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					                                                                                                                   APRIL, 2010

  CLEANING OUT THE IN                                    TEN WAYS TO DELAY YOUR                                     WE LOVE REFERRALS....
 BASKET, MOVING IT OUT...                                   MORTGAGE LOAN...
                                                                                                                                                       When we look back
       Summer’s just around the bend, ok, maybe                 When you are applying for a mortgage loan,                                       on the wonderful clients
two bends, and we start thinking of the outdoors.        there are several things you can do to derail the                                       we are privileged to work
Did you know there are cabins in the Chugach             approval. Here are some actions to avoid, according                                     with, so many of them
National Forest and the Tongass National Forest          to Lynn Lawrence, Home State Mortgage:                                                  came to us through you!
(southeast AK) that can be reserved online at www.              1. Giving inaccurate information. Be as                                          WOW! What a compli- Enter a specific cabin name, if you      upfront and accurate as possible. The clearer the                                       ment you pay us each
already know it, or browse by area or map of Alaska.     picture you give at the start, the better chance you                                    time you send someone
Cabins can be reserved online with a credit card;        have of getting your loan approved.                                                     our way. We don’t take
most cost around $45/night. To find information                 2. Incurring additional debt. Your ability to                                    our commitment lightly,
on cabins on state parkland, go to the Division of       qualify for a loan is partially based on your debt to                                   and we appreciate your
Parks and Outdoor Recreation’s website at dnr.           income ratio, or the amount of your total monthly                                       thoughtfulness and gen- Most of these         income that is used to pay debts. If that ratio be-                                     erosity. Please, don’t
cabins run around $50 to $65/night. Information is       comes too high, your loan may not be approved.            stop now! We’re still selling Anchorage, one yard
available on each site, including accommodations,               3. Spending funds to close/reserves. Your          at a time!!!!
alerts and travel directions.                            Good Faith Estimate will tell you the loan originator’s          This month we’d like to thank Dorothy van
       While you’re thinking spring, think spring        best estimate of the funds you will need to close.        Roten for referring a seller/buyer to our team.
cleaning! Remember that 1-800-GOT-JUNK is                Spend that, and you won’t be able to close.               Dorothy and Tim have known each other since their
there to help you schlep it out the door. And for               4. Changing jobs. Income stability is usually      Tuboscope days back in the late 70s/early 80s, and
RE/MAX clients you get a 5% discount! Just call          as important as income amount. Moving up in               it’s a joy to continue hearing from Dorothy. Thanks
1-800-468-5865 and mention the national account          the same field is usually fine, but discuss any job       for your continued support!
code, “RE/MAX.” They remove what needs to be             change with your loan originator first.                          Darwin Tabbilos referred a buyer to our team.
taken away, plus they do all the loading, cleanup               5. Making more money/adding income. For            Thanks, Darwin, for keeping us on your radar!
and disposal for you.                                    some loan programs with income limits, this is a deal            And you recognize Suzie Bloomfield’s name.
       As you’re spring cleaning and getting your        killer. It could also affect your interest rate.          She’s a perennial referrer, and this time she sent
home in ship-shape order, check out www.                        6. Making less money/subtracting income.           us a buyer who’s interested in investment property. for information about protect-            Reducing the amount of time you work or taking            Thanks, Suzie, for once again coming through for
ing, maintaining, and increasing the value of your       extended time off without pay could change your           our team!
home. The website addresses topics like what to          qualifying income. If you lower your income , it                 Out in the Valley, fellow Realtor Beth Fread
ask a contractor before hiring one, when to make         could adversely affect your loan approval.                referred someone to our team who was looking
an insurance claim, signs of energy leaks, how to               7. Changing sourse of funds to close. If you       to possibly buy in town. Thanks, Beth, for calling
plant trees in the right spot, right tools and methods   don’t have money to close in the bank already, how        on us!
for bathroom cleaning, and more! It’s all free. Give     you acquire the money is important for your approval.            Thanks to all of you, we’re working. And for that,
it a look.                                               Saving the funds yourself is treated differently than     we are grateful. Keep those referrals coming!
       As the snow melts, HomeTech’s Loren Kroon         getting a gift from a relative. Some loans don’t allow
recommends you look at things that involve moisture      gifts at all. Discuss this with your loan originator to
in one form or another. Inspect your sump pumps          understand all of the ramifications.
to be sure they’re working and draining properly.               8. Adding derogatory credit. Making late
Inspect your crawl space (open and clear founda-         payments or bouncing checks while your loan is in
tion venting, check for plumbing leaks and check         process could affect your ability to get approved.
for moistures in the soils and at foundation walls).     Since your credit history is perhaps the most im-
Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and        portant aspect of your credit package, keep it clean
CO detectors. If they’re more than 7 years old,          while your loan’s in process.
consider replacing them altogether.                             9. Changing the terms of your agreement.
       When you’re needing a fact at your fingertip,     Upping the purchase price, adding seller contribu-
check out It’s a comprehensive          tions to your costs, lowering the price rather than
directory that sends you business news, calcula-         having repairs completed, or extending the closing
tors, conversion charts, language translators, legal     date are all examples of changes that could affect
resources, maps, toll-free numbers, and more.            your approval. Beware!                                                                  Tim Rittal
       Here’s a website for more than 100,000                   10. Not communicating with your lender or                                             CRS, ABR
electronics and appliance manuals: www.retrevo.          Realtor. Working closely with those trying to help                                    Expect Excellence
com/samples/index.html.                                  you reach your real estate goals is vital to a success-
       And for those who like to watch documenta-        ful closing. By communicating early and frequently,
ries, check out If you’d rather       potential problems are possible to deal with.                                             907/244-4472
solve a crossword puzzle, there are hundreds                    Here’s to successfully closing your next                                           800/707-4472
online at                         loan!                                                                         
             Do you know a buyer for these homes?
  Continually updated, mountain views                                  Live close to Campbell Creek trails

