Rhos road (1). Speed cameras &
                               sleeping policemen (1). Activate signs (2). Access only
                                                       signs (1)

    No responses from Dodshill and Hawarden road still need to be handed out.

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