              5140 Merle Circle • $ 278,500                                      8421 Barnett Drive • $ 269,000

•	 3	bedrooms,	2	baths,	       •	 Smooth-top	stove,	built-in	       •	 1991	3	bedroom,	2	bath,	      •	 Recent	energy	audit:	new	
   ~1832sf,	1992	two	story        microwave	replaced	‘04;	             ~1832sf	reverse	two-story        high	efficiency	furnace	
•	 Sellers	have	transformed	      marble	floor	added	in	kit,	       •	 Open	floor	plan	with	            and	added	insulation	
   this	into	a	unique	work	of	    entry,	deck	access	area              vaulted	ceilings	upstairs;	      installed	in	crawlspace
   art:	$10k	Calif.	Closet	in	 •	 Backup	15kw	electric	                kitchen	open	to	living	       •	 Fenced	back	yard
   MBR,	$8k	built-in	buffet	      power	stand-by	system,	              room	with	island,	gas	        •	 2	car	heated	garage
   in	DR,	office	built	in	3rd	    Lennox	air	conditioner,	             range,	newer	appliances,	     •	 Westside	location,	walk-
   bedroom,	Calif	closets	in	     enlarged	entryway                    and	hardwood	floors              ing	distance	to	Campbell	
   family	room	and	baths!      •	 Fenced	bkyd,	2	car	garage         •	 Family	room	downstairs           Creek	trail	system

   Spacious 3 bedroom one-level condo                                 Cute townhouse next to the Chugach

                         N E W PR I C E                                                    N E W PR I C E
        4032 Reka Drive, Unit K5 • $ 129,900                                       8601 Turf Court • $ 145,000

•	 3	bedrooms,	2	baths,	          •	 $271/month	dues	include	       •	 2	bedrooms,	1	bath,	          •	 Carport	with	deck	on	top	
   ~1,410	sf	one-level	              exterior	maintenance,	in-         ~968sf	townhouse	condo	          to	take	advantage	of	the	
   ground	floor	condo                surance,	refuse,	sewer	and	       that	lives	like	a	duplex         sunshine
•	 New	tub	surrounds	in	             water,	and	snow	removal        •	 Laminate	floor	in	kitchen	    •	 Both	bedrooms,	bath,	and	
   both	bathrooms                 •	 Midtown	location	near	            and	dining	area                  laundry	room	downstairs
•	 Single	car	garage	across	         military	base	entrances,	      •	 Corner	fireplace	in	cheer-    •	 Chester	Creek	backs	to	
   courtyard                         hospitals	and	both	uni-           ful	living	room                  lot;	mountain	trails	just	5	
•	 New	12’	x	8’	deck	out	            versities,	and	Russian	Jack	   •	 Southern	exposure	for	lots	      doors	down,	parks	abound
   back	off	dining	room              Park	and	Goose	Lake               of	sunshine	and	light         •	 XXL	shed,	gated	backyard

                               If you know someone who wants or needs to buy a home, please call me.
         Do you know a home for these buyers?

                                  2+ bedrooms, 1.75
                                                                                 JH             !
                                  baths, 1400+sf,
                                  2 car gar, newer than 1960.                    2+

                                  $200,000-$350,000                              bedroom

                                                                                 townhouse condo with over 800sf.
                                                                                 Under $170,000

M&T           !
Condo in                                   M&T


mountain view preferred. Under             Middle School
$140,000                                   area. 4 bedrooms, large lot, 2+ car
                                           garage. Up to $500,000

                                                                                  Ranch home, 3+ bedrooms, at
                                                                                  least 1000sf, prefers hot water
                                                                                  baseboard heat. 2 car garage. In
R&J                                                                               Anchorage. Under $275,000
Rogers Park
or along the                             WANTED TO RENT
trail system in Anchorage, near          OR LEASE THIS
hospitals. Up to $450,000                SUMMER

                                         Condo or home in South Anchorage
                                         for June and July for single retired
                                         professional. Please call Tim or
                                         Ann if you have a place available.
                                                                                 5+ acre view lot
                                                                                 upon which to built their home,
J&P                                                                              either in Anchorage or the Valley.
                                                                                 Up to $150,000
Ranch home, 2+ bedrooms,
1+ bath, large kitchen, must
have garage. Prefers hot water
baseboard heat.
                                        Mears area.
                                        3 bedrooms, RV parking, 2+ car
                                        garage. Under $400,000
                                                                                                    Tim Rittal
                                                                                                        CRS, ABR
                                                                                                   Expect Excellence

    If you know someone who may have a home to sell, please call me.                      
        What others say...
     	     “Tim	has	an	excellent	
     understanding	of	the	market	and	
     how	to	tackle	it.	They’re	wonderful,	
     competent	people!”	       	
      	    	     ~	Bob	&	Cathy	Maxell

           Free “BUG ME” Card
        This allows the bearer one free “bug” (phone call, home
        visit, information, comparative market analysis, advice on
        selling a home, etc.). Good until squished.

                           Tim Rittal, CRS, ABR
                                          Pricing your home right
                                          makes the fishies bite.

                                                                              Anchorage,	AK	99503
                          RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                          110	W.	38th	Ave,	Suite	100
 Permit	#537                                                                          	Properties,	Inc.
Anchorage,	AK
    PAID                                                                   the Tim Rittal team
 U.S.	Postage                                                               Expect Excellence.

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